The Lighthouses of Lesser Antilles

This page shows the documentation about the Lighthouses of the Lesser Antilles Islands. In addition, the pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) I am very grateful to Russ Rowlett at the University of North Carolina for his excellent Lighthouse Directory from which I built the outline. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. LHdirectory
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St. Martin

AN 1 Marigot
latitude 18° 4' 15.7" N longitude 63° 5' 11.8" W

Located on a bluff guiding ships into the harbor of Marigot, the principal town of the French portion of the island of Saint-Martin, on the northwestern coast of the island. (J 5658) ARLHS # STM-001

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]


St. Barthélemy

AN 2 Gustavia Gustavia
latitude 17° 54' 3.4" N longitude 62° 51' 5.3" W

Located atop a hill at the site of historic Fort Gustave overlooking Gustavia harbor on the west side of the island of St. Barthélemy ('St. Barts'). ARLHS # STM-002

Photo courtesy Mike Schinkel [Flickr]

Antigua and Barbuda

AN 3 Sandy Island
latitude 17° 8' 3.6" N longitude 61° 55' 34.7" W

Located on a low island off the entrance to the harbor of St. John's, Antigua. (J 5690) ARLHS # ANT-001

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

Sandy Island
AN 4 Pillar Rock Pillar Rock
latitude 17° 7' 41.9" N longitude 61° 52' 44.3" W

Located on a promontory on the northwest coast of Antigua, about 4 km west of the St. John's waterfront (J 5694) ARLHS # ANT-002

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

AN 4S St. John's

This light was apparently built as part of a project to develop a large sugar refinery near St. John's. It was intended as the rear light of a range, but it proved to be in the wrong position for that purpose, and it was never commissioned. Located on a hill several blocks behind the waterfront of St. John's.

Photo courtesy Douglas Cameron [theCamerons]

St. John


AN 5 La Caravelle La Caravelle
latitude 14° 46' 28.7" N longitude 60° 52' 32.8" W

The lighthouse occupies a spectacular site overlooking the Atlantic. Located at the eastern end of the Caravelle Peninsula east of Trinité, in the Martinique Regional Nature Park. It's about a 2 hour walk to get to the light. park ARLHS # MRQ-002

Photo courtesy muzei [Flickr]

AN 6 Îlet Cabrit

Located on a small island off the south tip of Martinique. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # MRQ-001

Photo courtesy Thierry Leprince [Carceller]

Îlet Cabrit
AN 7 Fort Saint-Louis Fort Saint-Louis
latitude 14° 35' 57.3" N longitude 61° 3' 59.7" W

The 18th century Fort St.-Louis is built on a peninsula barring entry to the inner harbor of Fort-de-France, Martinique's capital. The lighthouse is built high atop the stone walls of the fort. The fort is open to guided tours. (J 5783) ARLHS # MRQ-005

Photo courtesy Peter Mosselberger [ListOfLights]

AN 8 Pointe des Nègres

Located about two miles west of Fort-de-France. ARLHS # MRQ-003

Photo courtesy Eric & Cindy [Flickr]

Pointe des Nègres
AN 9 Le Prêcheur Le Prêcheur

Located on the northwestern coast of Martinique at the foot of the infamous volcano Pelée. ARLHS # MRQ-004

Photo courtesy Gilles Dhourdain [Carceller]

St. Lucia

AN 10 Vigie
latitude 14° 1' 20.6" N longitude 61° 5.3" W

Located on the Vigie peninsula, the north side of the harbor of Castries. (J 5791) ARLHS # STL-004

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

AN 11 Tapion Rock Tapion Rock

Located atop an isolated rock outside the harbor of Castries. Inaccessible, but there are good views from ships arriving or leaving.

Photo courtesy ajean999 [webshots]

AN 12 Cap Moule à Chique

Located at Vieux Fort on the southernmost tip of the island. ARLHS # STL-001

Photo courtesy Anonymous [webshots]

Cap Moule à Chique
AN 13 Cul de Sac Bay Front Range ARLHS # STL-002
AN 14 Cul de Sac Bay Rear Range ARLHS # STL-003

St. Vincent

AN 15 Fort Charlotte

The site offers an outstanding view southwestward toward the Grenadines. Located atop Berkshire Hill on the west side of Kingstown, St. Vincent's capital. The fort is open to guided tours. ARLHS # STV-001

Photo courtesy Anonymous [webshots]

Fort Charlotte


AN 16 Fort George Fort George

Fort George is now the local police headquarters. Located on the north side of the entrance to the harbor of St. George's, the capital of Grenada. (J 5834) ARLHS # TRI-003

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

AN 16S Pointe Saline

Sadly, the light was deactivated and the tower demolished in the early 1980s.

Photo courtesy (1974) Paul Legros [webshots]

Pointe Saline
AN 17 Västra Banken Swedish Lightship 23

Located at Le Phare Bleu Marina on the south coast of Grenada, 5.5 km southeast of St. George's.


