The Lighthouses of Sicily

This page shows the documentation of the Lighthouses of Sicily. Some of the photos below are available on webshots[] some of the are on Flickr (and are reproduced with permission) and you can always click on the light to go to it's specific (larger resolution) copy. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data[] could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) mailme

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Messina Area

IT 159 Punta San Raineri
latitude 38° 11' 36.7" N longitude 15° 34' 27.8" E

The watch tower is part of a complex of fortifications ordered in 1546 by Charles V, the Spanish Holy Roman Emperor, to defend Sicily against the Ottoman Turks. Located off the Via Raineri on the east side (the outside) of the Punta Secca, a hook-like peninsula that protects the traditional harbor of Messina. ARLHS # ITA-143

Photo courtesy courtesy Antonio Peca [webshots]

Punta San Raineri
IT 159S Punta Secca Punta Secca
latitude 38° 11' 49.6" N longitude 15° 34' 21.3" E

Located at the northeastern tip of Punta Secca (E 1816) ARLHS # ITA-278

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

IT 160 Capo Peloro

The lighthouse originally had a height of 42 m. The building must have been heavily damaged in the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami of December 28, 1908, which destroyed 90% of the buildings in Messina and killed more than 100,000 people. Sometime in the 1920s or 1930s it was restored the tower had been shortened to its present height. Located on the Via Lanterna in Torre Faro. (see below) ARLHS # ITA-031

IT 161 Torre degli Inglesi (Torre di Capo Peloro)

The castle can be seen to the right (northeast) of the lighthouse (above) in a distant view of the cape. Located at the extreme northeast point of the cape. ARLHS # ITA-306

Photo courtesy courtesy sparijs [webshots]

Torre degli Inglesi
IT 162 Capo Rasocolmo Capo Rasocolmo
latitude 38° 17' 44.1" N longitude 15° 31' 9.4" E

Capo Rasocolmo is the northernmost point of Sicily. Located on a promontory about 1.5 km west southwest of the actual cape and 3 km northeast of San Saba on the coastal road. Just no way to make poured concrete look pretty is there? ARLHS # ITA-032

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

IT 163 Capo Milazzo

Capo Milazzo is a long, finger-like peninsula projecting due north into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The harbor of Milazzo is sheltered on the east side of the base of the peninsula. The lighthouse is located at the end of the Via Sant'Antonio near the tip of the cape. ARLHS # ITA-026

Photo courtesy courtesy CyboRoZ [Flickr]

Capo Milazzo

Aeolian Islands

IT 164 Vulcano Vulcano (Punta dei Porci)

Vulcano has a permanent population of less than 500; the last major eruption was in 1888. Located at the southern tip of the island of Vulcano. Possibly accessible by 4WD vehicles from Port di Levante, the only town on Vulcano, which is at the other end of the island.

Photo courtesy courtesy m.a.s.s.y. [Flickr]

IT 164L Marina Corta Lipari

Located on the waterfront in Lipari, the principal town of the island of Lipari. (E 1792) ARLHS # ITA-222

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

Marina Corta
IT 165 Strombolicchio Strombolicchio (Scoglio Strombolicchio)
latitude 38° 49' 2.8" N longitude 15° 15' 6.4" E

Strombolicchio is a rocky outcrop about 1.5 km northeast of the village of Stromboli, which clings to the northeastern corner of the island of the same name. The fire of the volcano is almost as reliable a navigational aid as any lighthouse. Located atop the islet, a location quite inaccessible to the public, but there are good views from the waterfront of Stromboli and from ferries arriving there.

Photo courtesy courtesy Stephano_p [Flickr]

IT 166 Capo Faro (Salina)

Located on the coastal highway at the northeastern corner of the island of Salina, about 3 km east of Malfa. ARLHS # ITA-020

Photo courtesy courtesy '3x0=3' [Flickr]

Capo Faro
IT 167 Punta Lingua Punta Lingua

Located at the end of a spit in the village of Lingua, at the southeastern corner of Salina. It should be possible to reach the lighthouse by a short walk. ARLHS # ITA-250

Photo courtesy []

North Coast

IT 168 Capo d'Orlando

Located off the Via Andrea Doria on the point of the cape in the town of Capo d'Orlando. ARLHS # ITA-018

Photo courtesy []

Capo d
IT 169 Capo Cefalù Capo Cefalù

Capo Zafferano marks the eastern end of the Golfo di Palermo. Located on the point of the cape, about 3 km north of Santa Flavia and 15 km east of Palermo. ARLHS # ITA-008

