The Lighthouses of Massachusetts

This page currently shows many of Lighthouses of the Massachusetts. Copies of these pictures are stored on Flickr if you want to download them. Note that Google Map link shown above covers Northern Massachusetts and Vermont (but contains a link to a Google Map of Southern Massachusetts including Cape Cod and the Islands.) Flickr

Index numbers are from the Shanklin List of all US lights. p2

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MA 1 Newbury Port Rear Range Light
latitude 42° 48' 40.5" N longitude 70° 51' 57.9" W
June 20, 2002 access: car

This rear range light is right next to the street that borders the coast.

Take highway 1 to Newburyport MA, then Merrimack Street south to Water Street. ARLHS # USA-545

Newbury Port Rear Range Light
MA 2 NewburyPort Front Range Light NewburyPort Front Range Light
latitude 42° 48' 41.4" N longitude 70° 51' 53.3" W
June 20, 2002 access: car

The front range (matching the light above) is located on the Coast Guard post in downtown Newburyport. ARLHS # USA-1097

MA 3 Newbury Port Harbor

From the Newburyport Harbor Range Lights on Water Street in downtown Newburyport, continue east on Water Street for 1.3 miles, where Water Street will become Plum Island Turnpike. Follow the turnpike for 1.8 miles to Plum Island, and then turn left on Northern Boulevard. Continue on Northern Boulevard for 1.3 miles to the northern end of the island ARLHS # USA-544

MA 4 Annisquam
latitude 42° 39' 42.3" N longitude 70° 40' 52.9" W
access: car

From the junction of Highways 127 and 128 east of Gloucester, go north on Highway 127 for 3.1 miles. Turn left onto Leonard Street and then right onto Elizabeth Road (Norwood Heights) after 0.3 miles. Follow this road, crossing Ocean Avenue, until it tees. Turn right, and then make a quick left onto Wigwam Road. At the end of Wigwam Road turn right onto Lighthouse Road. (J 0268) ARLHS # USA-015

Photo courtesy Thom Perry [Flickr]

MA 4A Rockport Breakwater Light
MA 5 Straitsmouth Harbor
latitude 42° 39' 44.1" N longitude 70° 35' 16.5" W
access: boat

The closest point on land from which to view the lighthouse is at Gap Head, however Gap Head is private and a hill on the island blocks a view of the lighthouse from this area. We took a tour with Cape Ann Cruises, which provided a fair view of the lighthouse. cruises (J 0274) ARLHS # USA-815

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

Straitsmouth Harbor
MA 6 Thachers Island Thachers Island
latitude 42° 38' 20.8" N longitude 70° 34' 28.7" W
access: boat

Thacher Island Campground & Lighthouse (circa 1771) P.O. Box 73, Rockport, MA 01966, (617) 599-2590

Harbor Tours Inc. of Cape Ann, out of Gloucester, offers a Lighthouse Cruise that passes by the island. ARLHS # USA-1027

Photo courtesy Al Angelici [Flickr]

MA 7 Eastern Point
latitude 42° 34' 48.7" N longitude 70° 39' 52.1" W
access: car

From the junction of Highways 127 and 128 in downtown Gloucester, go east on East Main Street for just over a mile, where the road will become Eastern Point Road. Continue on Eastern Point Road 0.3 miles to Eastern Point Boulevard. Follow Eastern Point Boulevard 1.6 miles to its end at a parking area near the lighthouse (J 0280) ARLHS # USA-263

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

Eastern Point
MA 8 Gloucester Breakwater Gloucester Breakwater
latitude 42° 34' 57.2" N longitude 70° 40' 20.6" W
access: car

Located at the end of the ½ mile Dog Bar Breakwater at Eastern Point in Gloucester. (J 0282) ARLHS # USA-969

Photo courtesy avendesoora [Flickr]

MA 9 Ten Pound Island
latitude 42° 36' 6.7" N longitude 70° 39' 54.8" W
July 18, 2004 access: car

Checking out potential locations for the Stephen/Tia wedding, we came across this light.

