The Lighthouses of Eastern Spain

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Balearic Islands


SP 158 Formentera (Sa Mola, La Mola)
latitude 38° 39' 48.7" N longitude 1° 35' 1.7" E

This lighthouse stands at the eastern tip of the island and is an important guide for ships passing to the south of the islands; it has a listed range of 23 nautical miles. 'Sa Mola' is a roughly circular plateau that forms the eastern portion of Formentera and is connected to the main part of the island by a sandy isthmus. Located about 15 km east of the town of Formentera, accessible by road. (E 0250) ARLHS # BAL-047

Photo courtesy Nuska [Flickr]

SP 159 Cap Barbaria Cap Barbaria (Cabo Berberia)
latitude 38° 38' 28.3" N longitude 1° 23' 22.2" E

Located at the southwestern tip of the island, about 10 km southwest of the town of Formentera; accessible by road. (E 0251) ARLHS # BAL-013

Photo courtesy mpico63 [webshots]

SP 160 La Savina (Cala Sabina)
latitude 38° 44' 7.7" N longitude 1° 24' 57.1" E

Entrance to harbor at La Savina, north side of island of Formentera. (E 0252)

Photo courtesy getxo [Webshots]

La Savina
SP 161 Islote d Islote d'en Pou (Isla de los Puercos)
latitude 38° 47' 56.4" N longitude 1° 25' 19.6" E

Located on an islet off the northernmost point of Formentera. Accessible only by boat; there are excellent views from ferries between the two islands. (E 0254)

Photo courtesy Roberto Miotto [panoramio]

SP 162 Isla Espardell
latitude 38° 48' 15.2" N longitude 1° 28' 43.7" E

Located on an islet about 5 km northeast of the northernmost point of Formentera. Accessible only by boat, and the island is a protected nature reserve. (E 0256)

Photo courtesy Roberto Miotto [panoramio]

Isla Espardell


SP 163 Islote de Islote de's Penjats (Islote Ahorcados, Los Freus, Freu Grande)
latitude 38° 48' 52.3" N longitude 1° 24' 43.9" E

This lighthouse and the Far d'en Pou guide ships on the difficult passage between Formentera and Ibiza; the two island are joined by a barely-submerged ridge that emerges in several islets. Located on an islet about 1.8 km south of the southernmost point of Ibiza. SP 161 (E 0260)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 163B Bleda Plana
latitude 38° 58' 48.1" N longitude 1° 9' 33.7" E

Located on a small island off the westernmost point of Ibiza, about 5 km west southwest of the Cunillera lighthouse. (E 0276) ARLHS # BAL-007

Photo courtesy Roberto Miotto [panoramio]

Bleda Plana
SP 164 Isla Cunillera Isla Cunillera (Isla Conejera)

The Isla Conejara (Rabbit Island) lies off the westernmost point of Ibiza, so this lighthouse acts as the landfall light for ships arriving from mainland Spain. Located atop a high cliff near the northern point of the island. (E 0274) ARLHS # BAL-030

Photo courtesy Roberto Miotto [panoramio]

SP 165 Covas Blancas (Sant Antoni de Portmany)
latitude 38° 58' 45.7" N longitude 1° 17' 53.9" E

Located on Carrer des Far in Sant Antoni de Portmany, on the west coast of Ibiza. Nearest Town or City: Sant Antoni de Portmany, Spain ARLHS # BAL-096

Photo courtesy Rafael Garcia [panoramio]

Covas Blancas
SP 166 Punta Moscarter Punta Moscarter (Moscarté)
latitude 39° 7' 3.5" N longitude 1° 31' 59.2" E

Northernmost point of Ibiza. The lighthouse is within about 1200 m of Cala de Portinatx, but there does not appear to be any public land access. (E 0270) ARLHS # BAL-068

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

SP 167 Isla Tagomago
latitude 39° 1' 56.4" N longitude 1° 38' 55.4" E

On island off east coast of Ibiza photo

Photo courtesy []