Photo courtesy courtesy Antonio Peca [webshots]

IT 169G Capo Zefferano
latitude 38° 6' 44" N longitude 13° 32' 14.9" E

Capo Zafferano marks the eastern end of the Golfo di Palermo. Located on the point of the cape, about 3 km north of Santa Flavia and 15 km east of Palermo. ARLHS # ITA-048

Photo courtesy courtesy Alessia Sara [Flickr]

Capo Zefferano
IT 170 Palermo (North Mole) Palermo (North Mole)

This light has been replaced by a 11 m tower on the main breakwater of Palermo. Located on the north mole (to which the breakwater is attached) not far from the root of the mole, near the foot of the Via Cristoforo Columbo. ARLHS # ITA-302

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

IT 170S Palermo (South Pier Head)
latitude 38° 7' 33" N longitude 13° 22' 18" E
IT 171 Capo Gallo
latitude 38° 13' 24.7" N longitude 13° 19' 0.1" E

The buildings are endangered by erosion of the steep slope between the lighthouse and the sea. Capo Gallo marks the western entrance to the Golfo di Palermo. Located on the point of the cape, at the end of the Via Gallo, about 8 km north of the Palermo waterfront. ARLHS # ITA-023

Photo courtesy courtesy durisi [webshots]

Capo Gallo
IT 172 Punta Omo Morto Punta Omo Morto

Located atop a steep promontory at the northeast end of the island of Ustica, about 800 m northeast of the village of Ustica. The lack of photos suggests that access to this lighthouse is difficult, but it should be possible to get a view from the heights above the town. ARLHS # ITA-136

Photo courtesy courtesy David Salvatori [Flickr]

IT 173 Punta Gavazzi

Located at the southwestern tip of the island of Ustica. Accessible by road. ARLHS # ITA-125

Photo courtesy courtesy chripram [webshots]

Punta Gavazzi

Northwest Coast (Trapani Area)

IT 174 San Vito lo Capo San Vito lo Capo (Capo San Vito)
latitude 38° 11' 18.7" N longitude 12° 44' 0.6" E

The promontory of Capo San Vito marks the northwestern corner of Sicily. IT 230

Located at the end of the Via Faro in San Vito lo Capo. Note: there is a second Capo San Vito lighthouse near Taranto on the Italian mainland. ARLHS # ITA-155

Photo courtesy courtesy Geo8 [Flickr]

IT 175 Scoglio Porcelli

Located on a small island about 6 km northwest of Trapani. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # ITA-162

Photo courtesy courtesy BestKevin [Flickr]

Scoglio Porcelli
IT 176 Castello della Colombaia Castello della Colombaia

The castle has roots going back to the Carthaginians around 200 BC, but the tower that carried the light was begun in the 14th century and completed by Philip II of Spain in 1586. Located on the Isola Colombaia, an island at the entrance to Trapani harbor. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # ITA-307

Photo courtesy courtesy Toni Rubio Fiego [panoramio]

IT 177 Scoglio Palumbo
latitude 38° 44.7" N longitude 12° 29' 19.5" E

Located on a rock about 800 m west of the harbor entrance at Trapani. Accessible only by boat, but there should be good views from shore and excellent views from ferries departing for the Aegadian Islands. ARLHS # ITA-161

Photo courtesy courtesy David Salvatori [Flickr]

Scoglio Palumbo

Aegadian and Pantelleria Islands

IT 178 Isolotto Formica
latitude 37° 59' 21.1" N longitude 12° 25' 33.1" E

Formica is a small island halfway between Levanzo and the mainland of Sicily. The island is covered by a complex of buildings, an abandoned tonnara (tuna cannery) and the lighthouse is a 20 m tower rising from a 3 story factory building. Accessible only by boat. photo ARLHS # ITA-091

IT 179 Capo Grosso (Levanzo)
latitude 38° 1' 13.1" N longitude 12° 20' 2.7" E

Located on the northern tip of Levanzo. Accessible by road.

