The Lighthouses of Peru

This page shows the the documentation of the Lighthouses of Peru. The pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) Each lighthouse name is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light.

I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data, could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) mailMe

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PE 1 La Concordia

Just north of the border with Chile, approach to port of Concordia.

Rumor has it that this light has been demolished after massive earthquake damage. ARLHS # PER-009

PE 2 Boca del Rio
latitude 18° 9' 20.8" S longitude 70° 40' 26.7" W

About 25 miles northeast of La Concordia, south coast ARLHS # PER-004

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Boca del Rio
PE 3 Punta Sama Punta Sama

Puerto Grau, Tacna ARLHS # PER-032

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 4 Punta Coles
latitude 17° 42' 26.2" S longitude 71° 22' 52" W

Entrance to Ilo Harbor, south coast ARLHS # PER-025

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta Coles
PE 5 Punta Islay
latitude 17° 56.1" S longitude 72° 6' 42.6" W

Located on a promontory at Islay in southern Arequipa. Accessible by road. photo ARLHS # PER-027

PE 6 Punta Quilca
latitude 16° 43' 0.3" S longitude 72° 26' 8.9" W

SW of Arequipa, south coast, just off the coastal road. ARLHS # PER-045

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta Quilca
PE 7 La Planchada La Planchada
latitude 16° 24' 35.5" S longitude 73° 13' 31.1" W

About 35 miles west of Punta Atico, south coast of Peru. ARLHS # PER-011

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 8 Punta Atico
latitude 16° 14' 10.9" S longitude 73° 41' 55.2" W

About 35 miles SW of Chala. ARLHS # PER-023

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta Atico
PE 9 Punta Chala Punta Chala
latitude 15° 52' 27.4" S longitude 74° 14' 16.1" W

Northwestern part of Arequipa, south coast ARLHS # PER-047

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 10 Punta San Juan
latitude 15° 21' 40" S longitude 75° 10' 51.6" W

On cape about 8 miles south of San Nicolás ARLHS # PER-033

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta San Juan
PE 11 Punta San Nicolas Punta San Nicolas
latitude 15° 15' 22.7" S longitude 75° 15' 22.8" W

North of San Nicolás, south coast ARLHS # PER-034

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 12 Infiernillos

Islotes Infiernillos, about 30 miles northwest of Puerto Caballos ARLHS # PER-048

Photo courtesy moonshot Peru [Flickr]

PE 12C Cerro Azul Cerro Azul
latitude 13° 1' 48.8" S longitude 76° 29' 22.5" W

Located on a high cape at Cerro Azul, about 15 km northwest of San Vicente de Cañete.

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 13 Isla Chincha del Centro
latitude 13° 38' 7.1" S longitude 76° 24' 6" W

On island SW of Pisco, central coast ARLHS # PER-002

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Isla Chincha del Centro
PE 14 Chilca Pucusana Island Chilca Pucusana Island
latitude 12° 28' 31.8" S longitude 76° 48' 7" W

Located on the west side of Isla Chilca, which shelters the harbor of Puerto Pucusana, a fishing port about 10 km northwest of Chilca. ARLHS # PER-001

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 15 Isla Palaminos
latitude 12° 7' 46.1" S longitude 77° 14' 0.2" W

On island about 3 miles south of Isla San Lorenzo ARLHS # PER-018

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Isla Palaminos
PE 16 La Marina/Callao La Marina/Callao Miraflores

Parque el Faro in Miraflores, southeast of Callao on the central Peruvian coast. ARLHS # PER-010

Photo courtesy courtesy Carlos Caicedo [Flickr]

PE 17 Gran Admirante Grau San Lorenzo Island
latitude 12° 3' 47.7" S longitude 77° 14' 47.7" W

This is the highest traditional lighthouse in South America, having a range of 37 km. (Peru has a small light on Isla San Gallan, near Pisco, with a focal plane of 1263 ft). Located atop a very high bluff at the northwestern end of Isla San Lorenzo, the large island that shelters Callao harbor. ARLHS # PER-006