Isla Tagomago
SP 168 Botafoc Botafoc (Islote Botafoch)
latitude 38° 54' 14.9" N longitude 1° 27' 14.2" E

Located just right of the beach as you head to Talamanca. Once you have gone past the hotel area, you will arrive at the Calle de Botafoc, which will take you straight to the lighthouse. (E 0264)

Photo courtesy getxo [Webshots]

SP 169 Ibiza Dique de Abrigo
latitude 38° 54' 39" N longitude 1° 26' 34.1" E

End of breakwater in harbor at Eivissa (Ibiza) (E 0265) ARLHS # BAL-058

Photo courtesy Pedro Ramón Calafat [Flickr]

Ibiza Dique de Abrigo


SP 170 N N'Ensiola (Punta Anciola)

Located at the southern tip of the Illa de Cabrera. The park service offers guided tours of the area including a visit to the station. another photo

Photo courtesy Roberto Miotto [panoramio]

SP 171 Cap Llebeig (Cabo Lebeche)

Located on a steep promontory at the northwest corner of the Illa de Cabrera, marking the entrance to the island's natural harbor. (Don't confuse with the Cap Lleibig below.) SP 183

Photo courtesy Roberto Miotto [panoramio]

Cap Llebeig
SP 171C Sa Creueta Sa Creueta

Just across the channel from Cap Llebeig is this matching light.

Photo courtesy Roberto Miotto [panoramio]

SP 172 Na Foradada (Isla de Horadada)
latitude 39° 12' 25.6" N longitude 2° 58' 41.7" E

Located on the northernmost islet of the Cabrera Archipelago, about 10 km southwest of the southern tip of Majorca. a distant photo (E 0340)

Na Foradada

Majorca South Coast

SP 173 Cap de ses Salines Cap de ses Salines (Punta de las Salinas)

Located at the end of the PM-611 highway, about 15 km south of Ses Salines. (E 0314)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 174 S'Estanyol (El Estañol, Punta Plana)
latitude 39° 21' 9.9" N longitude 2° 54' 47.3" E

This modern lighthouse marks the entrance to the harbor of S'Estanyol, a resort town on the south coast of Majorca. Located on a promontory about 1.5 km southwest of the S'Estanyol waterfront. (E 0315)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 175 Cap Blanc Cap Blanc
latitude 39° 21' 49" N longitude 2° 47' 15.1" E

Located atop a steep promontory off the coastal road about 15 km south of S'Arenal. ARLHS # BAL-014

Photo courtesy marc vm1 [Webshots]

SP 176 Palma Dique Est (1909)

Located on the northwestern corner of the main pier at Palma de Majorca. (E 0322) ARLHS # BAL-044

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

Palma Dique Est (1909)
SP 177 Palma Dique Est (1982) Palma Dique Est (1982)
latitude 39° 33' 33.2" N longitude 2° 38' 4.5" E

SW corner of main breakwater at Palma de Majorca (E 0323) ARLHS # BAL-045

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 178 Porto Pi (Palma de Majorca)
latitude 39° 32' 54.9" N longitude 2° 37' 24.6" E

The lighthouse sits today on a busy, industrial waterfront on the east side of the harbor of Palma de Majorca. Located off the Passaig Maritim about 3 km southwest of the downtown waterfront of Palma de Majorca. (E 0318.8) ARLHS # BAL-056

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

Porto Pi
SP 179 Palma Dique Ouest Palma Dique Ouest
latitude 39° 33' 8.6" N longitude 2° 38' 19.9" E

End of west breakwater in harbor at Palma de Majorca (E 0318) ARLHS # BAL-098

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

SP 179A Palma Digue Ouest Elbow (E 0318.3)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Palma Digue Ouest Elbow
SP 180 Cala Figuera Cala Figuera
latitude 39° 27' 26.7" N longitude 2° 31' 20" E

