The Lighthouses of Lake Ontario

Copies of these pictures are stored on the Web if you want to download them. The lights in Lake Ontario are numbered starting in the West at Fort Niagara, then going counter-clockwise, thus first the Southern shore, then a stretch of the St. Lawrence River, then the Northern Shore, and finally ending up at the Niagara River in Ontario

The pictures below are 'live', if you click on one, it will take you to that photo (or one very similar) on webshots which will be with much better resolution and available for downloading.

Index numbers on this page are from Great Lakes Lighthouses American& Canadian Wes Oleszeski, Avery Press, 1998 P1

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1 Fort Niagara (NY 8)
latitude 43° 15' 42.5" N longitude 79° 3' 37.5" W
June 16, 2002 access: car

Fort Niagara; Built in 1872 out of local limestone; this is no longer in use (thus the trees which conceal it pretty well from the water). It was taken out of service in 1993.

Take the Robert Moses Parkway as north to the Fort Niagara State Park. ARLHS # USA-294

Fort Niagara
2 Thirty Mile Point Thirty Mile Point (NY 9)
latitude 43° 22' 29.7" N longitude 78° 29' 9.1" W
June 16, 2002 access: car

This light was in use from 1875 to 1958 when it was replaced by a steel tower nearby (no picture available)

Take Lake Road (NY 18) east from Fort Niagara 30 miles to Golden Hill State park. ARLHS # USA-844

3 Braddock Point (NY 10)
June 16, 2002 access: car

This has recently been resold and it is in the process of being opened for viewing. It's nearly a duplicate of a light that was in Cleveland OH from 1829 to 1895. The original tower was 110' tall but had extensive damage so the owners only restored the essence rather than the complete tower.

North of Rochester; take the Lake Ontario State Parkway east to NY 222 (Lighthouse Road). Turn left on Clearview avenue and you'll find the light on the lake side. ARLHS # USA-075

Braddock Point
4 Charlotte Genesee Charlotte Genesee 1822 Lighthouse (NY 11)
latitude 43° 15' 9.7" N longitude 77° 36' 38.5" W
November 23, 2001 access: car

This lighthouse is on the west side of the Genesee River at its connection to Lake Ontario. It is built on the site where Indians used to camp and where the William Hincher family settled in 1792. ARLHS # USA-320

5 Rochester Harbor (NY 12)
latitude 43° 15' 45" N longitude 77° 35' 52.8" W
November 23, 2001 access: car

This is the modern Rochester lighthouse. Like all the modern ones it is fully automated; and shows a good case of terminal "uglies". ARLHS # USA-322

Rochester Harbor
6 Old Sodus Point Old Sodus Point (NY 13)
latitude 43° 16' 25.6" N longitude 76° 59' 10.9" W
April 11, 2006 access: car

This light was constructed in 1870 (replacing an older light from 1825). The light is hard to find

unless you start from the light below and look due West (the picture on the right is that view (with the long lens)). It is now a museum although the keepers house was used by the Coast Guard till 1984 (the light was decommissioned in 1901). ARLHS # USA-765

7 Sodus Outer (NY 14)
latitude 43° 16' 37.9" N longitude 76° 58' 26.4" W
April 11, 2006 access: car

This light also was established in 1870. It is on the very end of the channel that lets boats into Sodus Bay. ARLHS # USA-766

Sodus Outer
8 Oswego West Pierhead Oswego West Pierhead (NY 15)
latitude 43° 28' 23.8" N longitude 76° 31' 0.3" W
April 11, 2006 access: boat

This light is quite a ways from shore; so the best way to see it is to use a boat. However; a long lens allows some of us to avoid swimming and make it look like we were really pretty close. ARLHS # USA-571

9 Selkirk (Point Ontario) (NY 16)
latitude 43° 34' 26.5" N longitude 76° 12' 8" W
April 11, 2006 access: car

If you're interested; this light (and the adjacent Marina) is for sale. Note that it has the original "bird cage" housing for the light. All the other lights were upgraded in the 1850's but since this light was decommissioned in 1858 it was not upgraded.

To get here; follow NY 3 to County Road 5; the go to the end. ARLHS # USA-719

10 Stony Point Stony Point (NY 17)
latitude 43° 50' 20.8" N longitude 76° 17' 56.4" W
April 11, 2006 access: car

Once again this light is now a private residence. It was erected in 1869 (replacing a light built in 1830) but deactivated in 1945.