Photo courtesy courtesy Ascanio Vitale [Flickr]

Capo Grosso
IT 180 Punta Libeccio Punta Libeccio (Marettimo)

Located on the south coast of Marettimo, the most remote of the islands, about 35 km west of Trapani. Access is a bit uncertain, but there is a road near the lighthouse. ARLHS # ITA-133

Photo courtesy courtesy Doriana Manzella [Flickr]

IT 181 Punta Sottile
latitude 37° 56' 6.1" N longitude 12° 16' 20.5" E

The lighthouse is similar but not identical to the San Vito lo Capo lighthouse. Located at the western tip of Favignana,the largest and most populous of the islands. Accessible by road. ARLHS # ITA-145

Photo courtesy courtesy Massi Dex [Flickr]

Punta Sottile
IT 182 Punta Marsala Punta Marsala
latitude 37° 54' 24.1" N longitude 12° 21' 55.3" E

Located on the eastern tip of Favignana, only 7 km from the mainland of Sicily. ARLHS # ITA-135

Photo courtesy courtesy Alessandro Pochì [panoramio]

IT 183 Punta San Leonardo (Pantelleria)
latitude 36° 50' 9.6" N longitude 11° 56' 39" E

Located on the east side of the entrance to the harbor of Pantelleria. ARLHS # ITA-110

IT 184 Punta Spadillo
latitude 36° 49' 26.9" N longitude 12° 44.9" E

Located on the northeast side of the island, about 7 km east of the town of Pantelleria. Accessible by road. ARLHS # ITA-146

Photo courtesy courtesy Gianluca Carnicella [Flickr]

Punta Spadillo
IT 185 Punta Tracino Punta Tracino

Located on a sharp cape at Tracino on the east coast of the island. ARLHS # ITA-253

Photo courtesy courtesy Lorenzo Castagnani [panoramio]

Southwest Coast

IT 186 Marsala Molo di Ponente
latitude 37° 47' 14.8" N longitude 12° 26' 12.6" E

Located at the original end of the west inner breakwater of Marsala (the mole has been extended). The absence of closeup photos suggests that this mole is not open to the public. (E 1940)

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

Marsala Molo di Ponente
IT 187 Capo Feto
latitude 37° 39' 39.5" N longitude 12° 31' 14" E

This light appears to be accessible, so the lack of close-up photos is puzzling. Located on a headland about 4 km west of the harbor of Mazara del Vallo. ARLHS # ITA-190

IT 188 Capo Granitola
latitude 37° 33' 57.3" N longitude 12° 39' 43.4" E

Capo Granitola is the most prominent cape at the southwestern corner of Sicily. Located on the point of the cape about 2.5 km southeast of Torretta Granitola and 12 km southeast of Mazara del Vallo. (E 1930) ARLHS # ITA-024

Photo courtesy Klaus Potschien [ListOfLights]

Capo Granitola
IT 189 Capo San Marco

Located at the end of the Via del Faro about 5 km west of the harbor of Sciacca. Not to be confused with the light of the same name in Sardinia. IT 75 ARLHS # ITA-038

IT 190 Capo Rossello
latitude 37° 17' 41.9" N longitude 13° 27' 1.6" E

Located on a promontory on the west side of Baia di Rossello, about 6 km west of the harbor of Porto Empedocle. ARLHS # ITA-034

Photo courtesy courtesy Antonio Peca [webshots]

Capo Rossello
IT 191 Punta Beppe Tuccio Punta Beppe Tuccio

The closest of the islands to Sicily, Linosa is approximately circular and about 3 km in diameter. This lighthouse is located off the Via Fariglioni on the northeast corner of the island. ARLHS # ITA-123

Photo courtesy courtesy Sim Dawdler [Flickr]

IT 192 Punta Arena Bianca

Located on the Via Arena Bianca at the southwestern corner of Linosa. ARLHS # ITA-304

IT 193 Capo Grecale (Lampedusa)
latitude 35° 31' 5" N longitude 12° 37' 55.8" E

This is Italy's southernmost lighthouse. Located at the end of the Via Grecale on the northeastern tip of Lampedusa, north of Cala Creca. ARLHS # ITA-025

Photo courtesy courtesy Paolo Elaura [webshots]

Capo Grecale
IT 194 Lampione

Lampione means 'lamppost', and with this light the tiny island has somewhat that appearance. Located atop the islet of Lampione, about 15 km west of Lampedusa. Accessible only by helicopter.

South Coast

IT 195 San Giacomo (Licata)
latitude 37° 5' 39.3" N longitude 13° 56' 31.3" E

The lighthouse is located near the end of a large mole that helps shelter the east side of the harbor of Licata. Accessible by road.

