The Lighthouses of England

This page shows the Lighthouses of England. Note that Wales is a separate page. You can click on the photo of the light to go to it's specific (larger resolution) copy. Each lighthouse name is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light.

Please bear with me viewers as I renumber England.

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North Western England

EN 1
East Cote (Skinburness)
latitude 54° 52' 47.3" N longitude 3° 22' 50.9" W

Located on Skinburness Road about 1 km north of the harbor of Silloth, on the south side of Solway Firth. (A 4671) ARLHS # ENG-318

Photo courtesy Owlet2007 [Flickr]

East Cote
EN 2
Lees Scar Lees Scar (Tommy Legs)
latitude 54° 51' 46.4" N longitude 3° 24' 47.3" W

Located about 800 m south of Silloth. Accessible only by boat. (A 4670) ARLHS # ENG-064

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 3
Maryport (1846)
latitude 54° 43' 1" N longitude 3° 30' 27.4" W

Located at the base of the west quay in Maryport. ARLHS # ENG-080

Maryport (1846)
EN 4
Maryport (1996) Maryport (1996)
latitude 54° 43' 4.1" N longitude 3° 30' 38.5" W

It is believed a lighthouse was established here in 1796. It was converted to acetylene in 1946. This light is constructed of aluminium and was built in 1996. Located at the end of the south pier at Mayport. (A 4676)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 5
Whitehaven North Pier
latitude 54° 33' 10.1" N longitude 3° 35' 44.9" W

Located at the end of the northeast breakwater at Whitehaven. (You can see the west pier in the background). (A 4700) ARLHS # ENG-166

Photo courtesy Multum in Parvo [Flickr]

Whitehaven North Pier
EN 6
Whitehaven West Pier Whitehaven West Pier

Located at the end of the west breakwater at Whitehaven. (A 4698) ARLHS # ENG-245

Photo courtesy Val and Chris [webshots]

EN 7
Whitehaven Old New Quay (Old Outer Quay)
latitude 54° 32' 60" N longitude 3° 35' 33.7" W

The tower was undoubtedly a day beacon, but it isn't clear if it was ever lit as a lighthouse. Located on the 17th century Old New Quay, which now encloses the Inner Harbour of Whitehaven.

Photo courtesy []

Whitehaven Old New Quay
EN 8
St. Bees St. Bees
latitude 54° 30' 49.2" N longitude 3° 38' 12.1" W

South of the harbours of Maryport, Workington and Whitehaven, sandy beaches and grassy foreshores give way to cliffs around St. Bees Head, a high promontory. (A 4710) ARLHS # ENG-142

Photo courtesy Jean Smith [Flickr]

EN 9
Hodbarrow Point (1905) (Haverigg)
latitude 54° 11' 25.2" N longitude 3° 16' 3.1" W

Located on the Duddon Estuary about 800m west of Hodbarrow Point and 1200 m southeast of Haverigg, accessible by walking the berm in either direction. (A 4805) ARLHS # ENG-054

Photo courtesy Bill Wakefield [Flickr]

Hodbarrow Point (1905)
EN 10
Hodbarrow Point (1866) Hodbarrow Point (1866) (Haverigg, Millom)

Located about 300 m northwest of Hodbarrow Point, a location that was on the coast before the iron mines were expanded in 1905. Accessible by hiking trail. ARLHS # ENG-193

Photo courtesy Bill Wakefield [Flickr]

EN 11
latitude 54° 3' 0.4" N longitude 3° 11' 12.8" W

Walney Island is a barrier island about 15 km long off the west end of the Furness peninsula. The island is accessible by bridge from Barrow-in-Furness on the A590 highway. (A 4820) ARLHS # ENG-161

Photo courtesy piddon [webshots]

EN 12
Rampside Rampside (Walney Channel Middle Range Rear)

This tower is the only survivor of 13 range lights built on the approaches to Rampside and Barrow in the 1850-1870 period. Located on the shoreline at Rampside, just off the A5087 about 5 km southeast of Barrow-in-Furness. ARLHS # ENG-201

Photo courtesy Ned Trifle [Flickr]

EN 13
Morecambe (Stone Pier)
latitude 54° 4' 28.1" N longitude 2° 52' 42.6" W

This lighthouse formerly guided railroad ferries sailing between Morecambe and Ireland. Located at the end of the Stone Pier in Morecambe, a port on Morecambe Bay about 5 km northwest of Lancaster. (A 4850) ARLHS # ENG-190

Photo courtesy Ian [Flickr]

EN 14
Near Naze (1904) Near Naze (1904)
latitude 54° 2' 18.1" N longitude 2° 54' 45" W

When Heysham Harbour was built in 1904, this (on the right) lighthouse was apparently built to warn small craft to avoid the adjacent rocky shoal called Near Naze. However, it must have been replaced within a few years by the next lighthouse listed. (A 4863)

Photo courtesy Peter S. Petralia [Flickr]

EN 15
Near Naze (1916) (Range Rear)
latitude 54° 2' 16.6" N longitude 2° 54' 42.6" W

This light is on the left above, both lights are located just off Shore Road near the Portway in Heysham. This is a better photo of the light on the left above.

Photo courtesy Eileen Skinner [Flickr]

Near Naze (1916)
EN 16
Heysham South Pier Heysham South Pier
latitude 54° 1' 54.8" N longitude 2° 55' 26" W

Located at the end of the south pier; good views from ferries departing Heysham for Ireland and the Isle of Man. ARLHS # ENG 192

Photo courtesy xrichx [Flickr]

EN 17
Heysham South Breakwater
latitude 54° 1' 54.5" N longitude 2° 55' 43.7" W

Located at the end of the breakwater, good views from ferries departing Heysham for Ireland and the Isle of Man. (A 4860) ARLHS # ENG-191

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Heysham South Breakwater
EN 18
Plover Scar Range Front Plover Scar Range Front
latitude 53° 58' 53.4" N longitude 2° 52' 57.6" W

The rear range lighthouse was replaced in 1963 by a 15 m skeletal tower. Located about 400 m off shore at the southern entrance to the River Lune about 3 km southwest of Glasson. Accessible only by boat, but easily seen from shore. (A 4876) ARLHS # ENG-315

Photo courtesy Zak [Flickr]

EN 20

This was the world's first successful screwpile lighthouse, so the site has great significance in lighthouse history. Located on the North Wharf Sandbank at the entrance to the narrow channel to Fleetwood, about 2.5 km north of the town. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # ENG-171

Photo courtesy Karl Huelse [leuchturm]

EN 21
Fleetwood Low Fleetwood Low
latitude 53° 55' 42.6" N longitude 3° 32.8" W

The building has a neoclassical design unusual for a lighthouse. Located on the esplanade at the west side of the mouth of the River Wyre in Fleetwood. (A 4892) ARLHS # ENG-195

Photo courtesy The Killer Biscuit [Flickr]

EN 22
Fleetwood High
latitude 53° 55' 35.4" N longitude 3° 27.4" W

These two fine lighthouses are among the town's best known architectural monuments. Located in the middle of a street 320 m south of the front light. (A 4892.1) ARLHS # ENG-043

Photo courtesy John Burke [Flickr]

Fleetwood High
EN 23
Blackpool Range Rear Blackpool Range Rear
latitude 53° 48' 26.3" N longitude 3° 3' 21.6" W

Located on the Promenade in downtown Blackpool, near Lytham and Rigby Roads. ARLHS # ENG 282

Photo courtesy The Killer Biscuit [Flickr]

EN 24
Perch Rock (New Brighton)

Located just offshore from the New Brighton Fort, also a privately owned attraction, at the west side of the entrance to the Mersey estuary at New Brighton. It is possible, with caution, to walk to the lighthouse at low tide. The name comes from the first light which was just a wooden perch on Black Rock. fort ARLHS # ENG-084

Photo courtesy MaddieDigital [Flickr]

Perch Rock
EN 25
Birkenhead Birkenhead (Woodside Ferry)