From NY 3; take Military Rd on the south side of Henderson Harbor to Lighthouse Road. (As you might expect; take this to the end.) Please respect their privacy and stay on the public road. (Don't confuse this with the Stony Point on the Hudson River.) NY38 ARLHS # USA-814

11 Galloo Island (NY 18)
latitude 43° 53' 16.7" N longitude 76° 26' 43.3" W
access: boat

The island is about 12 miles from historic Sackets Harbor, New York, about 10 miles from Henderson Harbor. ARLHS # USA-314

Photo courtesy Bob Indrums [Flickr]

Galloo Island
12 Horse Island Horse Island (Sackets Harbor) (NY 19)
latitude 43° 56' 33.4" N longitude 76° 8' 40.8" W
access: boat

On tiny Horse Island just a hundred yards or so offshore from Sackets Harbor. Foliage hides the lighthouse however. ARLHS # USA-380

Photo courtesy Rebecca Adams [Webshots]

13 Tibbetts Point (NY 20)
latitude 44° 6' 2.3" N longitude 76° 22' 13.8" W
April 11, 2006 access: car

This light marks the entrance to the St. Lawrence River. There was a light here in 1827 made out of rubble stone; this light was erected in 1854. It now serves as a youth hostel. This photo shows the light; then (moving to the left) the fog horn building; finally the fuel storage building (which now is a paint shed). ARLHS # USA-848

Tibbetts Point
14 Cape Vincent Breakwater Cape Vincent Breakwater (relocated) (NY 21)
latitude 44° 7' 10.3" N longitude 76° 19' 55.9" W
April 11, 2006 access: car

Once (?-1934) mounted on the breakwater of Cape Vincent; this light has now been moved to front the village offices.

It can easily be seen if one takes route 12E into Cape Vincent. ARLHS # USA-141

15 East Charity Shoal (ruins) (NY 22)
latitude 44° 2' 21.9" N longitude 76° 28' 46.6" W
October 1, 2009 access: boat

This light can be seen with binoculars from Tibbets Point; but for a good view a boat or plane ride is required. The light originally was at Vermillion Ohio. We saw the light from the water on a GLLKA tour ARLHS # USA-970

East Charity Shoal
16 Rock Island Rock Island (NY 23)
latitude 44° 16' 50.4" N longitude 76° 1' 1.5" W
October 3, 2009 access: boat

Located in the Thousand Islands about 4.5 miles northeast of Clayton; Jefferson County; New York; off of Fisher's Landing. While only accessible by private boat; the grounds are open for touring and picnicking. ARLHS # USA-697

17 Sunken Rock (NY 24)
latitude 44° 20' 45.8" N longitude 75° 54' 40.4" W
September 30, 2009 access: car

This lighthouse can be seen from the shore in Alexandria Bay. The lighthouse can also be seen from tour boats out of Alexandria Bay; Clayton; or Canada. ARLHS # USA-828

Sunken Rock
18 Sisters Island Sisters Island (NY 25)
latitude 44° 24' 51.7" N longitude 75° 50' 38.9" W
October 3, 2009 access: boat

Tours are now offered to Singer Castle; which is located downriver from Sisters Island; so the tour boats must pass by the lighthouse and offer some kind of view. ARLHS # USA-760

19 Crossover Island (NY 26)
latitude 44° 29' 49" N longitude 75° 46' 42" W
October 3, 2009 access: car

From NY-12; 4.1 miles northeast of Chippewa Bay (if you are traveling from the south) and 2.5 miles southwest of Oak Point Road (if you are traveling from the north); turn onto an unmarked road (toward the river) which leads immediately to Riverledge Road. Turn right; and look for the lighthouse on the river. ARLHS # USA-206

Crossover Island
19.3 Cole Ferry Shoal Cole Ferry Shoal (ON 14C)
latitude 44° 31' 59.3" N longitude 75° 45' 33.3" W
October 3, 2009 access: boat

This light has been abandoned; lost it's lantern; lost it's ferry; so all that remains is the base. It's included only to help others traveling the river to identify it.

