The Lighthouses of Chile

This page currently shows the beginning of the documentation of the Lighthouses of Chile.  The pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.)   I am very grateful to Russ Rowlett at the University of North Carolina for his excellent Lighthouse Directory for the outline.  Each lighthouse name is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. LHdirectory

I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data, could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) MailMe

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Northern Chile

CL 1 Limitrofe (Concordia Range Rear)

Located at the Peruvian border about 30 km north of Arica.

Photo courtesy Manuel Arcaya [panoramio]

CL 2 Arica South Breakwater Arica South Breakwater
latitude 18° 28' 6.8" S longitude 70° 19' 39.7" W ARLHS # CHI-059

Photo courtesy Enrique Guzman [panoramio]

CL 3 Península Alacrán (Isla Alacrán)

The Isla Alacrán is a small island just off the coast, now joined to shore by a causeway. Located between the commercial and small boat harbors at Arica. ARLHS # CHI-061

Photo courtesy Jakub Jurkowski [Flickr]

Península Alacrán
CL 4 Iquique Molo de Abrigo Iquique Molo de Abrigo (Outer Breakwater)

Located at the end of the west breakwater at Iquique. ARLHS # CHI-082

Photo courtesy global paladin [webshots]

CL 5 Península Serrano
latitude 20° 12' 27.2" S longitude 70° 9' 37.1" W

This lighthouse is a rare surviving example of French lighthouse design. Located on the Serrano Peninsula on the south side of the Bay of Iquique. ARLHS # CHI-095

CL 6 Punta Gruesa (Iquique)

There is another Punta Gruesa light at Valparaíso. This one is located on a headland about 15 km south of Iquique. CL 19

Photo courtesy Juan Hidalgo Jara [panoramio]

Punta Gruesa
CL 7 Puerto Mejillones del Sur Puerto Mejillones del Sur

Mejillones del Sur is a small town facing north onto a broad bay about 80 km north of Antofagasta. Located on the beach.

Photo courtesy djcamus [webshots]

CL 8 Punta Angamos
latitude 23° 1' 37.1" S longitude 70° 30' 38" W

The light commemorates the Battle of Angamos on October 8, 1879. The headland of Punta Angamos projects into the Pacific northwestward, sheltering the Bahía Mejillones. ARLHS # CHI-096

CL 9 Antofagasta (Outer Breakwater, Extremo Molo de Abrigo)

Located on the end of the main (south) breakwater at Antofagasta. ARLHS # CHI-058

Photo courtesy Antonio Ljubetic [Flickr]

CL 10 Caleta Coloso
latitude 23° 45' 33.3" S longitude 70° 28' 0.6" W

Located on a headland about 18 km south of Antofagasta. ARLHS # CHI-037

CL 11 Monumental Chañaral (Faro del Milenio)

This lighthouse was built by the city of Chañaral as a Millennium project and tourist attraction. Located on a steep hillside above Chañaral. ARLHS # CHI-090

Photo courtesy León Calquín [Flickr]

Monumental Chañaral
CL 12 Punta Caldera Punta Caldera
latitude 27° 3' 3.9" S longitude 70° 51' 5.8" W

Chile's only all-wooden lighthouse. The lighthouse was restored in 1987. Located on a prominent cape about 8 km northwest of Caldera. ARLHS # CHI-065

Photo courtesy Marcelo Báez Rojas [Panoramio]

CL 13 Isla Chañaral (1897)

The island is one of the Islotes Atacama, located about 65 km southwest of Huasco, not near the port of Chañaral. It is a nature preserve; visitation is by permit only. ARLHS # CHI-042

CL 14 Isla Chañaral (new)
latitude 29° 1' 49.4" S longitude 71° 35' 21.7" W

About 40 miles SW of Huasco, northern Chile.

Photo courtesy Eduardo Faine [Flickr]

Isla Chañaral (new)

Central Chile

CL 15 Monumental La Serena Monumental La Serena

The lighthouse was built as a landmark terminating the Avenida Francisco de Aguirre, which links the old city to the sea. The lighthouse is used as a cultural center and meeting hall. Located directly on the beach in La Serena. ARLHS # CHI-002

Photo courtesy slapfaan [webshots]

CL 16 Punta Tortuga
latitude 29° 56' 2.4" S longitude 71° 20' 31.6" W

Punta Tortuga is a few miles southwest of La Serena. ARLHS # CHI-077

Photo courtesy Chile's Navy [Navy]

Punta Tortuga
CL 17 Península Los Molles (Quintero)

Located on a headland about 8 km northwest of Quintero (Quintero) ARLHS # CHI-022

CL 18 Concón (Punta Concón)

Located at the end of the breakwater of Marnia Higuerillas at Concón, a largely recreational harbor about 15 km north of Valparaíso. The breakwater is not walkable.

