The Lighthouses of Norway (South)

This page shows the documentation of the Lighthouses of Southern Norway. You can always click on the photo of the light to go to a specific (larger resolution) copy. Each lighthouse name is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data, could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) mailme

There has been significant usage of the Lighthouse Directory prepared by Russ Rowlett (UNC). lhDirectory

Lighthouse coordinates and orange reference numbers are via Norsk Fyr. My thanks to them for providing this basis for understanding. p6

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Kragero Area

Map is S

NO 165
[NO 53U]

Holmens east beach (B 2676) [050700]

NO 166
[NO 53T]

Øyas Tonerleia north west side (B 2674) [050600]

Photo courtesy Anders Nygaard [Flickr]

NO 167
[NO 53V]

Øyas Tonerleia north east side (B 2678) [050900]

NO 168
[NO 53W]
Store Fluer

Øyas Tonerleia north point (B 2682) [051100]

NO 169
[NO 53X]
Risøy East Point

On the east point at Risøy (B 2682.6) [051200]

NO 170
[NO 53Y]

at holmens on the north side (B 2686) [051900]

NO 171
[NO 53Z]

Blandkjernoddens southeast side. Should be visible from the Kragerø-Langøy ferry shortly after it leaves Langøy. (B 2692) [052100]

NO 172
[NO 54]
Jomfruland (1839) (Range Rear)

Jomfruland is a low island, a glacial moraine, lying parallel to the coast of the Skagerrak off the mouth of the Kragerøfjord. The old tower now houses a lighthouse museum, and the adjoining keeper's house is an art gallery. museum [052100] ARLHS # NOR-313

Jomfruland (1839)
NO 173
[NO 55]
Jomfruland (1938) Jomfruland (1938) (Range Rear)

The range guides ships approaching the Kragerøfjord and Kragerø; the continuous light also aids ships sailing toward Oslo. Located near the center of the island; transportation is available from Kragerø. (B 2698) [052500] ARLHS # NOR-025

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 174
[NO 56]
Djupodden (Jomfruland Range Front)

Located on the coast of Jomfruland about 3/4 mi southwest of the lighthouse. (B 2696) [052600]

NO 175
[NO 61]
Kragerø Havnefyr (Galeiodden)

Located on the eastern tip of the rocky islet of Galeiodden, in Kragerø harbor. Accessible only by boat, but there should be a good view from the ferry between Kragerø and Slatøy. (B 2714) [053800]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

Kragerø Havnefyr
NO 176
[NO 60]
Buttebåen Buttebåen

Located in the Kragerøfjorden off the western tip of the island of Slatøy. Accessible only by boat, although there is probably a good view from the island. (B 2710) [53300]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 177
[NO 59]
Stavseng (Strømtangen Range Rear)

Located on the south coast of Tåtøy, an island in the mouth of Kragerøfjorden. The island is accessible by ferry from Kragerø. (B 2708.1) [053200] ARLHS # NOR-226

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 178
[NO 58]
Strømtangen Strømtangen (Range Front)

This is both a directional light and the front light of a range, with the Stavseng lighthouse being the rear light. Located on a point of land at the west entrance to the Kragerøfjorden. Don't confuse this with the lights in the SouthEast. NO 10 (B 2708) [053100]

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [listOfLights]

NO 179
[NO 57]

Located in the Skagerrak about 1.5 km southeast of the entrance to the Kragerøfjorden. Accessible only by boat. (B 2716) [053000]

Aust/Agder County

NO 180
[NO 65E]

Southeast of Sanden (B 2748) [056900]

NO 181
[NO 62]

Located on a rocky islet about 6.5 km northeast of Risør. (B 2720) [054300] ARLHS # NOR-355

NO 182
[NO 64M]

East from Risør (B 2728) [055400]

NO 183
[NO 64H]

Inlet to Risør (B 2726) [055000]

NO 184
[NO 63]
Stangholmen (1855)

The house is now a restaurant. Located on a small island about ¾ mi east of Risør. Accessible only by boat. [054300] ARLHS # NOR-223

Stangholmen (1855)
NO 185
[NO 64]
Stangholmen (1959)

Located in front of the historic lighthouse in the photo above. (There are 4 lights called Stangholmen in Norway, so be careful when looking for this light.) (B 2722) [054500] ARLHS # NOR-318

Photo courtesy Roar Stavelin, Risør, Norway [Flickr]