19.4 de Watteville Front (ON 14F)
latitude 44° 32' 51.5" N longitude 75° 44' 1.4" W
October 3, 2009 access: boat

Before modernization, this was a quot;real" lighthouse. After modernization, there still is a cupola on top of the daymark, so I have chosen to include it. This range marks the northern entrance to Brockville Narrows and is only visible from a boat

de Watteville Front
19.6 de Watteville Rear de Watteville Rear (ON 14R)
latitude 44° 33' 0.5" N longitude 75° 43' 52" W
October 3, 2009 access: boat

Normally a simple sewer pipe light like this would not be included in this index (there are a million or so lights like this on the St. Lawrence.) This light is included only to match the light below. ARLHS # CAN-1170

20 Ogdensburg Harbor (NY 27)
latitude 44° 41' 52.3" N longitude 75° 30' 12.4" W
access: car

From NY-37; exit onto NY-68 (Canton St.). From Canton Street; turn right onto State Street to the riverfront. Turn left on Riverside Avenue and drive one block to a park. The lighthouse is on the opposite side of the Oswegatchie River. This is privately owned so permission is needed to gain access. ARLHS # USA-562

Ogdensburg Harbor
21 Windmill Point Windmill Point (ON 15)
latitude 44° 43' 16" N longitude 75° 29' 13.9" W
July 13, 2004 access: car

This really was built as a windmill; and a very famous battle called the Battle of the Windmill was fought here (in 1837). It was rebuilt as a light house in 1846 and served until 1965. ARLHS # CAN-534

22 Prescott Breakwater (ON 16)
latitude 44° 42' 36" N longitude 75° 30' 34.6" W
July 13, 2004 access: car

This light marks the entrance to the city marina. I'd guess that the weather's bad enough that you need the light; you shouldn't be out in this size boat. ARLHS # CAN-767

Prescott Breakwater
23 Prescott Visitor Prescott Visitor's Center (ON 17)
latitude 44° 42' 37.3" N longitude 75° 30' 42.3" W
July 13, 2004 access: car

This is a replica of a lighthouse. It contains a Fresnel lens (that looks big enough to be a level 3) donated by the Canadian Coast Guard. If you'd like to donate; there's some nice people inside that will assist you in that endeavor.

24 Nine Mile Point (ON 18)
latitude 44° 9' 5.5" N longitude 76° 32' 55.2" W
June 23, 2008 access: car

In Kingston Ontario; follow Highway 2 (Princess St.) to the end (Ontario St.). Turn left and then right at the Wolfe Island Ferry. The car ferry is free. Take the ferry to Wolfe Island. Exit the ferry in Marysville onto Highway 95 and make an immediate right onto Highway 96. Drive 3.5 miles and turn right onto a gravel road at the cable ferry dock to Simcoe Island. Take the very small cable ferry to Simcoe Island. (There is a fee for the cable ferry.) From there; follow Simcoe Island's only main road to the lighthouse. The land is private so bring your long lens or ask permission for access. ARLHS # CAN-758

Nine Mile Point
24.1 Pigeon Island Pigeon Island (ON 18C)
latitude 44° 3' 58.5" N longitude 76° 32' 59.9" W
October 1, 2009 access: boat

This is a relatively small skeletal structure; and somehow is not listed in Wes' book. It is located on a very small island 5 miles west of Bear Point (which is on Wolfe Island.)

24.2 Snake Island Shoal (ON 18H)
latitude 44° 11' 3.4" N longitude 76° 30' 49.6" W
October 2, 2009 access: boat

This replica of the Snake Island light is located on Wolfe Island. It is fairly accurate except for the lantern area. Snake Island Shoal was built in 1858; moved twice and burned to the ground in 1958.

Snake Island Shoal
24.3 Knapp Knapp's Point (ON 18K)
latitude 44° 13' 57.5" N longitude 76° 24' 56.4" W
October 1, 2009 access: boat

This light was deactivated in 2000 and is now in private ownership. As you can see from the photo it is becoming overgrown. While the light is on Wolfe Island, the best viewing is from the water

24.7 Kingston Marina (ON 18M)
latitude 44° 13' 34.7" N longitude 76° 28' 38.4" W
June 23, 2008 access: ferry

This light is clearly visible from the Wolfe Island ferry as you leave Kingston. Clearly not a lighthouse; it does protect boats entering the marina.

Kingston Marina
24.8 Kingston Ferry Dock Kingston Ferry Dock (ON 18Q)
latitude 44° 13' 56.2" N longitude 76° 28' 34" W
June 23, 2008 access: car

The Wolfe Island Ferry runs until 1AM in the summer; and all year long. This light marking the end of the pier is a good idea. However, the size means that it won't make many other lighthouse lists.

