The Lighthouses of Maine

This page currently my understanding of the lights of Maine. Downloadable copies of this pictures are stored on the web (mostly Webshots or Flickr). The pictures below are active, if you press on one, you'll be directly connected to the site with that picture (or one very similar) at a much higher resolution.

Index numbers are from the Shanklin List of all US lights. p2

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NB 35 Mulholland Lighthouse
latitude 44° 51' 47" N longitude 66° 58' 44.4" W
July 20, 2004 access: car

Located on the east side of the Lubec Channel (thus in Canada), this lighthouse can easily be seen from Maine (if the fog's not in). It was pretty thick when I got up, but after breakfast, as you can see, the other side was visible (if not beautifully lit).

(Take US 1 as far east as it will go, the follow State route 189 to Lubec. God willing, you will see both this light and the one below. ME2

Mulholland Lighthouse
ME 1 Whitlocks Mill Whitlocks Mill
latitude 45° 9' 43.2" N longitude 67° 13' 24.5" W
July 10, 2008 access: view from car park

This is the northernmost light in New England (but south of many in the Great Lakes).

It can be seen distantly from the first roadside picnic area on Route 1 south of St. Stephan NB. ARLHS # USA-890

ME 2 Lubec Channel
latitude 44° 50' 31.3" N longitude 66° 58' 36.3" W
July 20, 2004 access: view from shore, boat

Yes, Lubec Maine is related to Lubeck, Germany (the first settlers came from there). This cast iron tower on a steel caisson was one of 47 of this design, all called "sparkplug" lighthouses. It was built in 1890, was automated in 1939, but is no longer in service. ARLHS # USA-459

Lubec Channel
ME 3 West Quoddy Head West Quoddy Head
July 20, 2004 access: car

With it's pretty red and white candy strips, this is one of the more famous in Maine. It's also the eastern most light in the US. Constructed in 1858, it was automated in 1988.

Take US 1 as far east as it will go, then follow State route 189 to Lubec. Just before town, follow the signs to the state park. ARLHS # USA-880

ME 4 Little River
latitude 44° 39' 2.8" N longitude 67° 11' 32.1" W
July 30, 2016 access: boat

Little River Island, Cutler Harbor.

Overnight Stays are possible. Volunteers will meet you at the public boat ramp and take you on the 12 minute boat ride to the light. reservations ARLHS # USA-442

Little River
ME 5 Machias Seal Machias Seal (Canadian maintained)
latitude 44° 30' 6.6" N longitude 67° 6' 6.8" W
July 30, 2016 access: boat

The island can be visited on Puffin Trips offered by Bold Coast Charters out of Cutler. bold (J 0024) ARLHS # CAN-918

ME 5A Avery Rock

This light no longer exists.

ME 6 Libby Island
latitude 44° 34' 5.6" N longitude 67° 22' 2.6" W
July 30, 2016 access: boat

Machias Bay Boat Tours are available, which pass by Libby Island. tours ARLHS # USA-432

Libby Island
ME 6A Moosabec Reach

Reported in 1911 to be on the Northerly side of E'ly entrance to Moosabec River.

ME 7 Moose Peak (Mistake Island)
latitude 44° 28' 27.8" N longitude 67° 31' 55.8" W
July 30, 2016 access: boat

Captain Laura Fish, (207) 497-3064, offers tours to Great Wass Island and Mistake Island. Captain John Norton (207-497-5933) offers boat tours to Machias Seal Island, which for an extra fee, will pass by Mistake Island. ARLHS # USA-513

Moose Peak
ME 8 Nash Island Nash Island
latitude 44° 27' 51.4" N longitude 67° 44' 50.2" W
July 30, 2016 access: boat

Robertson Sea Tours offers Lighthouse Tours that pass by the island. tours ARLHS # USA-527

ME 9 Narraguagus (Pond Island)
latitude 44° 27' 21.5" N longitude 67° 49' 52.4" W
July 30, 2016 access: boat