West side of entrance to Badia de Palma (E 0312.6) ARLHS # BAL-018

Photo courtesy Guillermo Ribot [Flickr]

SP 181 Cap de sa Mola (Cabo de la Mola)
latitude 39° 31' 56.7" N longitude 2° 21' 50.7" E

SW tip of Majorca

Photo courtesy Miguel Peces [Flickr]

Cap de sa Mola
SP 182 Port d Port d'Andratx
latitude 39° 32' 34.4" N longitude 2° 22' 44" E

On west mole at Port d'Andratx

Photo courtesy Juan Francisco Lladó Sabater [Flickr]


SP 183 Cap Llebeig (Cabo Llebeitx)
latitude 39° 34' 26.9" N longitude 2° 18' 14.8" E

SW end of Illa sa Dragonera (Don't confuse with the Cap Llebeig above.) SP 171 (E 0282) ARLHS # BAL-008

Photo courtesy Hans-Albert Liebetrau [ListOfLights]

Cap Llebeig
SP 184 Dragonera
latitude 39° 35' 10.7" N longitude 2° 19' 1.6" E

Abandoned for a century, it is probably in poor condition. Located on the summit of Pico Single de Ginavera, the highest point of the island. Apparently accessible by hiking trails. ARLHS # BAL-097

SP 185 Cap de Tramuntana (Cabo Tramontana)
latitude 39° 35' 53.1" N longitude 2° 20' 16.5" E

NE end of Illa sa Dragonera. (E 0284)

Photo courtesy Doug Keagle [webshots]

Cap de Tramuntana

Majorca North Coast

SP 186 Cap Gros Cap Gros
latitude 39° 47' 49.7" N longitude 2° 40' 53.2" E

Located on a promontory on the west side of the harbor entrance at Port de Sóller on the central northwestern coast of Majorca. Accessible by road. (E 0289)

Photo courtesy Klaus Kern [ListOfLights]

SP 187 Sa Creu (1864)
latitude 39° 47' 48.1" N longitude 2° 41' 21.3" E

Both lights (this and the one below) are shown in this photo. ARLHS # BAL-101

Sa Creu (1864)
SP 188 Sa Creu (1945)
latitude 39° 47' 49.3" N longitude 2° 41' 21.9" E

Located on a promontory on the east side of the harbor entrance at Port de Sóller. If not accessible by road, this station should be accessible by a short hike from town. (E 0288) ARLHS # BAL-064

Photo courtesy Laure Chappuis [phares]

SP 189 Cap Formentor
latitude 39° 57' 40" N longitude 3° 12' 41.9" E

This lighthouse marks the northernmost tip of Majorca and the entrance to the Badia de Pollença; it is accessible at the end of a very crooked road about 25 km northeast of Port de Pollença. Driving to the lighthouse seems to be a popular challenge. (E 0296)

Photo courtesy Cindy1508 [webshots]

Cap Formentor
SP 190 L L'Avençada (Punta de la Avanzada)
latitude 39° 53' 59.2" N longitude 3° 6' 37.7" E

Located on a promontory on the north side of the Badia de Pollença, about 5 km east of Port de Pollença. There doesn't seem to be any road access to this station.

Photo courtesy "guruAnt" [Flickr]

SP 190S Punta Sabate
latitude 39° 53' 33.7" N longitude 3° 11' 38.8" E

Located at the northern tip of a rugged peninsula on the east side of the Badia de Pollença. Accessible by an unpaved road (E 0303.7)

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

Punta Sabate
SP 191 Illa Aucunada Illa Aucunada
latitude 39° 50' 7.6" N longitude 3° 10' 15.6" E

Located on an island just off the north shore of the Badia d'Alcúdia about 5 km east of Port d'Alcúdia. (E 0304) ARLHS # BAL-006

Photo courtesy Klaus Kern [ListOfLights]

Majorca East Coast

SP 192 Capdepera (Cabo de Pera)
latitude 39° 42' 56.3" N longitude 3° 28' 38.4" E

This very handsome lighthouse has a beautiful location on the northeastern tip of Majorca, a short distance from Cala Ratjada; in fine weather it is probably possible to see Cap d'Artrutx, Menorca, to the northeast.

