The Lighthouses of Mexico (East)

This page currently shows the documentation about the Lighthouses of Eastern Mexico. In addition, the pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) I am very grateful to Russ Rowlett at the University of North Carolina for his excellent Lighthouse Directory from which I built the outline. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. LHdirectory
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MX 1 Río Bravo

Located in Matamoros on the south side of the entrance to the Rio Grande, which is called the Rio Bravo del Norte in Mexico. ARLHS # MEX-037

Photo courtesy Alejandro Lopez Ceja [skyscrapercity]

Río Bravo
MX 2 El Mezquital El Mezquital

Located about 20 km south of Río Bravo. ARLHS # MEX-031

Photo courtesy Alejandro Lopez Ceja [skyscrapercity]

MX 3 Canal de Chavez

This lighthouse marks an artificial channel cut through the barrier beach. Located on the beach 70 km south of the Río Bravo. ARLHS # MEX-177

Photo courtesy Alejandro Lopez Ceja [skyscrapercity]

Canal de Chavez
MX 4 La Carbonera La Carbonera

Located on the beach about 60 km south of El Mezquital. ARLHS # MEX-178

Photo courtesy Alejandro Lopez Ceja [skyscrapercity]

MX 5 La Pesca

The lighthouse marks the southern entrance to the Laguna Madre. Accessible by road. ARLHS # MEX-034

Photo courtesy Alejandro Lopez Ceja [skyscrapercity]

La Pesca
MX 6 Punta Jerez

Punta Jerez, about 70 km north of Tampico, is not a cape but only a subtle bend in the barrier beach. This remote location is best reached by boat ARLHS # MEX-058

MX 7 Altamira Tampico
latitude 22° 29' 33.9" N longitude 97° 51' 47" W

Altamira is a new port constructed on the north side of the Tampico metropolitan area. Located on the north side of the harbor entrance. (J 4233) ARLHS # MEX-097

Photo courtesy Peter Mosselberger [ListOfLights]

MX 8 Tampico Tampico (Madero)
latitude 22° 15' 44.2" N longitude 97° 47' 39.2" W

The lighthouse was designed by U.S. engineers and prefabricated in Pittsburgh. It is the only surviving example of its design. Located in an industrial area on the north side of the entrance to the Río Pánuco, about ¾ mi from the open Gulf of Mexico ARLHS # MEX-033

Photo courtesy Terry Westerman


MX 9 Isla de Lobos

The island is located about 40 km southeast of Cabo Rojo in northern Veracruz. Accessible only by boat. (There's also an Isla de Lobos in Peru PE 40

and another one in Uruguay.) UR 5 ARLHS # MEX-035

Photo courtesy Terry Westerman [Tampico]

Isla de Lobos
MX 9o Isla de Lobos Old Isla de Lobos Old (Original Light)

This is the original light.

Photo courtesy Michel Forand [LHDepot]

MX 9T Boca de Carazones (Tamiahua)

The island is located about 15 km southeast of the Punta Grande, (the Big Point) on Cabo Rojo in northern Veracruz.

Note that this is not a lighthouse but otherwise interesting in size and shape.

Photo courtesy Terry Westerman

Boca de Carazones
MX 10 La Barra (1930s) (Túxpan)

Located on the playa norte (north beach) of Túxpan, somewhere to the north of the present lighthouse.

MX 11 La Barra (new) (Túxpan)
latitude 20° 58' 18.2" N longitude 97° 18' 25" W

Located on the north side of the entrance to the Río Túxpan in Túxpan. ARLHS # MEX-033

Photo courtesy Carlos [pBase]

La Barra (new)
MX 12 Barra de Cazones

Barra de Cazones is a small port about 35 km southeast of Túxpan. ARLHS # MEX-021

MX 13 Tecolutla

Located on the Avenida Hidalgo in the center of Tecolutla, a small coastal town at the mouth of the Río Tecolutla about 65 km southeast of Túxpan. ARLHS # MEX-066

Photo courtesy jonw55 [webshots]

MX 14 Río Nautla Río Nautla

Nautla is on the coast roughly halfway from Cabo Rojo to Veracruz. ARLHS # MEX-065

Photo courtesy Sibyl Lopez [Flickr (March 2007)]

MX 15 Punta Delgada
latitude 19° 51' 30.2" N longitude 96° 27' 31" W

Located on a headland about 100 km southeast of Nautla. Don't confuse this with the similarly named light in Argentina. AR 23 ARLHS # MEX-179

Photo courtesy Manuel Arrubarrena [Flickr]

Punta Delgada
MX 16 Veracruz (1796) Veracruz (1796) (San Juan de Ulúa)
latitude 19° 12' 31.3" N longitude 96° 7' 51.9" W

Located on one of the seaward corners of the star-shaped Fuerte de San Juan de Ulúa, the historic fortress that guarded Veracruz from early in the 16th century. The site is one of the principal tourist attractions of the city.

