The Lighthouses of Italy (Southwest)

This page shows the documentation of the Lighthouses of Southwestern Italy. Some of the photos below are available on webshots, some of the are on Flickr (and are reproduced with permission) and you can always click on the light to go to its specific (larger resolution) copy. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data, could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) mailme

There has been significant usage of the Lighthouse Directory prepared by Russ Rowlett (UNC). lhDirectory

Lighthouse coordinates are via Lighthouse Depot Database. My thanks to them for providing this basis for understanding. lhDepot

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Mainland Lazio (Latium)

it 108 Civitavecchia (replica)
latitude 42° 5' 40.6" N longitude 11° 46' 45.8" E
access: car

The replica does not have the proportions of the original, it is much more slender and does not have the stepped form of the historic lighthouse. It is at best a faux lighthouse, but we include it here because of its historic associations. Located on the old waterfront of Civitavecchia, about 50 km northwest of Rome. ARLHS # ITA-293

Photo courtesy Carol S. Adam [Flickr]

IT 109 Monte Cappuccini Monte Cappuccini
access: car

This lighthouse replaced the historic Civitavecchia lighthouse after World War II. Located atop a hill about 2.5 km west of the harbor of Civitavecchia. (E 1508) ARLHS # ITA-104

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 110 Fiumicino (Fiumare)
latitude 41° 44' 39.5" N longitude 12° 13' 22.4" E
access: car

It was destroyed by retreating German troops, and the present lighthouse was built on its foundations. The building was abandoned in 1971 because of structural problems and because the modern port entrance has been moved about 2.5 km north. It is probably endangered. Located at the end of the Via del Faro, on the north side of the mouth of the Tiber River. ARLHS # ITA-202

Photo courtesy madmark [Flickr]

IT 111 Anzio Anzio (Capo d'Anzio)
latitude 41° 26' 45.2" N longitude 12° 37' 18.9" E
access: car

Located on the point of the cape in Anzio, a town 53 km south of Rome. ARLHS # ITA-068

Photo courtesy Horst Bierau [Flickr]

IT 112 Capo Circeo (Monte Circeo)
latitude 41° 13' 20.6" N longitude 13° 4' 6.9" E
access: car

Like the Anzio lighthouse, this light was ordered by Pope Leo IX. Located on the point of the cape in San Felice Circeo, a town about 55 km southeast of Anzio. ARLHS # ITA-009

Photo courtesy BluMania [Flickr]

Capo Circeo
IT 113 Monte Orlando Monte Orlando (Gaeta)
access: walk

The original light was built on a Cistercian convent. The second light, built in 1888, was a 85 ft tower. Both the earlier lights were much lower on the slope. Located on the cape in the Parco Urbano Monte Orlando in Gaeta, about 80 km northeast of Naples. It may not be accessible by road, but walking paths in the park reach the lighthouse. (E 1558) ARLHS # ITA-105

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 114 Punta dello Stendardo
latitude 41° 12' 33.1" N longitude 13° 35' 28.1" E
access: car?

Located at the extreme tip of the cape east of Gaeta. (E 1560) ARLHS # ITA-248

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Punta dello Stendardo

Pontine Islands

IT 115 Zannone Zannone (Capo Negro)
access: boat

Zannone is a small, uninhabited island about 25 km due south of Cabo Cercio. Daytime visits to the island are permitted, but camping overnight is prohibited. Located on the northern point of the island. Accessible only by boat.

Photo courtesy Ataru Moroboshi [Flickr]

IT 116 Porto di Ponza
access: ferry

This lighthouse greets travelers arriving on the island of Ponza by ferry. Located at the end of the Molo Musco, the short breakwater mole protecting the harbor of Porto di Ponza. ARLHS # ITA-240

Photo courtesy C.S. Archibald [webshots]

Porto di Ponza
IT 117 Rotonda della Madonna Rotonda della Madonna
access: walk

This lighthouse is only a short hike from the Porto di Ponza waterfront, but there doesn't seem to be a closeup photo taken on land. Located on a very steep promontory on the island of Ponza, about 600 m east of Porto di Ponza.

Photo courtesy C.S. Archibald [webshots]

IT 118 Punta della Guardia
access: walk (3 km)

The original light was much higher, at a focal plane of 226 m. Located at the south end of the Isola di Ponza, this lighthouse can be reached by a hike of about 3 km one way. The lighthouse is perched atop a giant rock connected rather to the rest of the island by a very narrow isthmus. ARLHS # ITA-277

Photo courtesy Nicoletta Vella [Flickr]

Punta della Guardia
IT 119 Porto Nicolo Porto Nicolo
access: ferry

Located on the waterfront of Porto Nicolo, where it greets travelers arriving on the island of Ventotene. ARLHS # ITA-172

Photo courtesy BluMania [Flickr]

Ischia and Procida Islands

IT 120 Porto d'Ischia (Molo Bagno)
latitude 40° 44' 52.3" N longitude 13° 56' 32.3" E
access: ferry

According to Faro di Han, the lighthouse was built in 1854 but not activated until 1868. Located at the end of the breakwater mole sheltering the harbor of Porto d'Ischia; there's a great view from ferries arriving from Naples.

