The Lighthouses of Connecticut and Rhode Island

This page shows the lights of Connecticut and Rhode Island. For the directions, we are in debt to Lighthouse Friends. w4

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Reference numbers are from the Shanklin's list p2

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CT 1 Stonington
latitude 41° 19' 42.6" N longitude 71° 54' 19.9" W
July 14, 2008 access: car

From Interstate 95, take Exit 91 and proceed south on Route 234 (Pequot Trial) for 0.4 miles to North Main Street. Turn left on North Main and continue 1.5 miles to the light at the intersection with US Route 1. Cross Route 1 and continue straight to stop sign. Turn left and then take next right over railroad bridge onto Water Street. Follow Water Street through historic Stonington Village to the end. ARLHS # USA-813

CT 2 Mystic Seaport Mystic Seaport
latitude 41° 21' 41" N longitude 71° 58' 1.2" W
July 14, 2008 access: car

To reach Mystic Seaport, take Exit 90 from Interstate 95 and proceed south on Route 27 for roughly a mile. Mystic Seaport South Parking is the second lot on your left.

CT 3 Morgan Point
access: boat

Cruises aboard the Steamship Sabino from Mystic Seaport pass by the lighthouse. Sunbeam Fleet and Down East Lighthouse Cruises also offer Lighthouse Cruises that pass by the Morgan Point Lighthouse. ARLHS # USA-514

Photo courtesy Robert English [Flickr]

Morgan Point
CT 4 Avery Point Avery Point (faux)
latitude 41° 18' 54.5" N longitude 72° 3' 48.6" W
July 14, 2008 access: car

From I-95, Take Exit 87 (CT 349, Clarence B. Sharp Highway) in Groton. Follow CT 349 turning right at the 2nd traffic light onto Benham Road and then turning left onto Eastern Point Road. Follow Eastern Point Road for roughly 1.2 miles passing the Shennecossett Golf Course. The road will lead to the entrance of the University of Connecticut at Avery Point. After entering the campus, follow the circular drive past the rock police station and park. ARLHS # USA-023

CT 5 New London Ledge
latitude 41° 18' 21.2" N longitude 72° 4' 38.6" W
July 14, 2008 access: boat

Project Oceanology, in conjunction with the New London Ledge Lighthouse Foundation, offers tours to the lighthouse, which may include landing at the lighthouse. The lighthouse can also be seen on Lighthouse Cruises offered by Sunbeam Fleet and Down East Lighthouse Cruises PO (J 0730) ARLHS # USA-542

New London Ledge
CT 6 New London Harbor New London Harbor
July 14, 2008 access: car

From Interstate 95 in New London, take Exit 83 and travel south on Highway 1 (Colman Street) for 1.6 miles to Bank Street. Turn left onto Bank and then take your second right onto Montauk Avenue. Follow Montauk for 2.2 miles until it ends at Pequot Avenue. Turn right on Pequot, and the lighthouse will be ahead on your left (J 0732) ARLHS # USA-541

CT 7 Lynde Point
latitude 41° 16' 17.3" N longitude 72° 20' 35.5" W
access: car

From Interstate 95, take exit 67 and proceed south on Elm Street to Main Street (Highway 154). Turn right onto Main and follow it for 2.5 miles to the Saybrook Point Inn and Marina. At that point, turn right on Bridge Street, crossing over South Cove, and then turn left onto Nibang Avenue. From Nibang, turn right onto Fenwick Avenue, left onto Agawam Avenue, and then left onto Neponset Avenue, where you will get a distant view (J 0746) ARLHS # USA-462

Photo courtesy Pats7288 [Webshots]

Lynde Point
CT 8 Saybrook Breakwater Saybrook Breakwater
latitude 41° 15' 47" N longitude 72° 20' 34.3" W
access: boat

To get a distant view of the lighthouse from land, take exit 67 from Interstate 95 and proceed south on Elm Street to Main Street (Highway 154). Turn right onto Main and follow it for 2.5 miles to the Saybrook Point Inn and Marina. At that point, turn right on Bridge Street, crossing over South Cove, and then turn left onto Nibang Avenue. From Nibang, turn right onto Fenwick Avenue, and then left onto Agawam Avenue. (J 0744) ARLHS # USA-740

Photo courtesy Pats7288 [Webshots]

CT 9 Falkner Island
latitude 41° 14' 28.6" N longitude 72° 45' 35.5" W

There is an open house held during the fall of each year and public to the lighthouse may be provided at that time by the Faulkner's Light Brigade Brigade (J 0762) ARLHS # USA-282