Photo courtesy Bill Masterson [webshots]

MX 17 Veracruz (1872) (Convento de San Francisco, Faro Benito Juarez)
July 1, 2009

Still recognized as having been a lighthouse, the tower is now called the Faro Benito Juárez. The building is now a historical museum connected to the Holiday Inn. Located on the Calle Benito Juárez y Morelos in downtown Veracruz.

Veracruz (1872)
MX 18 Veracruz (1910) Veracruz (1910) (Faro Venustiano Carranza)

Located on the waterfront (the Malecón) in downtown Veracruz.

Photo courtesy J Livens [webshots]

MX 19 Isla de Sacrificios
latitude 19° 10' 29" N longitude 96° 5' 32.1" W
July 1, 2009

The lighthouse is on a small island southeast of the harbor of Veracruz; the island is famous as the place where the conquistador Hernan Cortéz landed in 1519. island ARLHS # MEX-145

Isla de Sacrificios
MX 20 Arrecife Santiaguillo Arrecife Santiaguillo

The island is off the coast about 30 km east southeast of Veracruz. ARLHS # MEX-076

Photo courtesy lauraelana [flickr]

MX 21 Isla de Enmedio
latitude 19° 6' 4.7" N longitude 95° 56' 20" W

The island is off the coast about 30 km southeast of Veracruz. Accessible only by boat. photo ARLHS # MEX-032

MX 22 Arrecife El Rizo
latitude 19° 3' 21.2" N longitude 95° 55' 13.9" W

Located on a barely-exposed reef about 5 km southeast of the Isla de Enmedio. Accessible only by boat.

Photo courtesy cayucochief [webshots]

Arrecife El Rizo
MX 23 Alvarado
latitude 18° 46' 56.7" N longitude 95° 44' 46" W

Lighthouse must mark the entrance to the Laguna de Alvarado, about 40 miles southeast of Veracruz. photo

MX 24 Roca Partida

Located on a headland at Punta Roca Partida. ARLHS # MEX-068

Photo courtesy 'islapajaros' [webshots]

Roca Partida
MX 25 Punta Zapotitlán
latitude 18° 12' 38.1" N longitude 94° 7' 58.1" W

Punta Zapotitlán is a prominent headland jutting into the Bay of Campeche about 150 km east southeast of Veracruz. photo ARLHS # MEX-063

MX 26 Cerro del Gavilan (Coatzacoalcos, Museo del Faro)

The lighthouse is adjacent to the city museum, which is called the Museo del Faro. Located on a hill southeast of the harbor entrance in the city of Coatzacoalcos.

Photo courtesy Uriel Akira

Photo courtesy [(Coatzacoalcos, Museo del Faro)]

Cerro del Gavilan
MX 27 Coatzacoalcos West Breakwater Coatzacoalcos West Breakwater

Accessible by walking the breakwater in Coatzacoalcos. ARLHS # MEX-181

Photo courtesy Uriel Akira [Flickr]

MX 28 Coatzacoalcos East Breakwater

taken from the west breakwater. ARLHS # MEX-182

Photo courtesy Uriel Akira [Flickr]

Coatzacoalcos East Breakwater
MX 29 Tonalá

Located on the west side of the entrance to the Río Tonalá. photo ARLHS # MEX-134

Tabasco & Campeche

MX 30 Tupilco

The lighthouse marks a lagoon entrance west of Paraíso. ARLHS # MEX-135

MX 31 Frontera
latitude 18° 36' 46.5" N longitude 92° 41' 18.8" W

This lighthouse marks the entrance to the Río Grijalva, a major river that has created a small delta called Punta Frontera. Located on the east side of the entrance, about 8 km northwest of the city of Frontera. photo ARLHS # MEX-173

MX 32 Xicalango (Range Rear)
latitude 18° 37' 40.4" N longitude 91° 53' 59.1" W

The range guides vessels into the western entrance to the Laguna de Terminos west of Ciudad del Carmen. Located beside highway 180 about 6 km west of the bridge crossing the inlet from Ciudad del Carmen. photo ARLHS # MEX-138

MX 33 Punta Atalaya (Ciudad del Carmen)

Located on the west end of Isla del Cármen, marking the east side of the western entrance to the Laguna de Términos, west of Ciudad del Cármen. ARLHS # MEX-010

Photo courtesy Ninfa Urania [Trekearth]

Punta Atalaya
MX 34 Punta del Tigre Range Rear Punta del Tigre Range Rear (Faro del Tigre, Isla Aguada)
latitude 18° 47' 4.5" N longitude 91° 29' 43.5" W

Located at the northeastern entrance to the Laguna de Términos, about 40 km northeast of Ciudad del Cármen. photo ARLHS # MEX-174

Photo courtesy Alejandro Lopez Ceja [skyscrapercity]

MX 35 Champotón (Río Champotón)

The lighthouse marks the river entrance in Champotón about 60 km south southwest of Campeche.