Located at the Mersey Ferry terminal in Birkenhead. ferry ARLHS # ENG-246

Photo courtesy Karl Huelse [leuchturm]

EN 26
Hale Head
latitude 53° 19' 20.6" N longitude 2° 47' 39.5" W

Located on a promontory on the north bank of the Mersey about 4 km east of Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Accessible by an easy walk of about 1200 m from Hale Church. ARLHS # ENG-187

Photo courtesy rawmusic [Flickr]

Hale Head
EN 27
Upper Mersey Upper Mersey (Ellesmere Port)

Located on South Pier Road in Ellesmere Port, just off the south bank of the Mersey at the junction of the Shropshire Canal and the Manchester Ship Canal. ARLHS # ENG-278

Photo courtesy Steve F [geograph]

EN 28
Bidston Hill

Bidston Hill is more than a mile from the sea, but as the highest hill in the Liverpool area it was the natural site for a landfall light for the Mersey. ARLHS # ENG-009

Photo courtesy markhsal [Flickr]

Bidston Hill
EN 29
Leasowe Leasowe
latitude 53° 24' 47.2" N longitude 3° 7' 33" W

Located on Leasowe Common in Moreton, about 8 km west of Perch Rock Light, the station is included in the North Wirral Coastal Park. park ARLHS # ENG-063

Photo courtesy Harry Moon [Flickr]

EN 30
Hoylake (High)

Located just off Market Street (A553) in Hoylake, at the east side of the entrance to the River Dee. Site and tower closed, but the lighthouse can be seen easily from the street. ARLHS # ENG-055

Photo courtesy Bob Gore [Flickr]

EN 31
Hilbre Island Hilbre Island
latitude 53° 23' 0.4" N longitude 3° 13' 41.9" W

River Dee estuary. This light is fully automated and contains no keepers quarters. Thus it won't appear on all lists. (A 5115) ARLHS # ENG-223

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

Southern England

EN 35
Berkeley Pill Range Rear
latitude 51° 41' 53.6" N longitude 2° 29' 25.6" W

ditto (A 5556.1)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Berkeley Pill Range Rear
EN 36
Berkeley Pill Range Front Berkeley Pill Range Front
latitude 51° 41' 59" N longitude 2° 29' 24.4" W

Located on the south side of the Severn, on Berkeley Pill, a ridge in Hamfields, near Berkeley. Site appears closed, but the lighthouse can be seen from nearby. (A 5556)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 37
Sheperdine Range Rear
latitude 51° 40' 5.5" N longitude 2° 33' 9.5" W

Located on the south side of the Severn, off Nupdown Road in Sheperdine. (A 5549.1)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Sheperdine Range Rear
EN 38
Slime Road Range Rear Slime Road Range Rear
latitude 51° 37' 11.4" N longitude 2° 39' 7" W

Located on a hill in Beachley. (A 5547)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 39
Chapel Rock
latitude 51° 36' 25.6" N longitude 2° 39' 12.3" W

Located on a rock on the north side of the Severn off Beachley, about 650 m downstream from the older Severn Bridge. Accessible only by boat. (A 5541)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Chapel Rock
EN 40
Lyde Rock Lyde Rock
latitude 51° 36' 52.9" N longitude 2° 38' 39.8" W

Clearly the light is now mounted low on the tower. Located on a rock on the north side of the Severn off Beachley, about 300 m upstream from the older Severn Bridge. Accessible only by boat. (A 5545)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 41
Avonmouth North Pier
latitude 51° 30' 29.2" N longitude 2° 43' 5.3" W

Located at the end of the pier on the northeast side of the mouth of the River Avon. Visible from many locations on the waterfront in Avonmouth. (A 5492) ARLHS # ENG-003

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Avonmouth North Pier
EN 42
Avonmouth South Pier Avonmouth South Pier
latitude 51° 30' 22.2" N longitude 2° 43' 5.8" W

Located at the end of the pier on the southwest side of the mouth of the River Avon. (A 5492.21) ARLHS # ENG-202

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 43
Portishead Point (Battery Point)
latitude 51° 29' 40.8" N longitude 2° 46' 25.2" W

Located on a promontory just off the Esplanade on the south shore of the Severn in Portishead, about 3 km west of the mouth of the Avon. (A 5484) ARLHS # ENG-106

Photo courtesy Canis Major Photography [Flickr]

Portishead Point
EN 44
Blacknore Point Blacknore Point

on the river Severn north-west of Bristol. ARLHS # ENG-012

Photo courtesy Lazy B [Flickr]

EN 45
Burnham-on-Sea Low (1832)
latitude 51° 14' 54" N longitude 3° 21" W

Located on the beach about 1 km north of the center of Burnham-on-Sea. (A 5570) ARLHS # ENG-019

Photo courtesy Neal Dench [Flickr]

Burnham-on-Sea Low (1832)
EN 46
Burnham-on-Sea High (1832) Burnham-on-Sea High (1832) (Pillar Lighthouse)
latitude 51° 14' 56" N longitude 2° 59' 56.6" W

Located on Berrow Road just north of Stodden's Road, about 500 m east of the low light in Burnham-on-Sea. ARLHS # ENG-018

Photo courtesy Canis Major Photography [Flickr]

EN 47
Burnham-on-Sea-1801 (Burnham Old, Round Tower)
latitude 51° 14' 23.7" N longitude 2° 59' 54.8" W

Originally four stories tall, the tower was reduced in height so that it would not be confused with the Burnham High Light. Built privately by the local curate, the lighthouse has always been known locally as the Round Tower. Located on the oceanfront Esplanade in Burnham-on-Sea. ARLHS # ENG-323

EN 48
Burnham-on-Sea Seafront Range Rear

The light is mounted on the tower of the Church of St. Andrew, a building that dates from 1316. The tower has a slight lean, centuries old, due to sinking foundations. Located near the waterfront in Burnham-on-Sea. church ARLHS # ENG-333

Photo courtesy Bryan Guy [webshots]

Burnham-on-Sea Seafront Range Rear
EN 49
Watchet Harbour Watchet Harbour
latitude 51° 11' 2.5" N longitude 3° 19' 43.1" W

Located at the the end of the breakwater on the west side of the harbor at Watchet. (A 5584) ARLHS # ENG-174

Photo courtesy Ian Chilton [Flickr]

EN 50
Lynmouth Foreland
latitude 51° 14' 43.5" N longitude 3° 47' 11.7" W

There is a cliff top walk to the foreland along the path leading from the old inn near Countisbury. ARLHS # ENG-044

Photo courtesy Rich Hill [Flickr]

Lynmouth Foreland
EN 51
Ilfracombe Ilfracombe (Lantern Hill)

Located atop Lantern Hill, a steep headland above Ilfracombe Harbour. (A 5594) ARLHS # ENG-059

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

EN 52
Bull Point
latitude 51° 11' 56.8" N longitude 4° 12' 4.4" W

This light gives a guide to vessels navigating off the North Devon Coast with a red sector light marking the Rockham Shoal and the Morte Stone off Morte Point.