Photo courtesy US Coast Guard [webshots]

Falkner Island
CT 10 Five Mile Point Five Mile Point
latitude 41° 14' 53.2" N longitude 72° 54' 11.4" W
July 14, 2008

From Interstate 95, take Exit 50 to Highway 337. Proceed south on 337 for 2.2 miles. Turn right onto Lighthouse Road and continue to Lighthouse Point Park ARLHS # USA 539

CT 11 Southwest Ledge
latitude 41° 14' 3.9" N longitude 72° 54' 43.3" W
July 14, 2008

Distant views are possible from Five Mile Point Lighthouse in Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven (J 0780) ARLHS # USA-788

Southwest Ledge
CT 12 Stratford Point Stratford Point
latitude 41° 9' 6.5" N longitude 73° 6' 11.7" W
July 14, 2008

From Interstate 95, take Exit 30 and go south east on Highway 113 for three miles. The road will make a sharp turn at this point, but continue straight onto Prospect Drive. (J 0810) ARLHS # USA-816

CT 12A Stratford Shoal (Middle Ground) (J 0812) ARLHS # USA-1010

Photo courtesy Mike Boucher [ListOfLights]

Stratford Shoal
CT 13 Tongue Point Breakwater Tongue Point Breakwater (Bridgeport)
latitude 41° 9' 58.5" N longitude 73° 10' 55.4" W
July 14, 2008

To see this light by land take Exit 28 from Interstate 95 and go south on Main Street until it ends (J 0832)

CT 13A Bridgeport Harbor
latitude 41° 9' 24.3" N longitude 73° 10' 48.2" W
CT 14 Fayerweather Island
latitude 41° 8' 32.5" N longitude 73° 13' 2.6" W
access: car

Take Exit 26 from Interstate 95 and go east to Iranistan Avenue. Turn right on Iranistan Avenue and follow it until it ends at the water. Turn right on Soundview Drive, which will become Barnum Drive. At the end of Barnum Drive you will find Seaside Park, where you can park and walk the breakwater to the lighthouse. ARLHS # USA 059

Photo courtesy Pats7288 [Webshots]

Fayerweather Island
CT 15 Penfield Reef Penfield Reef
latitude 41° 7' 41" N longitude 73° 17' 16.4" W
access: boat or tour

Harbor Cruises from Captain's Cove Seaport in Black Rock Harbor that pass by the Penfield Reef Lighthouse are available on weekends during the summer. A lighthouse cruise that passes this lighthouse along with several others is offered by Sound Navigation (J 0840) ARLHS # USA 590

Photo courtesy Robert English [Flickr]

CT 16 Peck's Ledge
latitude 41° 4' 38.4" N longitude 73° 22' 11.4" W
access: boat

Distant views are possible from Calf Pasture Park

Cruises that pass by the lighthouse are offered by Sound Navigation (J 0850) ARLHS # USA-588

Photo courtesy aeroentinc [Webshots]

CT 17 Norwalk Norwalk (Sheffield Island)
latitude 41° 2' 55.6" N longitude 73° 25' 9.2" W
access: boat

Ferry Service to the Sheffield Island is available from Hope Dock in South Norwalk.

Cruises that pass by the lighthouse are offered by Sound Navigation ARLHS # USA 753

Photo courtesy Kelda York [Flickr]

CT 18 Green's Ledge
latitude 41° 2' 29.8" N longitude 73° 26' 38" W
access: boat

Cruises that pass Greens Ledge Lighthouse are offered by Sound Navigation ARLHS # USA 355

Photo courtesy claw0000 [Webshots]

CT 19 Stamford Harbor Stamford Harbor (Chatham Rocks)
latitude 41° 49" N longitude 73° 32' 33.2" W
access: boat

It can be seen from points along the shore in Stamford. Cruises that pass Stamford Harbor Lighthouse are offered by Sound Navigation (J 0890) ARLHS # USA-807

Photo courtesy Robert English [Flickr]

CT 20 Great Captain Island
latitude 40° 58' 56.9" N longitude 73° 37' 24.6" W
access: boat

The ferry that provides access to the island only runs during the summer and is restricted to local residents.