Photo courtesy cindy1508 [webshots]

SP 193 Porto Colom Porto Colom (Punta de Ses Crestes, Punta de sa Farola)
latitude 39° 24' 56.9" N longitude 3° 16' 15.9" E

East coast of Majorca. (E 0310) ARLHS # BAL-055

Photo courtesy luckystewart [Webshots]

SP 194 Porto Petro

Located on the south side of the harbor entrance at Porto Petro; accessible by road. (E 0311.8) ARLHS # BAL-073

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Porto Petro
SP 195 Torre d Torre d'en Bou (Cala Figuera de Santanyí)

North side of entrance to harbor at Cala Figuera de Santanyí, east coast of Majorca. There is road access to a point close to the lighthouse. (E 0312.6) ARLHS # BAL-073

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]


SP 196 Cap d'Artrutx
latitude 39° 55' 21.5" N longitude 3° 49' 26.3" E

Cap d'Artrutx is the southwesternmost point of Menorca, and unlike most points of land in the Balearics it is quite low. Located at the end of Plaça Far in the town of Cap d'Artrutx. (E 0342) ARLHS # BAL-015

Photo courtesy Ian Dempster [Webshots]

Cap d
SP 197 Ciutadela (Punta de Sa Farola)
latitude 39° 59' 46.9" N longitude 3° 49' 21.2" E

Located on on the Cami Farola, on the west side of the harbor entrance in Ciutadela de Menorca, on the west end of the island. photo ARLHS # BAL-078

SP 198 Punta Nati (Cabo Nati)

This lighthouse, on the relatively wild northeast coast of Menorca, is not often visited. Located at the end of secondary road CF-5 about 6 km north of Ciutadela de Menorca. ARLHS # BAL-026

Photo courtesy tredelijkheid [webshots]

Punta Nati
SP 199 Cap de Cavalleria Cap de Cavalleria (Cabo Caballeria)
latitude 40° 5' 20.4" N longitude 4° 5' 31.6" E

The Cap de Cavalleria is a narrow, rocky spine that projects from the north coast of Menorca, forming a very dangerous obstacle for ships. Located at the end of secondary road CF-3 about 6 km northwest of Platges de Fornells by sea, but more like 25 km by road. (E 0350)

Photo courtesy Antoniao Louro [webshots]

SP 200 Cap Favaritx
latitude 39° 59' 49.7" N longitude 4° 16' 1.1" E

Cap Favoritx is a sharp promontory projecting from the northeastern coast of Menorca. Located at the end of secondary road CF-1 about 12 km off the main road ME-7.

Photo courtesy fatbarman [Webshots]

Cap Favaritx
SP 201 Punta de San Carlos Punta de San Carlos (Port de Maó, Puerto de Mahon)

Port de Maó is the principal town and harbor of Menorca; its English name Mahon is a reminder that Britain occupied Menorca for most of the 18th century after capturing it in 1708. Located on a promontory on the south side of the harbor entrance. ARLHS # BAL-066

Photo courtesy sparijs [Webshots]

SP 202 Illa de S'Aire (Isla del Aire)
latitude 39° 47' 58.1" N longitude 4° 17' 34.3" E

The Illa de S'Aire is a low, rather flat island, about 1.2 km long, located off the southeastern tip of Menorca. Located near the eastern tip of the island. ARLHS # BAL-002

Photo courtesy []

Illa de S

Northeast Spain

SP 245 Catalonia


SP 246 Sant Carles de la Ràpita (San Carlos de la Rapita)

Located on Punta de la Senieta near the south end of the waterfront in Sant Carles de la Ràpita. (E 0373)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Sant Carles de la Ràpita
SP 247 La Banya La Banya (Punta de la Baña)
latitude 40° 33' 37.5" N longitude 39' 41.5" E

Punta de la Baña is on a broad sandy spit that has evolved from the south side of the Río Ebro delta. The area is now included in a national park; it is usually accessible by 4WD vehicles and parking is provided. Boat transportation is also available from Sant Carles de la Ràpita. The original lighthouse has been relocated to Tarragona. SP 252

Located about from the base of the spit, east of Sant Carles de la Ràpita.

