The Lighthouses of Alaska

This page currently shows the beginning of Lighthouses of Alaska. Index data (on the left below) comes from List of ALL Existing U.S. Lighthouses by Bob and Sandra Shanklin. p2

I am very grateful to Lighthouse Friends for their excellent data on location and directions to lights. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. lhFriends

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AK 0 Cape Sarichef
access: none

This was located on the northwestern coast of Unimak Island marking the northern entrance to Unimak Pass. Built in 1903, this building was destroyed in 1946, and the station was discontinued in 1979. The modern building was demolished in 1999.

Photo courtesy Historic photo US Coast Guard [uscg]

Cape Sarichef
AK 0S Scotch Cap Scotch Cap
access: none

In 1950, a fog signal building with a light on a short tower replaced the destroyed lighthouse; this structure has now been replaced by a skeletal light tower with no fog signal. Located on the southwestern coast of Unimak Island marking the southern entrance to Unimak Pass.

Photo courtesy Historic photo US Coast Guard [uscg]

AK 1 Cape Hinchinbrook
access: boat from Cordova

Located on the southwest end of Hinchenbrook Island, thirty-seven miles southwest of Cordova.

The original light was built in 1909, but moved when earthquakes in 1927 and 1928 destroyed the cliff it was built on. The current light dates from 1934. It was automated in 1974. The original 3rd order Fresnel lens is on display at the Valez Heritage Center. ARLHS # ALK-002

Photo courtesy US Coast Guard [uscg]

Cape Hinchinbrook
AK 1A Odiak Pharos
latitude 60° 32' 13.3" N longitude 145° 45' 46.6" W

privately built - in Cordova. It is the northernmost light in the U.S.

From the Copper River Highway just east of the high school in Cordova, turn west onto Whitshed Road and travel 0.3 miles, where you will find the lighthouse and Cordova Rose Lodge on your right. ARLHS # ALK-018

AK 2 Cape St. Elias
latitude 59° 47' 54.4" N longitude 144° 35' 55.6" W
access: boat

Located on the southwestern end of Kayak Island, sixty-five miles southeast of Cordova. Built in 1915, the only major changes have been a new roof. It was automated in 1974. The original lens is on display at the Cordova Museum.

The Cape St. Elias Lightkeepers Association has conducted a "Lighthouse School" at the station in the past and can also arrange for overnight stays at the lighthouse. ARLHS # ALK-005

Photo courtesy Historic photo US Coast Guard [uscg]

Cape St. Elias
AK 3 Cape Spencer Cape Spencer
access: plane

As the Cape Spencer Lighthouse is located within Glacier Bay National Park, the park's concessionaires is a good source of operators who serve the area. However, you will note the heli-pad in the foreground, getting here may not be easy or cheap. photo ARLHS # ALK-004

Photo courtesy jsickoria [webshots]

AK 4 Eldred Rock
access: boat

Eldred Rock Lighthouse is visible from cruise ships and ferries that pass through Lynn Canal to and from Haines and Skagway. Specific options include the Alaska Marine Highway ferries and Alaska Fjordlines, Inc. Private charters to the lighthouse from Juneau can be arranged with Auke Bay Landing Craft or Alaska Marine Adventures. (G 6543) ARLHS # ALK-006

Photo courtesy Annekäthi Zingre [Flickr]

Eldred Rock
AK 5 Sentinal Island Sentinal Island
access: car, rustic overnight, helicopter or boat

The best way to see the lighthouse is on an overnight stay that can be arranged through the Gastineau Channel Historical Society by calling (907) 586-5338. (G 6538) ARLHS # ALK-011

AK 6 Point Retreat
access: ferry

The Point Retreat Lighthouse can also be seen from the Gustavus Ferry, which operates between Auke Bay (Juneau) and Glacier Bay National Park. ferry (G 6528) ARLHS # ALK-010

Photo courtesy bluedevil72 [webshots]

Point Retreat
AK 6A Rockwell Rockwell
latitude 57° 2' 14.4" N longitude 135° 20' 20.5" W
September 5, 2014 access: car

privately built - in Sitka. Visible from the Sitka bridge. To get closer takes a boat.

This building can be rented. Contact Dr. Burgess Bauder (907) 747-3056. ARLHS # ALK-017

AK 7 Five Fingers
latitude 57° 16' 7.3" N longitude 133° 37' 53.4" W
September 3, 2014 access: ferry

Views of the Five Finger Lighthouse are possible from the Alaska Marine Highway ferries passing between Petersburg and Juneau. ferry ARLHS # ALK-007

Five Fingers
AK 8 Cape Decision Cape Decision
access: helicopter from Petersburg

Located on the southern end of Kuiu Island, where Chatham and Sumner Straits meet. The lighthouse is roughly 71 miles southwest of Petersburg and 86 miles southeast of Sitka. ARLHS # ALK-001

Photo courtesy Cape Decision Lighthouse Society [CDLS]

AK 8L Lincoln Rock
access: boat

In 1911 a manned fog signal station was built on Lincoln Island about 440 yd from the rock, and in 1944 a skeletal light tower was added. The fog signal station was demolished after being deactivated in 1968 and only foundations of the buildings remain along with the skeletal tower. Located at the western end of Clarence Strait about 55 miles northwest of Ketchikan. Accessible only boat.

The light was demolished and only the foundations remain. ARLHS # ALK-014

Photo courtesy Historic photo US Coast Guard [uscg]

Lincoln Rock
AK 9 Guard Island Guard Island
latitude 55° 26' 45.4" N longitude 131° 52' 53.2" W
access: car or excursion from Ketchikan

A Lighthouse Excursion to the Guard Islands Lighthouse is offered from Ketchikan. excursion

From downtown Ketchikan, drive north on the main road (Tongass Avenue) for just over eleven miles. You can see the lighthouse from the main road, or, to get closer, turn left onto South Point Higgins Road and follow it downhill. On your left, there will be a grove of trees from which you can get a good view of the lighthouse. (G 6046) ARLHS # ALK-008

Photo courtesy GR Benson [webshots]

AK 10 Mary Island
access: plane

Misty Fjords Air, Promech Air, Family Air Tours, and Southeast Aviation, all out of Ketchikan, will offer private flightseeing tours to view the Mary Island Lighthouse. (G 6006) ARLHS # ALK-009

Photo courtesy ak [webshots]

Mary Island
AK 11 Tree Point Tree Point
access: boat or float plane

Located on the mainland overlooking the Revillagigedo Channel about 6 miles north of the Canadian border, within the Misty Fjords National Monument (part of theTongass National Forest). The original station was completed in 1904. The current station dates from 1935 and was automated in 1969. forest (G 6002) ARLHS # ALK-012

Photo courtesy US Coast Guard [uscg]

AK 12 Homer Spit (faux)
latitude 59° 36' 1.6" N longitude 151° 24' 34.6" W
access: car

Note that this is a faux lighthouse.

Drive down the Kenai Peninsula to the end of the road. This lighthouse sits at the beginning of the Homer Spit and is right next door to Starvin Marvin's Pizza.

Photo courtesy cdm [Flickr]

Homer Spit (faux)
AK 13 Homer Spit Homer Spit
latitude 59° 36' 21" N longitude 151° 24' 52" W
access: car

There is also a real lighthouse in Homer, USCG 6-26200, the Homer Spit Light. It is mounted on top of the Land's End Resort, which is at the extreme tip of the Homer Spit. ARLHS # ALK-025

Photo courtesy majedanani [webshots]

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