The Lighthouses of Germany (Baltic Sea)

This page shows the documentation of the Baltic Sea Lighthouses of Germany. You can click on the photo of a light to go to it's specific (larger resolution) copy. Each lighthouse name is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. This page is organized from South (near Netherlands) to North (near Denmark) and tends to wrap the curves clockwise. In German, the front range light is referred to as an Unterfeuer (under or lower fire) and the rear range light is called an Oberfeuer (over or upper fire). The descriptions below follow those names rather than replacing them with English descriptions. English speakers should also remember that a German "W" is pronounced like an English "V" and a German "V" is pronounced very much like an "F". I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data, could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) mailme

This page is based on the Lighthouse Directory prepared by Russ Rowlett (UNC). My thanks to him for providing this basis for understanding. lhDirectory

Geographic coordinates (used to start the mapping pages) were often taken from Anke and Jens seiten

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Angeln (Flensburg-Kappeln Area)

DE 190 Holnis
latitude 54° 51' 42.2" N longitude 9° 34' 24.6" E

This modern lighthouse stands on the west side of the Schausende, a low peninsula projecting northward into the Flensburger Förde (Flensborg Fjord). The fjord is part of the boundary between Germany and Denmark. The lighthouse displays three directional lights: one for westbound ships approaching from the Baltic, one for westbound ships that have rounded the end of the peninsula, and one for eastbound ships departing Flensburg. Located southwest of Holnis and about 30 km northeast of Flensburg. (C 1134) ARLHS # FED-111

DE 191 Neukirchen Neukirchen

Apparently this was a ship traffic control tower for the approaches to Flensburg. Located on a headland on the south side of the Flensburger Förde (Flensborg Fjord) at Neukirchen.

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 192 Kalkgrund
latitude 54° 49' 28.5" N longitude 9° 53' 17.2" E

Located in the middle of the entrance to the Flensburger Förde (Flensborg Fjord) about 8 km north of Birk-Nack, the northern tip of the Gelting Peninsula. Accessible only by boat; distantly visible from Birk-Nack. (C 1113)

Photo courtesy Johann-Nikolaus Andreae [Flickr]

DE 193 Falshöft Falshöft
latitude 54° 46' 1.4" N longitude 9° 57' 54.5" E

Located about 8 km southeast of Birk-Nack and 2 km east of Pommerby.

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 194 Schleimünde Mole
latitude 54° 40' 17.2" N longitude 10° 2' 10.3" E

Located at the end of the north mole at the entrance to the Schlei. (C 1186)

Photo courtesy Martin Betz [Flickr]

Schleimünde Mole


DE 195 Eckernförde Hafen (1981) Eckernförde Hafen (1981)
latitude 54° 28' 22.8" N longitude 9° 50' 32.5" E

Located on the south side of the entrance to the protected inner harbor of Eckenförde. (C 1210)

Photo courtesy eastside_sh [Flickr]

DE 196 Eckernförde Hafen (1907)
latitude 54° 28' 26.5" N longitude 9° 50' 27.6" E

After deactivation, this tower was sold or donated to the city of Eckernförde. Repainted in the city's colors, it is located in a city market area southwest of the original site.

Photo courtesy Anke and Jens [Seiten]

Eckernförde Hafen (1907)
DE 197 Eckernförde (1986) Eckernförde (1986)
latitude 54° 27' 34.2" N longitude 9° 50' 33.6" E

The lighthouse strongly resembles an air traffic control tower. Its directional light guides ships down the length of the Eckernförde estuary from the Kieler Bucht (Kiel Bay). Located off the Berlinerstraße in Eckernförde, about 4 km (2.5 mi) south of the harbor entrance light. (C 1206)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 198 Eckernförde (1907)

Located about 600 m southeast of the modern light.

