The Lighthouses of Georgian Bay of Lake Huron

This page displays the lights on the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, thus they are all in Ontario. While we have show geographic coordinates for these lights, many of them are not accessible by auto, so you may have to visit the tourist marinas to see if you can find someone to take you close enough to see these lights.

Sequence numbers are taken from Great Lakes Lighthouses American & Canadian Wes Oleszeski, Avery Press, 1998

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40 Strawberry Island (ON 46)
latitude 45° 58' 24.2" N longitude 81° 51' 15.5" W
access: boat

This photo is taken from a boat. If you follow Highway 17 west from Sudbury, then follow Highway 6 south through Espinosa, you can see the light across the North Channel while on Greater La Cloche Island.

Accessible by boat only ARLHS # CAN-483

Photo courtesy Sam MacCutchan [Flickr]

Strawberry Island
41 Manitowaning Manitowaning (ON 47)
October 12, 2003 access: car

This light is right downtown in Manitowaning, just below St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Marnie commented that these lights "all look pretty much the same" and there sure is a pattern to their construction. ARLHS # CAN-302

41.5 Providence Bay (ON 48)
October 12, 2003 access: car + long lens

This light is not in Wes book. We learned about it from the table (which reproduced a tourist map) when we ate breakfast. You can't get very close, this picture is from the harbor of Providence Bay (and has a heavy digital zoom).

There's another light allegedly at the tip of the North side of the island in the Indian Reservation. We didn't attempt to get there. p1 ARLHS # CAN-416

Providence Bay
42 Killarney East Killarney East (ON 49)
access: car

Take highway 637 into Killarney, then follow Ontario street to the end. ARLHS # CAN-262

Photo courtesy © R. G. Daniel [rgdaniel]

43 Gereaux Island (ON 50)
latitude 45° 44' 40" N longitude 80° 39' 32.5" W
September 9, 2016 access: boat

Boat (but visitors are welcome) ARLHS # CAN-197

Gereaux Island
43.3 Bustard Rocks Bustard Rocks (ON 50B)
latitude 45° 53' 30.7" N longitude 80° 57' 6.5" W
September 7, 2016 access: boat

Located on a small rocky island west of the main Bustard Island, on the approaches to the French River.

43.6 Key Harbor (ON 50K)
September 7, 2016 access: boat

I haven't learned much about this light. Locals tell me it's a Private Aid to Navigation (PAN) and has been here for many years.

Key Harbor
44 Byng Inlet Front Byng Inlet Front (ON 51)
September 7, 2016 access: boat

Located on the south side of the channel inside the entrance of Byng Inlet. Boat required. ARLHS # CAN-066

44 Byng Inlet Rear (ON 51R)
September 7, 2016 access: boat

Located on the south side of the channel inside the entrance of Byng Inlet. Boat required.

Byng Inlet Rear
45 Pointe au Baril Pointe au Baril (ON 52)
September 7, 2016 access: boat

A tourist town, shouldn't be hard to find. Located on the point, off ON 69 about 65 km north of Parry Sound.

There is also a rear range light on Macklin Island about 1.5 km east which is accessible only by boat. ARLHS # CAN-393

45.5 Pointe au Baril Rear Range (ON 52R)
latitude 45° 33' 20.7" N longitude 80° 29' 8" W
September 7, 2016 access: Boat

Across the channel from the main light

the rear range light is on Macklin Island about 1.5 km east which is accessible only by boat.

Pointe au Baril Rear Range
46 Red Rock Red Rock (ON 53)
latitude 45° 21' 36" N longitude 80° 24' 29" W
September 7, 2016 access: boat

At the entrance of Parry Sound (yes, that is a heli-pad on the top, the rock is too small for both the light and a helicopter pad.) ARLHS # CAN-429

47 Snug Harbour (ON 54)
latitude 45° 22' 25.6" N longitude 80° 18' 40.5" W
September 7, 2016 access: boat

Drive down Highway 5559 to Snug Harbour road. Drive to the Marina at the end and beg a ride. ARLHS # CAN-463

Snug Harbour
47.1 Snug Harbour Rear Range Snug Harbour Rear Range (ON 54F)
September 7, 2016 access: boat

Across the channel from Snug Harbor on Walton Island is this metal skeletal tower

47.4 Killbear Point (ON 54K)
latitude 45° 19' 57.4" N longitude 80° 10' 11.9" W
September 7, 2016 access: car?

On the point near the campground, this is a simple D9 (sewer pipe) installation

Killbear Point
47.6 Three Mile Point Three Mile Point (ON 54T)
latitude 45° 20' 45" N longitude 80° 5' 21.2" W
September 7, 2016 access: plane

On the point just north of Depot Harbor, this is a simple D9 (sewer pipe) installation.

47.7 Cape Robert (relocated) (ON 54S)
latitude 45° 20' 40.7" N longitude 80° 2' 31.1" W
September 8, 2016 access: car

This is just the lantern room from the top of the Cape Robert light. It is now serving as the front entrance to the Parry Sound Coast Guard Station

Cape Robert
47.8 Chippewa III Chippewa III (faux) (ON 54X)
latitude 45° 20' 23.5" N longitude 80° 2' 3.5" W
September 7, 2016 access: car

In the harbor at Parry Sound, this is the base station for the Chippewa III. It looks like authentic construction, so probably moved, but from where is unknown. Some people identify this is a PAN (Private Aid to Navigation).

47.85 Spruce Rock (ON 55C)
latitude 45° 19' 54.9" N longitude 80° 15' 32.8" W
September 10, 2016 access: boat

No longer in service. Complete with Osprey net on top.