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Gran Admirante Grau
PE 18 La Punta Naval College La Punta Naval College
latitude 12° 4' 18.7" S longitude 77° 9' 58.5" W

Light mounted atop a high-rise building of the Escuela Naval. Located near the end of La Punta (The Point), a long point projecting into the Pacific at Callao. ARLHS # PER-012

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 19 Muelle de Guerra (Callao)

On wharf on waterfront of Callao photo ARLHS # PER-039

PE 20 Hormigas de Afuera

On small island about 40 miles west of Callao. ARLHS # PER-008

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Hormigas de Afuera
PE 21 Ancón Ancón
latitude 11° 46' 23.8" S longitude 77° 11' 37" W

Central coast of Peru, about 20 miles north of Callao. ARLHS # PER-038

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 22 Isla Grande

Off central coast of Peru, about 5 miles west of Ancón. ARLHS # PER-041

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Isla Grande
PE 23 Islote Huaquillo Islote Huaquillo
latitude 11° 46' 45.5" S longitude 77° 11' 49.8" W

On an island near Ancón. The island is a park and is connected to the mainland by a footbridge. ARLHS # PER-050

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 24 Pescadores Island ARLHS # PER-020
PE 25 Punta Chancay
latitude 11° 35' 13.2" S longitude 77° 16' 55.2" W

Southern entrance to Bahía Chancay. ARLHS # PER-024

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta Chancay
PE 26 Pelado Isle Pelado Isle ARLHS # PER-019

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 27 Isla Mazorca
latitude 11° 23' 0.8" S longitude 77° 44' 39.8" W

About 25 miles SW of Huacho ARLHS # PER-014

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Isla Mazorca
PE 28 Faro Salinas Faro Salinas (Bahía Salinas)
latitude 11° 13' 6" S longitude 77° 38' 12.2" W

Located on a prominent cape about 15 km south of Huacho. ARLHS # PER-054

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 29 Punta Huacho
latitude 11° 7' 34.7" S longitude 77° 37' 5.4" W

On headland north of Huacho. ARLHS # PER-026

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta Huacho
PE 30 Punta Tomas Punta Tomas
latitude 10° 48' 17" S longitude 77° 45' 15.2" W

Northern coast of Peru, about 25 miles north of Huacho ARLHS # PER-036

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 31 Punta Lagarto

Westernmost point of South America, north coast ARLHS # PER-029

PE 32 Punta Cabeze de Largato
latitude 10° 6' 28.1" S longitude 78° 11' 4.9" W

Located on a headland about 115 km south of Chimbote.

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta Cabeze de Largato
PE 33 Morro Calvario Morro Calvario Bahía Casma

About 30 miles south of Chimbote. ARLHS # PER-015

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 34 Isla Ferrol del Norte
latitude 9° 8' 24.8" S longitude 78° 37' 18.2" W

Located on a small island at the southern entrance to Chimbote harbor.

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Isla Ferrol del Norte
PE 35 Isla Blanca (Islote Roca Blanca)
latitude 9° 4' 58.1" S longitude 78° 37' 24.3" W

South end of Isla Blanca, entrance to harbor of Chimbote ARLHS # PER-040

PE 36 Isla Guañape Sur

About 40 miles offshore from Salaverry ARLHS # PER-007

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Isla Guañape Sur
PE 37 Morro Carretas Morro Carretas
latitude 8° 13' 38.1" S longitude 78° 58' 42.1" W

Northern Peru, slightly south of Trujillo ARLHS # PER-016

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 38 Punta Pascasmayo
latitude 7° 24' 49.8" S longitude 79° 35' 14.1" W

Pacasmayo is the first coastal location south of Máncora that is readily accessible from the Pan-American Highway. Located about 1.5 km southwest of Pacasmayo, a town about 160 km northwest of Trujillo. ARLHS # PER-031

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta Pascasmayo
PE 39 Morro Eten Morro Eten

