The Lighthouses of Haiti

This page the documentation about the Lighthouses of Haiti. In addition, the pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) I am very grateful to Russ Rowlett at the University of North Carolina for his excellent Lighthouse Directory from which I built the outline. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. LHdirectory
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HH 1 Île Vache (Île-à-Vaches)

Île Vache is an island about 8 miles long lying off Haiti's southwestern peninsula. The island has several resorts, among the few in Haiti. Located at the eastern tip of the island.

HH 2 Pointe Gravois

Located at the southwestern tip of the Gravois peninsula in far southwestern Haiti

HH 3 Grande Cayemite (Grande Île des Cayemites)

Grand Cayemite is about 8 by 3 miles elliptical, lying in the Gulf of Gonâve off the north coast of Haiti's southwestern peninsula. Located at the northern tip of the island.

HH 4 Pointe Ouest

This lighthouse warns ships approaching the Île de la Gonâve, a large island in the Gulf of Gonâve west of Port-au-Prince. The island is 37 miles long and 9 wide. Located on the western point of Île de la Gonâve.

Photo courtesy Francis Mitchell [panoramio]

Pointe Ouest
HH 5 Pointe du Lamentin

The lighthouse is located on a peninsula jutting into the Baie de Port-au-Prince at Carrefour, about 5 km west of the city. Carrefour is a very poor neighborhood and casual travel there is not advisable, but the lighthouse should be visible from ships arriving in Port-au-Prince. photo

HH 6 Port au Prince

Located on the heights behind Port-au-Prince on the southwest corner of Fort Alexandre.

HH 7 Port au Prince Range Front

This light was attached to the cupola atop the north tower of the Cathedral.That cathedral was destroyed January 12, 2010 in the devastating earthquake.

HH 8 Les Arcadins (Ile Du Phare)

The three small islands known as the Arcadins are hazards in the Canal de Saint-Marc (St. Mark Channel), which separates the mainland from the Île de Gonâve, about 30 km northwest of Port-au-Prince. Located on the Île du Phare, the central and largest of the three islands.

HH 9 Pointe de Saint-Marc

This light marks the entrance to the Canal de Saint-Marc (St. Mark Channel). Located on the point, about 20 km southwest of Saint-Marc.

HH 10 Pointe Lapierre

Located on a steep headland on the north side of the entrance to the Baie de Gonaïves, about 15 km west of the city of Gonaïves

HH 11 Pointe Picolet (1895)

Prefabricated in France, this lighthouse was a remarkable architectural monument. The active lighthouse at Ruhnu, Estonia, is the only other known surviving quadrupod tower. Located on a promontory sheltering the harbor of Cap-Haïtien, on the north coast of Haiti.

HH 12 Pointe Picolet (new)
latitude 19° 46' 59.1" N longitude 72° 11' 26.2" W
HH 13 Cap du Mole St. Nicolas

Located on the extreme northwestern tip of the island facing the Windward Passage.

HH 14 Ile de la Tortue Pointe Ouest

Potentially in Port de Paix, but it's not sure this survives.