Photo courtesy Anke and Jens [Seiten]

Eckernförde (1907)

Kiel Area

DE 199 Kiel Kiel

Located off the entrance to Kieler Förde, about 8 km northeast of the Bülk lighthouse. Accessible only by boat. (C 1215)

DE 200 Bülk
latitude 54° 27' 18.7" N longitude 10° 11' 50.2" E

Located at the western entrance to the Kieler Förde, about 5 km northeast of Strande. (C 1216)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

DE 201 Friedrichsort (1971) Friedrichsort (1971)
latitude 54° 23' 25.9" N longitude 10° 11' 36" E

Located on an artificial island north of the tip of the Friedrichsort peninsula. Accessible only by boat. (C 1230)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 202 Friedrichsort (1866)

The lantern and watch room were saved and displayed in 1975 at the inner harbor of Kiel; in 2003 they were moved to their present location at the Heinrich-Rixen-Platz adjacent to the Friedrichsort waterfront.

Photo courtesy 1934 photoHannelore Pieper-Wöhlk and Dr. Dieter Wöhlk [daos-clan]

Friedrichsort (1866)
DE 203 Holtenau Nord Holtenau Nord
latitude 54° 22' 8.9" N longitude 10° 9' 14.1" E

Located at the end of the Thiessenkai, the quay on the north side of the canal in Holtenau, about 12 km north of Kiel. ARLHS # FED-112

Photo courtesy SimKue [Flickr]

DE 204 Holtenau Süd

Located at the end of the south mole at the canal entrance in Holtenau. (C 1248) ARLHS # FED-113

Photo courtesy Stephan Hix [ListOfLights]

Holtenau Süd

Kieler Bucht Naval Warning

DE 205 Heidkate Heidkate
latitude 54° 26' 2.2" N longitude 10° 19' 1.1" E

Located just behind the dike at the eastern entrance to the Kieler Förde at Heidkate. Site and tower closed (restricted military facility) ARLHS # FED-100

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 206 Hubertsberg
latitude 54° 22' 40.5" N longitude 10° 32' 34.1" E

Located on a bluff above the Kieler Bucht near Hubertsberg, about 20 km east of Schönberg. (C 1276.1)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 207 Neuland Neuland
latitude 54° 21' 38.4" N longitude 10° 36' 3.3" E

Located near the shore about 5 km east of Behrendsdorf. (C 1276)

Photo courtesy Ulrich Bode [ListOfLights]

DE 208 Wessek
latitude 54° 18' 57.6" N longitude 10° 48' 3.1" E

Located just above the beach on the east side of Hohwachter Bucht northeast of Weißenhäuser Strand. (C 1328.1)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]


Heiligenhafen and Fehmarn

DE 209 Heiligenhafen Heiligenhafen (Blankeck)
latitude 54° 21' 13.2" N longitude 10° 51' 57.9" E

Located just off the beach near Johannistal, about 13 km west of Heiligenhafen. (C 1328.3)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 210 Heiligenhafen Warnfeuer
latitude 54° 22' 53.6" N longitude 10° 56' 7.9" E

Located just off the beach about 5 km west of Heiligenhafen. ARLHS # FED-106

Photo courtesy Necromundo [Flickr]

Heiligenhafen Warnfeuer
DE 211 Heiligenhafen Heiligenhafen

Heiligenhafen is on the mainland shore of the Fehmarnsund, with its harbor protected by the long Graswarder sand spit. This lighthouse guides ships as they round the end of the spit to enter the harbor. Located just off the coastal road about 5 km. (C 1328)

Photo courtesy Manfred Schueler [ListOfLights]

DE 212 Strukkamphuk (Unterfeuer)

This little lighthouse not only is in general navigation, it has served since 1977 as the front light of a range that guides westbound ships entering the Fehmarnsun. The rear light is on the Flügge lighthouse (next entry). Located on the south side of Fehmarn about 2.5 km west of the Fehmarnsund bridge (E47). (C 1288)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 213 Flügge Flügge (Oberfeuer)
latitude 54° 26' 27.3" N longitude 11° 1' 3.6" E

