The Lighthouses of Sweden (West)

This page shows the documentation of the Lighthouses of West Sweden. You can always click on the photo of the light to go to a specific (larger resolution) copy. Each lighthouse name is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data, could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) mailMe

This list was built based on the list maintained by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society. My thanks to them for providing this basis for understanding. w8

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Västra Götalands Län

SW 267 Trubaduren

Located on a shoal about 3 km southeast of Vinga. (C 0569) ARLHS # SWE-070

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 268 Vinga Vinga
latitude 57° 37' 55.4" N longitude 11° 36' 4.9" E

This is the traditional landfall light, for the port and also for all of Sweden. Located in the entrance to the Kattegat 18 km due west of Göteborg. ARLHS # SWE-421

Photo courtesy Gothenburg Observer' [Flickr]

SW 269 Vinga Island II

Located a short distance southeast of the present lighthouse. The pyramid is a day mark, and the old light now has a radar mounted on it. ARLHS # SWE-076

Photo courtesy Christian Ericsson [Flickr]

Vinga Island II
SW 270 Göteborg (Vinga)

(1939-2003) ARLHS # SWE-019

SW 271 Viten
latitude 57° 38' 11.2" N longitude 11° 37' E

This light guides vessels approaching Vinga from Göteborg. Located about 1 km east northeast of Vinga. Best views are from the ferries to Vinga. (C 0567) ARLHS # SWE-217

Photo courtesy Esbjörn Hillberg (Swedish Lighthouse Society) [fyr]

SW 272 Buskærsk Nøte Buskærsk Nøte
latitude 57° 38' 18.3" N longitude 11° 40' 58.7" E

Located on a rock about 2.5 km southeast of Fotö. (C 0570) ARLHS # SWE-111

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 273 Gævlebugten ARLHS # SWE-151
SW 274 Bøttø Light
latitude 57° 38' 57.3" N longitude 11° 43' 11.5" E

There are actually 2 lights here, both located on a tiny island about 400 m due west of the western tip of Galterö. ARLHS # SWE-005

Photo courtesy wetterrolf [Flickr]

Bøttø Light
SW 275 Gåveskår Light Gåveskår Light
latitude 57° 39' 41.1" N longitude 11° 46' 8.7" E

Located between Göteborg and the island of Vinga in the North Sea. (C 0573) ARLHS # SWE-018

Photo courtesy © Henry Law [Flickr]

SW 276 Småskarren ARLHS # SWE-058
SW 277 Lønnbæcken
latitude 57° 51' 18.6" N longitude 11° 35' 5.8" E

On small island about 2 miles SW of Marstrand. photo ARLHS # SWE-266

SW 278 Hatteberget

Located about 8 km west southwest of Marstrand and 3.5 km south of Hamneskär. photo (C 0489) ARLHS # SWE-028

SW 279 Marstrand
latitude 57° 53' 35.1" N longitude 11° 34' 34.3" E

The harbor light is located at the western tip of Koön which is the entrance to the harbor at Marstrand. (C 0494) ARLHS # SWE-275

Photo courtesy Kristofer Gustafsson [Flickr]

SW 280 Granberget Island ARLHS # SWE-022
SW 282 Pater Noster
latitude 57° 53' 44.1" N longitude 11° 28' 0.4" E

Located on a small island about 4.5 miles west of Marstrand. This has been replace by the Hatteberget light (see above). SW 278 (C 0489.4) ARLHS # SWE-312

Photo courtesy ruminatrix [Flickr]

Pater Noster
SW 283 Backebådan Backebådan

A cylindrical concrete tower located on a small island about ½ mile south of Dyrön. (C 0500) ARLHS # SWE-089

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 284 Norra Meholm ARLHS # SWE-295
SW 285 Eggskær

On a small island about 1 mile west of Klädesholmen, northern Bohuslän. (C 0486) ARLHS # SWE-121

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 286 St. Olovs Front ARLHS # SWE-362
SW 287 St. Olovs Rear ARLHS # SWE-363
SW 289 Ræbbehuvud

Located on the southern tip of an island about 2.5 km west of Ångeviken. (C 0464) ARLHS # SWE-315

