The Lighthouses of Eastern New York

This page shows the lighthouses on East Side (a.k.a. Lake Champlain, Hudson River and Long Island) of New York. The rest of the New York Lighthouses are covered in our Lake Ontario coverage of the Great Lakes (see pointer above). For the directions, we are in debt to Lighthouse Friendsw4. w4

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Reference numbers are from the Shanklin's list p2

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NY 28 Point Au Roche
access: none

This light was taken out of service in 1989. Checking out the location in 2012, we couldn't find the light, and expect it no longer exists.

From Route 9 roughly six miles north of Plattsburgh, turn east on Point Au Roche Road (watch for a Point Au Roche State Park sign). Then, 0.8 miles after passing the Mooney Bay Marina, the lighthouse will be on your right. ARLHS # USA-614

Photo courtesy stageliter [webshots]

Point Au Roche
NY 28R Rouses Point Rouses Point
latitude 44° 59' 44.7" N longitude 73° 21' 18.8" W
July 2, 2010 access: car

The "Marina at Lighthouse Point" contains this lighthouse. I suspect that it is a faux light and that it is all the remains of the lighthouse that used to be here.

Rouses Point is on the Canadian border and the northern tip of Lake Champlain.

NY 29 Cumberland Head
latitude 44° 41' 29.3" N longitude 73° 23' 7.4" W
access: boat or ferry

The lighthouse is thus best viewed from the water or air. A distant view is possible from the Grand Isle, VT - Plattsburgh, NY ferry. * ARLHS # USA-211

Photo courtesy Rebecca Adams [webshots]

Cumberland Head
NY 30 Bluff Point Bluff Point (Valcour Island)
latitude 44° 37' 22.2" N longitude 73° 25' 52.4" W
June 26, 2012 access: boat

The lighthouse is best seen from a boat or on the island itself, but decent views of the lighthouse from the mainland looking east across the 0.7 mile channel are possible from the Peru Boat Dock, just south of Silver Stream, NY on highway 9. ARLHS # USA-065

NY 31 Split Rock
latitude 44° 15' 50.3" N longitude 73° 19' 29.8" W
June 26, 2012 access: boat

The best views come from the water, the air, or the opposite side of the lake. Land access is impossible as it is on private land.

From Westport, NY, take Lake Shore Road 7 miles North to a right onto Albee Road. ARLHS # USA-784

Photo courtesy Phil Ethier

Split Rock
NY 32 Barbers Point Barbers Point
latitude 44° 9' 15.7" N longitude 73° 24' 15.9" W
June 26, 2012 access: car

Located on Barber Point, 2.5 miles southeast of Westport. The lighthouse is a private residence.

Turn east onto Dudley Road from route 9 (towards Dudley Camp). Turn onto Barber Point Road to the end. Note that the land is private, so the only photos can be had from the public road. ARLHS # USA-036

NY 33 Crown Point
latitude 44° 1' 47.7" N longitude 73° 25' 17.6" W
June 26, 2012 access: car

From the New York side of the Highway 903/17 Lake Champlain Bridge, exit left into the Crown Point Public Campground, where you will find the lighthouse. camp ARLHS # USA-207

Crown Point
NY 34 Hudson Hudson (Athens)
latitude 42° 15' 7.3" N longitude 73° 48' 31.4" W
June 27, 2007 access: car

From Albany and North take the NYS Thruway south to Exit 21B – Coxsackie. Turn left onto Route 9W and follow south to route 385. Turn left onto 385 and follow into the village of Athens to Second street where you will make a left and follow it to the docks.
From NYC and South: It's possible to get here from Exit 21, but the directions above are much easier. (J 1140.75) ARLHS # USA-391

NY 35 Saugerties
latitude 42° 4' 28.4" N longitude 73° 56' 8.1" W
June 27, 2007 access: car

Take exit 20 from Interstate 87 west of Saugerties, and go east on Route 212 into the town where you will intersect Route 9W. Proceed straight on route 9W North for four blocks. You will arrive at a T where 9W turns left. Turn right onto Mynderse Street. Follow this road and bear left at the stop sign. Proceed down the hill and out to the lighthouse parking lot which is just beyond the Coast Guard Station. There is a nature trail, which leads to the lighthouse. (J 1140.12) ARLHS # USA-739

NY 36 Rondout Rondout
latitude 41° 55' 15.1" N longitude 73° 57' 45.1" W
access: tour