Photo courtesy MASTerry [photo]

SP 248 Cap Tortosa

Offshore about 3 miles east of Cap Tortosa, Catalonia. This light replaced the Buda Lighthouse near the mouth of the Ebro River, which was destroyed in a storm in 1961. (E 0377)

SP 248E Río Ebro

Located on the north side of the entrance to the Río Ebro in Ríumar. (E 0376)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Río Ebro
SP 249 El Fangar El Fangar
latitude 40° 47' 25.6" N longitude 46' 6.2" E

East side of Port del Fangar, Catalonia. The lighthouse is in the Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebro, accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle.

Photo courtesy Mas Terry [Flickr]

SP 250 Cap de Salou
latitude 41° 3' 20.9" N longitude 1° 10' 18.7" E

Located on a promontory at Cap de Salou, about 10 km southwest of Tarragona (E 0386)

Photo courtesy Mas Terry [Flickr]

Cap de Salou
SP 251 Tarragona Muelle de Aragón
latitude 41° 5' 59.3" N longitude 1° 14' 7.3" E

This light is no longer an aid to navigation, but has a blinking light in it for visitors. Located near the last elbow of the Tarragona main breakwater. photo (E 0388.4)

SP 252 Tarragona Dique de Levante (La Banya)
latitude 41° 5' 15.1" N longitude 1° 13' 33.3" E

This lighthouse was built in 1864 and originally served as the Punta de la Baña Light. It was relocated in 1984. It housed a restaurant from 1992 to 1996. In 2003, the lighthouse was restored and opened as a museum. lighthouseDepot

Photo courtesy getxo [Flickr]

Tarragona Dique de Levante
SP 253 Torredembarra Torredembarra
latitude 41° 7' 55.2" N longitude 1° 23' 41.8" E

Located on Punta de la Galera, at the end of the Avenguda de la Galera in Torredembarra, a residential community about 13 km east of Tarragona. (E 0393.7)

Photo courtesy Mas Terry [Flickr]


SP 254 Vilanova i la Geltrú (Sant Cristòfor)
latitude 41° 13' 1.1" N longitude 1° 44' 14.5" E

Located behind the beach on Punta Sant Cristòfol (San Cristobol) in Vilanova i la Geltrú, a seaside town about halfway between Tarragona and Barcelona.

Photo courtesy Moisès [Flickr]

Vilanova i la Geltrú
SP 255 Llobregat Llobregat
latitude 41° 19' 30.3" N longitude 2° 9' 8" E

This historic lighthouse, Catalonia's oldest, is now surrounded by industrial development on the south side of Barcelona's harbor. Located on the north side of the mouth of the Río Llobregat. A distant view can be obtained from unrestricted areas in the industrial town of Prat de Llobregat about 4 km to the west. (E 0398)

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

SP 256 Barcelona (Torre del Reloj)
latitude 41° 22' 29.6" N longitude 2° 11' 8.8" E

On the Barcelona waterfront, this lighthouse was converted to a clock tower in 1911.