It's about a mile walk from the car park. (A 5600) ARLHS # ENG-017

Photo courtesy Dave Barfoot [Flickr]

Bull Point
EN 53
North Lundy North Lundy
latitude 51° 12' 6.3" N longitude 4° 40' 38.2" W

At the mouth of the Bristol Channel lies the Island of Lundy. (A 5616) ARLHS # ENG-074

Photo courtesy Adrian Clark [Flickr]

EN 54
South Lundy
latitude 51° 9' 43.8" N longitude 4° 39' 21" W

Located atop cliffs at the southern tip of the island, where it is more accessible to visitors than the north light. (A 5618) ARLHS # ENG-075

Photo courtesy Brian Dickson [PBase]

South Lundy
EN 55
Lundy Island Lundy Island (Old Light)

Located on Beacon Hill, the highest point of the island. Site open, keeper's houses open to paying guests, tower open for climbing. ARLHS # ENG-073

EN 56
Braunton Sands Low (Crow Point)

These lights were demolished in 1957. Located on a sandy spit just inside the entrance to the River Taw opposite Instow. ARLHS # ENG-213

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Braunton Sands Low
EN 57
Instow Range Front Instow Range Front
latitude 51° 3' 37.3" N longitude 4° 10' 39.8" W

The range guides ships through the narrow channel into the River Taw. (A 5610)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 58
Instow Range Rear
latitude 51° 3' 31.3" N longitude 4° 10' 21.2" W

The front range light is on a skeletal tower, the two lights guide ships through the narrow channel into the River Taw. Located just off Anstey Way on the north side of Instow. (A 5610.1)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Instow Range Rear
EN 59
Hartland Point Hartland Point
latitude 51° 1' 18.9" N longitude 4° 31' 31.2" W

Hartland Point is a right-angled turn in the coastline at the extreme southwestern entrance to Bristol Channel. Located about 5 km northwest of Hartland. The road to the lighthouse is gated at a parking area for the Southwest Coast Path, good views of the light station are available by taking the path west and south. (A 5621) ARLHS # ENG-051

Photo courtesy Adrian Boliston [PBase]

EN 60
Trevose Head
latitude 50° 32' 57.5" N longitude 5° 2' 6.5" W

Trevose Head is a peninsula at the northwestern tip of Cornwall. The former low light was discontinued in 1882. Located about 8 km northwest of Padstow. (A 5638) ARLHS # ENG-157

Photo courtesy Hugo H. [Flickr]

Trevose Head
EN 61
Godrevy Godrevy
latitude 50° 14' 32.9" N longitude 5° 24' 0.8" W

Godrevy Island is situated 3½ miles across St.Ives Bay. Located about 500 m off Godrevy Point near Gwithian at the northeastern entrance to St. Ive's Bay. There are excellent views from the Southwest Coast Path. (A 5655) ARLHS # ENG-047

Photo courtesy Ennor [Flickr]

EN 62
latitude 50° 9' 53.7" N longitude 5° 40' 17.9" W

Located on the promontory called Pendeen Watch, about 2 km north of the B3306 highway at Pendeen. (A 5670) ARLHS # ENG-101

Photo courtesy Simon Jones [Flickr]

EN 63
Lightship Seven Stones

No longer crewed, the ship is operated automatically. Located on the Seven Stones Reef, northeast of the Isles of Scilly and northwest of Land's End. (A 0020)

EN 64
Round Island
latitude 49° 58' 44.7" N longitude 6° 19' 23.4" W

Located on the northernmost of the Isles of Scilly, a bare rocky island northeast of Tresco. The only access, apart from by helicopter, is by a flight of steps out into the solid rock. (A 0018) ARLHS # ENG-118

Photo courtesy Jo Parsons [Flickr]

Round Island
EN 65
Peninnis Peninnis
latitude 49° 54' 16.6" N longitude 6° 18' 12.7" W

on St Mary’s Island in the Isles of Scilly (A 0006) ARLHS # ENG-102

Photo courtesy Roger Picton [Flickr]

EN 66
St. Agnes
latitude 49° 53' 33.1" N longitude 6° 20' 43.3" W

The lighthouse was replaced by the Peninnis Head Light. Located at the highest point of St. Agnes, southwesternmost of the main Isles of Scilly. A friend of Jo's lives here now, and uses the lantern space as a greenhouse. ARLHS # ENG-140

Photo courtesy Jo Parsons [Flickr]

St. Agnes
EN 67
Bishop Rock Bishop Rock

on a rock ledge 46m long by 16m wide, 4 miles west of the Isles of Scilly. (A 0002) ARLHS # ENG-010

Photo courtesy Jeremy Pearson [Flickr]

EN 68
Wolf Rock

This light is four miles south west of Lands End and between the Isles of Scilly. (A 0030) ARLHS # ENG-170

Photo courtesy Phil Biggs [Flickr]

Wolf Rock
EN 69
Longships Longships
latitude 50° 4' 1" N longitude 5° 44' 48.8" W

Around the cliffs of Land's End, at the extreme south-west point of British mainland (A 0028) ARLHS # ENG-069

Photo courtesy Rich McD [PBase]

Channel Islands

EN 74
Channel lightship

Note that the name of the lightship is Channel. I had assumed this was a lazy name, but it is accurate. (A 1520)

Photo courtesy Kees Aalbersberg [ListOfLights]

Channel lightship
EN 75
[Les] Casquets [Les] Casquets

The NW tower is off Alderney in the Channel Islands. (A 1532) ARLHS # GUE-002

Photo courtesy Kees Aalbersberg [ListOfLights]

EN 76

This light is sited on Quénard Point, to the north-east of the Island. (A 1536) ARLHS # GUE-004

Photo courtesy Sylvia [Flickr]

EN 77
Sark Sark

Sark is a small island (5 km by 2 km) located east of Guernsey and accessible by passenger ferry from St. Peter Port, transportation on the island is by foot, bicycle, or horse-drawn carriage. Located on a cliff at the northeastern point of the island; accessible by a staircase of 165 steps down from the top of the cliff. ferry (A 1544) ARLHS # GUE-003

Photo courtesy Harmuth Schnörrle


EN 78

This appears to be an early nineteenth century daybeacon fitted with a modern light. Located about 5 km east of the northeastern point of the island. Accessible only by boat. (A 1548.5) ARLHS # GUE-001

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

EN 79
Platte Fougère Platte Fougère

Located about 2 km off the northeastern point of the guernsey island. Accessible only by boat, but visible from land at Fort Doyle. (A 1548) ARLHS # GUE-006

Photo courtesy Kees Aalbersberg [ListOfLights]

EN 80

Located about 1 km off the northeastern shore of the island. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # GUE-014

EN 81
Crocq Pierhead

Located at the end of a pier in the harbor of St. Sampson (A 1554) ARLHS # GUE-016

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

Crocq Pierhead
EN 82
St. Sampson South Pier Range Rear St. Sampson South Pier Range Rear

Located on the south side of the harbor at St. Sampson. (A 1558.1) ARLHS # GUE-008

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

EN 83
Brehon Tower

Located about 5 km northeast of St. Peter Port. (A 1559) ARLHS # GUE-011

Photo courtesy © Simon Campbell []

Brehon Tower
EN 84
Victoria Marina (Range Front)

Located on the Victoria Pier in St. Peter Port. ARLHS # GUE-009

EN 85
White Rock Pier
latitude 49° 27' 22.8" N longitude 2° 31' 35.4" W

Located at the end of the pier in St. Peter Port. (A 1562) ARLHS # GUE-010

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

White Rock Pier
EN 86
Castle Breakwater Castle Breakwater (St. Peter Port New Harbour Range Front)
latitude 49° 27' 18" N longitude 2° 31' 27" W

This light is located at the end of the breakwater at St. Peter Port. ARLHS # GUE-005

Photo courtesy goynang [Flickr]

EN 87
Belvedere (St. Peter Port New Harbour Range Rear)
latitude 49° 26' 54" N longitude 2° 31' 58.8" W

A short metal tower on the hill behind the town. (A 1560.1)

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]



EN 88
Noirmont Point Noirmont Point
latitude 49° 9' 54.7" N longitude 2° 10' 5.2" W

Located on a rocky point just offshore at the western end of St Aubin's Bay on the southwestern coast of Jersey. Accessible at low tide by wading. (A 1616) ARLHS # JER-007

Photo courtesy Thomas Philipp [ListOfLights]

EN 89
Demie de Pas

Located on a rock off the harbor of St. Helier on the southeast coast of the island. Accessible only by boat. (A 1598) ARLHS # JER-002

Photo courtesy Heike + Friedrich Klatt [ListOfLights]

Demie de Pas
EN 90
Grève d Grève d'Azette (Range Front)
latitude 49° 10' 9.6" N longitude 2° 5' 5.8" W

Located on the coastal road (A4) about 2.5 km southeast of St. Helier on the south coast of Saint Aubin's Bay. (A 1594) ARLHS # JER-005