NO 186
[NO 64F]
Store Furuøya

Risør Øyas northeast point (B 2624) [054600]

NO 187
[NO 65]

Located on a small islet at the entrance to Lyngørfjorden, about 8 km southwest of Risør. Accessible only by boat. (B 2740) [056600] ARLHS # NOR-292

Photo courtesy Carl Christensen [Flickr]

NO 188
[NO 65B]
Tøkersfjell (rear range)

South of Hellersøya (B 2742.1) [056800]

NO 189
[NO 65K]

East of Gjesøya (B 2750) [057300]

NO 190
[NO 69A]

North side of Tvedestrand, just off highway 411 west of the village. (B 2768) [058600]

NO 191
[NO 69R]

Tangens south point (B 2772) [059300]

NO 192
[NO 69F]

By Storeskjaer (B 2770) [058900]

NO 193
[NO 67]

Located on a promontory on the east side of the Sandøyfjord, south of Apalen. (B 2767) [058500] ARLHS # NOR-354

NO 194
[NO 68F]

Havneholmens east point (B 2762) [058300]

NO 195
[NO 68]

Located on a promontory at the easternmost point of Tverdalsøy, about 1 mi east of Kilsund. (B 2760) [058200] ARLHS # NOR-356

NO 196
[NO 66]
Ytre Møkkalasset

The tower remains in service as a daybeacon. Located on a skerry off the coast near the entrance to the Sandøyfjord, east of Kilsund. Accessible only by boat. [057300] ARLHS # NOR-284

Photo courtesy Geir Røsset [Flickr]

Ytre Møkkalasset
NO 197
[NO 69]
Kilsund Kilsund (Tverrdalsøya South Range Rear)

Located 834 m west southwest of the Holmesund front light. (B 2758) [058000] ARLHS # NOR-357

Photo courtesy Roald Hanssen [Arendal]

NO 198
[NO 70]

A short rubblestone tower seen in front of this light is almost certainly an older light tower or daybeacon. Located on a rocky islet about 2.5 km east of the eastern end of the island of Tromøy. (B 2776) [060000] ARLHS # NOR-349

NO 199
[NO 71]

Located on a promontory on the north side of the entrance to Tromøysund, opposite the Gitmertangen lights. The sound entrance is about 500 m wide. (B 2786) [060700] ARLHS # NOR-361

Photo courtesy Roald Hanssen [Arendal]

NO 200
[NO 72]
Gitmertangen Ranges Common Front Gitmertangen Ranges Common Front

Located at the extreme eastern tip of the island of Tromøy, northeast of Arendal. (B 2782) [060500] ARLHS # NOR-351

Photo courtesy Roald Hanssen [Arendal]

NO 201
[NO 74]
Gitmertangen North Range Rear

The front light, 234 m northeast, is probably similar; NGA describes both lights as "iron huts." Located near the eastern end of the island of Tromøy, northeast of Arendal. (B 2784) [060600] ARLHS # NOR-309

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Gitmertangen North Range Rear
NO 202
[NO 73]
Gitmertangen South Range Rear

The Gitmertangen North and South Rear lights have a common front light and are only about 60 m apart. Located near the eastern end of the island of Tromøy, northeast of Arendal. (B 2780) [060400] ARLHS # NOR-352

NO 205
[NO 80]
Sandvigodden (1844)

The building is now a private residence. Located on the west side of the entrance to the Galtesund, which leads to Arendal; this is at the southeast corner of the island of Hisøy. Accessible by road. [061600] ARLHS # NOR-317

Photo courtesy Geir Røsset [Flickr]

Sandvigodden (1844)
NO 203
[NO 75]
Frisøya Frisøya

Located on the north (mainland) side of Tremøysund in Eydehamn, about 7 km northeast of Arendal. (B 2792) [061200] ARLHS # NOR-350

Photo courtesy Roald Hanssen [Arendal]

NO 204
[NO 75T]

By Broneset. Very near the bridge where highway 409 connects to highway 410 north of Gjerstad. (B 2794) [061300]

NO 206
[NO 81]
Sandvigodden (1934)

This lighthouse stands immediately in front of the former lighthouse (see above.) (B 2804) [061700] ARLHS # NOR-039

Photo courtesy Geir Røsset [Flickr]

NO 207
[NO 79]