AN 18 Ragged Point (East Point)
latitude 13° 9' 49.3" N longitude 59° 25' 58.5" W

Located on a bluff above the Atlantic about 2 km northwest of East Point, the easternmost point of the island. ARLHS # BAR-003

Photo courtesy anonymonk [Flickr]

Ragged Point
AN 19 South Point South Point Gordon's
latitude 13° 2' 49.6" N longitude 59° 31' 45.8" W

Located near the southernmost point of the island. ARLHS # BAR-004

Photo courtesy Wayne Jackson [Flickr]

AN 20 Needhams Point

Located at the south end of Carlisle Bay, southwest of Bridgetown; the light is just below the hotel. ARLHS # BAR-002

Photo courtesy Holly Popowski [Flickr]

Needhams Point
AN 21 Harrison Point Harrison Point
latitude 13° 18' 30.2" N longitude 59° 38' 54.2" W

Located at the northwesternmost point of the island, about 8 km north of Speightstown. ARLHS # BAR-001

Photo courtesy El Ramon [Flickr]


AN 22 California (Noordwestpunt, Hudishibana)
latitude 12° 36' 49" N longitude 70° 3' 4.2" W

Located at the northern point of the island near Malmok. Accessible by car. Aruba Vacation Services offers tours that include this lighthouse. tours ARLHS # ARU-001

Photo courtesy Maddox [Flickr]

AN 23 Oranjestad Oranjestad (Fort Zoutman, Willem III Tower)
latitude 12° 31' 4" N longitude 70° 2' 8.6" W

Restored in 1983, the tower now houses the Historical Museum of Aruba. museum

Photo courtesy Stephan de Prouw [Flickr]

AN 24 Ceru Colorado (Seroe Colorado)
latitude 12° 25' 7.9" N longitude 69° 52' 8.9" W

Located at the southeastern tip of the island. While the site is open, it is hard to find. ARLHS # ARU-002

Photo courtesy Stephan de Prouw [Flickr]

Ceru Colorado


AN 25 Noordpunt Noordpunt
latitude 12° 23' 2.3" N longitude 69° 9' 13.4" W

Located at the northwestern tip of the island ARLHS # NEA-008

Photo courtesy Jos Sanders

AN 26 Kaap Sint Marie (Bullenbaai)

Located on the west side of the island about 8 miles northwest of Willemstad. This is now private property ARLHS # NEA-004

AN 27 Riffort (Willemstad)

The fort is now a shopping center, and the building with the lantern is a restaurant. ARLHS # NEA-010

AN 28 Punt Kanon (Oostpunt)

Located on the southeastern tip of Curaçao. Visible from the water only as it is on private property. ARLHS # NEA-009

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [liteslist]

Punt Kanon
AN 29 Klein Curaçao Klein Curaçao
latitude 11° 59' 23.2" N longitude 68° 38' 35.3" W

The light station buildings are the only structures on the barren island, located 11 km off the southeastern tip of Curaçao. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # NEA-006

Photo courtesy Stephan de Prouw [Flickr]


AN 30 Malmok
latitude 12° 18' 40.8" N longitude 68° 23' 24.1" W

Located at the northern tip of the island. ARLHS # NEA-001

Photo courtesy Keith Sheridan [Flickr]

AN 31 Ceru Bentana Ceru Bentana (Seru Bentana, Ricado Winklar)
latitude 12° 18' 18" N longitude 68° 22' 34" W

Located on a rocky headland several miles east southeast of Malmok, near the northern tip of the island in the Washington Slagbaai National Park. ARLHS # NEA-002

Photo courtesy Jos Sanders

AN 32 Boca Spelonk
latitude 12° 12' 43.7" N longitude 68° 11' 47.8" W

Located on the northeast side of the island. Accessible only by foot or 4WD. ARLHS # NEA-001

Photo courtesy Jos Sanders [panoramio]

Boca Spelonk
AN 33 Kralendijk Kralendijk (Fort Oranje)
latitude 12° 8' 55.5" N longitude 68° 16' 36.3" W

The light station now serves as the harbor master's office. Located in a seventeenth century fort at Kralendijk on the west side of the island. ARLHS # NEA-007

Photo courtesy Klaus Kern [liteslist]

AN 34 Lacre Punt (Willemstoren)
latitude 12° 1' 41.7" N longitude 68° 14' 14.2" W

Located at the southern tip of the island. ARLHS # NEA-012

Photo courtesy Sue Hedtke [picasaweb]

Lacre Punt


AN 35 Scarborough Scarborough (Fort King George)
latitude 11° 10' 38.3" N longitude 60° 43' 36.5" W

Fort and lighthouse are built on a hill commanding Bacolet Bay, the harbor of Scarborough, near the southwestern tip of Tobago. ARLHS # TRI-003

Photo courtesy wolann [webshots]

AN 36 Crown Point
latitude 11° 8' 54.6" N longitude 60° 50' 36.9" W

Located at the southwestern tip of the island, adjacent to the runway of the international airport. ARLHS # TRI-007


AN 37 Port-of-Spain (St. Vincent Jetty Range Rear Range)

The lighthouse was built at the base of the St. Vincent Jetty, but since then the shoreline has been extended and the original purpose of the light has been lost. Located in the median of the waterfront street in downtown Port-of-Spain ARLHS # TRI-008

Photo courtesy Willaim Barrow [wheelbarrowimaging]

AN 38 Crew Crew's Inn Marina

The lighthouse was built by Colin Barcant to help guide yachts into the docking area of Chaguaramas Bay, a very popular sheltered anchorage at the northwestern corner of Trinidad.