Photo courtesy Uriel Akira [Flickr]

MX 36 Punta Morro
latitude 19° 40' 32.8" N longitude 90° 42' 21.1" W

The lighthouse marks a headland about 30 km southwest of Campeche. ARLHS # MEX-090

MX 37 Campeche

The lighthouse is one of the two steeples of an 18th century church, the Templo de San José, converted to a light tower. courtesy lol-ita ARLHS # MEX-105

Photo courtesy

MX 38 Isla Arena

Located on an island just offshore near Calkiní, about 25 km south of Celestún. ARLHS # MEX-107


MX 39 Cayos Arcas (Range Rear)

The reef is located in the Bay of Campeche about 160 km west of Campeche city.

Photo courtesy biicusicaru [webshots]

Cayos Arcas
MX 40 Arrecife Triángulo Oeste (West Triangle Reef)

The reef is located in the Bay of Campeche about 190 km west of Celestún. reef ARLHS # MEX-002

MX 41 Cayo Arenas

The cay is far out in the Gulf about 200 km northwest of El Palmar, the northwesternmost point of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Photo courtesy Morza2006 [webshots]

Cayo Arenas
MX 42 Isla Pérez Isla Pérez
latitude 22° 22' 58.4" N longitude 89° 40' 58.3" W

According to the Spanish text the lighthouse is one of nine cast iron towers built in Mexico by the British firm Chance Brothers. The cay, largest island of the Arrecife Alacrán (Scorpion Reef) is in the Gulf about 50 km northeast of Progreso. cay ARLHS # MEX-085

Photo courtesy Yodigo [Wikimedia]


MX 43 Celestún (Cozumel Island)

The second tower is perhaps an older, abandoned lighthouse. Located on the beach in the center of Celestún, which is accessible by a paved road (RF 281) from Mérida.

Photo courtesy CD Summers [webshots]

MX 44 Punta Palmas (El Palmar)
latitude 21° 3' 0.3" N longitude 90° 16' 25.4" W

This is Mexico's tallest lighthouse. Located at El Palmar, the northwestern corner of the peninsula, north of Celestún. Accessible by boat or by 4WD vehicle over dirt roads from Celestún. photo

MX 45 Sisal

Located in Sisal, the historic seaport of the Yucatán, about 40 km northwest of Mérida. ARLHS # MEX-019

Photo courtesy s1021201 [webshots]

MX 46 Progreso Progreso

Progreso is the modern seaport of the Yucatán, about 32 km north of Mérida. Located in the downtown section of the city, two blocks from the ocean. ARLHS # MEX-086

Photo courtesy gperr007 [Webshots]

MX 47 Telchac

Located just off the beach at Telchac Puerto about 55 km east of Progreso. ARLHS # MEX-150

Photo courtesy wallyworldmt [tripAdvisor]

MX 48 Yalkubul
latitude 21° 31' 18.2" N longitude 88° 37' 0.6" W

Located on the beach about 120 km east of Progreso and 15 mi west of Río Lagartos. It may be accessible only by boat. ARLHS # MEX-092

MX 49 Río Lagartos

Located on the tip of a peninsula in Río Lagartos. ARLHS # MEX-129

Photo courtesy cheyox2 [webshots]

Río Lagartos
MX 50 Monte de Cuyo
latitude 21° 30' 55.6" N longitude 87° 40' 41.5" W

Located on the main street in El Cuyo, a beach town about 30 miles west of Cabo Catoche. photo ARLHS # MEX-116

Quintana Roo

MX 51 Cabo Catoche
latitude 21° 36' 18.2" N longitude 87° 6' 11.5" W

Located at Cabo Catoche, the northeastern tip of Yucatan. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # MEX-084

Photo courtesy Laura Elena Rosado [Flickr]

Cabo Catoche
MX 52 Isla Contoy Isla Contoy (Qunintana Roo)
latitude 21° 31' 44.2" N longitude 86° 48' 9.8" W

The island, famous for its birds and coral reefs, is about 18 miles north of Isla Mujeres. Tours available from Isla Mujeres. Located at the north end of the narrow island tours ARLHS # MEX-008

Photo courtesy Scott Sichler [Flickr]

MX 53 Piedra la Carbonera Range Rear (Isla Mujeres)

This is the taller of the two Isla Mujeres lighthouses, and it stands in the middle of a street intersection. Located at the northwestern point of the island and the north end of the harbor.