Take 128 north from Boston, then 133 east to the T. The light is dead ahead on the island. (J 0284) ARLHS # USA-839

Ten Pound Island
MA 10 Baker Baker's Island
latitude 42° 32' 11.7" N longitude 70° 47' 9.4" W
access: boat

seen distantly from Salem Willows Park and Winter Island in Salem

The Essex National Heritage Commission began offering boat tours to Baker's Island Lighthouse during the summer of 2015. (J 0288) ARLHS # USA-031

Photo courtesy tllebron [Webshots]

MA 11 Hospital Point
latitude 42° 32' 47.1" N longitude 70° 51' 21.4" W
July 12, 2008 access: car + walk

From Highway 127 in Beverly, turn towards the harbor on East Corning Street. After 0.3 miles, East Corning Street ends. From this point, take Bayview Avenue which ends at the lighthouse. At low tide, it is possible to walk along the shoreline from Lynch Park to get a view of the front of the lighthouse. Lynch park is west of the lighthouse and is reached by taking a right on Neptune Street where East Corning Street ends (J 0290) ARLHS # USA-389

Hospital Point
MA 12 Hospital Point Rear Range Hospital Point Rear Range
latitude 42° 32' 53.5" N longitude 70° 52' 41.9" W
access: car

From the northern end of the Highway 1A's bridge over the Porter River in Beverly, follow Highway 22 for just under a mile. Beverly Baptist Church will be on your right at 221 Cabot Street. (J 0290.1) ARLHS # USA-390

Photo courtesy Maria Pratt [weshots]

MA 13 Fort Pickering
latitude 42° 31' 35.2" N longitude 70° 51' 59.3" W
July 12, 2008 access: car

(We did an end-run for this photo.)

From Highway 1A in Salem, 0.7 miles south of the bridge over the Porter River, turn east on Webb Street. When Webb Street ends, turn left onto Derby Street/Fort Avenue and continue to Winter Island Road. Turn right onto Winter Island Road and follow it to its end. After paying $20 to enter the park, stay left and the road will lead to the lighthouse. (J 0294) ARLHS # USA-901

Fort Pickering
MA 14 Derby Wharf Derby Wharf
latitude 42° 30' 59.2" N longitude 70° 53' 1" W
July 12, 2008 access: car

From Highway 1A in Salem, go east on Derby Street. ARLHS # USA-224

MA 15 Marblehead
latitude 42° 30' 19.6" N longitude 70° 50' 1.2" W
access: car

At then end of Highway 129 in Marblehead, turn east onto Ocean Avenue and follow it across the causeway onto Marblehead Neck. Follow Ocean Avenue until it ends at Follett Street. Turn left onto Follett Street, which leads to the lighthouse. (J 0304) ARLHS # USA-473

Photo courtesy Luis LeBron [Flickr]

MA 15N Boston Harbor, Mick Boston Harbor, Mick's Mate
July 30, 2006 access: boat or public ferry

On the way out to Georges Island, we saw this "lighthouse" in the distance. On the way back, we came much closer and can clearly see that while it is a channel marker, it's not a light.

MA 16 Boston Harbor (Graves Light)
latitude 42° 21' 54.2" N longitude 70° 52' 9.1" W
July 30, 2006 access: boat

It's a long way from the fort on Georges Island to this light, so I'm not using my photo here. (J 0310) ARLHS # USA-341

Photo courtesy Debbie Burleigh [Flickr]

Boston Harbor
MA 17W Winthrop Winthrop

Entrance to dredged channel #1 (J 0340)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

MA 17 Boston Harbor Light
latitude 42° 19' 40.6" N longitude 70° 53' 24.3" W
July 30, 2006 access: boat