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 290 Gåsskær ARLHS # SWE-149
SW 291 Vinterholmen ARLHS # SWE-464
SW 292 Brattøgrundet ARLHS # SWE-107
SW 293 Snøholmarna

Located on an island in the northern end of Hakefjord. ARLHS # SWE-358

SW 294 Molløsund

Located on a promontory at the northern entrance to the harbor of Mollösund. (C 0460) ARLHS # SWE-281

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 295 Otterholmen ARLHS # SWE-307
SW 296 Måseskär I Heidenstam

A cast-iron skeletal tower located on a small island about 1.2 miles SW of Kärringö, northern Bohuslän. ARLHS # SWE-047

Måseskär I
SW 297 Maseskær Island II

A white cylindrical concrete tower located on the left (above). ARLHS # SWE-276

Photo courtesy []

SW 298 Kråksgungap North ARLHS # SWE-220
SW 299 Kråksgungap South ARLHS # SWE-221
SW 300 Bråtø

Located on the north side of the island of Bråtö, about 2 km south southeast of Hälleviksstrand. Swedish Fyr Association has a photo. photo ARLHS # SWE-106

SW 301 Galterøn

Located on a small island in the channel connecting the Halsefjord and the Askeröfjord, east of the island of Stora Askerön. (C 0506) ARLHS # SWE-144

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 302 Oxkår Oxkår

Located on a small island halfway between Kärringö and Saltö. (C 0448) ARLHS # SWE-309

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 303 Halse Nabb

Located at the tip of Halse Nabb, a promontory at the southeastern tip of Orust. (C 0507) ARLHS # SWE-174

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Halse Nabb
SW 304 Sundholmen ARLHS # SWE-382
SW 305 Svanesund

Located in Svanesund, at the southeastern corner of Orust, south of the ferry terminal. (C 0510) ARLHS # SWE-384

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 306 Grøtå Holme ARLHS # SWE-158
SW 307 Djurnäsudde

Swedish Fyr Association has a photo photo ARLHS # SWE-448

SW 308 Råø Front Light

Located at the northern corner of the island of Raö, about 2 km south of Gullholmen. ARLHS # SWE-317

SW 309 Hætattan

Located on a skerry just off the northwestern point of the island of Stora Härmanö, about 1 km west of Gullholmen. You may be able to walk to this viewpoint from Gullholmen. (C 0402) ARLHS # SWE-187

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 310 Strømholmen ARLHS # SWE-378
SW 311 Tvestjerten ARLHS # SWE-397

Photo courtesy Esbjörn Hillberg, Swedish Lighthouse Society [fyr]

SW 312 Fredagsholmen Fredagsholmen

Located at the NW tip of Lavö, northern Bohuslän. (C 0404) ARLHS # SWE-141

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 313 Islandsberg (Old) (Skaftø Island)

It appears that the house is in use as a private residence. Located at the tip of the rocky Islandsberg peninsula about 2 km southwest of Grundsund and the same distance north of Gullholmen. ARLHS # SWE-477

Photo courtesy Jan Holmer [ARLHS]

Islandsberg (Old)
SW 314 Islandsberg (New) Islandsberg (New) (Skaftø Island)

Located near the old light (above). (C 0400) ARLHS # SWE-203

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

SW 315 Hallen Nedre ARLHS # SWE-452
SW 316 Hallen Övre ARLHS # SWE-453
SW 317 Örnekullen Nedre ARLHS # SWE-457
SW 318 Örnekullen Övre ARLHS # SWE-458
SW 319 Tärneskär Nedre ARLHS # SWE-462
SW 320 Strandanæs

Located at the tip of a promontory on the west side of the Halsefjord in Stillingsön. ARLHS # SWE-376

SW 321 Björningarna South Island

Located at the tip of a promontory on the east side of the Halsefjord about 2 km south of Bräcke. (C 0418) ARLHS # SWE-447

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Björningarna South Island
SW 322 Ösö ARLHS # SWE-459
SW 323 Mattholm ARLHS # SWE-455
SW 324 Stora Deje ARLHS # SWE-370