Located at the southwestern tip of the island, near the village of Flügge, marking the western entrance to the Fehmarnsund. (C 1288.1)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 214 Westermarkelsdorf
latitude 54° 31' 38.4" N longitude 11° 3' 29.9" E

Located just behind the dike on the Markersdorfer Huk, the northwestern point of Fehmarn, marking the western entrance to the Fehmarn Belt. (C 1280)

Photo courtesy Manfred Schueler [ListOfLights]

DE 215 Marienleuchte (1967) Marienleuchte (1967)
latitude 54° 29' 41.6" N longitude 11° 14' 17.4" E

Located a short distance north of the historic lighthouse (next entry) southeast of the ferry terminal at Puttgarden, where ferries link Fehmarn to Denmark. (C 1284)

Photo courtesy Rolf [Flickr]

DE 216 Marienleuchte (1832)

Located on the Fehmarn Belt at Ohlensburgs Huk, a point about 1.5 km southeast of the ferry terminal at Puttgarden, where ferries link Fehmarn to Denmark.

Photo courtesy Rolf [Flickr]

Marienleuchte (1832)
DE 217 Staberhuk Staberhuk
latitude 54° 24' 9.1" N longitude 11° 18' 39.4" E

Located on the southeastern point of Fehmarn about 5 km southeast of Staberdorf. While the site is closed, there may be a good view from the beach. (C 1286)

Photo courtesy Stephan Hix [ListOfLights]

Travemünde (Lübeck) Area

DE 218 Dahmeshöved
latitude 54° 12' 6.5" N longitude 11° 5' 25.2" E

This is the landfall light for the port of Lübeck. Located in the village of Dahmeshöved, about 400 m north of the cape of that name, about 6 km south of Dahme and 70 km northeast of Lübeck. (C 1342)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 219 Pelzerhaken Pelzerhaken
latitude 54° 5' 16.8" N longitude 10° 52' 22" E

Located on a promentory about 8 km southeast of Neustadt in Holstein, marking the entrance to the Neustädter Bucht. (C 1346)

Photo courtesy Manfred Schueler [ListOfLights]

DE 220 Travemünde (1539)
latitude 53° 57' 37.7" N longitude 10° 52' 46.1" E

Located in downtown Travemünde on the north side of the entrance to the river Trave, the inner harbor of Lübeck.

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

Travemünde (1539)
DE 221 Travemünde (1974) Travemünde (1974)
latitude 53° 57' 43.2" N longitude 10° 52' 51.8" E

The light is displayed from the northernmost corner of the roof of a high-rise hotel. Located on the waterfront in Travemünde. (C 1360)

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListofLights]

DE 222 Travemünde Nordmole
latitude 53° 57' 42.7" N longitude 10° 53' 20.9" E

Located at the end of the north mole at the mouth of the river Trave in Travemünde. (Looks like the light has been repainted green since this photo was taken.) (C 1362)

Photo courtesy Adde [Flickr]

Travemünde Nordmole

Wismar Area

DE 223 Hohen Wieschendorf Unterfeuer Hohen Wieschendorf Unterfeuer

Located on the west side of the Wismar Bucht, on a golf course near the village of Hohen Wieschendorf, about 30 km northwest of Wismar. (C 1382) ARLHS # FED-356

Photo courtesy Wolfgang Warncke [ListOfLights]

DE 223O Hohen Wieschendorf Oberfeuer

It's typical for the Rear Range (Oberfeuer) to be larger and more impressive than the front range (Unterfeuer). In this case it looks like the rear range not only doesn't qualify as a "house", it also doesn't qualify as a "light" either. (C 1382.1)

Photo courtesy Ulrich Bode [ListOfLights]

Hohen Wieschendorf Oberfeuer
DE 224 Walfisch Unterfeuer Walfisch Unterfeuer

This is the old light, the new one is a simple pole with a light on top of it.