The light is on Little Brewster Island and officially marks the entrance to Boston Harbor. Built in 1824, this is the oldest lighthouse in New England. This picture was taken from the Fort on Georges Island. Careful selection of Harbor Tour might get you closer, but as for now, this is the best we can do (J 0314) ARLHS # USA-073

Boston Harbor Light
MA 18 Deer Island Deer Island
latitude 42° 20' 23.3" N longitude 70° 57' 16.1" W
access: car + walk

The island is now attached to the mainland, and a walking trail surrounds much of the island. The island is part of the Boston Harbor Islands park, and you can drive to the island from where you can see the lighthouse. It currently is only an automated light on a post, at one time it was a sparkplug design. deer island (J 0324) ARLHS # USA-1096

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

MA 19A The Narrows ARLHS # USA-960
MA 19 Long Island Head (Boston Harbor)
latitude 42° 19' 48.5" N longitude 70° 57' 27.9" W
July 30, 2006 access: boat or public ferry

This picture was taken from the deck of a Boston Islands "T" boat. It's still well in the distance, so you are seeing the result of a long lens to get here. (J 0337) ARLHS # USA-449

Long Island Head
MA 20 Minots Ledge Minots Ledge
latitude 42° 16' 11.6" N longitude 70° 45' 33.6" W
access: boat

Built to mark dangerous submerged Cohasset Rocks off the coast of Cohasset six miles southeast of Boston Harbor. Minots Ledge is also called “the most dangerous beacon in America” because the Lighthouse was built on a hazardous submerged rock about 25-feet wide that is only exposed 2 to 3 hours every day at low tide. (J 0360) ARLHS # USA-502

Photo courtesy Pats7288 [Webshots]

MA 21 Scituate
latitude 42° 12' 16.9" N longitude 70° 42' 56.6" W
August 2, 2016 access: car

From Route 3 east of Scituate, take First Parish Road east for 0.9 miles to Beaver Dam Road, and then continue east on Beaver Dam Road for 1.3 miles to Jericho Road. Turn left on Jericho Road and follow it around the harbor to Lighthouse Road. (J 0363) ARLHS # USA-742

MA 22 Plymouth Plymouth (the Gurnet)
latitude 42° 13.4" N longitude 70° 36' 1.9" W
access: boat or walk (4 mile)

To access the lighthouse by land a four-mile, one-way hike would be necessary as road access is prevented by private property. The light would be most easily viewed from a boat out of Plymouth. (J 0366) ARLHS # USA-609

Photo courtesy Luis LeBron [Webshots]

MA 23 Duxbury Pier
latitude 41° 59' 14.8" N longitude 70° 38' 54.8" W
access: boat

One can take a tour with Plymouth Harbor Cruises aboard the Pilgrim Belle, which leaves from Plymouth Harbor. cruises (J 0368) ARLHS # USA-251

Photo courtesy pwhsu48 [Webshots]

Duxbury Pier
MA 24 Sandy Neck Sandy Neck
latitude 41° 43' 21.4" N longitude 70° 16' 51.2" W
access: boat

Barnstable whale watching cruises that leave from the marina also pass by the light. To reach the marina, take exit 6 from Route 6 and go north on Route 132 to Route 6A. Turn right on Route A and continue for 2.6 miles to Mill Way. Turn left on Mill Way and follow it to the marina at its end. (J 0375.5) ARLHS # USA-732

Photo courtesy pwhsu48 [Webshots]

MA 25 Long Point
latitude 42° 1' 59.7" N longitude 70° 10' 7.3" W
access: walk (2.7 mile) or kayak

You can view this lighthouse from Provincetown, but the view is a distant, unsatisfactory one. To visit the light, you can make the strenuous, 2.7 mile walk to the lighthouse, or you can take a shuttle or paddle a kayak to Long Point.