Spruce Rock
47.9 Jones Island Front Range Jones Island Front Range (Gordon Rock) (ON 55F)
latitude 45° 18' 55.5" N longitude 80° 16' 57" W
September 10, 2016 access: boat

A standard 4 sided pyramid Canadian light about 1km from Jones Island ARLHS # CAN-1033

48 Jones Island Rear Range (ON 55)
latitude 45° 17' 58.2" N longitude 80° 15' 25.1" W
September 7, 2015 access: boat

There is also a Front range located on Gordon Rocks (about 2.5 miles north) ARLHS # CAN-257

Jones Island Rear Range
49 Western Island Western Island (ON 56)
access: boat

SW of Parry Sound, on Double Top Island ARLHS # CAN-498

Photo courtesy Canadian Coast Guard [LH Directory]

50 Brebeuf Island (ON 57)
latitude 44° 52' 36.1" N longitude 79° 53' 4.6" W
access: boat

This is actually the front range. A rear range also exists, see below. ARLHS # CAN-058

Photo courtesy []

Brebeuf Island
51 Beausoleil Island (ON 58)

Take a boat from Pentetang (Midland) or Port Severn.

You can also hike to it by taking a water taxi to Georgian Bay Islands National Park. park ARLHS # CAN-548

52 Hope Island (ON 59)
access: boat

Take a boat from Midland, Ont ARLHS # CAN-230

Photo courtesy []

Hope Island
53 Christian Island Christian Island (ON 60)
latitude 44° 46' 5.5" N longitude 80° 7' 50.2" W
August 18, 2011 access: ferry + walk (4.1 miles)

Ferry from Cedar Point, Ont. Once on the island, from O Gema Street take your second left, Kate Kegwin Street, and follow it for 4.1 miles to its end, where you will find Christian Island Lighthouse.

Or, you can navigate to Kingswood Acres, and see the light across the water. ARLHS # CAN-136

54 Nottawasaga Island (ON 61)
latitude 44° 32' 18.7" N longitude 80° 15' 31.4" W
access: boat

Take a boat from Collingwood, Ont ARLHS # CAN-356

Photo courtesy Ali Brauda [Flickr]

Nottawasaga Island
55 Griffith Island (ON 62)

Take a boat from Wiarton, Ontario ARLHS # CAN-216

56 Cape Crocker (ON 63)
latitude 44° 57' 22.9" N longitude 80° 57' 38" W
August 18, 2011 access: car

From Cape Crocker, follow Community Center Road (North) to Harbor Road (right) to Lighthouse road NE 5 miles (2.5 are only dirt) road around the sound. ARLHS # CAN-094

Cape Crocker
57 Lion Lion's Head (ON 64)
latitude 44° 59' 26.2" N longitude 81° 14' 53.5" W
August 18, 2011 access: car

From Hwy 6, follow Bruce Road 9 east at Ferndale to Lion's Head. Turn left and follow signs to harbour. ARLHS # CAN-276

58 Cabot Head (ON 65)
latitude 45° 14' 42.8" N longitude 81° 17' 31.2" W
August 18, 2011 access: car

The beacon was actually removed in the late 1960s - early 1970s, then restored later on by a preservation group.

Turn east off Highway 6 on the Dyers Bay Road. Follow the road through Dyer's Bay and bear right for the shore road to Cabot Head... follow it to the end. ARLHS # CAN-067

Cabot Head
59 Flowerpot Island Flowerpot Island (ON 66)
latitude 45° 18' 25.7" N longitude 81° 36' 51.5" W
access: tour

Plan to spend an entire day on the island, accessible only by tour (fathom five national marine park) boat. ARLHS # CAN-181

Photo courtesy © ontariogal. Used with permission [Flickr]

60 Lonely Island (ON 67)
latitude 45° 34' 25.6" N longitude 81° 28' 5.2" W

Take a boat from Manotowaning. This is still an active station, so access is closed. ARLHS # CAN-282

61 South Baymouth Front Range (ON 68)
latitude 45° 33' 28.1" N longitude 82° 1' 1.2" W
August 19, 2011 access: car

South Baymouth is the ferry connection point to the other side of Georgian Bay, so this is a significant light for navigation. It is mounted on a shelf of limestone. With the Great Lakes level as low as it is in 2003, it looks pretty isolated, but I'll bet there have been times when water came right up to the base. ARLHS # CAN-591

South Baymouth Front Range
62 South Baymouth Rear Range South Baymouth Rear Range (ON 69)
latitude 45° 33' 31.8" N longitude 82° 59.5" W
August 19, 2011 access: car

As you can see, this light is buried in a grove of trees, just cut out so that it is visible from the water. Just behind where I'm standing is some person's house, so they didn't waste any money on real estate with this light. ARLHS # CAN-592

63 Cove Island (ON 70)
latitude 45° 19' 36.4" N longitude 81° 44' 5.9" W
August 19, 2011 access: ferry

This picture was taken from the deck of our Ferry from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island. It's early morning, so the light is more interesting than some other times. ARLHS # CAN-149

Cove Island
64 Big Tub Big Tub (ON 71)
latitude 45° 15' 27.7" N longitude 81° 40' 21" W
August 19, 2011 access: car

Constructed (like many of these lights) out of wood and placed on a limestone base (actually the same cliff that makes Niagara Falls), this is still the original wood (built in 1920), so it either was very good wood, or very well maintained. If you'd like, the old keepers cottage is for rent. rent ARLHS # CAN-549

If you would like copies of any of my pictures, contact me and we'll discuss arrangements. There are others who do this commercially, I have no intention of competing directly, but you can make a proposal, and I'll react. mailto