Located near the west end of Merdøy, an island off the entrance to Arendal. A popular day-trip location, the island is accessible by passenger ferry from Arendal. (B 2802) [061600] ARLHS # NOR-359

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 208
[NO 77]
Lille Torungen (1844) Lille Torungen (1844)
latitude 8° 24' 43.8" N longitude 8° 47' 29.2" E

The lighthouse can be leased for special events. Located to the east of the Store Torungen Fyr, near the eastern end of the island. [061400] ARLHS # NOR-157

Photo courtesy Jan Roger Wilkens [Flickr]

NO 209
[NO 78]
Lille Torungen (1914)
latitude 58° 24' 39.2" N longitude 8° 47' 37.3" E

This is the only active light on this island. It is located at the southeastern point of the island. (B 2800) [061500] ARLHS # NOR-314

Photo courtesy Jan Roger Wilkens [Flickr]

Lille Torungen (1914)
NO 210
[NO 76]
Store Torungen Store Torungen
latitude 58° 23' 55.8" N longitude 8° 47' 24.6" E

The original tower was a twin of the Lille Torungen lighthouse. This (second) handsome lighthouse serves coastal navigation and also marks the entrance to Arendal. Located on a small island about 3 km southeast of the mainland and 5 km southwest of Tromøy. Accessible only by boat. (B 2798) [061400] ARLHS # NOR-040

Photo courtesy Dag Terje [Flickr]

NO 211
[NO 81A]

Northern holmes west side. (B 2816) [063000]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 212
[NO 81F]

Fevikkilens west side. [063100]

NO 213
[NO 81H]
Hesnes Nedre

By Håholmen. (B 2822) [063200]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

Hesnes Nedre
NO 214
[NO 81K]
Hesnes Øvre Hesnes Øvre

Kvaløy north point (B 2828) [063300]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 215
[NO 81L]
Hesnessund East

Kvaløy northwest point. (B 2826) [063500]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

Hesnessund East
NO 216
[NO 81N]
Hesnessund West Hesnessund West

Hesnesøy west point. (B 2828) [063800]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 217
[NO 84]
Vessøyhouet (Range Rear)

Located on a promontory at the entrance to Grimstad harbor. (B 2844) [065400]

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

NO 218
[NO 81P]
Leiholmsund East Leiholmsund East

Leiholmens north point. (B 2834) [064100]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 219
[NO 81W]
Leiholmsund West (rear range)

By Saleskjær. (B 2834.1) [064200]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

Leiholmsund West
NO 220
[NO 83F]
Tvillingholmen East (Vessøyhauet Range Front)

Front range for the light below. (B 2846) [065300]

NO 221
[NO 82]
Rivingen (1886) (Grimstad)

The old light is now a private summer residence. Located on a small island on the approach to Grimstad, about 2.5 km south of the town and 1 km off the coast of the mainland. [65000] ARLHS # NOR-186

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

Rivingen (1886)
NO 222
[NO 83]
Rivingen (1925)

Located in front of the historic lighthouse. (B 2842) [065100] ARLHS # NOR-315

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

NO 223
[NO 81X]

Near Grimstad on Holmens south point. Not to be confused with the light near Risør NO 184 (B 2840) [065000]

NO 224A
[NO 84B]

Grimstad Øyas northeast side (B 2854) [065600]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 224H
[NO 85]
Havnespynten Havnespynten

Located at the end of the peninsula sheltering the east side of the harbor of Jortveit. (B 2860) [066600] ARLHS # NOR-311

Photo courtesy Geir Røsset [Flickr]

NO 225
[NO 86]

Sibling of the Lyngør lighthouse and built in the same year. Located on Store Gronningen, a small island about 1.5 km southeast of Jortveit. NO 187 (B 2860) [066500] ARLHS # NOR-124

Photo courtesy Mnemonic [Flickr]

NO 226
[NO 86F]
Sundholmen Sundholmen

Homborsund north point (B 2862) [066700]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 227
[NO 86H]
Homborsundsleia Nedre

By Hestvigpynten (B 2894) [066800]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

Homborsundsleia Nedre
NO 228
[NO 86o]
Homborsundsleia Øvre

By Ramshaugen (B 2864.1) [066900]

NO 229
[NO 86R]

Bergsøy north point (B 2870) [067300]

NO 230
[NO 86S]

East of Lillisand. (This doesn't look to me like it qualifies as a lighthouse, but it is so listed.) (B 2874) [067400]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 231
[NO 87]
Saltholmen (1882) Saltholmen (1882)

