The Lighthouses of Colombia

This page currently shows the documentation of the Lighthouses of Colombia. The pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) I am very grateful to Russ Rowlett at the University of North Carolina for his excellent Lighthouse Directory for the outline. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. LHdirectory

I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data, could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) mailMe

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CO 1 Banco Serranilla

Located in the Caribbean about 220 mi northeast of the Honduran coast. photo

CO 2 Bajo Nuevo

Bajo Nuevo is a small reef far out in the Caribbean southwest of Jamaica. It is or has been claimed by the U.S., Honduras, Jamaica, and Colombia.

Photo courtesy Ana María Jaramillo [panoramio]

Bajo Nuevo
CO 3 Banco Serrana

The Serrana Bank is about 225 mi east of Nicaragua. Located on Southwest Cay.

CO 4 Banco Roncador

Roncador Bank is about 135 mi northeast of San Andres. Located at the northernmost point of the reef.

CO 5 Cayo Palma
latitude 13° 24' 1.8" N longitude 81° 22' 14.5" W

Located on a reef off the northernmost point of Isla Providencia. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # COL-022

Photo courtesy Maqroll [Flickr]

Cayo Palma
CO 6 Castillettes
latitude 11° 51' 6.4" N longitude 71° 19' 28.8" W

A 1-story border control station stands a short distance north of the lighthouse. Located about 600 m north of the Venezuelan border on the southeast side of the Guajira Peninsula. photo ARLHS # COL-019

CO 7 Punta Espada

The lighthouse marks the easternmost point of the Guajira Peninsula. Located on a bluff above the cape. ARLHS # COL-040

Photo courtesy Juank [Panoramio]

Punta Espada
CO 8 Chichibacoa ARLHS # COL-024
CO 9 Puerto Estrella ARLHS # COL-033

Caribbean Coast

CO 10 Punta Gallinas
latitude 12° 27' 28.3" N longitude 71° 40' 4.5" W

This modest tower is the northernmost lighthouse of South America, standing at latitude 12° 27.5' north. Located on the cape, about 18 km north of Inosu. Only access is by 4WD. photo ARLHS # COL-042

CO 12 Punta Manaure

Located on a promontory on the east side of Manaure, a salt-mining town on the west side of the Guajira Peninsula. ARLHS # COL-044

CO 13 Riohacha
latitude 11° 32' 33.3" N longitude 72° 55' 48.3" W

Located in Riohacha, a port about 150 km east of Santa Marta. The 1857 lantern was mounted on the tower of the cathedral of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios. photo ARLHS # COL-050

CO 14 Cabo de la Vela
latitude 12° 12' 35.1" N longitude 72° 10' 45.2" W

Cabo de la Vela is a 'resort area' (rustic, not 5*), and tourists often hike to the lighthouse to enjoy the spectacular view. This area is very far removed (takes 4 hours by rough road and in absence of road across the desert from Riohacha). This photo highlights the sail shaped rock, which is where the name of the cape ('Vela') came from. hike ARLHS # COL-016

Photo courtesy Emilie Baird de Vargas [Flickr]

Cabo de la Vela
CO 15 Isla Fuerte Isla Fuerte

Isla Fuerte is an island about 6 mi off the coast at the southern entrance to the Golfo de Morrosquillo. Resorts on the island are popular with scuba divers. Located on the east side of the island. ARLHS # COL-025

Photo courtesy fabergallego2 [webshots]

CO 16 Punta Hermosa

Located on a headland near Barranquilla. ARLHS # COL-045

CO 17 Tumaco (Morro Island)

The lighthouse is located on a Colombian naval base. Located on an island sheltering the harbor of Tumaco on Colombia's southernmost coast. ARLHS # COL-054

CO 18 Morro Grande (Bahia Santa Marta)
latitude 11° 14' 60" N longitude 74° 13' 49.4" W

Located on a steep-sided island in the entrance to the harbor of Santa Marta ARLHS # COL-028

CO 19 Isla de los Gomez ARLHS # COL-071
CO 20 Nisperal

Northeast of Puerto Colombia. ARLHS # COL-072

CO 21 Galerazamba (Punta Galera)
latitude 10° 47' 6" N longitude 75° 15' 59" W

Located on a headland about halfway between Cartagena and Barranquilla. photo ARLHS # COL-026