Tours of the Rondout (sometimes spelled "Round Out") Lighthouse are available at the Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston, NY. (J 1139.8) ARLHS # USA-702

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

NY 37 Esopus Meadows
latitude 41° 52' 6.3" N longitude 73° 56' 29.8" W
June 28, 2007 access: car

Views of the lighthouse from the west bank of the Hudson River are possible from Esopus Meadows Preserve or the nearby Lighthouse Park. To reach the park, take Route 9W north from the west side of the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Continue for 10.3 miles, then turn right on River Road. The entrance to the park will be on your right after 1.3 miles. (J 1139.7) ARLHS # USA-276

Esopus Meadows
NY 38 Stony Point Stony Point
latitude 41° 14' 28.9" N longitude 73° 58' 18.3" W
June 27, 2007 access: car + walk

Be careful not to confuse this with the Stony Point on Lake Ontario. Ontario

Located on the west side of the river off US 9W in Stony Point. ARLHS # USA-923

NY 39 Tarrytown
latitude 41° 5' 2.7" N longitude 73° 52' 27.2" W
June 28, 2007 access: car + walk

From Tarrytown, continue north on Route 9 to Sleepy Hollow. Turn west (towards the river), at Pierson Street, which will become Bellwood and continue to Palmer Avenue. Turn left onto Palmer Avenue and continue to Kingsland Point Park. Turn left when you enter the park, drive to the end of the parking lot, then walk to the light. (J 1138.13) ARLHS # USA-836

NY 40 Jeffrey Jeffrey's Hook
latitude 40° 51' 1" N longitude 73° 56' 49.1" W
June 27, 2007 access: car + walk

From near the intersection of W 181st Street and Lafayette Place in Manhattan, take the footbridge over the West Side Highway and follow the cute markers to the lighthouse. (J 1137.9) ARLHS # USA-408

NY 41 Statue of Liberty
latitude 40° 41' 20.6" N longitude 74° 2' 40.7" W
access: boat

Circle Line boats to the Statue of Liberty National Monument depart from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan and from Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

Photo courtesy Grace Marra

Statue of Liberty
NY 42 Old Orchard Shoal Old Orchard Shoal
access: none

This light was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy October 2012. (J 1074) ARLHS # USA-565

NY 43 Fort Wadsworth
latitude 40° 36' 20.9" N longitude 74° 3' 16.2" W
access: car

Take exit 15 from I-278, the closest exit on Staten Island to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. After exiting, travel to the north side of the interstate, and then go east one block to Bay Street. Turn right on Bay Street and continue to the fort. ARLHS # USA-301

Photo courtesy yerffej9 [Flickr]

Fort Wadsworth
NY 43F Elm Tree Elm Tree (Swash Channel Front Range)
July 15, 2008 access: car

From I-278 on Staten Island, take Exit 12 and proceed south on Slosson Avenue. Slosson Avenue will shortly become Todt Hill Road. Follow this road for two miles until it intersects Richmond Road. Continue south on Richmond Road for 0.4 miles. Turn left on New Dorp Lane and drive roughly 1.5 miles to Miller Field, where you will find the light. ARLHS # USA-272

NY 44 New Dorp (Swash Channel Rear Range)
latitude 40° 34' 50.9" N longitude 74° 7' 12" W
July 14, 2008 access: car

From I-278 on Staten Island, take Exit 12 and proceed south on Slosson Avenue. Slosson Avenue will shortly become Todt Hill Road. Follow this road for two miles until it intersects Richmond Road. Continue south on Richmond Road for 0.3 miles. Turn right on Altamont Street, and then after four blocks left onto Beacon Avenue. Your first right will be Boyle Street, where you will find the light (#25, a private home). ARLHS # USA-537

New Dorp
NY 45 Staten Island Staten Island
latitude 40° 34' 33.7" N longitude 74° 8' 28.5" W
July 14, 2008 access: car

This is the Common Rear for the Ambrose Channel Range Lights

From Interstate 278 on Staten Island, go south on Richmond Avenue 2.0 miles and then turn left on Richmond Hill Road. Follow this road for 1.4 miles into La Tourette Park and turn left onto Edinboro Road. (J 1082) ARLHS # USA-809

NY 46 Prince's Bay (Princess Bay)
latitude 40° 30' 27.6" N longitude 74° 12' 47.9" W
access: none

From Highway 440 on Staten Island, take the exit just before the Outerbridge Crossing. At the end of the ramp, turn right at the stop sign. At the next intersection, make another right. At the traffic light, make a third right. You should now be on Page Avenue, which, after five lights, will take you to 6581 Hylan Boulevard near the southwestern tip of Staten Island. Site and tower closed, but the preserve is open and visitors can view the light station from nearby; there is a trail from the parking area for the preserve.

