Our References

I'm not going to repeat many times in this document the references used, so this page is here as a central index.

Printed Materials

  1. Great Lakes Lighthouses, American and Canadian, written by Wes Oleszewski and photography by Wayne S. Sapulski, published by Avery Color Studios in Gwinn, Michigan. Wes has created an excellent index to the Great Lakes and this book has been a source of encouragement and support.
  2. List of ALL Existing U.S. Lighthouses by Bob and Sandra Shanklin (19th Edition January 2006).  This has been a great reference of lighthouses and their index (in the form XX-nn) is shown on all US pages.
  3. Lighthouses of Europe, Daniel Charles (text), Philip Plisson and Gullaume Plisson (Photos), Watson-Guptill Publications, New York (undated).  In addition to an excellent focus on 230 of the most stunning lighthouses off the Atlantic coast of Europe, this provides a reference list of most (all?) of the Atlantic lighthouses.
  4. Lists of Lights, Buoys and Fog Signals, Canadian Coast Guard, Marine Programs.  (2004 and 2006).  3 volumes.
  5. Discover Nova Scotia Lighthouses, Dale Stephens and Susan Randles, 1998, The Province of Nova Scotia, publisher.
  6. Norsk Fyrliste (literally Norweigan Lighthouse List) 2008, Utgitt av Kystverket, Fagbokforlaget, Vigmostad & Bjorke AS, Bergen, ISBN 978-82-450-0628-5 (click here for an online copy)

Web Sites

  1. Great Lakes Light House Keepers Association, www.GLLKA.comThese people not only support us "Lighthouse nuts", they own 3 lights in their own behalf and sponsor a number of cruises (look for one per lake, plus ...)

  2. Lighthouses of New England, www.lighthouse.cc, Jeremy D'Entremont.

  3. Index of all known Lighthouses, www.lighthousedepot.com/databaseThis has roughly 8000 entries at the time this note is penned.

  4. Lighthouse Friends, www.lighthousefriends.comHas lists of US lighthouses by state or by maps.  Includes a description, location (including Latitude and Longitude) and travel directions.

  5. Trinity House, www.trinityhouse.co.uk.  Intended to be a list of all the lighthouses in England, includes photos, history and location.

  6. UNC Lighthouse Directory, http://www.unc.edu/~rowlett/lighthouse/index.htm, Russ Rowlett and the University of North Carolina.  A very good directory of lighthouses in the world, this often is the easiest to "browse" as it is organized by region.

  7. Leuchturmseiten (lighthouse pages) von Anke und Jens, http://www.leuchtturmseiten.de/?ENG. This website is mostly northern European lights and has matching maps to go with the photos and descriptions.

  8. Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society, http://www.arlhs.com This is a collation of lighthouse locations and photographs.  Organized by country with subdivisions by state in the US.

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