24.9 Kingston City Hall (ON 18T)
latitude 44° 13' 47.5" N longitude 76° 28' 50" W
October 1, 2009 access: car

Althought never technically listed as an aid to navigation; navigators have used the illuminated dome of the city hall as a guide to the harbor for years.

Kingston City Hall
25 Main Duck Island Main Duck Island (ON 19)
latitude 43° 55' 51.4" N longitude 76° 38' 19.1" W
October 1, 2009 access: boat

We saw this light as part of the Ontario GLLKA cruise. The light is accessible only by boat, and is not visible from the mainland. There is a reef running in line with this point, so navigation is tricky; but deep water next to that reef so we got a good view. ARLHS # CAN-760

26 False Duck Island (Old) (ON 20)
latitude 43° 54' 35.2" N longitude 77° 2' 33.3" W
July 12, 2004 access: car

This actually is a re-creation. This light was built in 1967. This ligh, like the next 5, are all in Prince Edward County; just south of 401; but there's a whole lot of Canada between them. ARLHS # CAN-864

False Duck Island (Old)
27 Prince Edward Point Prince Edward Point (ON 21)
July 12, 2004 access: car + long lens

This light is on the very eastern point of Prince Edward County. As you can see, the original light is defunct, but they have erected a new steel skeleton in front to hold the replacement automated light. ARLHS # CAN-787

28 Point Petre (ON 22)
latitude 43° 50' 21.6" N longitude 77° 9' 8.3" W
July 12, 2004 access: car

This light is on the opposite end of Prince Edward County, and it seems like it is only gravel roads separating these 2 lights. This is a research facility, so this picture is about as close as you can get to it. ARLHS # CAN-763

Point Petre
29 Salmon Point Salmon Point (ON 23)
latitude 43° 50' 58.9" N longitude 77° 9' 43.5" W
July 12, 2004 access: boat

This light is inside a private campground, and rented by the week. It looked like we were not even going to be able to get near it, but a resident drove up, let us through the gate, and we talked to Mrs. Rankin. She finally let me in (less $10 Canadian) and wanted to know how many millions of dollars I was going to make off these pictures. (My guess is not many) ARLHS # CAN-789

30 Presqu'le Point (ON 24)
July 12, 2004 access: car

This light has lost it's top (as you can see), but there is still one of the solar powered bulbs up there (almost impossible to see in this picture). ARLHS # CAN 412

31 Toronto Harbor Aquatic Park Toronto Harbor Aquatic Park (ON 25)
latitude 43° 36' 50.4" N longitude 79° 20' 35.5" W
June 15, 2002 access: boat

You can reach this lighthouse by car then a long walk or you can go on a Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Ontario cruise and see it from the water. We did the latter. ARLHS # CAN-1340

31.1 Mimico [Yachting Club] (ON 25A)
latitude 43° 37' 5.2" N longitude 79° 28' 53.2" W
access: car

Photo courtesy Gary J. Wood [Flickr]

32 Gibraltar Point Gibraltar Point (ON 26)
latitude 43° 36' 43.9" N longitude 79° 23' 18.6" W
June 15, 2002 access: boat

This is the oldest standing lighthouse on the Great Lakes; dating from 1808. It was active until 1958 and is now under loving care. ARLHS # CAN-199

33 Queen's Wharf (ON 27)
latitude 43° 38' 8.9" N longitude 79° 24' 17.6" W
July 11, 2004 access: car

Driving into Toronto, the wrong way because we got trapped in the express lanes of 401, we drive right by this and say "we've got to go back ... later". So after dinner; I went back; it was a quiet Sunday night; and easy to find. ARLHS # CAN-542

34 Oakville Oakville (ON 28)
latitude 43° 26' 30.3" N longitude 79° 40' 10.1" W
June 14, 2002 access: car

Built in 1837, rebuilt in 1889, this light was removed from its working place in 1960 and now is part of a marina in downtown Oakville. ARLHS # CAN-632

34.1 Oakville (new) (ON 29)
latitude 43° 26' 22" N longitude 79° 39' 55.5" W
June 16, 2002 access: boat

The Oakville light has been replaced by the modern monstrosity shown on the right. In theory, you can see the old light from the water; but it takes very sharp eyes and a different point of view than this one. ARLHS # CAN-633

Oakville (new)
35 Burlington Canal Front Range Burlington Canal Front Range (ON 30)
latitude 43° 18' 3.6" N longitude 79° 47' 26" W
June 14, 2002 access: car + walk