The building is a private summer residence. Located on a small island the entrance to Lillesand, about 2 km southeast of the town. Accessible only by boat. [007400] ARLHS # NOR-198

Photo courtesy Geir Røsset [Flickr]

NO 232
[NO 88]
Saltholmen (1952)

Located adjacent to the historic lighthouse. (B 2876) [067500] ARLHS # NOR-316

Photo courtesy Geir Røsset [Flickr]]

NO 233

Located on a rocky reef about ½ mi offshore near Brekkesto. (B 2888) [068400] ARLHS # NOR-360

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 234

By Vragholmskjæret (B 2890) [068600]

NO 235
latitude 58° 10' 41.1" N longitude 8° 18' 58.3" E

By Rabodden (B 2892) [068800]

NO 236
Kvalsholmen (Range Front)
latitude 58° 8' 40.2" N longitude 8° 16' 59.4" E

Located on a tiny island about 600 m south of Ramsøy. Accessible only by boat. photo (B 2899.9) [069300] ARLHS # NOR-395

NO 237
Natvigtangen (Range Rear)
latitude 58° 8' 2.4" N longitude 8° 15' 19.8" E

Located on a promontory at the southern entrance to the Isefjaerfjorden. (B 2900) [069700]

NO 238
latitude 58° 7' 49.2" N longitude 8° 15' 5.9" E

Sundets west side (B 2900.1) [069800]

NO 239
[NO 92]
latitude 58° 7' 55.8" N longitude 8° 15' 35.7" E

Located on a rock on the south side of the Ramsøysund east of Nattvik. [069900] ARLHS # NOR-362

Kristiansand Area

Map is S1

NO 243
[NO 92B]
latitude 58° 6' 2.8" N longitude 8° 8' 34" E

Randøysund Øyas east side (B 2908) [070800]

NO 244
[NO 92G]
latitude 58° 6' 34.2" N longitude 8° 6' 51.7" E

Sundets north side (B 2914) [070900]

NO 245
[NO 92K]
latitude 58° 6' 53.6" N longitude 8° 6' 8.9" E

Randøysund Øyas northwest point (B 2918) [071100]

NO 246
[NO 92L]
latitude 58° 6' 33.3" N longitude 8° 5' 16.3" E

Holmens north point (B 2920) [071500]

NO 247
[NO 95]
Odderøya (1874)
latitude 58° 7' 51.6" N longitude 8° 32.9" E

Located at the end of the Odderøya peninsula, which projects into Kristiansandsfjorden and protects the harbor of the city. [071800]

Odderøya (1874)
NO 248
[NO 96]
Odderøya (new)

Located in front of the historic lighthouse. (B 2936) [072300]

Photo courtesy François la Poutré [World Lighthouse Society]

NO 249
[NO 96G]
latitude 58° 8' 49.7" N longitude 8° 2' 17.2" E

East of Kristiansand Center (B 2940) [072600]

NO 250
[NO 94K]

Holmens north point (B 2930) [071800]

NO 251
[NO 93]
latitude 58° 4' 53.3" N longitude 8° 5' 17.6" E

This lighthouse marks the start of the channel into Kristiansand. During the summer the house is operated as a hostel for overnight stays, first come first served, no private accommodations. Located on a small skerry in the entrance to Kristiansandsfjorden, about 3 km south of Fidje. hostel (B 2922) [071600]

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

NO 252
[NO 97]
Jøngeholmskjæret (Gyngeholmen)

Located on a rock just off the northern tip of Flekkerøy. (B 2942) [073100]

NO 253
[NO 98]

Located on a rock just off the eastern tip of Flekkerøy. (B 2948) [073300]

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

NO 254
[NO 94]
Oksøy Oksøy
latitude 58° 4' 20.2" N longitude 8° 3' 11.1" E

This historic station, the landfall light for Kristiansand, was staffed until 2004. The Oksøy and Grønningen lights bracket the entrance to the fjord. Located on a small skerry in the entrance to Kristiansandsfjorden, about 3 km east of Skålevik and the same distance west southwest of Grønningen Fyr. (B 2926) [071700] ARLHS # NOR-036

Photo courtesy Geir Røsset [Flickr]

NO 255
[NO 97F]

By Torsteinsneset (B 2944) [073200]