Photo courtesy Al [Flickr]

Piedra la Carbonera Range Rear
MX 54 Piedra la Carbonera Range Front Piedra la Carbonera Range Front


Photo courtesy tripnmonky [webshots]

MX 55 Isla Mujeres (Punta Sur)

It appears that the keeper's house is now a gift shop. Located in an ecological and historical park at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres. ARLHS # MEX-020

Photo courtesy Melissa McCloud [Flickr]

Isla Mujeres
MX 56 Cancún Cancún

Located at Punta Cancún at the northeast point of the resort area.

Photo courtesy Allen Mason [Flickr]

MX 56P Grand Puerto

Near Puerto Juárez. I'm guessing this is a faux light because it's no listed anywhere, but it sure is striking.

Photo courtesy Allen Mason [Flickr]

Grand Puerto
MX 57 Puerto Morelos (2007) Puerto Morelos (2007)

Located on the beach in Puerto Morelos, about 30 km south of Cancún. ARLHS # MEX-014

Photo courtesy Jubilo Haku [Flickr]

MX 57o Puerto Morelos (Old)

In 1967 the structure was tilted over in Hurricane Beulah. It has since survived Hurricanes Gilbert in 1987 and Wilma in 2005, but has not been knocked down. The new light house replacing this one is visible in the background.

Photo courtesy Laurie Button [wikitravel]

Puerto Morelos (Old)
MX 58 Punta Molas Punta Molas
latitude 20° 35' 21.2" N longitude 86° 43' 27.6" W

Located at the northern tip of Cozumel; accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicles over a very rough road. ARLHS # MEX-089

Photo courtesy John B Caddell [jbcphotos]

MX 59 San Miguel de Cozumel (old) (Punta Langosta)

Located on the waterfront, near the cruise ship terminal, in San Miguel de Cozumel on the west side of the island. ARLHS # MEX-131

Photo courtesy John B Caddell [jbcphotos]

San Miguel de Cozumel (old)
MX 60 San Miguel de Cozumel (2000) San Miguel de Cozumel (2000) (Punta Ealetita)

Located about 1 mile south of San Miguel de Cozumel on the west side of the island. ARLHS # MEX-096

Photo courtesy Will C. Fry [Flickr]

MX 61 Punta Celeraín

Located in an ecological reserve at the southern end of the island of Cozumel. ARLHS # MEX-088

Photo courtesy John B Caddell [jbcphotos]

Punta Celeraín
MX 62 Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen
latitude 20° 37' 44.3" N longitude 87° 3' 58.9" W

Located in a resort on the beach at Playa del Carmen. ARLHS # MEX-146

Photo courtesy sensi1 [Flickr]

MX 63 Tulum

About 1200 AD. Rubblestone pyramid crowned by a square temple structure with two small openings facing the sea. Built by the Maya, this structure was used ingeniously as a lighthouse to guide returning fisherman. ARLHS # MEX-080

Photo courtesy John B Caddell [jbcphotos]

MX 64 Punta Allen Punta Allen

The lighthouse is in the village of Punta Allen about 40 km south of Tulum, marking the entrance to the Bahía de la Ascensión. ARLHS # MEX-048

Photo courtesy Yvonne Riba [Flickr]

MX 65 Punta Herrero

Punta Herrero is at the end of a long, northward-pointing sand spit that encloses the Laguna del Espíritu Santo. Located at the end of the road in Punta Herrero. photo ARLHS # MEX-056

MX 65A Mahahual

Not much is known about this light. The description in the NGA list describes the metal tower, not the tall concrete one.

Photo courtesy ahl961 [webshots]

MX 66 X X'calak

The name is pronounced 'shkalak'. Located at X'calak, the southernmost point of Quintana Roo, across from Ambergris Cay, Belize. Accessible by ferry from Chetumal. ARLHS # MEX-137

Photo courtesy Riona MacNamara [Flickr]

MX 67 Ciudad Chetumal (Payo Obispo)

Located on Boulevard Bahía in downtown Chetumal ARLHS # MEX-028

Photo courtesy Gabriel Joaquin Herrera Jimenez [Flickr]

Ciudad Chetumal

Banco Chinchorro

MX 67B Banco Chinchorro Banco Chinchorro (Cayo Norte)

Banco Chinchorro is a complex of coral reefs and cays about 40 km long and up to 16 km wide, located about 25 km off Mexico's extreme southeast coast. The reefs have claimed countless shipwrecks since the earliest days of Spanish exploration in the region. The light is in the extreme North of the reef.

Photo courtesy Scott Sichler [Flickr]

MX 67C Cayo Centro

Cayo Centro is an island in the center of the reef complex.

MX 67L Cayo Lobos

Cayo Lobos is at the extreme south end of the reef. (J 4456.7)

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

Cayo Lobos