Photo courtesy Joan und Gary Trigwell [ListOfLights]

EN 91
Mont Ube (Range Rear)
latitude 49° 10' 17.9" N longitude 2° 3' 36.2" W

Located 1.9 km east of Grève d'Azette; should be close to the A5 highway. (A 1594.1)

Photo courtesy Joan und Gary Trigwell [ListOfLights]

Mont Ube
EN 92
Gorey Pier Gorey Pier (Range Front)
latitude 49° 11' 48.6" N longitude 2° 1' 20.5" W

Located at the end of the pier in Gorey, on the east side of the island. ARLHS # JER-003

Photo courtesy Heike + Friedrich Klatt [ListOfLights]

EN 93
Sorel Point
latitude 49° 15' 36.2" N longitude 2° 9' 32.7" W

Located atop the cliff on the northernmost point of Jersey. (A 1584) ARLHS # JER-008

Photo courtesy Dave Medcalf [Flickr]

Sorel Point
EN 94
[La] Corbière [La] Corbière
latitude 49° 10' 47.5" N longitude 2° 15' 0.8" W

One of the most photographed buildings in Jersey is the lighthouse at La Corbiere- meaning 'gathering place of the crows' - on the south west coast of Jersey. The lighthouse is perched atop a rock just off the southwestern tip of Jersey. It is accessible by a causeway at low tide, but visitors must take care not to be stranded when the tide returns. (A 1620) ARLHS # JER-001

Photo courtesy Sylvia [Flickr]

SouthEast England

EN 95
latitude 50° 3' 8.7" N longitude 5° 34' 38.7" W

a headland on the south Cornwall coast to the west of Penzance (A 0032) ARLHS # ENG-152

Photo courtesy Stuart [Flickr]

EN 96
Newlyn Harbour South Pier Newlyn Harbour South Pier
latitude 50° 6' 11" N longitude 5° 32' 33.8" W

Located at the end of the pier in Newlyn, on the south side of Penzance. (A 0038) ARLHS # ENG-236

Photo courtesy exmouth [webshots]

EN 97
Penzance South Pier
latitude 50° 7' 3.7" N longitude 5° 31' 40.7" W

Located at the end of the south pier, also called the Lighthouse Pier, near the Scilly Isles ferry terminal. * (A 0046) ARLHS # ENG-240

Photo courtesy Richard and Gillian Long [Flickr]

Penzance South Pier
EN 98
Marazion Marazion
latitude 50° 7' 21.6" N longitude 5° 28' 14.3" W

Located on the harbor wall at Marazion, on Mount's Bay opposite St. Michael's Mount, about 8 km east of Penzance. mount ARLHS # ENG-331

Photo courtesy © Simon Lewis [westcountryviews]

EN 99
Lizard Point
latitude 49° 57' 36" N longitude 5° 12' 9.2" W

the most southerly point of mainland Britain (A 0060) ARLHS # ENG-068

Photo courtesy Rich McD [PBase]

Lizard Point
EN 100
St. Anthony St. Anthony's
latitude 50° 8' 27.6" N longitude 5° 57.5" W

at the eastern entrance to Falmouth Harbour (A 0062) ARLHS # ENG-141

Photo courtesy mizzledrizzle [Flickr]

EN 101
Mevagissey (South Breakwater)
latitude 50° 16' 6.4" N longitude 4° 46' 57.8" W

Located at the end of the breakwater in Mevagissey, about 7 km south of St. Austell. (A 0078) ARLHS # ENG-234

Photo courtesy Crazy Eddie [Flickr]

EN 102
Gribben Head Gribben Head
latitude 50° 19' 0.8" N longitude 4° 40' 23.5" W

Located on the headland, about 75 m above the sea about 2 km southwest of Fowey. Accessible by walking the coastal trail. trail

Note that this is only a day mark as there is no light in the tower.

Photo courtesy Chris Last [Flickr]

EN 103
Whitehouse Point
latitude 50° 19' 58.8" N longitude 4° 38' 16.7" W

Located on the west side of the harbor at Fowey. (A 0084) ARLHS # ENG-217

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Whitehouse Point
EN 104
Spy House Point Spy House Point (Polperro)
latitude 50° 19' 48.3" N longitude 4° 30' 56.1" W

Located at the entrance to the harbor of Polperro, a small port about 10 km east of Fowey. (A 0090) ARLHS # ENG-243

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 105
St. Catherine's Point
June 5, 2005

Fowey (pronounced Foy) is a small town in Cornwall. It had a big enough harbor for our boat, but not a dock big enough, so we went ashore using the boat's tender. At the end of the day, on the way out, we saw this light. (A 0082) ARLHS # ENG-143

St. Catherine
EN 106
Eddystone (1759) Eddystone (1759) (Smeaton's Tower)
latitude 50° 21' 37.8" N longitude 4° 9' 47.2" W

When the current Eddystone lighthouse was built, the upper 2/3 of the 1759 tower was saved for reassembly in Plymouth. Smeaton's tower was the first successful stone waveswept tower and one of the great engineering marvels of the 18th century.

Located on Plymouth Hoe, a grassy hill overlooking the town and harbor. ARLHS # ENG-091

Photo courtesy Mike Caine [Flickr]

EN 107
Eddystone (1882)

on a small and very dangerous rock 13 miles south west of Plymouth. (A 0098) ARLHS # ENG-039

Photo courtesy Richard Knights [Flickr]

Eddystone (1882)
EN 108
Plymouth Breakwater Plymouth Breakwater
latitude 50° 21' 33.8" N longitude 4° 8' 7.2" W

The Plymouth Breakwater, a major engineering project of the early nineteenth century, was built in stages between 1812 and 1847. Located near the end of the breakwater at the southwestern entrance to Plymouth Harbour. (A 0114) ARLHS # ENG-105

Photo courtesy Mike Caine [Flickr]

EN 109
Queen Anne's Battery Range Rear

Located on Cattedown Road near the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. (A 0132) ARLHS # ENG-312

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Queen Anne
EN 110
Start Point Start Point

running sharply almost a mile into the sea on the South Side of Start Bay near Dartmouth. Not to be confused with the Start Point in the Orkneys. SC11 (A 0228)

Photo courtesy Mickal [Flickr]

EN 111
Dartmouth Castle (Kingswear)
latitude 50° 20' 31" N longitude 3° 33' 56.9" W

The light was not very useful, since the navigable channel is on the other side of the river entrance. Located on the west side of the entrance to the River Dart southeast of Dartmouth. (A 0236) ARLHS # ENG-031

Photo courtesy Stephan Hix [ListOfLights]

Dartmouth Castle
EN 112
Berry Head Berry Head
latitude 50° 23' 58.5" N longitude 3° 29' 0.4" W

Celebrated as England's smallest lighthouse (it looks more like 3m in photos), this is nonetheless a major seacoast light. Located at the end of Gillard Road in Brixham. From Brixham, follow Berry Head Road East to the Light. (A 0244) ARLHS # ENG-007

Photo courtesy Gordon McKinlay [Flickr]

EN 113
Brixham Pier
latitude 50° 24' 20" N longitude 3° 30' 46.5" W

At the end of Victoria Breakwater (a pier 1/2 mile long) (A 0246) ARLHS # ENG-016

Photo courtesy Gordon McKinlay [Flickr]

Brixham Pier
EN 114
Phillip Lucette Beacon Phillip Lucette Beacon
latitude 50° 32' 19.7" N longitude 3° 29' 55.4" W

Not a lighthouse, but obviously a venerable beacon. Located on the south side of the entrance to the Teign, off Marine Parade in Shaldon. (A 0263)

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

EN 115
Teignmouth (The Den)
latitude 50° 32' 26.1" N longitude 3° 29' 59.4" W

The lighthouse also functions as the front light of a range; the rear light is mounted on a black post much like a streetlight. Located on the quay at Den Point on the Teignmouth waterfront. rear (A 0262) ARLHS # ENG-153

Photo courtesy Dorthy Dawson [pictures]

