The Lighthouses of Ecuador

This page currently shows the documentation of the Lighthouses of Ecuador. The pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) Each lighthouse name is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data, could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) mailMe
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EC 1 Bajo Salinas ARLHS # ECU-015
EC 2 Punta Jambeli (Guayaquil)
latitude 3° 12' 38.5" S longitude 80° 1' 38.7" W

The northernmost point of the Isla Jambelí, an island off the entrance to Puerto Bolívar. ARLHS # ECU-003

EC 3 Isla Santa Clara (Isla el Muerto) ARLHS # ECU-001
EC 4 Punta Arenas Guayaquil
latitude 3° 1' 17.8" S longitude 80° 7' 24.9" W

Located off the southeastern tip of the large Isla de Puna, marking the north side of the southern entrance to the Bahía de Guayaquil. ARLHS # ECU-002

EC 5 Punta Espanola (Isla de Puna) ARLHS # ECU-034
EC 6 Punta Mandinga (Guayaquil) ARLHS # ECU-004
EC 7 Isla Verde

Located on a promontory about 2.5 km northeast of Ríoverde. ARLHS # ECU-020

EC 8 Chapoya ARLHS # ECU-005
EC 9 Punta del Piedra ARLHS # ECU-033
EC 10 El Real
latitude 2° 23' 36.4" S longitude 80° 43' 34.6" W

Located on a headland near El Real, about 50 km southeast of Punta Santa Elena. ARLHS # ECU-038

EC 11 Rompeolas ARLHS # ECU-039
EC 12 Salinas Yacht Club

Purchased from the Navy by the Guayaquil Yacht Club in 1956, the lantern and lens are on loan to the Salinas Yacht Club. Located on the yacht club's breakwater in Salinas.

Photo courtesy Tonie Chio [webshots]

Salinas Yacht Club
EC 13 Capay on Hill ARLHS # ECU-017
EC 14 Chocolatera (La Puntilla)
latitude 2° 11' 22.8" S longitude 81° 38.4" W

Near Salinas, Tip of Punta Santa Elena. photo ARLHS # ECU-022

EC 15 Santa Elana

Punta Santa Elena, the westernmost point of mainland Ecuador, is a very sharp promontory. Located above the cape on the hill known as La Puntilla, about 3 km west of the yacht club light. photo ARLHS # ECU-006

EC 16 Islote el Pelado ARLHS # ECU-021
EC 17 Isla Salango ARLHS # ECU-019
EC 18 Palo Seco ARLHS # ECU-024
EC 19 Isla La Plata NW. End (Summit) ARLHS # ECU-018
EC 20 Puerto Limoges ARLHS # ECU-031
EC 21 Punta la Barca (Isla Limoges) ARLHS # ECU-035
EC 22 San Pedro ARLHS # ECU-040
EC 23 Cabo San Lorenzo

Located atop a steep bluff on the Cabo de San Lorenzo, a very prominent cape about 30 km southwest of Manta. ARLHS # ECU-007

EC 24 Puerto de Esmeraldas N. Breakwater Head F1 ARLHS # ECU-027
EC 25 Puerto de Esmeraldas S. Side E. End F2 ARLHS # ECU-030
EC 26 Puerto de Esmeraldas E. Side N. End F3 ARLHS # ECU-026
EC 27 Puerto de Esmeraldas Range Front F1 ARLHS # ECU-028
EC 28 Puerto de Esmeraldas Range Rear E2

Located on the east side of the bay about 12 km opposite Carrizal. ARLHS # ECU-029

EC 30 Puerto da Manta Breakwater
latitude 55' 46.9" S longitude 80° 43' 10.2" W

Located at the end of the east breakwater at Manta. ARLHS # ECU-008

Photo courtesy Dave Nelson [Flickr]

Puerto da Manta Breakwater
EC 31 Punta Jaramijo
latitude 55' 43.1" S longitude 80° 39' 24.1" W

Located on the east side of the entrance to the harbor of Manta. ARLHS # ECU-009

EC 32 Punta Sua

Located on a cape about 30 km southwest of Esmeraldas. ARLHS # ECU-037

EC 33 Cabo de San Francisco ARLHS # ECU-016
EC 34 Punta Bellaca ARLHS # ECU-032
EC 35 Punta Pedernales ARLHS # ECU-036
EC 36 Cabo Pasado ARLHS # ECU-010
EC 37 Punta Ballena ARLHS # ECU-011
EC 38 Punta Galera
latitude 49' 30" N longitude 80° 3' 4" W

About 60 miles southwest of Esmeraldas ARLHS # ECU-012

EC 39 Esmeraldas
latitude 59' 41.9" N longitude 79° 38' 47.2" W
EC 40 Punta Coquitos

West side of entrance to harbor of Esmeraldas ARLHS # ECU-013

EC 41 Mogote Sur ARLHS # ECU-023
EC 42 Payana Isla San Gregorio

Located at the westernmost point of the Isla San Gregorio, just north of the Peruvian border. ARLHS # ECU-025

Archipiélago de Colón

(Galápagos Islands)

EC 50 Playaman (San Cristóbal)
latitude 53' 48.4" S longitude 89° 36' 35.1" W

San Cristóbal is the easternmost of the islands. Located on a rocky point north of Puerto Barquerizo Moreno near the southwestern tip of the island.

Photo courtesy Patricia Young,Toronto, Canada [Flickr]

EC 51 Jamebelí

Northeastern side of Isla Jambelí, west side of entrance to Río Santa Rosa.

EC 52 Puerto Ayora (Guauaquil)

South coast of Isla de Santa Cruz, Galápagos Islands. photo

EC 53 Puerto Bolívar

Southern entrance to Bahía de Guayaquil.

EC 54 Punta Suarez (Española)

Western tip of island of Española, Galápagos Islands. photo

EC 55 Patricio Hill (San Cristóbal)

Located on a hill above the harbor of Puerto Barquerizo Moreno.