Photo courtesy © Marizio Malangone 2006 [webshots]

Porto d
IT 121 Castello d Castello d'Ischia
latitude 40° 43' 53.8" N longitude 13° 57' 54.5" E
access: tour

Built atop a conical island just off the easternmost tip of Ischia, the castle is connected to the mainland of the Ischia by a causeway. Tours of the historic castle are available. ARLHS # ITA-178

Photo courtesy Harry Mills [Flickr]

IT 122 Punta Imperatore
latitude 40° 42' 39.2" N longitude 13° 51' 10.2" E
access: boat

The light serves as a landfall light for Naples. Located atop a tall, spectacular headland at the western tip of Ischia. ARLHS # ITA-132

Photo courtesy Richard [Flickr]

Punta Imperatore
IT 123 Punta Pioppeto Punta Pioppeto
latitude 40° 46' 12.9" N longitude 14° 1' 0.7" E
access: boat

The light marks the western entrance to the narrow passage between Procida and Capo Miseno on the mainland. Located on a promontory at the northern tip of Procida, beyond the end of the Via dei Faro. ARLHS # ITA-296

Photo courtesy potomo [webshots]

Golfo di Napoli (Naples Area)

IT 124 Capo Miseno
latitude 40° 46' 42.3" N longitude 14° 5' 20.3" E
access: car

The area surrounding the light station is a park, the Parco Regionale dei Campi Flegrei. Located at the end of the Via Faro in Monte di Procida. ARLHS # ITA-027

Photo courtesy dcrrld [webshots]

Capo Miseno
IT 125 Fortino Tenaglia Fortino Tenaglia (Baia)
latitude 40° 48' 43.6" N longitude 14° 4' 56.5" E
access: boat

The Fortino Tenaglia is a small outpost associated with the Castello di Baia, a huge castle, one of the residences of the kings of Naples. Located on a promontory on the west side of the Gulfo di Pozzuoli, the bay sheltered by Capo Miseno, guiding ships into the harbor of Baia. ARLHS # ITA-297

Photo courtesy pigardi59 [webshots]

IT 126 Molo Caligoliano (Pozzuoli)
latitude 40° 49' 17.3" N longitude 14° 6' 48.3" E
access: car + walk

Located at the end of the breakwater mole of Pozzuoli, and accessible by walking the mole. ARLHS # ITA-242

Photo courtesy dcrrld [webshots]

Molo Caligoliano
IT 127 Molo di San Vincenzo Molo di San Vincenzo (Napoli)
latitude 40° 49' 58.3" N longitude 14° 16' 19.8" E
access: walk (1.8 km)

Located at the original end of the 1800 m long Mole di San Vincenzo, the main breakwater mole for the harbor of Naples. ARLHS # ITA-280

Photo courtesy N Malaguti [Flickr]

IT 128 Antemurale Thaon di Revel
latitude 40° 50' 1" N longitude 14° 16' 35.8" E
access: boat

The main entrance to the harbor of Naples is between this lighthouse and the Molo di San Vincenzo. Located at the southwest end of a detached breakwater protecting the east side of the harbor. (E 1648) ARLHS # ITA-168

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

Antemurale Thaon di Revel
IT 129 Portici
latitude 40° 48' 36.4" N longitude 14° 20' 0.6" E

Located at the end of the quay in Portici, on the southeastern edge of Naples. ARLHS # ITA-276

IT 130 Castellammare di Stabia
latitude 40° 41' 17.7" N longitude 14° 28' 28.2" E
access: car

Castellammare di Stabia, at the southeastern corner of the Golfo di Napoli, is only 6 km south of Pompeii and was one of the towns destroyed by the great eruption of Vesuvius in 79 BC. The lighthouse is located on the Via Panoramica overlooking the town and harbor. (E 1692) ARLHS # ITA-182

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Castellammare di Stabia
IT 131 Punta Campanella Punta Campanella
latitude 40° 34' 9.4" N longitude 14° 19' 29.2" E
access: boat

The lighthouse is adjacent to the Torre Minerva, a massive square defensive tower built by Roberto il Saggio, an Angevin king of Naples, around 1300. Located at the tip of the Sorrentine Peninsula about 3 km south of Marciano. There is currently no public road access to the site. (E 1702) ARLHS # ITA-243

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 132 Punta Carena (Capri)
latitude 40° 32' 10.1" N longitude 14° 11' 55.8" E
access: car

Serving as a landfall light for the Gulf of Naples, this historic lighthouse is one of the most important and most powerful in Italy. It occupies a spectacular site on a ridge with mountains towering behind. Located at the end of the Via Nuova dei Faro about 3 km southwest of Anacapri. ARLHS # ITA-124

Photo courtesy Carlitos [Flickr]