Photo courtesy courtesy William Jax [webshots]

San Giacomo
IT 196 Scoglitti Scoglitti

Located on the Via Amalfi, the seaside street, on the south side of Scoglitti, about 12 km southwest of Vittoria. ARLHS # ITA-080

Photo courtesy []

IT 197 Scaramia (Capo Scalambri, Punta Secca)
latitude 36° 47' 14.6" N longitude 14° 29' 38.4" E

Located on a point of land in Punta Secca, about 25 km southwest of Ragusa. ARLHS # ITA-042

Photo courtesy courtesy uZu'Tano [Flickr]

IT 198 Marina di Ragusa
latitude 36° 46' 52.2" N longitude 14° 33' 51" E

Located at the shoreline on the east side of the port of Marina di Ragusa, about 6 km east of Punta Secca. ARLHS # ITA-223

IT 199 Pozzallo

The light here was originally shown from a customs house. In 1905 a skeletal tower was installed; it was replaced by a lighthouse sometime during the 1920s or 1930s. Located on the waterfront at Pozzallo. ARLHS # ITA-241

IT 200 Isola delle Correnti
latitude 36° 38' 42.3" N longitude 15° 4' 38.1" E

The Isola della Correnti is a small island just off the southeastern tip of Sicily, about 8 km southwest of Portopalo di Capo Passero. The island is joined to the mainland rather tenuously by a sand bar that can be crossed (in good weather) on foot or by 4WD vehicles, except near the time of high tide. Located at the highest point of the island. ARLHS # ITA-059

Photo courtesy courtesy '3x0=3' [Flickr]

Isola delle Correnti
IT 201 Cozzo Spadaro Cozzo Spadaro

This important and historic lighthouse is the landfall light for Capo Passero, the southeastern corner of Sicily. Located on a hill beside the Via Pachino, on the northwest (landward) side of the town of Portopalo di Capo Passero. ARLHS # ITA-057

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

IT 202 Capo Passero

The fort was built by the emperor Charles VI, who also held the title of King of Sicily, in the early 18th century. Located on the Isola Capo Passero, an island just off the point of the cape and the town of Portopalo di Capo Passero. The island is a protected nature reserve; boat transportation from the town is available.

Photo courtesy courtesy Antonio Pennisi [Flickr]

Capo Passero

Siracuse (Syracuse) Area

IT 203 Capo Murro di Porco Capo Murro di Porco
latitude 37° 11.3" N longitude 15° 20' 6.5" E

This is the landfall light for Siracusa. The cape is a rather sharp promontory that projects southeastward from the city and helps shelter the harbor. Located on the point of Capo Murro di Porco, in the town of the same name, about 12 km southeast of the Siracusa waterfront. ARLHS # ITA-029

Photo courtesy courtesy Stephano [Flickr]

IT 204 Punta Castelluccio
latitude 37° 2' 33.5" N longitude 15° 18' 9.3" E

Located on a point of land marking the south side of the entrance to the Porto Grande, the elliptical harbor of Siracusa. ARLHS # ITA-244

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

Punta Castelluccio
IT 205 Caderini Caderini (Porto Grande Anteriore)
latitude 37° 2' 52" N longitude 15° 16' 24.4" E

Located off the Traversa Caderini, on the west shore of the Porto Grande, south of the city of Siracusa. ARLHS # ITA-003

Photo courtesy courtesy Antonio Peca [webshots]

IT 206 Carrozziere (Porto Grande Posteriore)

Located on the Via Lido Sacramento about 1 km west of the Caderini (front) light. ARLHS # ITA-049

IT 207 Castello Maniace
latitude 37° 3' 11.5" N longitude 15° 17' 43.4" E

The castle was built in the 1230s by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and named for Georgios Maniakes (Giorgio Maniace in Italian), the Greek Byzantine general who briefly liberated Siracusa from Arab rule in 1038. Located at the end of a sharp promontory at the north side of the entrance to the harbor of Siracusa. ARLHS # ITA-193

Photo courtesy courtesy babalot [Flickr]

Castello Maniace

Augusta Area

IT 208 Penisola Magnisi Penisola Magnisi (Punta Magnisi)
latitude 37° 9' 29.8" N longitude 15° 14' 2.9" E

The 'Penisola' Magnisi is really an island in the Golfo di Augusta, connected tenuously to the mainland by a causeway built across a former sandbar. Located on the east point of the peninsula, about 5 km east of Priolo Gargallo. ARLHS # ITA-236

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

IT 209 Punta Gennalena (Augusta Anteriore)
latitude 37° 11' 57.2" N longitude 15° 11' 3" E

Located on the west shore of the Golfo di Augusta about 10 km southwest of the port of Augusta. ARLHS # ITA-249

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

Punta Gennalena
IT 210 Dromo Giggia Dromo Giggia (Augusta Posteriore)
latitude 37° 12' 3.3" N longitude 15° 9' 9.2" E