We followed these directions and were unable to find the light. ARLHS # USA-673

Photo courtesy John Plate [webshots]

NY 47 West Bank West Bank (Staten Island Front Range)
latitude 40° 32' 16.5" N longitude 74° 2' 35.4" W
access: boat

The front light of one of the Ambrose Channel Range Lights.

One can take a charter aboard the Castaway out of South Amboy, New Jersey. (J 1081.9) ARLHS # USA-876

Photo courtesy Mike Boucher [ListOfLights]

NY 48 Blackwell Island
latitude 40° 46' 22.2" N longitude 73° 56' 24.7" W
access: car

Roosevelt Island can be reached by taking the 59th Street Bridge from Manhattan over to Queens. Once in Queens, go north to 36th Avenue, and take it west to the island. There is a hospital at the northern end of the island. Find a parking space on the street and walk to the lighthouse. ARLHS # USA-1041

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

Blackwell Island
NY 49 Coney Island Coney Island Nortons Point
latitude 40° 34' 35.3" N longitude 74° 42.4" W
July 14, 2008 access: car

On Coney Island, take Surf Avenue west to the gated community of Seagate. Ask permission at the Surf Avenue gate to see the Coney Island Lighthouse. The lighthouse is located between B47 and B48 Streets off of Surf Avenue. (J 1106) ARLHS # USA-187

NY 50 Fire Island
latitude 40° 37' 56.8" N longitude 73° 13' 7" W
access: car + walk (1 mile)

From the Southern State Parkway 48 miles east of Manhattan, take exit 40 and travel south on the Robert Moses Parkway to Fire Island. Once on the island, turn left, travel about two miles, and park in the field 5 parking area, from which you need to walk roughly a mile to the lighthouse. (J 1016) ARLHS # USA-286

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

Fire Island
NY 51 Montauk Montauk
latitude 41° 4' 15.6" N longitude 71° 51' 25.5" W
access: car

Take Interstate 495 towards the eastern end of Long Island. At exit 70, take Route 111 south to Route 27. Proceed east on Route 27 to its end at Montauk Point State Park. (J 0690) ARLHS # USA-512

Photo courtesy Howard [Flickr]

NY 51A Montauk Yacht Club
latitude 41° 4' 13" N longitude 71° 55' 55.9" W

From Highway 27, almost 1.5 miles east of Montauk (but before you reach the Montauk Lighthouse), turn north on West Lake Drive. After 1.7 miles, turn right to reach Star Island, where you will find the Montauk Yacht Club. ARLHS # USA-1308

NY 52 Cedar Island
latitude 41° 2' 26.9" N longitude 72° 15' 39.6" W
access: car

Located on Cedar Point, at the end of a mile-and-a-half peninsula, found in Cedar Point County Park. The park is located roughly four miles northeast of Sag Harbor. ARLHS # USA-147

Photo courtesy breeds52 [Webshots]

Cedar Island
NY 53 Long Beach Bar Long Beach Bar (rebuilt 1990)
latitude 41° 6' 36" N longitude 72° 18' 25.2" W
access: boat

(rebuilt 1990) Views are possible from Orient Beach State Park and other places along Gardiners Bay and Orient Harbor. (J 0701.5) ARLHS # USA-448

Photo courtesy chiefprogrammer [Flickr]

NY 54 Orient Point
access: ferry

Land views are from near the Orient Point County Park. Water views are available from the Cross Sound Ferry (Orient Point NY to New London CT) (J 0718) ARLHS # USA-633

Photo courtesy Art Simendinger [Flickr]

Orient Point
NY 55 Plum Island Plum Island
latitude 41° 10' 25.3" N longitude 72° 12' 41.5" W
access: ferry

Views of the light are possible from the Cross Sound Ferry,; which operates between Orient Point, NY and New London, CT. ARLHS # USA-606

Photo courtesy Art Simendinger [Flickr]

NY 56 Little Gull
access: boat

This light is best seen by boat. East End Lighthouses and Sunbeam Fleet offer excursions that pass by Little Gull Island Lighthouse (J 0726) ARLHS # USA-440

