The Lighthouses of Puerto Rico

This page shows the documentation about the Lighthouses of Puerto Rico. In addition, the pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) I am very grateful to Russ Rowlett at the University of North Carolina for his excellent Lighthouse Directory from which I built the outline. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. LHdirectory

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Northern Puerto Rico

PR 1 Isla de Mona
latitude 18° 5' 5.1" N longitude 67° 51' 4.3" W

The Isla de Mona, part of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is located in the Mona Passage between the Puerto Rican mainland and the Dominican Republic. It is accessible by charter and tour boats (6 hour trip one way) from Mayaguez and Cabo Rojo. The light is located on a high bluff on the east side of the island, accessible by hiking trails from established campsites. mona ARLHS # PUR-011

Photo courtesy Anonymous [webshots]

Isla de Mona
PR 2 Punta Higuero Punta Higuero (Point Jiguero, Rincón)
latitude 18° 21' 43" N longitude 67° 16' 15.2" W

The lighthouse is the centerpiece of El Faro Park, a popular surfing and whale watching site. The park includes a visitor center and gift shop. Located off highway 413 north of Rincón at the easternmost point of the island, marking the entrance from the Atlantic to the Mona Passage. Rincon ARLHS # PUR-019

Photo courtesy Vernonica Lola [Flickr]

PR 3 Punta Borinquen (1889)

Foundations and portions of the walls are all that is still standing. ARLHS # PUR-022

Photo courtesy Manual Díaz [Flickr]

Punta Borinquen (1889)
PR 4 Punta Borinquen (1920) Punta Borinquen (1920)

The lighthouse is adjacent to a popular golf course built on the former Ramey Air Force Base. Located north of Aguadilla near the northwesternmost point of the island. golf (J 5490) ARLHS # PUR-013

Photo courtesy franswarandy [webshots]

PR 5 Arecibo (Punta Morrillo)
latitude 18° 28' 55.1" N longitude 66° 41' 54.9" W

This is the last lighthouse built by the Spanish in Puerto Rico. The city restored the lantern and the lighthouse in 2001-02 and has opened the building as a historical museum. Located northeast of Arecibo, on the east side of the harbor entrance. ARLHS # PUR-001

Photo courtesy orangejack [Flickr]

PR 6 Puerto San Juan Puerto San Juan (El Morro)
latitude 18° 28' 15.4" N longitude 66° 7' 24.8" W

Located on the east side of the entrance to San Juan harbor. There's a 1/4 mile walk from the car park to the light. (J 5494) ARLHS # PUR-005

Photo courtesy Luis LeBron [Flickr]

PR 7 Cabo San Juan (Fajardo)
latitude 18° 22' 52.2" N longitude 65° 37' 5.6" W

This beautiful and well-preserved Spanish lighthouse is the oldest in Puerto Rico. Located in the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve on the northeasternmost point of the island, northeast of Fajardo, commanding a spectacular view. reserve ARLHS # PUR-021

Photo courtesy Michael Bash [Flickr]

Cabo San Juan

Southern Puerto Rico

PR 8 Cabo Rojo Cabo Rojo (Los Morrillos)
latitude 17° 56' 0.5" N longitude 67° 11' 31.9" W

Located on a dramatic limestone bluff overlooking the Caribbean at the end of PR 301 at Cabo Rojo, the southwestern tip of the island. ARLHS # PUR-002

Photo courtesy Luis LeBron [Flickr]

PR 9 Guánica (Cana)
latitude 17° 57' 3.4" N longitude 66° 54' 12.3" W

The lighthouse is within a commonwealth nature reserve, El Bosque Seco (Guánica Dry Forest). Located on PR 333 about 2.5 km south of Guánica, where the lighthouse formerly marked the east side of the entrance to the Bahía de Guánica. forest ARLHS # PUR-007

Photo courtesy Manual Díaz [Flickr]

PR 10 Isla de Cardona Isla de Cardona
latitude 17° 57' 24.3" N longitude 66° 38' 5.9" W

Located on the highest point of a small island about 2 km southeast of Ponce, marking the entrance to Ponce harbor ARLHS # PUR-009

Photo courtesy Conrado Calzada [marinos]

PR 11 Isla Caja de Muertos (Coffin Island, Muertos Isla)
latitude 17° 53' 34.8" N longitude 66° 31' 15.9" W

Caja de Muertos is a small island in the Caribbean about 8 km southeast of Ponce; it is accessible by passenger ferry from Ponce on weekends. The island is a nature preserve. Lighthouse located on the highest point of the island, more or less accessible by a very steep and difficult hiking trail. ARLHS # PUR-003

Photo courtesy Jeffrey Hdez [webshots]

Isla Caja de Muertos
PR 12 Punta de las Figuras Punta de las Figuras (Point Figuras, Arroyo)

On the beach nearby is the metal ruin of a former range light, also long abandoned. Located southeast of Arroyo on the southeastern coast of the island. ARLHS # PUR-014

Photo courtesy Mahtan Yavetil [Flickr]

PR 13 Punta Tuna (Maunabo)
latitude 17° 59' 17.8" N longitude 65° 53' 7.8" W

Located southeast of Maunabo on a sharp promontory at the southeasternmost point of the island. ARLHS # PUR-016

Photo courtesy Jeffrey Hdez [webshots]

Punta Tuna

Vieques and Culebra

PR 14 Punta Mulas Punta Mulas (Morropó, Isabella Segunda)
latitude 18° 9' 16.1" N longitude 65° 26' 37.9" W

Restored in 1992, the building houses a small maritime museum. Located on the east side of the entrance to the harbor of Isabella Segunda (Vieques) on the north side of the island of Vieques. vieques ARLHS # PUR-015

Photo courtesy Sunny Pester [webshots]

PR 15 Puerto Ferro

Located on the south shore of Vieques inside the former Camp Garcia Marine Base. ARLHS # PUR-012

PR 16 Culebrita
latitude 18° 23' 3.9" N longitude 65° 37' 12" W

Located on the highest point of Culebrita, off the eastern tip of Culebra and overlooking the Virgin Passage. Accessible only by boat (good anchorage available; day tours available from Culebra, which can be reached by air from San Juan or by ferry from Fajardo). It's a stiff hike from the beach to the lighthouse. ARLHS # PUR-004

Photo courtesy culebrense [Flickr]



PR 17 Sombrero

Located on a remote island 60 km northeast of Anguilla. Accessible only by boat.

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