Flyers Boat Yard rents kayaks and also provides shuttle service to Long Point. flyers (J 0382) ARLHS # USA-450

Photo courtesy pwhsu48 [Webshots]

Long Point
MA 26 Wood End Wood End
latitude 42° 1' 16" N longitude 70° 11' 36.5" W
access: walk (1 mile) or kayak + walk

You can view this lighthouse from Commercial Street in Provincetown at the foot of the breakwater, which leads to the lighthouse, but the views are distant. To reach the lighthouse, you can walk the ½ mile breakwater, and then trudge another ½ mile through sand. Another option would be to rent a kayak and paddle to the light, but a hike through the sand is still required Flyers Boat Rental (J 0383) ARLHS # USA-904

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

MA 27 Race Point
latitude 42° 3' 43.7" N longitude 70° 14' 36" W
access: walk (1.7 mile) or tour

This lighthouse can be reached by hiking west 1.7 miles through the sand from Race Point Beach. To reach Race Point Beach, take the Race Point exit from Route 6 near Provincetown, and follow Race Point Road until it ends at the beach. Art's Dune Tours offers trips out to the lighthouse.

Art's Dune Tours can be reached at (800) 894-1951. tour (J 0386) ARLHS # USA-680

Photo courtesy Pats7288 [Webshots]

Race Point
MA 28 Highland Highland (Cape Cod)
latitude 42° 2' 21.3" N longitude 70° 3' 43.8" W
access: car

Traveling north on Route 6, the Highland Lighthouse area is 3.3 miles north of Truro Center. (J 0390) ARLHS # USA-110

Photo courtesy H.H. Schueller [Flickr]

MA 29 Nauset Beach
latitude 41° 51' 36.3" N longitude 69° 57' 10.5" W
access: car

Take Route 6 north on the cape to Eastham and Bracket Road, the third traffic signal from the Eastham/Orleans rotary. Turn right onto Bracket Road and continue until it ends at Nauset Road. Turn left onto Nauset Road and then take the first right onto Cable Road. At the end of Cable Road, turn left onto Ocean View Drive (J 0392) ARLHS # USA-529

Photo courtesy Donna McCraw [Flickr]

Nauset Beach
MA 30 Three Sisters of Nauset Three Sisters of Nauset
latitude 41° 51' 33.6" N longitude 69° 57' 25.5" W
access: car

Take Route 6 north on the cape to Eastham and Bracket Road, the third traffic signal from the Eastham/Orleans rotary. Turn right onto Bracket Road and continue until it ends at Nauset Road. Turn left onto Nauset Road and then take the first right onto Cable Road. At the end of Cable Road, turn left onto Ocean View Drive where there is a parking lot available. ARLHS # USA-528

Photo courtesy Pats7288 [Webshots]

MA 31 Chatham
latitude 41° 40' 16.7" N longitude 69° 56' 59.5" W
access: car

Take Route 28 to the roundabout in Chatham, and from there follow Main Street through Chatham. Main Street will make a sharp right turn when it intersects with Shore Road. From this point, go south on Main Street 0.4 miles to the lighthouse. (J 0394) ARLHS # USA-158

Photo courtesy Donna McCraw [Flickr]

MA 32 Monomoy Point
latitude 41° 33' 33.4" N longitude 69° 59' 37.2" W

The Friends of Monomoy offer overnights in the keeper's quarters on South Monomoy Island. These trips are the best way to see the lighthouse, but you can also reach the island by private boat and hike to the lighthouse. You can reach Friends of Monomoy at (508) 945-0594.