Robertson Sea Tours offers a Lighthouse Tour that passes by the island. tours ARLHS # USA-526

ME 10 Petit Manan Petit Manan
latitude 44° 22' 3.1" N longitude 67° 51' 50.8" W
July 30, 2016 access: boat

Robertson Sea Tours offers a Lighthouse Tour that passes by the island. tours ARLHS # USA-597

ME 11 Prospect Harbor Point
latitude 44° 24' 11.5" N longitude 68° 46" W
July 20, 2004 access: view from shore, boat

The light is actually located on a Naval Base, and restricted from access. However, if you go to the village of Prospect Harbor, and take your binoculars, you can see the picture we've attached. (J 0038) ARLHS # USA-674

Prospect Harbor Point
ME 12 Winter Harbor Winter Harbor (Mark Island)
latitude 44° 21' 41.2" N longitude 68° 5' 15.6" W
July 30, 2016 access: view from shore, boat

It can be seen distantly from the roadside on the Schoodic Peninsula. (J 0294) ARLHS # USA-900

ME 12A Crabtree Ledge

This light no longer exists.

ME 13 Egg Rock
latitude 44° 21' 14.4" N longitude 68° 8' 16.5" W
July 30, 2016 access: boat

Located in Frenchman Bay, it is best viewed by boat. Views from the shore are possible, but it is a long way out. (J 0040) ARLHS # USA-268

Egg Rock
ME 14 Bear Island Bear Island
latitude 44° 17' 0.7" N longitude 68° 16' 11.2" W
access: boat

Near Northeast Harbor, ME (J 0045) ARLHS # USA-045

Photo courtesy National Park Service [wikipedia]

ME 15 Baker Island
latitude 44° 14' 28.6" N longitude 68° 11' 56" W

The Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company offers a tour. tour ARLHS # USA-028

ME 16 Mount Desert Rock
access: boat

Best viewed by boat ARLHS # USA-516

Photo courtesy Library of Congress []

Mount Desert Rock
ME 17 Great Duck Island Great Duck Island
latitude 44° 8' 31.7" N longitude 68° 14' 44.9" W
July 30, 2016 access: boat

Historic Lighthouse Tour offered by Bar Harbor Whale Watch. ARLHS # USA-347

Photo courtesy paflyfisher [Webshots]

ME 18 Bass Harbor
latitude 44° 13' 19" N longitude 68° 20' 14.1" W
July 20, 2004 access: car

Reputedly, the most photographed lighthouse in Maine (so they say, I'd suspect Portland Head wins hands down), this is just south of the town of Bass Harbor, and easy to find. There is a little matter of the walk down the stairs (down was easy, up wasn't), but we won't mention the small details (much). (J 0054) ARLHS # USA-041

Bass Harbor
ME 19 Blue Hill Bay Blue Hill Bay
latitude 44° 14' 56.3" N longitude 68° 29' 53.5" W
access: boat

Blue Hill Bay Lighthouse is located on Green Island, on the west side of the bay for which the light station is named. ARLHS # USA-064

Photo courtesy whitecloud00 [Webshots]

ME 20 Burnt Coat Harbor /Hockamock Head
latitude 44° 8' 2.8" N longitude 68° 26' 49.7" W
access: ferry with your car

Located on Hackamock Head

Ferry from Bass Harbor to Swan's Island. Exit the ferry and turn right to the stop sign (1/2 mile). Turn right and drive nearly 4 miles to the lighthouse. (J 0058) ARLHS # USA-096

Photo courtesy whitecloud00 [Webshots]

Burnt Coat Harbor
ME 21 Saddleback Ledge Saddleback Ledge
latitude 44° 51.6" N longitude 68° 43' 35.3" W
access: boat

Closed to the public, can be seen from a boat ARLHS # USA-716

Photo courtesy Cervin Robinson [National Park Service]

ME 22 Isle Au Haut (Robinson Point)
access: Car

A bed and breakfast ARLHS # USA-404

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

Isle Au Haut
ME 23 Deer Island Deer Island (Mark Island)
latitude 44° 8' 3.8" N longitude 68° 42' 12.4" W
access: boat