Photo courtesy alemama [webshots]

CL 19 Punta Condell Punta Condell (Punta Gruesa)
latitude 33° 1' 31.7" S longitude 71° 35' 8" W

Located on a rocky headland near Viña del Mar northeast of Valparaíso, marking the east entrance to the harbor. Avoid the confusion of the other Punta Gruesa. CL 6

Photo courtesy Eduardo Faine [Flickr]

CL 19N Punta Molo
latitude 33° 1' 54.5" S longitude 71° 37' 15.7" W

At the tip of the Navy pier in Valparaiso.

Photo courtesy Eduardo Faine [Flickr]

Punta Molo
CL 20 Punta Duprat
latitude 33° 1' 38.4" S longitude 71° 37' 33.5" W

Located on the knuckle (bend) of the Chilean Navy pier at Valparaíso ARLHS # CHI-068

CL 21 Punta Angeles
latitude 33° 1' 22.9" S longitude 71° 38' 51.8" W

The present lighthouse was prefabricated in England by Chance Brothers, Ltd. In 1967 the tower was relocated inside the Punta Angeles maritime complex; the George Slight Lighthouse Museum is nearby. Located on the rocky headland at the western entrance to the Bahía de Valparaíso, about 3 km northwest of the city ARLHS # CHI-001

Photo courtesy RodMsn [Flickr]

Punta Angeles
CL 22 Punta Curaumilla Punta Curaumilla
latitude 33° 5' 60" S longitude 71° 44' 21.3" W

Located on the point, which projects into the Pacific near Laguna Verde, about 30 km southwest of Valparaíso. ARLHS # CHI-014

Photo courtesy Rocia Sa [Flickr]

CL 23 Cofradía Náutica

Located atop a large rock, the Islote Pájaros Niños, at the entrance to the harbor of Algarrobo, about 40 km south of Valparaíso; the rock is adjacent to a yacht club, the Cofradía Náutica del Pacifico. ARLHS # CHI-079

CL 24 Punta Panul

Located atop a steep bluff about 7 km north of San Antonio.

Photo courtesy Mario Reyes Pereda [Flickr]

Punta Panul
CL 25 Muelle Policarpo Toro

Located at the end of a wharf in San Antonio. ARLHS # CHI-091

CL 26 Cabo Carranza

Located on Punta Santa Ana, which is at the mouth of the Río Loanco, just north of the tip of the cape, about 65 km west of Talca. ARLHS # CHI-005

Photo courtesy Tomás Jorquera [Flickr]

Cabo Carranza
CL 27 Isla Quiriquina

The island is the site of a naval base and a prison. Located at the summit of the island, which lies in the entrance to the Bahía de Concepción. ARLHS # CHI-025

CL 28 Punta Tumbes

Located at the point, at the western entrance to the Bahía de Concepción, about 13 km north of Talcahuano and 30 km north of Concepción. ARLHS # CHI-099

CL 29 Punta Gualpén

Located on the toe of a prominent cape about 16 km northwest of Concepción. ARLHS # CHI-070

CL 30 Isla Santa María

Apparently this historic lighthouse does not survive. Located on the north end of a rugged island about 40 km west of Puerto Coronel. ARLHS # CHI-027

Photo courtesy Klaus Huelse [leuchturm]

Isla Santa María
CL 31 Punta Lutrin Punta Lutrin (Faro del Parque)

The lighthouse is located in a lovely botanical garden, the Parque Isadora Cousiño de Lota. Punta Lutrin is just north of Lota, about 8 km south of Puerto Coronel. ARLHS # CHI-071

Photo courtesy Sinfomano [Flickr]

CL 32 Morro Niebla

This is Chile's third oldest light station, established to guide ships into the Bahía Corral, the harbor serving the inland city of Valdivia. Located atop a bluff on the east side of the entrance to the bay near Niebla, about 35 km west of Valdivia. ARLHS # CHI-060

Photo courtesy juicyniner [webshots]

Morro Niebla

Chilean Fjords

CL 33 Punta Corona Punta Corona

This is the oldest active lighthouse in Chile, although it appears to have been modernized. The lighthouse is at the northern end of the large Isla de Chiloé, near Ancud. ARLHS # CHI-013

Photo courtesy Quiero [Flickr]

CL 34 Isla Tabón

Located near the west end of the island, which is at the northern end of the Golfo de Ancud. ARLHS # CHI-049

CL 35 Isla Queullín

Located near the end of a sandy spit extending from the island, which is just off the mainland at the northeastern corner of the Golfo de Ancud. ARLHS # CHI-045

CL 36 Isla Chaulinec

Located at the southeastern tip of the island off the east coast of the Isla de Chiloé. ARLHS # CHI-084

CL 37 Isla Guafo

The island is south of the Isla de Chiloé in the center of the entrance to the Golfo Corcovado. Located at the southern tip of the island. ARLHS # CHI-021

Photo courtesy Manuel Arcaya [panoramio]