It has been relocated (fairly recently) for display on the lawn outside the WSA Lübeck district office in Wismar, a port on the southeast side of the Lübecker Bucht in the former East Germany.

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 225 Timmendorf
latitude 53° 59' 30.7" N longitude 11° 22' 36.1" E

Located on the waterfront in Timmendorf, a fishing port on the west side of the island of Poel. (D 1386)

Photo courtesy Dr. Knox [Flickr]

DE 226 Gollwitz Nord Gollwitz Nord
latitude 54° 1' 25.8" N longitude 11° 28' 14.5" E

Located about 800 m west of the village of Gollwitz, near the northeastern end of the island of Poel. (C 1398.5)

Photo courtesy Dr. Knox [Flickr]

DE 227 Buk (Bastorf)
latitude 54° 7' 54.5" N longitude 11° 41' 38.2" E

Located on a bluff about 1 km from the Baltic at Bastorf, near Ostseebad Kühlingsborn, about 65 km northeast of Wismar.

Photo courtesy Dr. Knox [Flickr]


Warnemünde and Rostock

DE 228 Warnemünde Warnemünde
latitude 54° 10' 53.1" N longitude 12° 5' 8.8" E

Located in a public square in downtown Warnemünde, about 200 m from the west bank of the river Warnow just inside the entrance. (C 1404)

Photo courtesy slaqua [Flickr]

DE 229 Warnemünde Westmole (1983)
latitude 54° 11' 12.6" N longitude 12° 5' 14.2" E

The 1963 lighthouse was relocated to a park in Rostock (see below). Located at the end of the west mole at the entrance to the river Warnow in Warnemünde. Accessible in good weather by walking the mole. DE 223 (C 1405)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

Warnemünde Westmole (1983)
DE 230 Warnemünde Ostmole Warnemünde Ostmole
latitude 54° 11' 13.1" N longitude 12° 5' 28.1" E

This lighthouse and its sibling (see above) are known locally as Die Zwillinge (the twins). Located at the end of the east mole at the entrance to the river Warnow in Warnemünde. (C 1405.1)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

DE 231 Petersdorf Unterfeuer

The Petersdorf range guides ships across the wide portion of the Warnow estuary to Rostock's new international port; ferries leave here for Gedser, Denmark; Trelleborg, Sweden; and various locations on the upper Baltic including St. Petersburg, Russia. Located at the head of Becken (Basin) B in Petersdorf, on the east side of the Warnow north of Rostock. (C 1415)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Petersdorf Unterfeuer
DE 232 Krummendorf Krummendorf (Petersdorf Oberfeuer)
latitude 54° 7' 51.7" N longitude 12° 7' 15.3" E

This lighthouse is similar to the large range light towers built on the Jade, Weser, and Elbe estuaries on the North Sea coast. Located near Krummendorf 1250 m south southeast of the front light. (C 1451.1)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

DE 233 Warnemünde Westmole (1963)

It's not clear why this tower was replaced by an almost identical tower in 1983. The older lighthouse was relocated to Rostock for display in a riverside theme park.

Photo courtesy claranet [OstSeeFeuer]

Warnemünde Westmole (1963)

Darß Area

DE 234 Wustrow Wustrow
latitude 54° 20' 8.7" N longitude 12° 22' 33.5" E

This light is in Fischland, a narrow, sandy barrier isthmus connecting the mainland to the Darß-Zingst peninsula. The government resisted placing a light here in addition to the Darßer Ort lighthouse, but gave in when so many ships kept wrecking on the beach in the area. Located just behind the beach near Ostseebad Wustrow, about 30 km southwest of Darßer Ort. (C 1436)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 235 Darßer Ort
latitude 54° 28' 21.9" N longitude 12° 30' 7.8" E

Located on the point of Darßer Ort about 5 km west of Ostseebad Prerow.