Best seen from a boat (J 0073) ARLHS # USA-221

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

ME 24 Eagle Island
latitude 44° 13' 3" N longitude 68° 46' 3.7" W
access: boat

Near Deer Isle, ME

Excursion trips around the islands are offered via the Eagle Island Mail Boat from Sunset, Maine. The boat will pass by the Eagle Island Lighthouse en route to delivering mail to several islands in the area (J 0078) ARLHS # USA-256

Photo courtesy L. Stratton (Eastern Illustrating) [ListOfLights]

Eagle Island
ME 25 Pumpkin Island Pumpkin Island
latitude 44° 18' 33.1" N longitude 68° 44' 34.4" W
August 19, 2017 access: car

Turn right on Eggemoggin Road just after crossing the bridge to Little Deer Isle and drive all the way to the end of the road. Step out on the point and there it is! ARLHS # USA-677

ME 26 Dice Head
latitude 44° 22' 58.2" N longitude 68° 49' 8.4" W
August 19, 2017 access: car

Private residence near Castine, ME

From Highway 1 near Orland, turn south on Highway 175 and drive south for eight miles to West Penobscot. From there, continue south on Highway 166 for roughly seven miles to Castine. In Castine, follow Battle Avenue past the Maine Maritime Academy to its end. (J 0082) ARLHS # USA-231

Dice Head
ME 27 Fort Point Fort Point
latitude 44° 28' 2" N longitude 68° 48' 42.1" W
August 19, 2017 access: car

A state historic site located on the west side of the mouth of the Penobscot River in Cape Jellison near Searsport.

From Highway 1 near Stockton Springs, take Main Street into the town and then turn south on Cape Jellison Road. When the road splits after 0.8 miles, take the left fork and continue for 1.6 miles to the park entrance. The road just past the park entrance (Lighthouse Road) will take you directly to the lighthouse (J 0086) ARLHS # USA-296

ME 28 Grindle Point
latitude 44° 16' 53.1" N longitude 68° 56' 34.2" W
access: ferry

Ferry from Lincolnville Beach (about 6 miles north of Camden) ARLHS # USA-356

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

Grindle Point
ME 29 Curtis Island Curtis Island
latitude 44° 12' 4.5" N longitude 69° 2' 56.9" W
July 20, 2004 access: car, then view

As we went to dinner, we got a map (to find the restaurant). Marnie asked "do you suppose we can see the Curtis Island light from near the restaurant?" Well, not close, and not from public land, but we found an unoccupied house, walked on their ground, and look what I found!

This is a public park, but access is by boat.

Curtis Island is just south of Camden ME. Find one, the other is easy to find (but the light is not necessarily visible) (J 0096) ARLHS # USA-213

ME 29B Camden Breakwater
latitude 44° 12' 29.7" N longitude 69° 3' 38.6" W
July 20, 2004 access: car, then view

On the way to get the picture of the Curtis Island Light (see above), we thought we'd found it. Here's the picture we got (and then compared with the reference book and found we were wrong.)

Camden Breakwater
ME 30 Goose Rocks Goose Rocks
access: boat

Access is by boat ARLHS # USA -326

Photo courtesy queenbgeorge [Webshots]

ME 31 Indian Island (Beauchamp Point/Lowell Rock)
latitude 44° 9' 55" N longitude 69° 3' 39.8" W
access: car + view

Can be seen from Rockport Marine Park ARLHS # USA-400

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

Indian Island
ME 32 Browns Head Browns Head
access: boat

Vinalhaven, ME (private residence) ARLHS # USA-088

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

ME 33 Heron Neck
access: boat

View by boat ARLHS # USA-371

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

Heron Neck
ME 34 Rockland Breakwater Rockland Breakwater
latitude 44° 6' 14.7" N longitude 69° 4' 39.1" W
July 21, 2004 access: walk (1 mile)

We got our exercise early this morning as we walked the "more than a mile" out the breakwater to this light. As you can see, it's a lovely light, but it also was 1 hour round trip from the car. (J 0102) ARLHS # USA-699

ME 34B View of the Breakwater
access: car

This is the view of the breakwater when you are standing at the light. I'm sure you won't believe me about the length, so I attached this photo.