SP 257 Monjuïc
latitude 41° 21' 39.1" N longitude 2° 9' 57.9" E

Monjuïc is a mountain that rises steeply above the harbor of Barcelona, crowned by the historic Castillo de Montjuïc. The lighthouse is built partway up the mountain, an area that is not open to the public. One can look down on the lighthouse from the area in front of the Castillo, and drivers on the Ronda del Litoral expressway at the foot of the mountain can glance up and see it. (E 0400)

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

SP 257NE Barcelona North Harbor East Breakwater Barcelona North Harbor East Breakwater
latitude 41° 21' 28.8" N longitude 2° 11' 6.6" E

Photo courtesy Rich Schoeller [eMail]

SP 258 Calella
latitude 41° 36' 29.3" N longitude 2° 38' 47.1" E

Located on a bluff behind the beach on the west side of Calella, about 40 miles NE of Barcelona. (E 0448)

Photo courtesy nadia spb [webshots]



SP 259 Tossa de Mar Tossa de Mar (Cabo Tossa)
latitude 41° 42' 56.2" N longitude 2° 56' 2.5" E

Located at the top of the walled town, with a sweeping view of the Mediterranean. About 50 miles NE of Barcelona. (E 0453)

Photo courtesy getxo [webshots]

SP 260A Sant Feliu de Guíxols
latitude 41° 46' 37.1" N longitude 3° 1' 59.2" E

Located on the breakwater mole at Sant Feliu de Guíxols. (E 0456)

Photo courtesy Rainer Arndt [ListOfLights]

Sant Feliu de Guíxols
SP 260 Palamós Palamós (Punta del Molí, Punta del Molino)
latitude 41° 50' 29.5" N longitude 3° 7' 44.3" E

Located on a sharp promontory east of the harbor of Palamós. (E 0462)

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

SP 261 Cap Sant Sebastià (Cabo de San Sebastian)
latitude 41° 53' 45.7" N longitude 3° 12' 8" E

One of the most important and most famous lighthouses of Spain's Mediterranean coast. The cape is a bulge in the coastline that marks the southeastern end of the Pyrenees and the southwestern corner of the Golfo de Léon. Located high on the cape on the east side of Llafranc and about 4 km southeast of Palafrugell. (E 0470) ARLHS # SPA-045

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

Cap Sant Sebastià
SP 262 Islas Medas Islas Medas
latitude 42° 2' 52.2" N longitude 3° 13' 17.4" E

On small island (Meda Grande) about 1 mile E of L'Estartit. (E 0472)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 263 Roses (Punta de la Batería, Punta Blancals)
latitude 42° 14' 44.2" N longitude 3° 10' 58.8" E

This lighthouse is built on the ruins of the Castillo de la Trinidad, overlooking the north shore of the Golf de Roses on the south side of the Cap de Creus massif. Located on a promontory about 3 km southeast of Roses. (E 0476)

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

SP 264 Cala Nans Cala Nans (Cadaqéus)
latitude 42° 16' 15" N longitude 3° 17' 11" E

The light station is located in a large national park. Located on a steep promontory on the south side of harbor entrance at Cadaqués. Probably accessible by hiking the access road. (E 0484)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 265 Cap de Creus (Cabo Creus)
latitude 42° 19' 8" N longitude 3° 18' 57" E

The lighthouse building serves as the visitor center in the Parc Natural del Cap de Creus. (E 0486)

Photo courtesy Julianna [Flickr]

Cap de Creus
SP 266 Punta s Punta s'Arnella (Port de la Selva)
latitude 42° 21' 5" N longitude 3° 11' 13.1" E

West side of harbor at Port de la Selva. (E 0488)

Photo courtesy Heike + Friedrich Klatt [ListOfLights]


SP 273 Águilas (Punta Negra)

West entrance to harbor at Ãguilas. (E 0114)

Photo courtesy Ginés Sánchez [Flickr]

SP 274 Mazarrón Mazarrón
latitude 37° 33' 38.1" N longitude 1° 15' 17" W

Located on a steep headland south of the harbor of Mazarrón. (E 0120)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 275 Cabo Tiñoso

On promontory about 9 miles WSW of Cartagena. (E 0124)

Photo courtesy Corbeck [Flickr]

Cabo Tiñoso
SP 276 Cartagena Cartagena

Located on the Cerro Molinete, a hill in Cartagena. This light dates from the 1st Century AD.