EN 116
Portland Bill Portland Bill
latitude 50° 19' 43" N longitude 2° 27' 18" W

The light station is accessible by buses from Weymouth. (A0294) ARLHS # ENG-274

Photo courtesy Simon Davies (all rights reserved)

EN 117
Portland Bill (1869) Higher

now a centre for Birdwatching ARLHS # ENG 108

Photo courtesy Simon Davies (all rights reserved)

Portland Bill (1869) Higher
EN 118
Portland Bill (1869) Lower

Located near the southernmost point of the Bill. Accessible by road from Portland, but public parking is some distance away. ARLHS # ENG 109

EN 119
Portland Breakwater
latitude 50° 35' 47.5" N longitude 2° 26' 0.3" W

it is the only active survivor in England of a type of prefabricated lighthouse that was once quite common. Located at the south end of the northeast breakwater of Portland Harbour, one of three breakwaters that encircle the harbor. ARLHS # ENG 344

EN 120
Anvil Point
latitude 50° 35' 41.7" N longitude 1° 57' 7.5" W

Located atop a cliff in Durlston County Park, at the end of Lighthouse Road about 3 km south of Swanage. (A 0496) ARLHS # ENG-001

Photo courtesy Photo Paul [Flickr]

Anvil Point
EN 121
St. Catherines St. Catherines
latitude 50° 34' 32.4" N longitude 1° 17' 52" W

is situated at Niton Undercliffe, 5 miles from Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. (A 0774)

Photo courtesy lostajy [Flickr]

EN 122
St. Catherine's Breakwater

This lighthouse was originally on a breakwater near the northeastern tip of Jersey. It has been relocated for display outside the entrance to the Jersey Maritime Museum. Located on the North Quay at St. Helier.

EN 123
latitude 50° 39' 44.5" N longitude 1° 35' 28.8" W

Set in the western approaches to the Isle of Wight, the Needles form a narrow chalky peninsula which rises from jagged rocks to 120m cliffs. (cropped to emphasize the light) (A 0528) ARLHS # ENG-083

Photo courtesy John Linwood [Flickr]

EN 124
Hurst Point High (1867) Hurst Point High (1867)

Hurst Point Lighthouse guides vessels through the hazardous western approaches to the Solent, indicating the line of approach through the Needles Channel. (There are additional views in the same album as this photo.) (A 0538.1) ARLHS # ENG-057

Photo courtesy sparijs [webshots]

EN 125
Hurst Point Low (1866) (Hurst Castle)

Circular granite tower built on the walls of Hurst Castle (1544). Located at the end of a narrow spit extending into the Solent south of Keyhaven. ARLHS # ENG-058

EN 126
Hurst Point Low (1911) (Hurst Castle)

Located at the end of a narrow spit extending into the Solent south of Keyhaven. ARLHS # ENG-253

EN 127
Beaulieu River (Millennium Beacon)
latitude 50° 47' 7.2" N longitude 1° 21' 53.2" W

This lighthouse was built as a Millennium project by the town of Beaulieu. Located on the north side of the entrance to the Beaulieu River from the Solent, about 3 km southeast of Exbury. (A 0553.15) ARLHS # ENG-277

Photo courtesy day 7 [Flickr]

Beaulieu River
EN 128
Egypt Point
latitude 50° 46' 2.3" N longitude 1° 18' 49.9" W

Located at the northernmost point of the Isle of Wight, on the waterfront in Cowes. ARLHS # ENG-180

EN 129
St. Helen's Fort

Located about 1.5 km off St. Helens and 7 km south of Southsea. Accessible only by boat. (A 0760) ARLHS # ENG-181

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

St. Helen
EN 130
Lightship 78 Calshot Spit Lightship 78 Calshot Spit
latitude 50° 53' 45.8" N longitude 1° 23' 34.2" W

The ship is displayed on land at the Ocean Village Marina on the waterfront in Southampton.

Photo courtesy Pete Stean [Flickr]

EN 131
No Man's Land Fort

Located on the left side of the Portsmouth entrance channel about 4 km south of Southsea. Accessible only by boat. (A 0752) ARLHS # ENG-237

EN 132
Lightship 1 Mary Mouse 2

Located on Haslar Road on the north side of the harbor in Gosport. The boat was active from 1946 to 1991.

EN 133
Southsea Castle
latitude 50° 46' 41.1" N longitude 1° 5' 20" W

East side of the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour. The light is mounted on the north corner of the castle. (A 0691) ARLHS # ENG-134

Photo courtesy Mallmus [Flickr]

Southsea Castle
EN 134
Spitbank Fort Spitbank Fort
latitude 50° 46' 13.9" N longitude 1° 5' 57" W

The fort is a privately owned tourist attraction. Located in the harbor entrance about 1 km off Southsea. (A 0688)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 135
Horse Sand Fort

Located on the right side of the Portsmouth entrance channel about 3.5 km south of Southsea. Accessible only by boat. (A 0750) ARLHS # ENG-225

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Horse Sand Fort
EN 136
Nab Tower Nab Tower

Located in the English Channel southeast of Bembridge, just off the eastern end of the Isle of Wight. (A 0780) ARLHS # ENG-082

Photo courtesy DJ Stoker [Flickr]

Eastern England

EN 137
Littlehampton East Pier Range Rear
latitude 50° 48' 17.2" N longitude 32' 34.7" W

Located near the foot of the pier, at the end of Pier Road, on the Littlehampton waterfront. (A 0801.1) ARLHS # ENG-066

Photo courtesy supermoving [Flickr]

Littlehampton East Pier Range Rear
EN 138
Shoreham Middle Pier Range Front Shoreham Middle Pier Range Front
latitude 50° 49' 44.9" N longitude 14' 52.6" W

Located at the end of the middle pier at Shoreham-by-Sea, about 8 km west of Brighton. (A 0814) ARLHS # ENG-313

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 139
Shoreham Middle Pier Range Rear
latitude 50° 49' 51.1" N longitude 14' 53.6" W

Located near the base of the middle pier. (A 0814.1)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Shoreham Middle Pier Range Rear
EN 140
Newhaven Breakwater Newhaven Breakwater
latitude 50° 46' 33.1" N longitude 3' 30.1" E

Located at the end of the long breakwater on the west side of the harbor of Newhaven. Accessible by walking the breakwater, which is popular for fishing and sightseeing. (A 0830) ARLHS # ENG 086

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

EN 141
Newhaven East Pier
latitude 50° 46' 48.6" N longitude 3' 35.2" E

This little lighthouse was demolished in early 2006 and replaced by a modern post light. This light was located at the end of the east pier of Newhaven. Not to be confused with another Newhaven East Pier Light on the Firth of Forth in Edinburgh, Scotland. SC68C (A 0832) ARLHS # ENG-235

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Newhaven East Pier
EN 142
Belle Tout
latitude 50° 44' 19.3" N longitude 13' 12.9" E

Located off Beachy Head Road about 6 km southwest of Eastbourne. ARLHS # ENG-006

EN 143
Beachy Head
latitude 50° 44' 1.5" N longitude 14' 29.2" E

Along the cliffs (known as Dover Cliffs in the US) 3 miles from Eastborne, Sussex.