View of the Breakwater
ME 34H Rockland Harbor Southwest Rockland Harbor Southwest
access: boat

(J 0102)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

ME 35 Owls Head
latitude 44° 5' 31.6" N longitude 69° 2' 38.7" W
July 21, 2004 access: car

All the way on the other side of the bay from the Rockland Breakwater is this light. It was built in 1826 and is still in operation. We're told that the fog signal is more important than the light (because when it's really important, you can't see the light).

From Rockland, take route 73 south, then turn left on North Shore Road. The left turn into the light is well marked. (J 0104) ARLHS # USA-574

Owls Head
ME 36 Two Bush Island Two Bush Island
latitude 43° 57' 51.7" N longitude 69° 4' 25.2" W
access: boat

Near Spruce Head ME, best seen by boat ARLHS # USA-860

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

ME 37 Whitehead
latitude 43° 58' 42.9" N longitude 69° 7' 27.7" W
access: boat

Best seen by boat (J 0122) ARLHS # USA-888

Photo courtesy pats7288 [Webshots]

ME 38 Tenants Harbor Tenants Harbor (Southern Island)
latitude 43° 57' 40.1" N longitude 69° 11' 5.3" W
access: boat

Can be seen from the shore, but best seen by boat. Located at the east end of Southern Island. This light aids mariners navigating Penobscot Bay and Tenants Harbor. ARLHS # USA-840

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

ME 39 Marshall Point
latitude 43° 55' 2.6" N longitude 69° 15' 40.9" W
July 21, 2004 access: car

This little light is attached to a beautiful building. I couldn't get them in the same picture. (J 0124) ARLHS # USA-479

Marshall Point
ME 40 Matinicus Rock (Twin Towers)

A bird sanctuary and access is very limited ARLHS # USA-484

ME 41 Monhegan Island
access: car

Open to the public (J 0128) ARLHS # USA-509

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

Monhegan Island
ME 42 Franklin Island Franklin Island
latitude 43° 53' 31.9" N longitude 69° 22' 29.7" W
access: boat

Visit by boat only ARLHS # USA-309

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

ME 43 Pemaquid Point
latitude 43° 50' 12.9" N longitude 69° 30' 21.8" W
July 21, 2004 access: car

This is a dedicated park, not much bigger than the light house plot, but with a nice parking lot and attendance fee. It also has a lovely gift shop next door, so we were both happy.

Take route 129 to route 130 and follow all the way to the light. (J 0134) ARLHS # USA-589

Pemaquid Point
ME 44 Ram Island Ram Island
latitude 43° 48' 14.3" N longitude 69° 35' 57.8" W
access: boat

Tours available from Boothbay Harbor or Bath. The light is off Ocean Point, guarding the channel "Fisherman's Passage." (J 0136) ARLHS # USA-686

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

ME 45 Burnt Island
latitude 43° 49' 30.4" N longitude 69° 38' 24.9" W
access: boat

Board The Novelty at Pier 8 in Boothbay Harbor. The light is located on the west side entrance to Boothbay Harbor. (J 0140) ARLHS # USA-097

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

Burnt Island
ME 46 [The] Cuckolds [The] Cuckolds
latitude 43° 46' 47.3" N longitude 69° 39' W
access: boat

Accessible by boat or helicopter only.

Boothbay Harbor (J 0142) ARLHS # USA-210

Photo courtesy purplehazel [Webshots]

ME 47 Hendricks Head
latitude 43° 49' 21.4" N longitude 69° 41' 22.3" W
July 21, 2004 access: car

This light is private property, so the picture is taken from the neighboring beach. Given that the weather was warm, there was zero parking available, so Marnie double parked as I took this picture with the long lens, then we got out of everybody's way.