Monomoy Island Ferry offers trips to the island that should be able to get you near the lighthouse. ferry ARLHS # USA-051

MA 33 Stage Harbor
latitude 41° 39' 31" N longitude 69° 59' 1.1" W
access: car

From Highway 28 in West Chatham, turn south on Barn Hill Road. After 0.4 miles, bear right onto Hardings Beach Road. Continue for 0.8 miles to the parking area at the beach. The lighthouse can be reached from the beach by following a sandy road east along the shore for just over a mile. The lighthouse can also be seen from a distance across Stage Harbor by proceeding south from the rotary in Chatham on Stage Harbor Road. Stage Harbor Road will become Champlain Road after about 1.2 miles. Continue on Champlain Road for about 0.6 miles to Sears Road. Follow Sears Road to the boat launching area ARLHS # USA-806

Photo courtesy Pats7288 [Webshots]

Stage Harbor
MA 34 Bass River Bass River
latitude 41° 39' 6.2" N longitude 70° 10' 9.7" W
access: car

From Route 28 in West Dennis just east of Bass River, turn south on School Street. Follow School Street for one-half mile and then turn right onto Lighthouse Road. Take Lighthouse Road for 0.2 miles and then turn left onto Lighthouse Inn Road. (J 0425.7) ARLHS # USA-042

Photo courtesy lightlady35 [Webshots]

MA 35 Point Gammon
latitude 41° 36' 34.6" N longitude 70° 15' 58.4" W
access: boat

The lighthouse can be seen distantly from the beach near the Hyannis Lighthouse, but the best views come from the water. One can go blue water sailing aboard the Cat Boat from Hyannis, which affords closer, but still distant views of the light. * ARLHS # USA-622

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

Point Gammon
MA 35S Lightship Nantucket Lightship Nantucket
July 5, 2010 access: public ferry

Originally built in 1950, this boat served on both the west coast (San Francisco) and the east coast where it ended up at Nantucket. At this point it is in private ownership and is available for charter or for parties. ARLHS # USA-078

MA 36 Nantucket Range Lights
latitude 41° 17' 22.7" N longitude 70° 5' 32.4" W
August 5, 2006 access: boat

As you may note from the next 3 listings, there are 3 sets of lights at Nantucket harbor. This is the range light set. Even more interesting, we saw these lights as part of a Rhode Island tour, but Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard are part of Massachusetts. (J 0416 and 0416.1) ARLHS # USA-078

Nantucket Range Lights
MA 37 Old Brant Point Old Brant Point
latitude 41° 17' 22.9" N longitude 70° 5' 32.6" W
August 5, 2006 access: walk

Lighthouses have not done well on Nantucket. This is the 1896 version, which is the 9th light built here. It was replaced by the light shown below. ARLHS # USA-1094

MA 38 Brant Point
latitude 41° 17' 23.6" N longitude 70° 5' 25.1" W
August 5, 2006 access: walk

This is the currently active (plus the range lights shown above) light at the mouth of Nantucket harbor. It was built in 1902 replacing the light above. It's small (note how big the 6' something door looks compared to the rest of the tower), but is picturesque enough that others are copying the model ARLHS # USA-1095

Brant Point
MA 39 Great Point Great Point
latitude 41° 23' 24.1" N longitude 70° 2' 53.6" W

From May to October, the Trustees of Reservations present a daily natural history tour at Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge. * (J 0404) ARLHS # USA-348

Photo courtesy Maria Pratt [Flickr]

MA 40 Sankaty Head
latitude 41° 17' 1.2" N longitude 69° 57' 54.7" W
August 5, 2006 access: car

This light was in danger of erosion, they figure a few more years (or one big storm) and it will be gone. It was moved in 2007. This photo (and the coordinates) is the old location.

We got to walk up in the tower (60 steps, plus 9 more on a ladder) and the view is outstanding. (J 0406) ARLHS # USA-735

Sankaty Head
MA 41 Hyannis Harbor Hyannis Harbor
latitude 41° 38' 10.7" N longitude 70° 17' 18.4" W
access: car

Located at the end of Harbor Road on Hyannis Harbor.