From Eastbourne, follow King Edward's Parade and Upper Dukes Dr. SE until you get to Beachy Head Road. Follow that 1.6 miles to the point. (A 0840) ARLHS # ENG-005

Photo courtesy Simon Davies [Flickr]

Beachy Head
EN 144
Royal Sovereign Royal Sovereign

Located about 9 km east southeast of Eastbourne. Accessible only by boat. (A 0843) ARLHS # ENG-257

Photo courtesy Kees Aalbersberg [ListOfLights]

EN 145
Hastings Range Rear
latitude 50° 51' 29.5" N longitude 35' 23.3" E

Located on West Hill, off West Hill Road, on the west side of town. (A 0858.1) ARLHS # ENG-285

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Hastings Range Rear
EN 146
Dungeness (1792)
latitude 50° 54' 41.7" N longitude 58' 16.6" E

Dungeness Point is the western entrance to the Strait of Dover; it is a broad wedge of land that continuously extends itself into the Channel, making it necessary from time to time to build new lighthouses closer to the end of the point. Located about 600 m west of the point. ARLHS # ENG-343

EN 147
Dungeness (1904)
latitude 50° 54' 49.5" N longitude 58' 11" E

The southernmost point in Kent. Located about 450 m west of the point. Accessible by road and by railroad from Romney ARLHS # ENG-038

Photo courtesy Nick Garrod [Flickr]

Dungeness (1904)
EN 148
Dungeness (1961) Dungeness (1961)
latitude 50° 54' 48.4" N longitude 58' 33.4" E

The light above is now out of service. This is its replacement. (A 0876) ARLHS # ENG-085

Photo courtesy Dan Kell [Flickr]

EN 149
Folkestone Pier
latitude 51° 4' 33.6" N longitude 1° 11' 41.7" E

Located at the end of the New Pier in Folkestone (pier is not open to the public). (A 0892) ARLHS # ENG-341

Photo courtesy Philip Moore [Flickr]

Folkestone Pier
EN 150
Dover Breakwater Knuckle Dover Breakwater Knuckle
latitude 51° 6' 41.5" N longitude 1° 19' 7.7" E

Located at the knuckle (bend) of the breakwater. (A 0926) ARLHS # ENG-286

Photo courtesy doverpast [doverpast]

EN 151
Admiralty Pier
latitude 51° 6' 40.8" N longitude 1° 19' 39.7" E

Located at the end of the pier, which extends 1220 m west to east enclosing the western side of Dover Harbour. (A 0900)

Photo courtesy doverpast [doverpast]

Admiralty Pier
EN 152
Prince of Wales Pier Prince of Wales Pier
latitude 51° 6' 50.7" N longitude 1° 19' 22.4" E

Located at the end of the pier, which separates the outer and inner harbors at Dover. (A 0902) ARLHS # ENG-214

Photo courtesy doverpast [doverpast]

EN 153
Dover Breakwater West End
latitude 51° 6' 47.2" N longitude 1° 19' 47.8" E

This lighthouse and the Admiralty Pier Light bracket the western entrance to Dover Harbour. (A 0924) ARLHS # ENG-294

Photo courtesy Mike Shepherd [Flickr]

Dover Breakwater West End
EN 154
Dubris Pharos

An open fire was displayed from the top to guide ships into the harbor of Dubris, as Dover was called in Roman times. Since the twelfth century the tower has stood within the walls of Dover Castle. Located on the heights above Dover Harbour. * ARLHS # ENG 034

EN 155
South Foreland Low

Located near the shore, below the high light, on private property. ARLHS # ENG-130

EN 156
South Foreland (High)

Up on the cliffs overlooking the English Channel. There is no access to lighthouse by car; visitors must walk from main car park (NT) situated at Langdon Cliffs (2ml) or from St Margaret’s village or bay (1ml, not NT). Alternatively park at White Cliffs property and walk around cliff tops to lighthouse, approx. 2m ARLHS # ENG-129

Photo courtesy John Linwood [Flickr]

South Foreland
EN 157
North Foreland North Foreland
latitude 51° 22' 29.4" N longitude 1° 26' 42" E

This historic lighthouse marks the beginning of the approach to the Thames estuary and the port of London. Located at the northeastern corner of Kent, 2 km north of Broadstairs. (A 0966) ARLHS # ENG-087

Photo courtesy Dr. Moore [Flickr]

EN 158
Ramsgate East Pier (Range Front)

The post light noted below. (A 0957) ARLHS # ENG-328

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

Ramsgate East Pier (Range Front)
EN 159
Ramsgate West Pier Ramsgate West Pier (Range Rear)
latitude 51° 19' 39.6" N longitude 1° 25' 17.7" E

The front light of the range is a post light at the end of the east pier. Located at the end of the pier in Ramsgate. (A 0957.1) ARLHS # ENG-241

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

EN 160
Margate Pier
latitude 51° 23' 27" N longitude 1° 22' 41.3" E

The original lighthouse was destroyed by a storm in 1953. Located at the end of the pier in Margate. (A 1972) ARLHS # ENG-079

Photo courtesy Kei Koyama [Flickr]

Margate Pier
EN 161
Herne Bay Herne Bay
latitude 51° 22' 26.2" N longitude 1° 7' 15.4" E

This unusual structure is adjacent to a long pier at Herne Bay, 8 km north of Canterbury. (A 1976)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 162
Shornmead (1913)

Here's a photo of the 1913 light on it's way to disposal.

Photo courtesy Vivien Thorne [Flickr]

Shornmead (1913)
EN 163
Shornmead (2004) Shornmead (2004)
latitude 51° 26' 55.1" N longitude 26' 14.3" E

The light stands in the water, no longer connected to shore. Located on the south bank of the estuary near Cliffe, at the lower end of the Gravesend Reach. (A 2096) ARLHS # ENG-281

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

EN 164
Gravesend Royal Terrace Pier
latitude 51° 26' 42.6" N longitude 22' 28.8" E

Located on Royal Pier Road in Gravesend, about 500 m east of the town pier. (A 2098) ARLHS # ENG-280

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

Gravesend Royal Terrace Pier
EN 165
Northfleet Lower

This is the oldest of the River Thames light stations. Located on the India Arms Wharf in Northfleet, on the south side of the river. Apparently accessible by walking the wharf. ARLHS # ENG-089

EN 166
Blackwall (Trinity House Wharf)

Located on the Trinity Buoy Wharf in Blackwall at the entrance to Bow Creek, opposite the London Millennium Dome. It was built for lighting experiments and was never used as an aid to navigation. ARLHS # ENG-275

Photo courtesy Fin Fahey [Flickr]

EN 167

at the southern edge of the Maplin Sands in the Thames Estuary. ARLHS # ENG 205

EN 168

Located 10 km off Frinton-on-Sea at the northern entrance to the Thames embayment. Accessible only boat. ARLHS # ENG 049

EN 169
Dovercourt Low
latitude 51° 56' 3.5" N longitude 1° 17' 51.2" E

Located just offshore at Dovercourt, a town on the south side of Harwich; easily visible from the promenade. ARLHS # ENG-037

Photo courtesy Mocosito [Flickr]

Dovercourt Low
EN 170
Dovercourt High Dovercourt High
latitude 51° 56' 14.5" N longitude 1° 17' 25.4" E

Located on the beach, near the seaside promenade at Dovercourt, on the south side of Harwich. ARLHS # ENG-215

Photo courtesy mole-volio [Flickr]

EN 171
Harwich Low

Located on the promenade by the Stour estuary in Harwich. ARLHS # ENG-092

Photo courtesy Neil64 [Flickr]

Harwich Low
EN 172
Harwich High Harwich High

Located on West Street in downtown Harwich. ARLHS # ENG-093

Photo courtesy Fred Bear [Flickr]

EN 173

It's likely this is a radar or weather tower as it's not listed as a light. ARLHS # ENG-053

Photo courtesy sparijs [webshots]

EN 174
Orfordness Orfordness

in Suffolk, is situated at the end of a 13 mile spit which runs parallel to the coast. The lighthouse is on an old military testing site which is now owned by the National Trust and you can find more info here

Located about 5 km southeast of Orford; accessible by passenger ferry and hiking trail. ARLHS # ENG-096

Photo courtesy Keith Marshall [Flickr]

EN 175
latitude 52° 19' 38.3" N longitude 1° 40' 52.5" E

Situated near the centre of the seaside resort of Southwold, midway between Lowestoft and Orford. It is set a block or two back from the seafront in the middle of town! (A 2272) ARLHS # ENG -35

Photo courtesy Simon Davies (all rights reserved)

EN 176

Located at Pakefield, a town just south of Lowestoft. ARLHS # ENG-098

EN 177
Lowestoft South Pier
latitude 52° 28' 17.4" N longitude 1° 45' 21.6" E

Located on the end of the stone pier marking the narrow entrance to the harbor of Lowestoft (A 2284) ARLHS # ENG-264