Photo courtesy berb102100 [Webshots]

SP 277 Navidad (Cartagena Dique de Navidad)
latitude 37° 35' 4.1" N longitude 59' 3" W

End of breakwater on west side of entrance to harbor. (E 0128)

Photo courtesy Juan Ramón Martínez Inglés [Flickr]

SP 278 Cartagena Dique de la Curra Cartagena Dique de la Curra
latitude 37° 35' 20.7" N longitude 58' 59.9" W

At end of main breakwater in harbor at Cartagena. ARLHS # SAP 087

Photo courtesy Juan Ramón Martínez Inglés [Flickr]

SP 279 Escombreras (Islote de Escombreras)
latitude 37° 33' 33.4" N longitude 58' 8.1" W

On an island just off (but not connected to) the land near the Escombreras harbor. (E 0126)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 280 Portman Portman (Punta de la Chapa)
latitude 37° 34' 45.4" N longitude 50' 31.2" W

Located on a promontory about 3 km southeast of Portman and 10 km east of Cartagena. (E 0134)

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 281 Cabo de Palos
latitude 37° 38' 5.1" N longitude 41' 24.8" W

The Cabo de Palos is the central cape of the three great capes of southeastern Spain, the others being Cabo de Gata in Almería and Cabo de la Nao in Alicante. Located on the point of the cape, a narrow peninsula extending about 1.5 km eastward into the Mediterranean at the town of Cabo de Palos. (E 0136.8)

Photo courtesy Roghliff [Flickr]

Cabo de Palos
SP 282 Las Hormigas Las Hormigas (Hormiga Grande)
latitude 37° 39' 19.5" N longitude 38' 57.5" W

Located on a small rocky islet about 4 km northeast of Cabo de Palos; easily visible from the Faro de Palos. (E 0138)

Photo courtesy albunes [afotos]

SP 283 El Estacio

North of Cabo de Palos a sandy barrier beach surrounds the Mar Menor, a lagoon about 20 km longitude The lighthouse is located midway along this barrier at the Punta del Estacio, just north of an inlet that gives access to the Mar Menor. (E 0140)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

El Estacio


SP 284A Torrevieja Muelle de la Sal Torrevieja Muelle de la Sal
latitude 38° 10' 3.4" N longitude 28' 42.8" W (E 0146)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 284B Torrevieja Dique de Levante
latitude 38° 9' 59.8" N longitude 28' 42.5" W (E 0146.2)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Torrevieja Dique de Levante
SP 284 Isla de Tabarca Isla de Tabarca (Isla Plana)
latitude 38° 9' 50.8" N longitude 28' 15.3" W

On island about 6 miles SE of Santa Pola. (E 0148)

Photo courtesy Frank Blacknoir [Flickr]

SP 285 Santa Pola (Torre Talayola)
latitude 38° 12' 34" N longitude 30' 49.2" W

The lighthouse is built atop a spectacular vertical cliff, which is famous among geologists for its exposure of Miocene fossils. Located about 4 km east of the town of Santa Pola. (E 0152)

Photo courtesy Susi Aldesnudo [Flickr]

Santa Pola
SP 286 Alicante Outer Breakwater Alicante Outer Breakwater
latitude 38° 19' 40.7" N longitude 29' 21.9" W

The Alicante Breakwater extends southwestward about 1.5 km to protect the harbor. (E 0158)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 287 Las Huertas (Cabo Huertas, Cabo de la Huerta)
latitude 38° 21' 10.9" N longitude 24' 18.7" W

The lighthouse is located in a city park called Lomas del Faro. Located on the point of Cabo de la Huerta in Albufereta, about 7 km east of the Alicante waterfront. (E 0166)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Las Huertas
SP 288 Islote de Benidorm Islote de Benidorm
latitude 38° 30' 11" N longitude 7' 51.8" W

