The Lighthouses of Slovenia

This page shows the Lighthouses of Slovenia. Slovenia is located on the northwestern corner of the former Yugoslav federation, bordering on Austria to the north and Italy to the west. The country has only a short coastline on the Adriatic Sea south of Trieste, Italy. The chief port is Koper, on the Gulf of Trieste just south of the Italian border.
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SI 1 Piran Punta Rt Madona {Punta Madonna})
latitude 45° 31' 48.5" N longitude 13° 33' 47.3" E

Located at the tip of a sharp promontory in Piran, marking the entrance to the Bay of Piran. The round tower behind the keeper's cottage is often mistaken for the lighthouse, but it is in fact the bell tower of a church. ARLHS # SLO-006

Photo courtesy Ben [Flickr]

Piran Punta
SI 2 Piran Head North Pier Piran Head North Pier (West Mole)
latitude 45° 31' 34.1" N longitude 13° 33' 59.5" E

Located at the end of the west (breakwater) mole at Piran. Accessible by walking the mole. ARLHS # SLO-010

Photo courtesy Gabriel Eidelman [Flickr]

SI 3 Piran Head South Pier (Transverse Mole)
latitude 45° 31' 34" N longitude 13° 34' 0.6" E

Located at the end of the transverse (south) mole at Piran. Accessible only by boat. There are excellent views from the north mole or from the town waterfront. (E 2630) ARLHS # SLO-011

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Piran Head South Pier
SI 4 Rt Sveti Bernardin Rt Sveti Bernardin (Portorož, {Portorose})
latitude 45° 30' 45.1" N longitude 13° 35' 23.2" E

Located at the west end of the quay in Portorož, about 2 km southeast of Piran. (E 2632)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SI 5 Izola RT Petelin
latitude 45° 32' 11.1" N longitude 13° 39' 13.7" E

Izola is a smaller littoral town, which attracts many visitors through all the year. Cape Petelin with the lighthouse is the popular place for a walk. ARLHS # SLO-012

Photo courtesy KRAJI - Slovenia [KRAJI]

Izola RT Petelin
SI 6 Koper Head North Pier
latitude 45° 32' 54.3" N longitude 13° 43' 20.3" E
SI 7 Koper Head South Pier
latitude 45° 32' 53.4" N longitude 13° 43' 26" E
SI 8 Koper Valdoltra Wharf
latitude 45° 33' 1.9" N longitude 13° 43' 33.2" E