NO 256
[NO 99]
Ytre Blåstholmen

Located on a rock just off the southeastern coast of Flekkerøy. (B 2950) [073400]

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Ytre Blåstholmen
NO 257
[NO 100 ]

Located on a rocky promontory at the southwestern tip of Flekkerøy. (B 2852) [073600] ARLHS # NOR-326

NO 258
[NO 100H]

Langenes Øyas south side (B 2956) [073900]

NO 259
[NO 102B]

By Tøodden. Kabeløy west point (B 2960) [074100]

Photo courtesy Ronald Wöhrn [ListOfLights]

NO 260
[NO 102C]

Songvårfjorden south point (B 2962) [074200]

NO 261
[NO 101]
Songvår (1888)

Long abandoned, this light station has recently been restored by the town of Søgne and is now available for overnight stays. Located on a small island about 5 km south of Søgne. [073900] ARLHS # NOR-219

Photo courtesy license via [Wikipedia]

Songvår (1888)
NO 262
[NO 102]
Songvår (1950)

Located in front of the historic lighthouse. (B 2958) [074000] ARLHS # NOR-341

NO 263
[NO 102D]
Nordre Vassøy

Songvårfjorden Øyas east side (B 2966) [074300]

NO 264
[NO 102J]

På sydspiss av Tånes varde. (B 2968) [074400]

NO 265
[NO 102K]

Near Tregde (B 2972) [074900]

NO 266
[NO 102L]

Tregde - Mandal north side. Don't confuse this with Langøy in the Farsund fjord. NO 291 (B 2976) [076400]

NO 267
[NO 102S]

Skjernøy north point (B 2986) [076800]

NO 268
[NO 102T]

Skjernøy west side (B 3006) [077800]

NO 269
[NO 103]

The first Norwegian lighthouse to be converted to electricity (1890s). The station was staffed until 2002; then it was transferred to the town of Mandal, which has restored the buildings and made them available for overnight accommodations. Located on an island about 5 km southeast of Mandal. Transportation including day trips can be arranged in Mandal. [079000] ARLHS # NOR-191

Photo courtesy Marco Ruffatti [Flickr]


Lindesnes Area

NO 270
[NO 104]
Hatholmen Hatholmen

Located on an island in Mannefjorden about 1.5 km south of Mandal. The buildings are open to paying guests. courtesy François la Poutré photo [079100] ARLHS # NOR-108

NO 271
[NO 105]

Sjøsanden, on the west side of the entrance to the harbor of Mandal, is Norway's only sand beach. Located behind the beach. (B 3020) [079200]

Photo courtesy kanelstrand [Flickr]

NO 272
[NO 105D]
Indre Mannevær

In the Hillesund fjord, on the west point (B 3034) [080500]

NO 273
[NO 105E]

Holmens south point (B 3038) [080600]

NO 275
[NO 105G]
Gjallaråsholmen (front range)

West innlop to Hillesund (B 3040) [080700]

NO 275R
[NO 105J]
Gjallaråsen (rear range)

West innlop to Hillesund (B 3040.1) [080800]

NO 276
[NO 105S]

Grønningens south point (B 3042) [080900]

NO 277
[NO 105V]

On the land west of Åvik (B 3044) [081100]

NO 278
[NO 105X]

East of Imsa on the south point (B 3048) [081200]

NO 279
[NO 106]

Located on a rocky islet about 7 km southeast of Høllen. (B 3050) [081700] ARLHS # NOR-345

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

NO 280
[NO 107]
Lindesnes Lindesnes (Range Rear)
latitude 57° 58' 57.2" N longitude 7° 2' 48.3" E

This is one of Norway's best known and most historic lighthouses, marking the southernmost point of the Norwegian mainland and the entrance to the Skaggerak and the Baltic Sea from the North Sea. Located at the end of a peninsula (the Naze) about 12 km southwest of Høllen. Accessible by paved road (highway 460). [082200] ARLHS # NOR-028

Photo courtesy François la Poutré [World Lighthouse Society]

NO 281
[NO 107L]
latitude 58° 19.4" N longitude 7° 37.3" E

East of Klevholmen (B 3060) [082300]

NO 282
[NO 107U]

Rævøy southwest side (B 3061) [082400]

NO 283
[NO 109]
latitude 58° 1' 42" N longitude 7° 12.4" E

Located on an island marking a western entrance to the Grønsfjord about 8 km south southwest of Skomrak. There is a bridge to the island, but the light appears to be accessible only by boat. (B 3063) [082800] ARLHS # NOR-339