Located on a hillside about 3 km west of the Punta Gennalena (front) light and 800 m west of the old coastal highway. ARLHS # ITA-062

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

IT 211 Torre Avalos (Forte d'Avalos)
latitude 37° 12' 42.5" N longitude 15° 13' 27.6" E

The Torre Avalos now stands inside a huge breakwater that encloses a large part of the northern end of the Golfo di Augusta; the construction of this breakwater made the lighthouse unnecessary. This modern light is probably on a mast. There is a wooden walkway from the breakwater to the old fort, but it does not appear to be open to the public. Located about 800 m south of the southern tip of Augusta. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # ITA-305

IT 212 Capo Santa Croce
latitude 37° 14' 36.4" N longitude 15° 15' 22.5" E

Located at the extreme tip of the cape, marking the northern end of the Golfo di Augusta. ARLHS # ITA-035

Photo courtesy courtesy giada57 [webshots]

Capo Santa Croce
IT 213 Brucoli Brucoli (Castello Regina Giovanna)
latitude 37° 17' 8.5" N longitude 15° 11' 11" E

The castle was built in the 1460s and named for Juana Enriquez, the second wife of Juan II, King of Aragon and Sicily, and mother of the King Ferdinand who financed Columbus. Located on the waterfront of Brucoli, a small but ancient port about 6 km northwest of Augusta on the south shore of the Golfo di Catania. ARLHS # ITA-070

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

Catania Area

IT 214 Sciara Biscari (Catania)

Located on the Catania waterfront about 800 m south of the port area. ARLHS # ITA-158

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

Sciara Biscari
IT 215 Capo Molini Capo Molini
latitude 37° 34' 36.5" N longitude 15° 10' 33.6" E

The tower, known as the Torre Sant'Anna, was built as part of a fortress in the late 1500s. Faro di Han is a bit unclear on its history, apparently the present lantern was installed in 1919. Located on the cape about 3 km south of Acireale and 10 km northeast of Catania. ARLHS # ITA-028

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

IT 216 Riposto (Punta Chiancona)

Located near the base of the breakwater mole in Riposto, about 11 km north of Acireale. ARLHS # ITA-153

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

IT 216N Riposto (1989) Riposto (1989)
latitude 37° 43' 53" N longitude 15° 12' 35.4" E

Photo courtesy courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]


IT 217 Giordan (Gordan, Gurdan)

Automated in 1994, the lighthouse is now the principal Global Atmospheric Watch station for the Central Mediterranean. Located at the western end of Ghawdex, 800 m from the brink of a sheer cliff that drops directly into the sea.

Photo courtesy courtesy cheeky needle [Flickr]

IT 218 Cirkewwa

Not a lighthouse, but a very unusual minor aid to navigation. Located at the end of the north breakwater at Cirkewwa, a port at the west end of the island of Malta. There is a good view from ferries linking Malta to Ghawdex.

IT 219 Portomaso Marina

This light marks the entrance to the marina of an upscale resort development. Located on the Ponta ta'Spinola, on the west side of St. Julian's Bay about 2.5 km northwest of Sliema.

Photo courtesy courtesy bonaface1010 [webshots]

Portomaso Marina
IT 220 Valletta Valletta (Fort St. Elmo)

Dominating the harbor of Valletta, Malta's capital, Fort St. Elmo dates from the 16th century. Located at the tip of the peninsula separating the Grand Harbour from the Marsamxett Harbour in Valletta.

Photo courtesy courtesy Dick Lowthian [pBase]

IT 221 St. Elmo (Grand Harbour West Breakwater)
latitude 35° 54' 9.6" N longitude 14° 31' 31.8" E

Located at the end of the breakwater on the west side of the entrance to the Grand Harbour of Valletta.

Photo courtesy courtesy fjstelwagen [webshots]

St. Elmo
IT 222 Ricasoli Ricasoli (Grand Harbour East Breakwater)
latitude 35° 53' 57.7" N longitude 14° 31' 23" E

Located at the end of the breakwater on the east side of the entrance to the Grand Harbour of Valletta, adjacent to Fort Ricasoli.

Photo courtesy courtesy sparijs [webshots]

IT 222F Fort Ricasoli

There were two lights on the tower, arranged vertically. South side of the entrance to Valletta Harbour.

IT 223 Delimara Point (1855)

Located at the southeastern tip of Malta, about 3 km southeast of Marsaxlokk.

Photo courtesy courtesy H.H. Schueller [Flickr]

Delimara Point (1855)
IT 224 Delimara Point (1990)

The modern light is on the top right corner of the tower in the front.