CO 22 Punta Canoas
latitude 10° 34' 33.9" N longitude 75° 29' 50" W

Located on a steep bluff overlooking the Caribbean about 25 km north of Cartagena. ARLHS # COL-036

CO 23 Cartagena la Merced ARLHS # COL-070
CO 24 Baluarte de Santo Domingo ARLHS # COL-068
CO 25 Banco Salmedina

This light marks the beginning of the approach to Cartagena. Located on a low bank about 8 km off the coast and 16 km west of Cartagena. ARLHS # COL-012

CO 26 Castillo Grande (Cartagena)
latitude 10° 23' 28.4" N longitude 75° 32' 41.7" W

Castillo Grande is an upscale neighborhood accessible to tourists. Located at the end of a peninsula sheltering the inner harbor of Cartagena. ARLHS # COL-037

Photo courtesy Peter Mosselberger [ListOfLights]

Castillo Grande
CO 27 Isla Tierra Bomba Isla Tierra Bomba

Tierra Bomba is a large island sheltering the harbor of Cartagena. Located on one of the highest points of the island. Site and tower closed. (J 6166) ARLHS # COL-052

Photo courtesy Capt. Peter Mosselberger [ListOfLights]

CO 28 Bocachica (Fuerte de San Fernando)

This picture is of the fort. It contains no description where the light may be. ARLHS # COL-069

Photo courtesy Peter [Flickr]

CO 29 Tesoro Island Tesoro Island

Located on a small island about 25 km southwest of Cartagena. (J 6160) ARLHS # COL-009

Photo courtesy Captain Peter Mosselberger [ListOfLights]

CO 30 Mucura Island

Isla Múcura is a small island resort in the Islas de San Bernardo, about 80 km southwest of Cartagena. ARLHS # COL-029

CO 31 Ceycen (San Bernardo Island) ARLHS # COL-023
CO 32 Roca Morrosquillo ARLHS # COL-067
CO 33 Punta de Piedra
latitude 9° 25' 11.5" N longitude 75° 39' 4.6" W

Located in the Punta de Piedra resort area, about 130 km south of Cartagena. ARLHS # COL-061

CO 34 Tortuguilla Island ARLHS # COL-053
CO 35 Cabo Tiburon

This lighthouse marks the Panamanian border and the west side of the entrance of the Gulf of Urabá. ARLHS # COL-017

CO 36 Punta Caribana

Located on a prominent cape at the east side of the entrance of the Gulf of Urabá. ARLHS # COL-018

CO 37 Punta Caiman

Located on a prominent cape on the east side of the Gulf of Urabá, about 25 km north of Turbo. ARLHS # COL-035

CO 38 Punta Yarumal

Located on a long spit leading to the town of Turbo on the east side of the Gulf of Urabá. ARLHS # COL-047

Pacific Coast

CO 39 Punta Ardita

In northwestern Colombia the Baudó mountains rise very steeply from the Pacific coast, and this lighthouse stands on the northernmost major promontory. Located about 8 km southeast of the Panamanian border. ARLHS # COL-060

CO 40 Cabo Marzo ARLHS # COL-057
CO 41 Punta Solano ARLHS # COL-064
CO 42 Nuqui

A photo is available. photo ARLHS # COL-059

CO 43 Punta Charambira

Located on a low cape about 130 km northwest of Buenaventura. ARLHS # COL-062

CO 44 Isla Palmas

Located on an island at the northern entrance to the Bahía de Buenaventura. ARLHS # COL-058

CO 45 Parque de Buenaventura

This lighthouse is located in a public park on the waterfront in Buenaventura, Colombia's principal port on the Pacific. ARLHS # COL-056

Photo courtesy Shaun McRae [wikipedia]

Parque de Buenaventura
CO 46 Punta Soldado Punta Soldado

Located on the south side of the entrance to the harbor of Buenaventura. (G 3132) ARLHS # COL-065

Photo courtesy Capt. Peter Mosselberger [ListOfLights]

CO 47 Rio Naya ARLHS # COL-066
CO 48 Punta Coll

Gorgona is an island about 50 km off the Colombian coast halfway between Buenaventura and Tumaco. Formerly the site of a political prison, the island is now a national park with facilities for ecotourism. Located at the northern tip of the island. ARLHS # COL-063