Photo courtesy William Barrow [wheelbarrowimaging]

AN 39 Point Baleine (Espalon Point)

Located on the southwest point of Gaspar Grande Island, just off Chaguaramas Bay. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # TRI-009

AN 40 Chacachacare
latitude 10° 41' 56" N longitude 61° 45' 6.9" W

The lighthouse, one of the highest in the Americas, is built atop a steep mountain with a spectacular view. Located on the island of Chacachacare in the Dragon's Mouth strait, off the northwesternmost tip of Trinidad. Accessible only by boat; tours available from Chaguaramas. ARLHS # TRI-002

AN 41 Galera Point (Toco)

Located at the northeastern tip of Trinidad, east of Toco. ARLHS # TRI-004

Photo courtesy Orthmar Raoul Traninger [Flickr]

Galera Point
AN 42 Brigand Hill
latitude 10° 29' 44.6" N longitude 61° 4' 4.9" W

The lighthouse shares the site with a large TV/radio transmission facility. Located on a ridgetop on the east side of Trinidad, overlooking the Atlantic. ARLHS # TRI-001

US Virgin Islands

AN 43 Buck Island

Located at the highest point of Buck Island, about 3 mi south of St. Thomas. The island has been a wildlife refuge since 1969. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # VIR-002

Photo courtesy M.G. Nelson [Flickr]

Buck Island
AN 44 Muhlenfeldt Point

the southeastern entrance to the harbor of Charlotte Amalie postcard ARLHS # VIR-005

AN 45 Hams Bluff
latitude 17° 43' 32.9" N longitude 64° 53' 13.2" W

Located on the northwestern coast of St. Croix, marking the approach to the harbor of Fredericksted. ARLHS # VIR-001

Photo courtesy []

Hams Bluff
AN 46 Fort Louise Augusta (Christiansted Entrance Rear Range)
latitude 17° 45' 18.5" N longitude 64° 41' 39.6" W

Located on a promontory at the north end of Christiansted harbor. The active range light is mounted on a 17 ft skeletal tower nearby. ARLHS # VIR-006


AN 47 La Désirade

The original lighthouse was a cast iron skeletal tower with lantern and gallery. Located at the eastern end of the island of La Désirade, which is east of the main island of Guadeloupe. photo ARLHS # GUA-005

AN 48 Le Moule (Port du Moule)

Located on the west side of the entrance to Le Moule, a small port and resort town on the northeast coast of Grande Terre. (J 5722)

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

Le Moule
AN 49 Le Moule Est (Port du Moule)

As the title suggests, this light is located on the east side of the entrance to Le Moule. photo

AN 50 Petite-Terre
latitude 16° 10' 14" N longitude 61° 6' 32.9" W

Petite-Terre is a small island southeast of Guadeloupe. Located at the eastern end of the island. The lighthouse is visible distantly from Pointe des Châteaux at the easternmost tip of the main island. Accessible only by boat; tours available from Saint François. photo ARLHS # GUA-006

AN 51 Îlet Gosier

Located on a small island about 100 meters offshore from Gosier and 5 km south of Pointe-à-Pitre. Accessible only by boat. (J 5734) ARLHS # GUA-001

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [liteslist]

Îlet Gosier
AN 52 Trois-Rivières
latitude 15° 58' 9.5" N longitude 61° 38' 39.3" W

Located on a bluff above the small harbor at Trois-Rivières, on the southeast coast of Grande Terre about 11 km east of Vieux-Fort. photo ARLHS # GUA-010

AN 53 Vieux Fort
latitude 15° 56' 55.7" N longitude 61° 42' 27" W

Located at the southwestern tip of the island, with popular gardens nearby. (J 5704) ARLHS # GUA-007

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

Vieux Fort
AN 54 Anse à la Barque Anse à la Barque

Located in a small bay about 10 km north of Basse Terre on the west side of the island. (J 5712)

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

AN 55 Pointe de la Barque (Pointe de l'Anse)

Located on the point enclosing the north side of Anse à la Barque. Accessible by hiking trail within a protected natural area. ARLHS # GUA-002

Photo courtesy MaBufeau [Flickr]

Pointe de la Barque
AN 56 Bourg des Saintes

The Îles des Saintes are small islands located about 20 km south of Basse Terre. Located at the foot of the wharf in Bourg des Saintes, the only town in the islands.

Photo courtesy