The Lighthouses of Venezuela

This page currently shows the documentation of the Lighthouses of Venezuela. The pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) I am very grateful to Russ Rowlett at the University of North Carolina for his excellent Lighthouse Directory for the outline. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. LHdirectory
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VE 1 Monjes del Sur (old)

Now abandoned, the lighthouse is crumbling. ARLHS # VEN-034

Photo courtesy Rainer Radloff [hfdx]

Monjes del Sur (old)
VE 2 Monjes del Sur (2003) Monjes del Sur (2003)

Located at the summit of one of two small islands in the mouth of the Gulf of Venezuela just off the Colombian coast. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # VEN-013

Photo courtesy Rainer Radloff [hfdx]

VE 3 Isla San Carlos (Lago de Maracaibo)
latitude 11° 0.5" N longitude 71° 36' 15.6" W

Located on Isla San Carlos the west side of the entrance to the Lago de Maracaibo.

VE 3B Punta Borojó
latitude 11° 11' 47.5" N longitude 70° 46' 17.8" W

Located on a sandy point of land on the south side of the Gulf of Venezuela.

VE 3G Guaranao (Punto Fijo)
latitude 11° 40' 0.1" N longitude 70° 12' 48.4" W

The green sector guides vessels entering the Guaranao harbor on the south side of Punto Fijo, a city at the southwestern corner of the Paraguana Peninsula. Located on a bluff overlooking the south side of the harbor and city.

VE 4 Punta Macolla

Located on the north coast of the Paraguana Peninsula; it is said that Aruba (Dutch West Indies) can be seen from the base of the lighthouse. Accessible by hiking trail. ARLHS # VEN-018

VE 5 Cabo San Roman
latitude 12° 11' 22.4" N longitude 69° 59' 54.8" W

In clear weather the new lighthouse is distantly visible from Aruba. Located on the beach at the northernmost point of the Paraguana Peninsula.

ARLHS says there are 2 lights here - an old one and the one currently in service. ARLHS # VEN-032

Photo courtesy Ray Radloff

Cabo San Roman
VE 6 Punta Adícora Punta Adícora
latitude 11° 56' 36.9" N longitude 69° 48' 13" W

Located on a point of land in the beach resort town of Adícora, on the east side of the Paraguana Peninsula.

Photo courtesy Jose Cherubini [Flickr]

VE 7 Puerto Cumarebo

Puerto Cumarebo is a port town about 25 miles northeast of Coro. ARLHS # VEN-026

VE 7N Cayo Noroeste

Located on a small cay about 6 km northeast of Los Boquerones. Accessible only by boat.

VE 8 Cayo Borracho

This lighthouse is a twin of the Isla Chimana Segunda light. VE 13

Photo courtesy Located on a small cay about 15 km north of Chichiriviche. Accessible only by boat.

VE 9 Punta Brava
latitude 10° 29' 24.1" N longitude 68° 31.7" W

Apparently located on a headland just north of Puerto Cabello, the major port of northwestern Venezuela. ARLHS # VEN-027

VE 10 Naiguata

Located in La Guaira, the seaport of Caracas. ARLHS # VEN-015

VE 11 Punta Camuri-Grande

Located in La Guaira, the seaport of Caracas.

VE 12 Cabo Codera

Located on a very steep headland about 100 km east of Caracas. ARLHS # VEN-031

VE 12C Ocumare de la Costa

Puerto Cabello

VE 13 Isla Chimana Segunda
latitude 10° 17' 28.2" N longitude 64° 36' 24.4" W

Tours are available from Puerto La Cruz to the beach below the lighthouse, known as Playa El Faro, where there is shelter for day visitors. Located on a bluff at the west end of the island, roughly 40 km northeast of Puerto La Cruz. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # VEN-030

Photo courtesy Rainer Radloff [hfdx]

Isla Chimana Segunda

Venezuelan West Indies

VE 14 Los Roques Los Roques (El Gran Roque)

Located on a hill in the center of El Gran Roque, the largest island of the group. The Islas de los Roques are the islands of a reef in the Caribbean about 100 miles north of La Guaira. reef ARLHS # VEN-025

Photo courtesy Walter Torres [Flickr]

VE 15 Isla Farallón Centinela

The phrase farollón centinela means 'little sentry lighthouse.' Located atop an isolated rock in the Caribbean about 40 km north of Cabo Codera. Accessible only by boat; landing is difficult.