Cruises that pass Great Captain Island Lighthouse are offered by Sound Navigation (J 0905) ARLHS # USA 346

Photo courtesy Robert English [Flickr]

Great Captain Island

Rhode Island

Richard Holmes provides historical photographs, postcards and government records. Rhode Island lighthouses

RI 1 Sakonnet Sakonnet
latitude 41° 27' 11.6" N longitude 71° 12' 9.4" W
August 4, 2006 access: boat

This light is off a point in the middle of the channel off the end of the Sakonnet river.  Thus, without a boat, you won't get much of a picture. (J 0523) ARLHS # USA-718

RI 2 Brenton Reef

A lightship served at this location from 1875 to 1962. In the early 1990s the deteriorating tower was dismantled and the scrap became part of an artificial reef known as Shinnecock Reef ARLHS # USA-082

RI 2A Whale Rock
latitude 41° 26' 39.8" N longitude 71° 25' 25.6" W
August 8, 2006 access: boat

This (as you can see) is no longer a functional lighthouse.  It's between Point Judith and the city of Newport on a dangerous ledge about one mile west of Beavertail Point ARLHS # USA-883

Whale Rock
RI 3 Castle Hill Castle Hill
latitude 41° 27' 43.6" N longitude 71° 21' 46.6" W
August 8, 2006 access: boat

This is on the lands of a private resort (and there was considerable discussion about building it between the owner and the government). (J 0530) ARLHS # USA-144

RI 4 Ida Lewis Rock
latitude 41° 28' 38.4" N longitude 71° 19' 32.9" W
August 8, 2006 access: boat

Ida Lewis was a very well known light keeper.  In reality, this is more of a memorial than a lighthouse, but in that small black square at the corner of the building is a licensed light house ARLHS # USA-398

Ida Lewis Rock
RI 5 Newport Harbor Newport Harbor (Goat Island)
latitude 41° 29' 35.8" N longitude 71° 19' 38.3" W
August 2, 2006 access: car

We hadn't intended to go here, but markings on the highway weren't clear.  This is taken from the toll bridge between Jamestown Island and Newport. (J 0540) ARLHS # USA-548

RI 6 Rose Island
latitude 41° 29' 43.9" N longitude 71° 20' 33.5" W
August 9, 2006 access: ferry

This is in the heart of Newport harbor (that's the Newport to Jamestown bridge in the background).  There is a very active preservation society here and you can rent the lighthouse by the week which makes you a keeper (and they make you work for your title as well.  We're told there's a 3 year waiting list for reservations ferry (J 0543) ARLHS # USA-703

Rose Island
RI 7 Prudence Island Prudence Island
latitude 41° 36' 21.2" N longitude 71° 18' 13.3" W
August 9, 2006 access: boat

This is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in New England.  To reach Prudence Island you need a boat or use the Prudence Island Ferry.  We took this picture from the RI Lighthouse cruise (organized by Lighthouse Depot) (J 0566) ARLHS # USA-675

RI 8 Hog Island Shoal
latitude 41° 37' 56.6" N longitude 71° 16' 23.5" W
August 4, 2006 access: car

You can see this light from the south end of the Mount Hope Bridge, but this picture is from our cruise (J 0570) ARLHS # USA-373

Hog Island Shoal
RI 9 Bristol Ferry Bristol Ferry
latitude 41° 38' 34.3" N longitude 71° 15' 36.9" W
August 4, 2006 access: car

This light is literally directly under the Mount Hope Bridge (you can see the abutment behind it).  We took this picture from our cruise, and I don't know how to get down Ferry Road (see note below).

It can be seen from the end of Ferry Road in Bristol near the Mount Hope Bridge ARLHS # USA-087

RI 10 Nayatt Point
latitude 41° 43' 30.7" N longitude 71° 20' 20" W
August 4, 2006 access: car + walk

The easiest way to see this light is to go to Nayatt Point (which is all residential), then go North about ½ mile and find the parking for the fishermen.  Walk out on the beach, walk back the ½ mile, and here you are. ARLHS # USA-532

Nayatt Point
RI 11 Pomham Rocks Pomham Rocks
latitude 41° 46' 39.5" N longitude 71° 22' 9.9" W
access: ferry or car + walk

there is a parking lot for the East Bay Bicycle Path. The path is open to walkers as well as bikers and extends from Providence to Bristol. Views of the lighthouse can be had by walking north on the bike path for about a quarter mile.