Take route 27 south the Beach Road. Luckily, there is a small roundabout there, or you'd miss the turn. (J 0144) ARLHS # USA-369

Hendricks Head
ME 48 Seguin Island Seguin Island
latitude 43° 42' 26.7" N longitude 69° 45' 28.7" W
access: boat

Contact Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. The light is located 2 miles south of the mouth of the Kennebec River and was Maine's second lighthouse. (J 0146) ARLHS # USA-746

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

ME 49 Pond Island
latitude 43° 44' 24" N longitude 69° 46' 13" W
access: boat

Located on an island in the mouth of the Kennebec southeast of Popham Beach. A bird refuge (J 0148) ARLHS # USA-1145

Photo courtesy vigs65 [Webshots]

Pond Island
ME 50 Perkins Island Perkins Island
latitude 43° 47' 12.2" N longitude 69° 47' 6.9" W
access: boat

Best seen from sightseeing cruises near Georgetown, ME (J 0152) ARLHS # USA-596

Photo courtesy queenbgeorge [Webshots]

ME 50A Fort Popham
latitude 43° 45' 18" N longitude 69° 46' 60" W
access: boat

Fort Popham is 15 miles from Bath on Route 209, two miles from Popham Beach State Park. This light can be seen from some scenic cruises leaving Boothbay Harbor and Bath. (J 0150)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Fort Popham
ME 51 Squirrel Point Squirrel Point
latitude 43° 48' 59.8" N longitude 69° 48' 8.3" W
access: boat or walk (1 mile)

The remote lighthouse is accessible only by boat or on foot from an unmarked trail off Bald Head Road in Arrowsic. The hike in takes about 20 minutes. (J 0156) ARLHS # USA-798

Photo courtesy Aliki [Flickr]

ME 52 Doubling Point Range
latitude 43° 52' 58.9" N longitude 69° 47' 46.5" W
access: boat

On Arrowsick Island, still active Coast Guard (J 0160 and J 0161.1) ARLHS # USA-415

Photo courtesy queenbgeorge [Webshots]

Doubling Point Range
ME 53 Doubling Point Doubling Point
latitude 43° 52' 56.3" N longitude 69° 48' 24.3" W
access: car

South of Bath, ME on route 127 (J 0166) ARLHS # USA-234

Photo courtesy queenbgeorge [Webshots]

ME 53A Ames Ledge
ME 53B Abagadasset Point (2 lights)

East shore of Kennebec River, about five miles north of Bath, opposite Abagadasset Point. The ruins of the front light are about all that remain.

ME 54 Portland Breakwater (The Bug)
latitude 43° 39' 20.2" N longitude 70° 14' 5.6" W
August 1, 2006 access: car

Actually in South Portland, there is a park here labeled Bug Light Park and the grounds are open to the public ARLHS # USA-659

Portland Breakwater
ME 54C Portland Channel Portland Channel
access: car + long lens

There are actually more lights around here than you can count. Many people wouldn't count this channel marker, but it looks to me like it's permanently fixed (not floating) and has a light (not just a bell). This photo was taken from the end of the breakwater (above).

ME 55 Spring Point Ledge
latitude 43° 39' 7.6" N longitude 70° 13' 26.3" W
August 1, 2006 access: walk or long lens

Just south of Bug light is the Portland Harbor Museum. You can walk out the breakwater or use your long lens to avoid the walk. (J 0195) ARLHS # USA-785

Spring Point Ledge
ME 56 Ram Island Ledge Ram Island Ledge
latitude 43° 37' 53.4" N longitude 70° 11' 15" W
August 1, 2006 access: boat

This picture is from right next to the Fog Signal of Portland Head light. It was pretty hazy, so this has been extensively modified to make it look "nice." (J 0204) ARLHS # USA-687

ME 57 Portland Head
latitude 43° 37' 23.2" N longitude 70° 12' 28.6" W
August 1, 2006 access: car

This is a beautiful lighthouse, on a gorgeous coast, and we were lucky that the second time was a charm as far as the weather goes.