About 30 miles north of Pacasmayo, north coast ARLHS # PER-022

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 40 Isla Lobos de Afuera

On island about 50 miles off Chiclayo, northern Peru ARLHS # PER-013

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Isla Lobos de Afuera
PE 41 Isla Lobos de Tierra Isla Lobos de Tierra

This is a barren island about 10 miles offshore, northern Peru and is a wildlife sanctuary. ARLHS # PER-053

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 42 Punta la Negra
latitude 6° 3' 19.9" S longitude 81° 6' 47" W

About 40 miles southwest of Bayóvar, north coast ARLHS # PER-028

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta la Negra
PE 43 Bayóvar Bayóvar (Punta Aguja)
latitude 5° 48' 8.4" S longitude 81° 4' 0.9" W

Located on Punta Aguja, a prominent cape about 25 km west of the port of Bayóvar. ARLHS # PER-021

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 44 Isla Foca
latitude 5° 12' 35.8" S longitude 81° 12' 19.5" W

About 25 miles southwest of Paita, north coast ARLHS # PER-046

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Isla Foca
PE 45 Punta Telegrafo (Paita)
latitude 5° 4' 25.9" S longitude 81° 7' 36.6" W

About 3 miles west of Paita, north coast photo ARLHS # PER-017

PE 46 Punta Pariñas
latitude 4° 40' 11.9" S longitude 81° 19' 38.5" W

This lighthouse marks the westernmost point of South America. There is a popular beach just south of the cape, and visitors can climb the headland to see seals below. photo ARLHS # PER-030

PE 47 Punta Talara
latitude 4° 34' 27.9" S longitude 81° 17' 5.1" W

About 10 miles north of Talara, north coast ARLHS # PER-035

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta Talara
PE 48 Cabo Blanco Cabo Blanco
latitude 4° 15' 9.6" S longitude 81° 14' 16.2" W

About 35 miles northeast of Talara, north coast ARLHS # PER-003

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

PE 49 Máncora
latitude 4° 6' 29.5" S longitude 81° 3' 25.9" W

North coast of Peru, about 60 miles southwest of Tumbes. ARLHS # PER-042

Photo courtesy Luis Abanto Salazar [panoramio]

PE 50 Contralmiranre Villar
latitude 3° 40' 51.9" S longitude 80° 40' 59.2" W

Located in Puerto Zorritos, a fishing port about 30 km southwest of Tumbes. photo ARLHS # PER-005

PE 51 Punta Capones
latitude 3° 24' 58.7" S longitude 80° 18' 31.6" W

Southern entrance to Golfo de Guayaquil, near border with Ecuador ARLHS # PER-044

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Punta Capones
PE 53 Pijuayal Pijuayal (Amazon River)

Located in or near the town of Pijuayal, where the river makes a right-angle turn from northeast to southeast. Ecotours of the Amazon visit Pijuayal, which is Peru's port of entry from downstream. ARLHS # PER-043

Photo courtesy Peru Navy [dhn]

Lago Titicaca

The lake has an elevation of roughly 12,500 ft, so these are probably the highest lighthouses in the world.

PE 54 Puno
latitude 15° 50' 7.1" S longitude 70° 55.6" W

 Located at the Plaza del Faro on the waterfront of Puno, at the western end of the lake.

Photo courtesy courtesy Leo Koolhoven [Flickr]

PE 55 Isla Taquile
latitude 15° 47' 52.3" S longitude 69° 40' 57.6" W

Located on an island at the entrance to the western arm of the lake, which leads to Peru's principal lake port, Puno.

PE 56 Isla Pomata
latitude 16° 15' 29.6" S longitude 69° 17' 41.8" W

Located on an island just off the southwestern shore of the lake near Fortina Vinto.

PE 57 Isla Anapia
latitude 16° 18' 31.3" S longitude 68° 51' 16.8" W

Located on an island near the easternmost point of Peruvian territory in the lake.

PE 58 Isla Suana
latitude 16° 20' 15.4" S longitude 68° 51' 46.8" W

Located on an island near the easternmost point of Peruvian territory in the lake, about 3 km south of Isla Anapia.