Photo courtesy Rainer Radloff [hfdx]

Isla Farallón Centinela
VE 16 Cayo Herradura Cayo Herradura

The lighthouse is very similar to the Isla Chimana Segunda lighthouse. VE13

Cayo Herradura is a cay off the north coast of Isla La Tortuga, an uninhabited island about 30 km north of the mainland and 140 km west of Isla de Margarita. ARLHS # VEN-007

Photo courtesy Yvonne Becker [TrekEarth]

VE 16L La Blanquilla Island
latitude 11° 49' 32" N longitude 64° 36' 22" W

Isla La Blanquilla is a low island about 6 mi in diameter, 120 km northwest of Isla Margarita. Located on the southwestern coast of the island. ARLHS # VEN-023

Photo courtesy Ray Radloff

La Blanquilla Island
VE 17 Punta Palanquete (Punta Charagato)

Located at the northeastern point of the Isla Cubagua, about 15 km southwest of Punta de Piedras on the Isla de Margarita. The island is a popular dstination for scuba divers, and day trips are available from Punta de Piedras. ARLHS # VEN-035

VE 17M Punta Mosquito
latitude 10° 53' 10.3" N longitude 63° 53' 43.1" W

Located on the southern point of Isla Margarita, about 12 km southwest of Porlamar.

VE 18 La Puntilla (Porlamar)
latitude 10° 57' 0.9" N longitude 63° 50' 52.1" W

The lighthouse is located east of Calle la Marina on the waterfront of Porlamar, the principal town of the Isla de Margarita, on the south coast of the island. The Isla de Margarita is a large island about 40 km off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. ARLHS # VEN-012

Photo courtesy Juan Carlos Trujillo Maldonado [TrekEarth]

La Puntilla
VE 18E Hilton Marina Entrance Hilton Marina Entrance
latitude 10° 58' 24.1" N longitude 63° 49' 4" W

Located on the west mole of the Hilton Marina west of Pampatar

Photo courtesy © Jorge Karpati [webshots]

VE 18M Hilton Marina
latitude 10° 58' 29.5" N longitude 63° 49' 6.8" W

Located on the beach adjacent to the Hilton Marina.

Photo courtesy donnyb1507 [webshots]

Hilton Marina
VE 19 Punta Faragoza (Punta Zaragoza)
latitude 11° 7' 29.9" N longitude 63° 55' 57.4" W

Located on a promontory about 10 km southwest of the northeastern tip of Isla Margarita. Accessible by hiking trail from a popular beach on the east side of the promontory. ARLHS # VEN-033

VE 20 Isla Aves

Isla Aves (Bird Island) is a small, isolated scrap of land in the eastern Caribbean, about 200 km west southwest of Guadeloupe.

Photo courtesy Ray Radloff

Isla Aves
VE 20S Isla Las Aves Isla Las Aves (Aves de Sotavento)

Photo courtesy Rainer Radloff [hfdx]

VE 21 Punta Ballena
latitude 10° 59' 51.5" N longitude 63° 46' 38.8" W

Located high on a promontory at the easternmost point of the Isla Margarita, near Pampatar

Photo courtesy Vincente Guarache [Flickr]

Punta Ballena
VE 22 Cabo Negro (Cabo de la Isla)
latitude 11° 10' 19.1" N longitude 63° 52' 58.9" W

Located on the northeastern tip of Isla Margarita

Northeastern Coast

VE 24 Carúpano (Cerro Miranda)

Located on a hilltop behind the harbor of Carúpano, a seaport near the base of the Paría Peninsula in northeastern Venezuela. ARLHS # VEN-029

VE 25 Puerto Santo

Located on a headland at the west end of a hammer-head shaped peninsula sheltering the harbor of Puerto Santo.

VE 26 Cabo Tres Puntas

Located on a prominent cape on the north side of the Paría Peninsula, about 50 km northwest of Güiria.

VE 27 Punta Mejillones
latitude 10° 42' 24.8" N longitude 62° 8' 32.6" W

Punta Mejillones is a needle-sharp promontory, part of a ridge that continues underwater as a dangerous reef perpendicular to the coast. Located on a rock, a summit of the submerged ridge, about 25 km northeast of Güiria. Accessible only by boat.

East Coast

VE 28 Güiria (Recalada Giria, Giria Landfall)

Güiria, on the south side of the Paria Peninsula facing the Gulf of Paria, is the largest town on the peninsula. Located northeast of the harbor.

VE 29 Isla Cotorra

The Isla Cotorra is on the south side of the Gulf of Paria; the light here helps guide vessels into the the Serpent's Mouth, the strait between Venezuela and the southwestern tip of Trinidad. Located at the northern tip of the island. ARLHS # VEN-028

Photo courtesy Ray Radloff

Isla Cotorra
VE 30 Punta Barima

Located on a promontory on the south side of the southernmost entrance to the Orinoco River.