Take the Rhode Island PTA ferry from Providence to Newport. (J 0602) ARLHS # USA-643

Photo courtesy Maureen Reilly [Flickr]

RI 12 Conimicut
latitude 41° 43' 55.1" N longitude 71° 22' 46.7" W
August 3, 2006 access: car

If you come to the community of Conimicut, and navigate to the Cominicut Point park, the light is "right there."  This photo was taken using the long lens, the digitally cropped, so if you want to get close, you probably need a boat (J 0590) ARLHS # USA-188

RI 13 Warwick Warwick
latitude 41° 40' 1.4" N longitude 71° 22' 42.2" W
access: boat

Bay Queen Cruises (Warren, RI) offers several lighthouse cruises that go by it. (J 0608) ARLHS # USA-871

Photo courtesy Pats7299 [Webshots]

RI 14 Poplar Point
latitude 41° 34' 15.6" N longitude 71° 26' 21.8" W

A private residence since 1894, the house has been much enlarged. However, the well-preserved light tower is the oldest surviving wooden lighthouse in the nation. Located at the entrance to Wickford Harbor in North Kingstown. There's a good view from Sauga Point on the other side of the harbor entrance.

Rhode Island Bay Cruises offers a 10 Lighthouses of Narragansett Bay cruise that passes by the Poplar Point Lighthouse. cruise ARLHS # USA-647

RI 15 Conanicut Island

On Jamestown Island's north end, this is a private residence. ARLHS # USA-185

RI 16 Plum Beach
August 2, 2006 access: car

This light is right next to the bridge from the mainland to Jamestown Island.  We took this picture (with the long lens) by standing on a road shooting over a householder's car in his/her driveway. (J 0615) ARLHS # USA-604

Plum Beach
RI 17 Dutch Island Dutch Island
access: boat

A distant view from land is possible by following these directions: From Highway 138 on the eastern side of Conanicut Island, take Canonicus Avenue south 0.9 miles to Narragansett Avenue. Turn right on Narrangansett and drive 0.4 miles to S. West Avenue. Turn left on S. West Avenue and follow it to the narrow neck of land, which leads to the second lobe of the island. At this point, the road becomes Beaver Tail Road. Just after the narrow neck, turn right on Fort Getty Road. (J 0621) ARLHS # USA-250

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

RI 18 Beavertail
latitude 41° 26' 57.8" N longitude 71° 23' 58.9" W
August 2, 2006 access: car

This light is at the southern tip of an island south of Jamestown .  It not only has this light, but the base of the original light and a museum as well. And, while we were there, they were taking pictures of the bride and groom. (J 0624) ARLHS # USA-048

RI 19 Point Judith Point Judith
latitude 41° 21' 40.2" N longitude 71° 28' 53.5" W
August 2, 2006 access: car

This is at the very end of "tourist country", so is often hard to get to (south of Narragansett).  We took this picture from a tour boat. (J 0628) ARLHS # USA-625

RI 19A Private Lighthouse
August 2, 2006 access: boat

This is a private house located on Point Judith pond.  The owner decided he liked lighthouses, so he collected "a bunch" of old stones and erected this light.  It has never been used for navigation, it is not licensed, but it sure looks slick.

The photo was taken from a Southland Sightseeing tour (Galilee, RI).  Physically, it just up the river west of Point Judith (above)

Private Lighthouse
RI 20 Block Island North Block Island North
latitude 41° 13' 39.5" N longitude 71° 34' 32.6" W
August 7, 2006 access: boat

This is the 4th lighthouse to occupy this land.  Two of the others washed away in the storms, the other was too far back to be effective.

We got onto Block Island at 7:30 PM, got in our bus (the driver volunteered to drive us) and rushed out here to beat the sunset.  It was cloudy and pretty dark, but as you can see, the camera came through. (J 0642) ARLHS # USA-061

RI 21 Block Island Southeast (Mohegan Bluffs)
latitude 41° 9' 12.5" N longitude 71° 33' 7.9" W
August 8, 2006 access: car

This light is the tallest (highest above sea level) in New England, and probably the fanciest as well.  It was built with capacity for a head keeper and family (the right half) and for two assistant keepers and their families in 1876. (J 0650) ARLHS # USA-062

Block Island Southeast
RI 22 Watch Hill Watch Hill (Fishers Island)
latitude 41° 18' 13.3" N longitude 71° 51' 30.9" W
access: car + walk

From Westerly, take Route 1-A to Watch Hill, and turn west on Watch Hill Road. After one miles on Watch Hill Road turn left on Westerly Road. From Westerly Road turn left to Bluff Avenue, followed by a right onto Larkin and then a quick left on Lighthouse Road. Parking on the street is restricted to residents, so you must park in town and walk. (J 0658) ARLHS # USA-872

Photo courtesy Pats7288 [Webshots]

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