NO 284
[NO 110]

Located on the east side of the entrance to the Rosfjord about 8 km southwest of Skomrak. It is not clear if there is land access to the lighthouse. (B 3068) [083200] ARLHS # NOR-330

NO 285
[NO 108]

Located on an island in the mouth of the Grønsfjord, about 3.5 km west northwest of Lindesnes Fyr. The island is a bird sanctuary. [082400] ARLHS # NOR-164

NO 286
[NO 110D]
latitude 58° 5' 55" N longitude 7° 1' 25" E

At neset Syrhovud (B 3070) [083300]

NO 287
[NO 110E]

Ullerøy south point (B 3072) [083400]

Farsund Area

NO 289
[NO 110G]

Farsund Øyas southwest point (B 3074) [083500]

NO 290
[NO 110J]

Langøy southwest point (B 3076) [083700]

NO 291
[NO 110S]

Farsund Øyas west side. Don't confuse this with Langøy near Tregde NO 266 (B 3078) [083900]

NO 292
[NO 110T]
Store Håøy

Farsund Øyas south side (B 3079) [084000]

NO 293
[NO 111]
Søndre Katland

Unoccupied since 1947, the lighthouse appears to be in need of restoration. Located on an island in the mouth of the Lyngdfjorden about 4.5 km southeast of Farsund. (B 3080) [084100] ARLHS # NOR-240

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Søndre Katland
NO 294
[NO 111S]
latitude 58° 3' 30.8" N longitude 6° 49' 7" E

Sandøy south point (B 3081) [084300]

NO 295
[NO 112]
Eivåg (Lille Eigerøy)
latitude 58° 4' 0.8" N longitude 6° 49' 27.8" E

Lille Eigerøy is a 10 acre island at the western entrance to Farsund. The island is privately owned and was for sale in 2006. Located at the south point of the island. (B 3086) [084500]

NO 296
[NO 113]
latitude 58° 3' 34.2" N longitude 6° 40' 13" E

Located on an island about 2.5 km southeast of Vestbygda. (B 3102) [085900] ARLHS # NOR-335

NO 297
[NO 114]
Brekneholmen (Borhaug)
latitude 58° 5' 39.9" N longitude 6° 35' 3.4" E

Brekneholmen is actually a rocky ridge that provides a natural breakwater for the harbor of Vestbygda. Located at the south end of the island, just off Vestbygda; accessible by a causeway connecting the island to the town. (B 3106) [086000] ARLHS # NOR-327

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

NO 298
[NO 115 ]
Lista Lista
latitude 58° 6' 33.4" N longitude 6° 34' 1.2" E

This light station marks a prominent and dangerous cape on the south side of the entrance to the Listafjord; from a mariner's point of view this is the extreme southwestern tip of Norway. Located just off highway 43 about ½ mi west of Vestbygda. (B 3112) [086500] ARLHS # NOR-029

Photo courtesy Mats Haugan [Flickr]

NO 299
[NO 116]

This little light, a companion to the Lista Fyr, marks the south side of the entrance to the sheltered waters of the Listafjord. Located off highway 654 about 10 km north of Lista Fyr; accessible by a narrow and twisting road. (B 3118) [087300] ARLHS # NOR-269

NO 300
[NO 116D]

Innseiling til Fedafjorden (B 3120) [087400]

NO 301
[NO 116E]

East of Feda just off E39 as it crosses the Fjord. (B 3122) [087600]

NO 302
[NO 116J]

Probably visible from the Sbelsnes to Andabeløy ferry. (B 3125) [087900]

NO 303
[NO 116G]

South by odden i Srandsforden (B 3124) [087700]

NO 304
[NO 116S]

West of Bjørnøyane in Stolsfjorden (B 3127) [088000]

NO 305
[NO 116T]

FlekkefjordSundets west side. (B 3128) [088100]

NO 306
[NO 116V]

Hitterøysund point (B 3136) [089400]

NO 307
[NO 115R]

Hummerøy (B 3116) [086600]

NO 308
[NO 117]

Kirkehavn is a village on the Hidrasundet on the west end of the island of Hidra. Located on the north side of the harbor entrance of Kirkehavn, near the church. (B 3140) [089900]

NO 309
[NO 116X]

Near Hitterøy west side (B 3138) [089700]