The Lighthouses of Jamaica

This page shows what I know about Jamaica. It actually has two lights we visited after Stephen and Tia were married.
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JA 1 Morant Point
latitude 17° 55' 6" N longitude 76° 11' 3.3" W

Located at Morant Point, the easternmost point of Jamaica. Site open, although not easy to find; the road is considered unreliable and may be impassable in wet weather. ARLHS # JAM-004

Photo courtesy edu-tourise [Flickr]

Morant Point
JA 2 Plumb Point Plumb Point
latitude 17° 55' 43.2" N longitude 76° 46' 41.5" W

Located at Great Plumb Point on the Palisadoes Peninsula, marking the entrance to Kingston harbor. ARLHS # JAM-005

Photo courtesy Auria Abraham [Flickr]

JA 2L Lazaretto Cairn (Rackhams Cay Range Rear)

The range guides vessels westward on their approach to Kingston Harbour. This appears to be a historic day-beacon converted to a lighted aid. Located on a bluff on the west side of the harbor entrance, opposite Port Royal.

Photo courtesy []

Lazaretto Cairn
JA 3 Portland Ridge (Portland Point)
latitude 17° 44' 32.4" N longitude 77° 9' 27" W

Located on the Portland Ridge near the southernmost point of the island. Accessible by a hike of about 8 km (5 mi) (access road gated for cars). (J 5327) ARLHS # JAM-006

JA 4 Lover's Leap
latitude 17° 52' 9.4" N longitude 77° 39' 37.9" W
March 5, 2007

The area has been developed as a tourist attraction, with a restaurant and observation deck near the lighthouse. Located 20 miles south of Mandeville at the top of a spectacular vertical cliff. We used a professional driver, without him, we probably would have gotten lost on this trip. (J 5341) ARLHS # JAM-003

JA 5 South Negril Point South Negril Point
latitude 18° 14' 54.3" N longitude 78° 21' 37.8" W
March 5, 2007

The Lighthouse Inn, located close to the tower, has a web site with historical information and photos. Elinor DeWire has an account of a visit, with good photos. Located at South Negril Point, the westernmost point of the island, at the end of West End Road. ARLHS # JAM-007

JA 6 Galina Point
latitude 18° 24' 30.4" N longitude 76° 53' 36.4" W

Located near Port Maria on the northern coast of Jamaica. (J 5266) ARLHS # JAM-002

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

Galina Point
JA 7 Folly Point Folly Point
latitude 18° 24' 30.4" N longitude 76° 53' 36.4" W

Located at the end of the Folly Peninsula east of Port Antonio on the northeastern coast of the island. ARLHS # JAM-001

Photo courtesy Frans Eijgenraam

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