Still in operation at the tip of the Burlington Canal; this light was first built in 1832; but was replaced in 1909 with this concrete structure that looks Art Deco. ARLHS # CAN-618

36 Burlington Canal Rear Range (ON 31)
latitude 43° 17' 54.5" N longitude 79° 47' 42.8" W
June 15, 2002 access: car or boat

Originally the rear light leading boats into the Burlington Canal; this light is now blocked by the East Port lift bridge and has pretty much been ignored. ARLHS # CAN-063

Burlington Canal Rear Range
37 Port Dalhousie Front Range Port Dalhousie Front Range (ON 32)
latitude 43° 12' 39.7" N longitude 79° 15' 48.4" W
June 15, 2002 access: car

You can pronounce the port's name Daloosie or Dal-Hoosie depending on what part of Canada you're from. The local's prefer the former. Built in 1879 to protect the then end of the Welland Canal, it was automated in 1968 and still active (but only for the harbor). ARLHS # CAN-540

38 Port Dalhousie Rear Range (ON 33)
latitude 43° 12' 24.8" N longitude 79° 15' 47.4" W
June 15, 2002 access: car

This is the rear end of the range. Both lights; while active; were in poor repair. As you can see, they have recently been picked up by a local group for renovation and are in excellent shape. ARLHS # CAN-541

Port Dalhousie Rear Range
39 Port Weller Outer Port Weller Outer (ON 34)
latitude 43° 14' 40.6" N longitude 79° 13' 3.5" W
June 15, 2002 access: boat

Port Weller is the end of the Welland Canal (now). This used to be the fog horn when the light was located 1/2 mile up the barrier. It now is the light and fully automated. ARLHS # CAN-766

40 Niagara River Front Range (ON 35)
latitude 43° 15' 19.8" N longitude 79° 3' 42.3" W
June 15, 2002 access: boat

Built on the Canadian side of the Niagara River in 1903; this pair of lights will lead boats up the river. ARLHS # CAN-620

Niagara River Front Range
41 Niagara River Rear Range Niagara River Rear Range (ON 36)
latitude 43° 15' 13.8" N longitude 79° 3' 37.7" W
June 15, 2002 access: boat

This is the other half of the light above. ARLHS # CAN-621

If you would like copies of any of my pictures, contact me and we'll discuss arrangements. There are others who do this commercially, I have no intention of competing directly, but you can make a proposal, and I'll react. mailto

1.5 Olcott (replica) (NY 8A)
latitude 43° 20' 19.7" N longitude 78° 42' 54.8" W
August 2, 2015 access: car

A replica light built in 2003

In downtown Olcott, NY at the corner of Ontario and Lockport Road

2 Oak Orchard Oak Orchard (replica) (NY 9K)
latitude 43° 22' 20.3" N longitude 78° 11' 29.3" W
August 2, 2015 access: car

A pierhead beacon was originally established as a guide into Oak Orchard harbor in 1871. The lighthouse was swept from the pier in a storm in 1916 and not replaced. In 2004, the Oak Orchard Lighthouse Museum raised the funds required to erect a replica of the 1871 light on shore, which was dedicated in 2010.

The replica is located on the east bank of the river and you can drive to 14357 Ontario St, Kent, NY 14477.

24.7 Scotch Bonnet Island (Ruins) (ON 23S)
access: boat

A low rocky outcropping, virtually submerged at times, Scotch Bonnet Island represented a real hazard to mariners coasting along Lake Ontario’s northern shore. To mark the hazard a limestone tower and dwelling were established on the island in 1856. Automated with an acetylene system in 1912, the lighthouse was abandoned. Time has not been good to the light, and it is in an advanced state of decay. Located three miles from the mainland, a private or charter boat is the only way to see this light

Photo courtesy Terry Pepper [GLLKA]

Scotch Bonnet Island
29.5 Cobourg Cobourg (ON 24C)
latitude 43° 57' 8.4" N longitude 78° 9' 52.6" W
access: car + walk(short)

Located approximately half way between Prince Edward and Toronto, Cobourg served as an important harbor of refuge and the first government lighthouse was established here in 1844. The present utilitarian reinforced concrete structure was erected in 1915.

Take Division street to its western end and you can drive onto the pier for a short walk out to the light

Photo courtesy Terry Pepper [GLLKA]