Take State Route 77 south from Portland (ME) and you'll see signs pointing to the coast (left going south). Follow the signs to the Fort William Park where you will find both the fort and the lighthouse. (J 0206) ARLHS # USA-661

Portland Head
ME 58 Halfway Rock Halfway Rock
latitude 43° 39' 21.6" N longitude 70° 2' 13" W
access: boat

Location: Casco Bay, eastern approach to Portland Harbor; Nearest town: Harpswell, Maine

Accessibility: The lighthouse is not open to the public. It can be reached only by boat or helicopter, and landing a boat is very difficult. It can be seen distantly from Land's End at the southern tip of Bailey Island. (J 0176) ARLHS # USA-364

Photo courtesy Jeremy d'Entremont [NewEnglandLights]

ME 59 Cape Elizabeth

There are actually 2 lights here, but instead of being arranged in a range formation, they are designed so navigators can measure the angle between them, and know precisely where they are.

Take ME 77 south from Portland, turn left of 2 Lights Rd, then again on 2 Lights Terrace.

ME 59F Cape Elizabeth West
latitude 43° 33' 57.9" N longitude 70° 12' 0.4" W
August 1, 2006 access: car

This picture is from the coast. (J 0208) ARLHS # USA-115

Cape Elizabeth West
ME 59R Cape Elizabeth East Cape Elizabeth East
latitude 43° 33' 51.1" N longitude 70° 12' 9.1" W
August 1, 2006 access: car

This picture was taken from the base of their driveway. ARLHS # USA-113

ME 59A Cape Elizabeth #74

(A lightship)

ME 60 Wood Island
latitude 43° 27' 24.8" N longitude 70° 19' 44.5" W
access: boat

Boat access only (J 0214) ARLHS # USA-905

Photo courtesy squarepond [Webshots]

Wood Island
ME 61 Goat Island Goat Island (Cape Porpoise)
latitude 43° 21' 28.7" N longitude 70° 25' 30.4" W
access: boat

Located in Cape Porpoise Harbor, boat access only (J 0218) ARLHS # USA-325

Photo courtesy whitecloud [Webshots]

ME 62 Cape Neddick (Nubble)
latitude 43° 9' 54" N longitude 70° 35' 27.6" W
July 20, 2002 access: car

A true "picture" by itself, this light is on an island connected to the mainland by a small overhead trolley. The lighthouse was erected in 1879. The picture is taken from Sohier park (he donated the land to the city) in York Beach, ME.

Highway 1 will take you to York Beach, then you need to navigate east to Neddick Point. Note, this is south of the village of Cape Neddick. (J 0226) ARLHS # USA-130

Cape Neddick
ME 63 Boon Island Boon Island
access: car + long lens

Offshore of York, ME, best seen by boat

The photo was taken from the shore, then digitally zoomed. (J 0228) ARLHS # USA-071

Photo courtesy Donna McCraw [Flickr]

ME 64 Whaleback Ledge
latitude 43° 3' 31.1" N longitude 70° 41' 46.6" W
July 20, 2002 access: car + long lens

There are a pair of lights protecting the shoals in front of Portsmouth. Technically, this is in Maine. Here is one. The other is in New Hampshire. VT 2 (J 0232) ARLHS # USA-963

Whaleback Ledge
ME 65 Lady Lady's Delight
access: boat

Fresh water lighthouse in Lake Cobbosseecontee. The lighthouse can be seen distantly from various points along the shoreline, but a boat is really needed to get a good view of the lighthouse. Boats can be rented from Lakeside Motel and Cabins, near the northern end of the lake. lodging ARLHS # USA-1127

Photo courtesy queenbgeorge [Webshots]

If you would like copies of any of my pictures, contact me and we'll discuss arrangements. There are others who do this commercially, I have no intention of competing directly, but you can make a proposal, and I'll react. mailMe