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

Lowestoft South Pier
EN 178
Lowestoft North Pier Lowestoft North Pier
latitude 52° 28' 19.2" N longitude 1° 45' 23.3" E (A 2284) ARLHS # ENG-263

Photo courtesy digitalvisions [Flickr]

EN 179
Lowestoft (High)

Lowestoft is the most easterly town in the British Isles. (A 2280) ARLHS # ENG-072

Photo courtesy Stuart McCallum [Flickr]

Lowestoft (High)
EN 180
Gorleston South Pier Gorleston South Pier

The present lighthouse was presumably built as a harbormaster's office, but it is now a Coastwatch station. Located at the end of the south pier in Gorleston, the seaport on the south side of Great Yarmouth. (A 2304) ARLHS # ENG-221

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

EN 181
Gorleston (Range Rear)

The River Yare makes a right-angle bend to the east just before reaching the sea, and this lighthouse stands by the bend displaying its light through the river mouth. Located at the end of Pier Road in Gorleston. ARLHS # ENG-303

Photo courtesy Robin Knight [Flickr]

EN 182
latitude 52° 43' 3.4" N longitude 1° 41' 54.9" E

The lighthouse and keeper's house are a private residence. Located in Winterton-on-Sea, a fishing town and seaside resort about 10 km north of Great Yarmouth. ARLHS # ENG-310

EN 183
Happisburgh (High)
latitude 52° 49' 13.8" N longitude 1° 32' 13" E

Located in Happisburgh, a seaside village on the shoulder of Norfolk, about 25 km northeast of Norwich. It is the only privately operated lighthouse in the UK. (A 2336) ARLHS # ENG -050

Photo courtesy smagdali [Flickr]

EN 184
Cromer Cromer
latitude 52° 55' 28.7" N longitude 1° 18' 59.2" E

The light station is about 400 m from the cliffs overlooking the North Sea. These cliffs are subject to rapid beach erosion, and the original lighthouse was lost to erosion in 1866. Located on a high point above the cliffs east of Cromer, a town about 30 km north of Norwich. (A 2342) ARLHS # ENG-028

Photo courtesy icerunner [Flickr]

EN 185

The light stands at the southern entrance to The Wash, the U-shaped bay between Norfolk and Lincolnshire. Located on Lighthouse Lane on the north side of Hunstanton, a town about 30 km north of King's Lynn. ARLHS # ENG-056

Photo courtesy stevec77 [Flickr]

EN 186
Killingholme High

Located on the south bank of the Humber at Killingholme. ARLHS # ENG-175

EN 187
Spurn Point High

Spurn Point is a spit curving out into the northern side of the entrance to the Humber. Located near the end of the spit, accessible by an easy hike of several miles. ARLHS # ENG-138

Photo courtesy wsogmm [Flickr]

Spurn Point High
EN 188
Spurn Point High (1767)
latitude 53° 34' 48" N longitude 6' 36" E
EN 189
Spurn Point Low

Apparently this light was the front light of a downbound range. Located just offshore on the river side of the Spurn Point spit. It's now a water tower, that's why the top looks unusual. ARLHS # ENG-139

Photo courtesy Jason Gillyon [Flickr]

Spurn Point Low
EN 190
Killingholme South Low
latitude 53° 38' 43.8" N longitude 12' 21.3" W

Located on the south bank of the Humber at Killingholme. ARLHS # ENG-176

EN 191
Killingholme North Low
latitude 53° 38' 54.6" N longitude 12' 33.9" W

Formerly in poor condition, this lighthouse was restored in 2003 as a private residence. Located on the south bank of the Humber at Killingholme. ARLHS # ENG-061

EN 192
Thorngumbald Clough High
latitude 53° 42' 29.2" N longitude 13' 32.2" W (A 2508) ARLHS # ENG-155

Photo courtesy Steve Roe [Flickr]

Thorngumbald Clough High
EN 193
Thorngumbald Clough Low Thorngumbald Clough Low
latitude 53° 42' 31.7" N longitude 13' 36.8" W

These lights replaced the Paull Light after a shift in the river channel. Located on the north bank of the Humber a short distance below Paull. (A 2506) ARLHS # ENG-177

Photo courtesy Steve Roe [Flickr]

EN 194
latitude 53° 43' 8.1" N longitude 14' 3.8" W

Located on the north bank of the Humber at Paull (corner of Town End Rd and Anson Villas), about 8 km below Hull. ARLHS # ENG-099

Photo courtesy Steve Roe [Flickr]

EN 195
Whitgift Whitgift No 8
latitude 53° 41' 55.8" N longitude 45' 27" W

Located on the south bank of the Ouse about 10 km below Goole. (A 2571.9) ARLHS # ENG-309

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

EN 196
Flamborough (1669)

This remarkably well preserved seventeenth century tower is unique in England. It was designed as a lighthouse, but there is no evidence it was ever lit, it served for more than a century as a daybeacon. ARLHS # ENG 247

Photo courtesy Karen Turner [Flickr]

Flamborough (1669)
EN 197
Flamborough (1806) Flamborough (1806)
latitude 54° 6' 59" N longitude 4' 57.3" W

The old lighthouse can just be seen on the right side of this photo.

Located on a rocky point jutting into the North Sea about 10 km northeast of Bridlington. (A 2582) ARLHS # ENG 042

Photo courtesy Photo Paul [Flickr]

EN 198
Scarborough Pier
latitude 54° 16' 54.6" N longitude 23' 24" W

Located on a pier in the old harbor at Scarborough; the pier's original name is St. Vincent's Pier but it is usually called Lighthouse Pier. (A 2592) ARLHS # ENG-121

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Scarborough Pier

NorthEast England

EN 200
Whitby High Whitby High (Ling Hill)
latitude 54° 28' 45.7" N longitude 34' 14.7" W

On Ling Hill between Whitby and Robin Hood Bay. (A 2596) ARLHS # ENG-164

Photo courtesy Juan J. [Flickr]

EN 201
Whitby East Pier (1855)
latitude 54° 29' 34.2" N longitude 36' 42.7" W

Located at the original end of the east pier. (A 2598.2)

Photo courtesy Royston Vasey [Flickr]

Whitby East Pier (1855)
EN 202
Whitby East Pier (1914) Whitby East Pier (1914)
latitude 54° 29' 38.8" N longitude 36' 44.4" W

Located at the end of the extended Whitby Piers. (A 2598) ARLHS # ENG-163

Photo courtesy Royston Vasey [Flickr]

EN 203
Whitby West Pier (1831)
latitude 54° 29' 34.2" N longitude 36' 46.5" W

On the Harbor wall at Whitby.

Photo courtesy Royston Vasey [Flickr]

Whitby West Pier (1831)
EN 204
Whitby West Pier (1914) Whitby West Pier (1914)
latitude 54° 29' 39.2" N longitude 36' 47.8" W (A 2599.2) ARLHS # ENG-165

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

EN 205
South Gare
latitude 54° 38' 50.6" N longitude 1° 8' 15" W

Located at the end of the stone pier at the entrance to the River Tees about 8 km west of Redcar. (A 2626) ARLHS # ENG-131

Photo courtesy David Roberts [Flickr]

South Gare
EN 206
Seaton High (Seaton Tower)
latitude 54° 41' 29.6" N longitude 1° 12' 8" W

The lighthouse formerly stood at Seaton Carew southeast of Hartlepool. It was taken down and rebuilt as a war memorial during the redevelopment of the Hartlepool waterfront. Located at the end of the pier at the Hartlepool Marina in downtown Hartlepool. ARLHS # ENG-332

EN 207
Hartlepool Old Pier
latitude 54° 41' 36.2" N longitude 1° 11' 17.2" W

Located at the end of the pier on the south side of the entrance to the old harbor at Hartlepool. (A 2664) ARLHS # ENG-305

Photo courtesy Stuart Graham [Flickr]