Photo courtesy Dr. Knox [Flickr]

Darßer Ort

Barhöft Area

DE 236 Zarrenzin Unterfeuer Zarrenzin Unterfeuer (Bock Oberfeuer)
latitude 54° 26' 52" N longitude 13° 1' 27.5" E

The Zarrenzin range guides ships approaching Stralsund from the Baltic, while the Bock range guides ships leaving Stralsund. Located on the north coast of Bock, an uninhabited island incorporated into the Vorpommersche national park. Accessible only by boat. (C 2576)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 237 Bock Unterfeuer
latitude 54° 26' 35.4" N longitude 13° 1' 50" E

Located on the south coast of Bock about 1100 m south southeast of the Oberfeuer. Accessible only by boat, but there is a good view of this light (across a narrow channel) from the waterfront of Barhöft on the mainland. (C 2575.9)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Bock Unterfeuer
DE 238 Zarrenzin Oberfeuer Zarrenzin Oberfeuer
latitude 54° 25' 35.1" N longitude 13° 52" E

Located in a field on the mainland, at the high point of the Barhöft peninsula about halfway between Barhöft and Zarrenzin, 2.1 km south southwest of the front light. (C 2576.1)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

DE 239 Vierendehl Unterfeuer
latitude 54° 26' 36.6" N longitude 13° 3' 37.4" E

Located in the sound east of Barhöft; visible distantly from shore. Accessible only by boat.

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

Vierendehl Unterfeuer

Hiddensee and Rügen

DE 240 Gellen Gellen

This small lighthouse is roughly midway along the narrow barrier island of Hiddensee. Island accessible by ferry from Schaprode on Rügen or from Stralsund. Located just behind the dunes a short distance south of the ferry terminal at Plogshagen. ferry ARLHS # FED-088

Photo courtesy Dr. Knox [Flickr]

DE 241 Dornbusch
latitude 54° 35' 56.9" N longitude 13° 7' 10.1" E

Located at the end of the road on the northern end of Hiddensee. (C 2586)

Photo courtesy Dr. Knox [Flickr]

DE 242 Arkona (1828) Arkona (1828) (Schinkelturm)
latitude 54° 40' 46.8" N longitude 13° 25' 58" E

Kap Arkona, the northern tip of Rügen, is the most prominent and dangerous cape on Germany's Baltic coast. Located on the cape, near Putgarten on the Wittow peninsula. ARLHS # FED-065

Photo courtesy leguan001 [Flickr]

DE 243 Arkona (1902)

This wonderful German Imperial tower stands behind the original lighthouse and has been open to the public since 1996. (C 2592) ARLHS # FED-010

Photo courtesy Jensebert [Flickr]

Arkona (1902)
DE 244 Ranzow Ranzow

The lighthouse was located on a headland of the Jasmund peninsula about 2 km east of Lohme. In 2002 it was relocated to Kap Arkona for display as part of the Schinkelturm museum. ARLHS # FED-193

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

DE 245 Kollicker Ort
latitude 54° 33' 43.3" N longitude 13° 40' 45.9" E

Sibling of Ranzow (previous entry). Located on a ledge on the lower part of a 100 m forested cliff on the Jasmund peninsula about 6.5 km east of Hagen. (C 2596)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

Kollicker Ort
DE 246 Saßnitz Ostmole Saßnitz Ostmole
latitude 54° 30' 21.4" N longitude 13° 38' 14.4" E

Saßnitz has been replaced by Mukran as the principal ferry terminal for Rügen; the port is now used by fishermen and recreational boaters. This lighthouse stands at the end of the 1500 m east mole at the harbor entrance. (C 2602)

Photo courtesy fastphive [Flickr]

DE 247 Saßnitz Westmole (Unterfeuer)
latitude 54° 30' 29.6" N longitude 13° 38' 11.7" E

Located at the end of the short west mole at the harbor entrance; accessible by walking the mole. (C 2604)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

Saßnitz Westmole
DE 248 Mukran Nordmole Mukran Nordmole
latitude 54° 28' 34.9" N longitude 13° 35' 51.5" E

Located at the end of the north mole at Mukran, the new harbor of Saßnitz, about 5 km southwest of the old harbor. (C 2614)

Photo courtesy vunzie [Webshots]

DE 249 Prora

Located beside the coastal road in a pine forest about 20 km south of Saßnitz.