Isla Guafo
CL 38 Isla Auchilú ARLHS # CHI-039
CL 39 Cabo Raper

This is a famous lighthouse; its construction posed a huge engineering challenge overcome by building a special railroad 4 miles longitude The cape is at the southern end of the Tres Montes peninsula overlooking the northern entrance to the Golfo de Penas. Accessible only by boat. photo ARLHS # CHI-009

CL 40 Isla San Pedro

The island is on the southeastern side of the Golfo de Penas. ARLHS # CHI-026

CL 41 Islote Direccion

Located on a small island in the Fallos Channel near the southern border of the Aisén region. ARLHS # CHI-054

CL 42 Isla Mason

Southern end of Canal Icy, Canal Wide ARLHS # CHI-043

CL 43 Isla Medio

Located in the Golfo de Trinidad. ARLHS # CHI-044

CL 44 Isla Stratford

Located on the west side of the Strait of Concepcion. ARLHS # CHI-048

CL 45 Isla Inocentes

Located on the west channel of the Strait of Concepcion. ARLHS # CHI-086

CL 46 Punta Porpoise

Located on the Angostura Guia. photo ARLHS # CHI-074

CL 47 Isla Bonduca

Located on the Sarmiento Channel. ARLHS # CHI-041

Photo courtesy Larry Myhre [Flickr]

Isla Bonduca
CL 48 Bahía Gregg

Located on the Sarmiento Channel. ARLHS # CHI-033

CL 49 Isla Queña

Located on the Collingwood Strait. ARLHS # CHI-087

CL 50 Isla Brinkley

Located on the Collingwood Strait.

CL 51 Isla Cutler

Located on the Smyth Channel. ARLHS # CHI-085

CL 52 Islote Pollo

Located on the Smyth Channel. ARLHS # CHI-088

Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego

CL 53 Islotes Evangelistas

This lighthouse is perched on a rocky islet about 30 km northwest of the western entrance to the Strait of Magellan, facing the full force of the 'Furious Fifties'; it is one of the most exposed lighthouses in the world. ARLHS # CHI-017

Photo courtesy Manuel Arcaya [panoramio]

Islotes Evangelistas
CL 54 Bahía Felix Bahía Felix (Isla Tamar)

Located on Isla Tamar, an island on the north side of the Strait. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # CHI-003

Photo courtesy Eduardo Faine [Flickr]

CL 55 Islote Fairway

Located on a side channel north of the main channel of the Strait. ARLHS # CHI-055

Photo courtesy Eduardo Faine [Flickr]

Islote Fairway
CL 56 Isla Vivian ARLHS # CHI-050
CL 57 Península Brecknock

In Canal Brecknock, part of the strait of Magellan ARLHS # CHI-093

CL 58 Cabo San Isidro

Located about 20 km south of Puerto del Hambre (Port Famine) and 65 km south of Punta Arenas. Ecotours to this site are available from Punta Arenas. ARLHS # CHI-010

Photo courtesy SergioRT [Flickr]

Cabo San Isidro
CL 59 Cabezo Muelle Prat

Located on the southeast side of the Strait north of Porvenir.

53° 10' 12” S 070° 54' 18” W ARLHS # CHI-078

CL 60 Isla Magdalena

The island, home to a large colony of penguins, is frequently visited by ecotours. Located on an island in the Strait about 40 km northeast of Punta Arenas. penguins ARLHS # CHI-031

Photo courtesy tiion [webshots]

Isla Magdalena
CL 61 Punta Baxa ARLHS # CHI-064
CL 62 Punta Delgada

The lighthouse is at the western end of the Bahía Posesión, marking the entrance to Angostura Primera, the first narrow part of the Strait. (G 1414) ARLHS # CHI-015

Photo courtesy Chen Guttman [2005]

Punta Delgada
CL 63 Cerro Dirección Cerro Dirección

Located on the north side of the Strait northeast of Punta Delgada.

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

CL 64 Cabo Posesión

Located on the northern shore of the Bahía Posesión west of Punta Dungeness. (G 1408) ARLHS # CHI-036

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

Cabo Posesión
CL 65 Punta Dungeness Punta Dungeness

Located on the northern side of the entrance from the Atlantic to the Strait of Magellan, within a few meters of the Argentine border. ARLHS # CHI-016

Photo courtesy laparejachevere [Flickr]

CL 66 Cabo Espiritu Santo

Located on the southern side of the entrance from the Atlantic to the Strait of Magellan, within a few meters of the Argentine border. photo ARLHS # CHI-007

CL 67 Isla Burnt

Located in the Ballenero Channel. ARLHS # CHI-083

CL 68 Cabo de Hornos (Isla Hornos, Cape Horn)

This is the world's southernmost lighthouse, the true Lighthouse at the End of the World; it stands in latitude 55° 58.6' S. (There exist a few minor aids to navigation farther south, including several in Antarctica.) Located at the highest point of Isla Hornos, the island that includes Cape Horn. ARLHS # CHI-006

Photo courtesy Bickhal [webshots]

Cabo de Hornos