From the intersection of Highways 132 and 28 north of Hyannis, turn south on Hyannis-Barnstable Road. In Hyannis, continue south on Ocean Street to Gosnold Street. Turn right on Gosnold Street and drive 0.4 miles to Harbor Road. Turn left on Harbor Road, where the lighthouse will be on your right near the end of the road. ARLHS # USA-397

Photo courtesy tllebron [Webshots]

MA 42 Nobska Point
latitude 41° 30' 56.7" N longitude 70° 39' 18.4" W
August 7, 2006 access: car

This light is just east of Wood's Hole on Cape Cod. We took the picture from our cruise, but looking at the people walking along the shore, it is also possible to get here on the ground.

Take Route 28 to Falmouth and then turn south on Shore Street. When Shore Street ends, turn right on Surf Drive, which will become Beach Road after 0.4 miles. Follow Beach Road for 1.4 miles to Oyster Pond Road. After one mile on Oyster Pond Road, turn left on Nobska Road, which will take you to the lighthouse. ARLHS # USA-550

Nobska Point
MA 42a Vineyard Haven Harbor Vineyard Haven Harbor
latitude 41° 27' 27.1" N longitude 70° 35' 46.9" W
August 6, 2006 access: boat

My mapping program had a "bunch" of lights that the index book didn't have. This light and the next are examples. I think the index book was correct in omitting them so these are not on webshots. (J 0432)

MA 42b Vineyard Haven Ferry Slip
MA 42c Oak Bluffs North Breakwater
latitude 41° 27' 40.2" N longitude 70° 33' 24.8" W
August 6, 2006 access: boat

This "light" is actually on a set of rocks which keep the swimming area less turbulent, and "teach" boaters not to come through at the same time. (J 0444)

Oak Bluffs North Breakwater
MA 42d Oak Bluffs Ferry Slip
MA 43 West Chop
latitude 41° 28' 50.5" N longitude 70° 35' 59.3" W
August 6, 2006 access: car

Vineyard haven is a long and narrow harbor. The West end is marked with this light. It still has 2 keepers cottages in place (only one is shown here) and is also the source of the fog horn signal for the entire harbor. (J 0450) ARLHS # USA-877

West Chop
MA 44 East Chop East Chop
latitude 41° 28' 12.9" N longitude 70° 34' 2.9" W
August 6, 2006 access: car

On the other side of the harbor (from above) is this light. It's a cast iron shrouded brick building, pretty much the same design as Portsmouth harbor (see above). The keeper's house is long gone, but the area is public owned. ARLHS # USA-259

MA 45 Edgartown Harbor
latitude 41° 23' 26.5" N longitude 70° 30' 10.8" W
August 6, 2006 access: car

Yes, we did see a bunch of lights this day of the tour. Readers will note a resemblance to the one above. Differences are very minute, until you step inside. This one does not have a spiral staircase, it just has a ladder. And it's not brick lined, it actually was floated across the bay from near Wood's Hole. ARLHS # USA-265

Edgartown Harbor
MA 46 Cape Poge Cape Poge
latitude 41° 25' 7.9" N longitude 70° 27' 7" W
August 5, 2006 access: boat, walk (3 miles) or tour

This is on an isolated point of Martha's Vineyard (6 miles of beach to cross to get here). So we could arrive as early as possible tomorrow, I grabbed this picture with the long lens at the end of the day, added digital filtering to brighten it up, and this is what we get. ARLHS # USA-132

MA 47 Gay Head
latitude 41° 20' 54.2" N longitude 70° 50' 5.8" W
August 6, 2006 access: car

This light is on the Atlantic ocean, and right below it is a very striated cliff with several layers of sand. So the "gay" is not intended to discuss sexual orientation, but "pleasureful".

From Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs, follow signs west to Chilmark. At Chilmark, continue west on South Road, which will end in a loop at the lighthouse. (J 0476) ARLHS # USA-319

Gay Head
MA 47i Gay Head <i>Imaginary</i> Gay Head Imaginary
access: none

At the museum in Egdartown, they have the original Gay Head Fresnel lens on display. This picture is a composite of the current light, with the original lens reinserted. This photo is not on webshots.

