The Lighthouses of Bermuda

This page the documentation about the Lighthouses of the Bermuda. In addition, the pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light.
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BE 1 Gibbs Hill
latitude 32° 15' 9.9" N longitude 64° 50' 4.3" W

Located on the highest point of the island in Southampton Parish, southwest of Hamilton. photo ARLHS # BER-010

BE 2 Perot's Island (Southwest Head)

The island is privately owned and probably best seen from the Gibb's Hill lighthouse. ARLHS # BER-007

BE 3 Rickett's Island (Hamilton Harbour) ARLHS # BER-008
BE 4 Lefroy
latitude 32° 17' 1.3" N longitude 64° 48' 57.8" W
BE 5 Hinson Island, Timlins Narrows

The channel was opened before 1841, but no reference to a light is mentioned. ARLHS # BER-012

BE 6 Chub Heads
latitude 32° 17' 10.6" N longitude 64° 58' 47.4" W

Located on a reef at the extreme western end of the Bermuda archipelago. photo ARLHS # BER-017

BE 7 Mark Rock ARLHS # BER-006
BE 8 Two Rocks Passage ARLHS # BER-016
BE 9 Hogfish
latitude 32° 18' 38.3" N longitude 64° 49' 21" W

This beacon marks the northwest end of a dangerous reef a short distance east of Bermuda's main entrance channel. Located in Great Sound about 3 mi north of Gibb's Hill Light. ARLHS # BER-013

BE 10 Gibbet Islet

The island is named for the hanging posts that were there. It is visible from shore, but the light may not be. ARLHS # BER-001

BE 11 St. David's
latitude 32° 21' 50.5" N longitude 64° 39' 6.4" W

Located on a hilltop on St. David's Island, in St. George Parish, near the northeastern tip of the islands. photo (J 4472) ARLHS # BER-009

Photo courtesy Prime Products - Bermuda [ListOfLights]

St. David
BE 12 Hen Island Hen Island (J 4481) ARLHS # BER-003

Photo courtesy Captain Peter Mosselberger [ListOfLights]

BE 13 Higg's Island /Town Cut Channel (J 4476) ARLHS # BER-004

Photo courtesy Captain Peter Mosselberger [ListOfLights]

BE 14 Eastern Blue Cut
latitude 32° 23' 50" N longitude 64° 52' 36.8" W

Located on a reef on the northwestern side of the Bermuda archipelago. Accessible only by boat. photo ARLHS # BER-011

BE 15 Kitchen Shoal ARLHS # BER-014
BE 16 North Rock
latitude 32° 28' 31.1" N longitude 64° 46' 9.8" W

Located on an isolated limestone reef at the northernmost point of the Bermuda archipelago, about 16 km northwest of St. David's Light. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # BER-015

Photo courtesy Cliff Vachon [panoramio]

North Rock
BE 17 North East Breaker

Located at the extreme northeastern tip of the Bermuda reef system, 8 mi north northeast of St. David's Light. photo ARLHS # BER-018

BE 18 Gun Point ARLHS # BER-002