Hartlepool Old Pier
EN 208
The Heugh The Heugh (Hartlepool Headland)
latitude 54° 41' 35.9" N longitude 1° 11' 5.6" W

Located on the headland known as the Heugh, sheltering Hartlepool Harbour, on the north side of the city. (A 2663) ARLHS # ENG-154

Photo courtesy Tony Readman [Flickr]

EN 209
Seaham North Breakwater
latitude 54° 50' 15" N longitude 1° 19' 15.2" W

Located at the end of the breakwater in Seaham. (A 2674) ARLHS # ENG-123

Photo courtesy Thunderchild5 [Flickr]

Seaham North Breakwater
EN 210
Roker Pier Roker Pier (Sunderland North Pier)
latitude 54° 55' 16.7" N longitude 1° 21' 9" W

Located at the end of the pier on the north side of the entrance to the River Wear in Sunderland. (Don't confuse with North Sunderland) EN225 (A 2681) ARLHS # ENG-116

Photo courtesy Rick Frame [Flickr]

EN 211
Sunderland South Pier
latitude 54° 55' 52.4" N longitude 1° 21' 58.1" W

When the pier was shortened in 1983, the lighthouse was relocated to a site overlooking the sea in Roker Cliff Park. Located off Whitburn Road on the north side of Sunderland. (A 2682) ARLHS # ENG-244

Photo courtesy Mark Wood (UK) [Flickr]

Sunderland South Pier
EN 212
Souter Souter
latitude 54° 58' 13.8" N longitude 1° 21' 50.8" W

Located on Marsden Head off the coastal road about 5 km north of Sunderland. ARLHS # ENG-127

Photo courtesy Biepmiep [Flickr]

EN 213
Tyne South Pier
latitude 55° 40.3" N longitude 1° 24' 4" W

Located at the end of the mile-long south pier at the entrance to the River Tyne in South Shields. (A 2702) ARLHS # ENG-158

Photo courtesy Riverman72 [Flickr]

Tyne South Pier
EN 214
Herd Groyne Herd Groyne
latitude 55° 28.8" N longitude 1° 25' 26.8" W

Located at the end of the groin on the south side of the Tyne in South Shields. Accessible in good weather by walking the groin. (A 2702.5) ARLHS # ENG-330

Photo courtesy Joke [mylights]

EN 215
Tynemouth (Tyne North Pier)

Located at the end of the north pier at the entrance to the River Tyne in North Shields. (A 2700) ARLHS # ENG-159

Photo courtesy Biepmiep [Flickr]

EN 216
Fish Quay Old Light Fish Quay Old Light
latitude 55° 33.5" N longitude 1° 26' 12.4" W

Located on Beacon Street just above Fish Quay. ARLHS # ENG-299

Photo courtesy Joke [mylights]

EN 217
Fish Quay Low
latitude 55° 32.8" N longitude 1° 26' 3.9" W

Located on Fish Quay on the waterfront of North Shields. ARLHS # ENG-300

Photo courtesy Joke [mylights]

Fish Quay Low
EN 218
Fish Quay High Fish Quay High Flickr
latitude 55° 36.4" N longitude 1° 25' 56.3" W

courtesy Joke ARLHS # ENG-301

Photo courtesy [Flickr]

EN 219
St. Mary's
latitude 55° 4' 18.1" N longitude 1° 26' 58.2" W

Reached between the tides via a short causeway, St Mary’s Lighthouse has all the fascination of a miniature, part-time island. The Lighthouse, completed in 1898, on a hazardous coast for shipping, remained operational until 1984 when it was superseded by modern navigational techniques. You'll find it just east of Whitley Bay. (A 2043.31)

Photo courtesy MoeMac [Flickr]

St. Mary
EN 219M
St. Mary's Island ARLHS # ENG-145
EN 220
Blyth East Pier (Blyth Harbour)
latitude 55° 6' 59.4" N longitude 1° 29' 12.1" W

Located on the pier head at Blyth, about 20 km northeast of Newcastle Upon Tyne. (A 2754) ARLHS # ENG-013

Photo courtesy Glen Bowman [Flickr]

Blyth East Pier
EN 221
Blyth Low Blyth Low

In Blyth Harbor (A 2766) ARLHS # ENG-336

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

EN 222
Blyth High
latitude 55° 7' 31.8" N longitude 1° 30' W

Located on Bath Terrace, just above the Quay in downtown Blyth. When it was built in 1788 it was only about ten meters from the shoreline. It was raised in height in 1888 and 1900. (A 2766.1) ARLHS # ENG-283

Photo courtesy MickDonnelly Photo [Flickr]

Blyth High
EN 223
Coquet Coquet
latitude 55° 20' 2.3" N longitude 1° 32' 21.9" W

Coquet Island is a small low tract of green pastureland lying close inshore off the Northumberland coast (A 2780) ARLHS # ENG-025

Photo courtesy Steve Wilde [Flickr]

EN 224
Warkworth South Pier (Amble South Pier)
latitude 55° 20' 20.4" N longitude 1° 34' 14.9" W

The light marks the entrance to the River Coquet at Amble; Warkworth is a town about 2.5 km upstream. Located at the end of the south pier. (A 2784) ARLHS # ENG-179

Photo courtesy Flickr]

Warkworth South Pier
EN 225
North Sunderland North Sunderland (Seahouses)
latitude 55° 35' 1.7" N longitude 1° 38' 56.4" W

Located at the end of the pier on the west side of the entrance to Seahouses Harbour in North Sunderland. (Don't confuse with Roker Pier) EN210 (A 2804) ARLHS # ENG-258

Photo courtesy Roger Cave [Flickr]

EN 226
latitude 55° 36' 55.3" N longitude 1° 39' 20.7" W

Off the coast of Northumberland lies a little archipelago of islands which takes it name from Farne, the largest and nearest to the land (A 2812) ARLHS # ENG-060

Photo courtesy © Martin Brewster [Flickr]

EN 227
Longstone Longstone
latitude 55° 38' 37.7" N longitude 1° 36' 39.1" W

is situated on Longstone Rock, one of the Outer Staple Islands This is the light where Grace Darling performed her legendary rescue. rescue (A 2814) ARLHS # ENG-070

Photo courtesy MG Spiller [Flickr]

EN 228
latitude 55° 36' 59.6" N longitude 1° 43' 26.9" W

The original lighthouse, a round iron skeletal tower, was demolished in 1975 and the light moved to the roof of the original service building. Located on the rocky shore at Black Rock Point about 1.6 km east of Bamburgh. (A 2810) ARLHS # ENG-004

Photo courtesy Mark Dodds [Flickr]

EN 229
Heugh Hill Heugh Hill (Hartlepool headland)

Holy Island Harbor (A 2816.5) ARLHS # ENG-314

Photo courtesy Alexander Trabas [ListOfLights]

EN 230
Guile Point East
latitude 55° 39' 28.8" N longitude 1° 47' 42" W

This obelisk and the nearby Guile Point West (a small framework tower) marks the southeastern entrance to the harbor of Holy Island, which is just off the mainland southeast of Berwick Upon Tweed.

Located on the mainland about 5 km northeast of Detchant. (A 2816) ARLHS # ENG-222

Photo courtesy Chris Barker [Flickr]

Guile Point East
EN 231
Berwick Upon Tweed Breakwater Berwick Upon Tweed Breakwater
latitude 55° 45' 53.2" N longitude 1° 59' 3.1" W

Berwick Upon Tweed is the northernmost town in England, right on the border of Scotland. Located at the end of the breakwater at the northern entrance to the River Tweed. (A 2818) ARLHS # ENG-173

Photo courtesy Ian Dolphin [Flickr]

EN 232
Europa Point
latitude 36° 6' 34.9" N longitude 5° 20' 41.6" W
November 9, 2007

This is at the southern most point of Gibraltar. We arrived at 8:00 AM and captured this lovely picture from the deck of Le Diamant. (D 2438) ARLHS # GIB-001

Europa Point