Photo courtesy Cl Holle [Webshots]

DE 250 Maltzien Unterfeuer Maltzien Unterfeuer
latitude 54° 14' 3.8" N longitude 13° 21' 15.5" E

The lighthouse stands on the beach and is surrounded by water at high tide. Located on a point of land about 1 km southeast of the Glewitz ferry terminal on the southeastern shore of Rügen. The rear range is a skeletal tower with only a reflector on it. (C 2626)

Photo courtesy vunzie [Webshots]

Greifswalder Oie and Peenemünde

DE 251 Greifswalder Oie (1832)

Located near the 1855 lighthouse. ARLHS # FED-355

DE 252 Greifswalder Oie (1855)

The lighthouse is located at the northeastern corner of the island, 1.4 km from the protected harbor at the other southwestern end. Accessible only by boat and hiking the length of the island. It is a nature preserve and permission is required. ARLHS # FED-006

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

Greifswalder Oie (1855)
DE 253 Ruden Nord Ruden Nord

Located at the north end of the island of Ruden about 2.5 km north of the Peenemünde airport. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # FED-360

Photo courtesy Dr. Hans-Werner Fuchs [arcor]

DE 254 Ruden Unterfeuer

Located off the east side of the low island of Ruden, about 6 km north of the mainland near Peenemünde. Accessible only by boat. (C 2658)

Photo courtesy Leuchtturm [Atlas]

Ruden Unterfeuer
DE 255 Peenemünde Peenemünde
latitude 54° 11' 8" N longitude 13° 46' 31" E

Located about 4 km offshore north of Peenemünde and southeast of the Ruden Unterfeuer. Accessible only by boat. (C 2659)

Photo courtesy Helmut Seger [ListOfLights]


DE 256 Kamp-Karnin

This range guides vessels leaving the Oderhaff for the channel known as Der Strom, which leads around the western end of Usedom. Located in a field at the extreme western end of the Oderhaff, on the south side of the Strom entrance.

DE 257 Ueckermünde Westmole
latitude 53° 45' 3.9" N longitude 14° 4' 12.8" E

This light marks the entrance to the river Uecker at Ueckermünde on the southwest shore of the Oderhaff (Zalew Szczecinski), a large sound crossing the Polish border. (C 2860)

Photo courtesy Helmut Seger [ListOfLights]

Ueckermünde Westmole


DE 258 Konstanz Südmole (Molenhäusle)

The lighthouse is known locally as the Molenhäusle (Little House on the Mole). The harbor is now used only by recreational boaters, and the lighthouse is a clubhouse for a powerboat club. Located at the end of the south mole of the Dampferhafen in Konstanz, at the western (lower) end of the Bodensee.

DE 259 Konstanz Ostmole (Imperia)

Located at the end of the east mole of the Dampferhafen in Konstanz

DE 260 Lindau Westmole

Lindau is located on an island just off the northeastern shore of the Bodensee. This lovely and much-photographed lighthouse is located at the end of the west mole sheltering the town's harbor.

Photo courtesy fotokisterl [Flickr]

Lindau Westmole
DE 261 Lindau Mangturm Lindau Mangturm

This fortified tower protected Lindau for centuries and is reported to have served also as a lighthouse, although it is not clear how the light was shown. Located on the waterfront of Lindau. The name Mangturm originates from the cloth or mangle house, which used to stand next to it.

Photo courtesy katasta [Flickr]