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

Little Gull
NY 57 Race Rock Race Rock
access: boat

East End Lighthouses offers excursions that pass by the lighthouse. excursion

This light is in the Long Island Sound (thus between New York and Connecticut) ARLHS # USA-681

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

NY 58 Latimer Reef
latitude 41° 18' 16.2" N longitude 71° 56' 2.4" W
access: boat

East End Lighthouses offers annual tours that pass by this light. (J 0671) ARLHS # USA-1049

Photo courtesy Maria Pratt [Flickr]

Latimer Reef
NY 59 North Dumpling North Dumpling
latitude 41° 17' 16.5" N longitude 72° 1' 9.3" W
access: boat

East End Lighthouses out of New York and Sunbeam Fleet out of Connecticut offer excursions that pass by the North Dumpling Lighthouse. (J 0680) ARLHS # USA-552

Photo courtesy Maria Pratt [Flickr]

NY 60 Horton Point
latitude 41° 5' 6.4" N longitude 72° 26' 44" W
access: car

From Highway 25 in Southold, turn north on Youngs Avenue and continue for just over a mile until it ends at Old North Road. Turn right on Old North Road, and then make a quick left on Lighthouse Road (J 0674) ARLHS # USA-387

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

Horton Point
NY 61 Old Field Point Old Field Point
latitude 40° 58' 37.2" N longitude 73° 7' 7" W
June 28, 2007 access: car

Located at the end of Old Field Road in the village of Old Field, which is approximately near the middle of Long Island's north shore. This is now the village offices. (J 0826) ARLHS # USA-563

NY 62 Eatons Neck
latitude 40° 57' 13" N longitude 73° 23' 50" W
access: boat

From Highway 25A in Vernon Valley, go north on Waterside Avenue for 1.4 miles to Eatons Neck Road. Follow Eatons Neck Road/Asharoken Avenue for four miles and then go north on Lighthouse Road to the Coast Guard Station. (June 28, 2007) The Coast Guard station has the road marked as "Private, no trespassing" for about a mile, so contact ahead for permission. (J 0872) ARLHS # USA 264

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

Eatons Neck
NY 63 Lloyd Harbor Lloyd Harbor (Huntington)
latitude 40° 54' 38.6" N longitude 73° 25' 52.7" W
June 27, 2007 access: car

One block west of the intersection of Highways 25A and 110 in Huntington, turn north on Wall Street. After 0.6 miles turn left on Southdown Road. Follow Southdown Road to its end. Southdown Road will make two sharp right turns and a sharp left turn before you reach the end. (J 0878) ARLHS # USA 445

NY 64 Cold Springs Harbor , relocated
access: car

To reach Lloyd Beach, at the intersection 0.2 miles west of Highways 25A and 110, turn north on W. Neck Road. Lloyd Beach will be on your right after 4.3 miles. ARLHS # USA-183

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

Cold Springs Harbor
NY 65 Sands Point
latitude 40° 51' 56.7" N longitude 73° 43' 46.2" W

Sightseeing cruises along Long Island's Gold Coast, which pass by the Sands Point Lighthouse, are offered in the summer by Skyline Cruises. ARLHS # USA-727

NY 66 Throgs Neck (Keeper's house, modern beacon)
latitude 40° 48' 15.5" N longitude 73° 47' 32.2" W
access: car

This is the original Keeper's house with a modern beacon on a simple tower.

6 Pennyfield Avenue, Throgs Neck, NY ARLHS # USA-846

Photo courtesy Mike Boucher [ListOfLights]

Throgs Neck
NY 67 Stepping Stones Stepping Stones
latitude 40° 49' 27.6" N longitude 73° 46' 28.5" W

The light can be seen from I-295's Throgs Neck Bridge, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at King's Point, and from the southern end of City Island. (J 0923) ARLHS # USA-811

Photo courtesy martyr703 [Webshots]

NY 68 Execution Rocks
latitude 40° 52' 41.2" N longitude 73° 44' 14.8" W

Located on a rocky reef, one mile north of Sands Point on Long Island's north shore. (J 0916) ARLHS # USA-277

Photo courtesy Mike Boucher [ListOfLights]

Execution Rocks
NY 69 Stratford Shoal Stratford Shoal

Distant views are possible from the Bridgeport, CT - Port Jefferson, NY ferry. The ARLHS considers this light to be in Connecticut. (J 0812) ARLHS # USA-1010

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]