On island about 3 miles south of Benidorm (E 0172)

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 289 Albir (Punta del Albir, Punta Bombarda)
latitude 38° 33' 48.1" N longitude 2' 59.2" W

Between Benidorm and Albir, the Costa Blanca is interrupted by a steep-sided mountain, the Sierra de Finestrat. The lighthouse stands on the eastern tip of this massif with a sweeping view of the Mediterranean. Accessible by a hiking trail (2 hr round trip) from Albir. trail (E 0173.6)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 290 Cabo de la Nao Cabo de la Nao

Cabo de la Nao is very prominent cape, the nose of a ridge that continues underwater and reappears to the east as the Balearic Islands. Located on the tip of the cape, at the top of a steep cliff, in the town of Cabo de la Nao. (E 0176)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 291 Cabo de San Antonio
latitude 38° 48' 5.8" N longitude 11' 43.7" E

East of Aduanas. The lighthouse can be viewed from the end of the Camino del Faro (E 0180)

Photo courtesy popsique [Flickr]

Cabo de San Antonio


SP 292 Cabo Cullera Cabo Cullera
latitude 39° 11' 11.4" N longitude 13' 1" W

Located on the Calle Farola, on a promontory to the east of the town of Cullera, about 32 km south of Valencia. (E 0198)

Photo courtesy Antonio [Flickr]

SP 293 Valencia (Dique del Norte)
latitude 39° 26' 57" N longitude 18' 8.8" W

This was built as a cast-iron tower in 1909; an octagonal stone outer shell was added at the same time the light was relocated to the end of the newly extended main breakwater in 1930. (E 0200.4)

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 294 Cabañal (Cabanyal)

Light on church tower at Iglesia de Nuestra Seãtora de los Angeles ARLHS # SPA 347

SP 295 Cabo Canet
latitude 39° 40' 22.6" N longitude 12' 4.5" W

Nearest Town or City: Canet D'En Berenguer (E 0216)

Photo courtesy Susana Prades [Flickr]

Cabo Canet


SP 296 Nules Nules

Playa de Nules. (E 0218) ARLHS # SPA-134

Photo courtesy Ken Wood [Flickr]

SP 297 Burriana

This is currently a building at a girl's school. The tower was a lantern on top a dwelling, the lantern has been removed ARLHS # SPA-348

SP 297C Castellón de la Plana (E 0226)

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

Castellón de la Plana
SP 298 Castellón (1917) Castellón (1917)

This light was replaced by a new structure in 1971.

Photo courtesy chocoadicta [Flickr]

SP 299 Castellón (1971) (Muelle de Fluidos)

End of main breakwater at Castellón de la Plana. (E 0226.4)

Photo courtesy Ken Wood [Flickr]

Castellón (1971)
SP 300 Islas Columbretes (Monte Colibrí)

On Columbrete Grande, island about 20 miles offshore, thus accessible by boat only

SP 301 Cabo Oropesa
latitude 40° 4' 60" N longitude 8' 48" E

The lighthouse is dwarfed today by high-rise beach resorts. Located on a promontory at Oropesa del Mar, about 20 km northeast of Castellón de la Plana. (E 0230) ARLHS # SPA-035

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

Cabo Oropesa
SP 302 Cabo de Irta Cabo de Irta
latitude 40° 15' 37.9" N longitude 18' 14.4" E

Located on the beach about 3 km north of Alcossebre. (A 0231.6) ARLHS # SPA-351

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

SP 303 Peñíscola (Castillo del Papa Luna)

Papa Luna is Pedro de Luna, a powerful Catholic cardinal who ruled as antipope at Avignon, France, from 1394 to 1417, when there were competing popes at Avignon and Rome. His castle is built on a walled promontory extending from the village of Peñíscola; the lighthouse stands below the castle shining its light over the wall. (E 0232) ARLHS # SPA-067

Photo courtesy getxo [Webshots]