MA 47a Menamsha Creek Entrance
MA 48 Tarpaulin Cove
latitude 41° 28' 7.6" N longitude 70° 45' 26.9" W
August 7, 2006 access: boat

This light is on a private island. About the only way to get here is to charter a boat or be a relative of the Forbes family. We had some extra time on this leg of the cruise, so Jeremy persuaded the captain to take a less direct route and we got this picture ARLHS # USA-835

Tarpaulin Cove
MA 49 Wing Wing's Neck
latitude 41° 40' 48.6" N longitude 70° 39' 40" W
access: car

From Route 28 near Pocasset, turn west on Barlows Landing Road. After crossing Shore Road, bear right on Wings Neck Road and follow it to its end. ARLHS # USA-899

Photo courtesy David Stoy [Webshots]

MA 50 Cleveland Ledge
access: boat

Located on a reef on the east side of the main Buzzard's Bay channel, off West Falmouth. (J 0510) ARLHS # USA-179

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Cleveland Ledge
MA 50R Cleveland Ledge Rear Cleveland Ledge Rear

Located on the east side of the main Buzzard's Bay channel, off West Falmouth. (J 0510.1)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

MA 51 Bird Island
latitude 41° 40' 9.1" N longitude 70° 43' 2.6" W

From Route 6 northeast of Marion, turn south on Point Road. Follow Point Road to the Kitanset Golf Club at its end from where views of the light are possible. ARLHS # USA-057

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Bird Island
MA 52 Ned Ned's Point
latitude 41° 39' 3.2" N longitude 70° 47' 44.3" W
access: car

From Route 6 in Mattapoisett, turn south on North Street. When it ends, turn left onto Water Street, which will turn into Beacon Street as it bears to the right. Beacon Street will become Ned's Point Road, which ends after 0.5 miles at Veterans Memorial Park. (J 0504) ARLHS # USA-533

Photo courtesy David G Stoy [Webshots]

MA 53 Buzzards Bay Entrance
latitude 41° 23' 49.3" N longitude 71° 2' 5.8" W

Located at the mouth of Buzzards Bay, about 5 mi west southwest of Cuttyhunk. ARLHS # USA-100

MA 54 Butler Flats
access: ferry

Good views are possible from the Martha's Vineyard and Cuttyhunk ferries that depart from New Bedford. For a decent view from land, take Route 18 south in New Bedford, which will become Water Street. From Water Street, turn left onto Cove Street and then right onto East Rodney French Boulevard. (J 0498) ARLHS # USA-099

Photo courtesy kksgram [Webshots]

Butler Flats
MA 55 Clarks Point Clarks Point
latitude 41° 35' 35.5" N longitude 70° 54' 4.8" W
access: car

Take Route 18 south in New Bedford. Route 18 will turn into Water Street and then West Rodney French Boulevard. Continue south and you will see Fort Taber Park. (J 0497) ARLHS # USA-174

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

MA 56 Palmer Island
latitude 41° 37' 37" N longitude 70° 54' 32.9" W
access: ferry or tour

The lighthouse is accessible at low tide from the hurricane dike. To reach the wall, take Route 18 south in New Bedford and turn left onto Potomska Street. Make a quick right onto Front Street, which ends at Gifford Street. Turn left onto Gifford, which will take you behind some industrial buildings, where you can park and access the hurricane dike Cuttyhunk Ferry (J 0501) ARLHS # USA-578

Photo courtesy lightlady35 [Webshots]

Palmer Island
MA 57 Borden Flats Borden Flats
access: car

From I-195 on the eastern side of the Taunton River, go south on Route 138 to Bradford Avenue. Turn right onto Bradford Avenue, and then right onto Almond Street after three blocks. Follow Almond Street until it ends and turn left into the Borden Light Marine (J 0576) ARLHS # USA-072

Photo courtesy queenbgeorge [Webshots]