Punta Carena
IT 133 Isolotti Li Galli Isolotti Li Galli
latitude 40° 34' 52.6" N longitude 14° 26' 9.2" E
access: boat

The Isolotti Li Galli have an ancient history, as they were one of the sites where Greek sailors reported sirens, female creatures who lured sailors to their deaths on the rocks. Located off the south side of the Sorrentine Peninsula about 6.5 km southwest of Positano. It is possible to land on the island, but it appears to be privately owned. (E 1716) ARLHS # ITA-184

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 133M Amalfi
latitude 40° 37' 56.3" N longitude 14° 36' 5.4" E
access: car

Looks like it is here as a ferry marker

Photo courtesy Richard Schoeller

IT 134 Capo d Capo d'Orso
latitude 40° 38' 0.5" N longitude 14° 40' 51.6" E
access: boat

Located on a steep promontory at the western entrance to the Golfo di Salerno, just off the spectacular but challenging SS163 coastal highway about 4 km east of Maiori. ARLHS # ITA-019

Photo courtesy Richard Schoeller

IT 135 Salerno Breakwater Elbow
latitude 40° 40' 19.5" N longitude 14° 45' 19" E
access: walk

On breakwater at west side of entrance to harbor at Salerno ARLHS # ITA-298

Photo courtesy Riru [Flickr]

Salerno Breakwater Elbow
IT 135G Salerno Harbor South Mole Salerno Harbor South Mole
latitude 40° 39' 49.2" N longitude 14° 44' 39.3" E
access: walk

Photo courtesy Nico Piro [Flickr]

IT 135R Salerno Harbor North Mole
latitude 40° 39' 60" N longitude 14° 44' 48.7" E
access: walk

Photo courtesy Nico Piro [Flickr]

Salerno Harbor North Mole

Southern Campania

IT 136 Agropoli Agropoli
access: car

Located on a steep promontory overlooking the entrance to the harbor of Agropoli. ARLHS # ITA-185

Photo courtesy ovidioguariglia [Flickr]

IT 137 Isolotto Licosa (Isola Licosa)
access: boat

The mountainous cape projects about 12 km into the Tyrrhenian Sea south of Agropoli. Most of the cape is included in a national park, the Parco Nazionale Cilento e Valle di Diano. Accessible only by boat. park ARLHS # ITA-089

Photo courtesy Palombaro Nico [Flickr]

Isolotto Licosa
IT 138 Capo Palinuro Capo Palinuro
access: car + walk

Capo Palinuro is a sharp and steep promontory projecting from the coast south of Palinuro. The area is rather wild, and a short hike may be needed to reach the lighthouse. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS # ITA-030

Photo courtesy MAX 2006 [Flickr]

IT 139 Scario
latitude 40° 2' 55.1" N longitude 15° 29' 25" E
access: car

Located on the Via Faro on the south side of the village of Scario, about 18 km west of Sapri. (E 1742) ARLHS # ITA-079

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 140 Sapri Sapri (Carlo Pisacane)
latitude 40° 4' 8.2" N longitude 15° 37' 2.5" E
access: boat

The lighthouse serves as a memorial to Carlo Pisacane, an Italian patriot and revolutionary who was killed at Sanza in 1857. Located at Punta del Fortino on the west side of the entrance to the harbor of Sapri. ARLHS # ITA-299

Photo courtesy Giginho67 [Flickr]

Calabria West Coast

IT 141 Paola (Torre del Soffio)
access: car

The 16th century Torre del Soffio is a landmark and tourist attraction in Paola. According to Faro di Han, the light was 'modernized' (replaced?) in 1939. Located two blocks from the sea above the waterfront of Paola. (E 1752) ARLHS # ITA-111

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 142 Capo Suvero Capo Suvero (Golfo de Santa Eufemia)
access: car

Located on the cape, at the northern entrance to the Golfo di Sant'Eufemia about 2 km south of Marina di Gizzeria. (E 1756) ARLHS # ITA-045

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 143 Vibo Valentia Marina (North Mole)
latitude 38° 43' 27.5" N longitude 16° 7' 42.6" E
access: walk

Located at the end of the breakwater mole of Vibo Valentia Marina, at the south end of the Golfo di Sant'Eufemia. Accessible by walking the mole. (E 1757) ARLHS # ITA-300

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Vibo Valentia Marina
IT 144 Capo Vaticano Capo Vaticano
latitude 38° 37' 11.1" N longitude 15° 49' 43.6" E
access: boat

Capo Vaticano--the knuckle on Italy's toe--is a prominent cape separating the Golfo di Sant'Eufemia to the north from the Golfo di Gioia to the south. Located atop a steep promontory at the westernmost point of the cape. ARLHS # ITA-047

Photo courtesy Rico [Flickr]

Strait of Messina

IT 145 Scilla (Castello di Scilla)
access: boat

This lighthouse serves as a landfall light for ships approaching the Strait from the north. The lighthouse is actually built on a terrace on the seaward side of the 16th century Castello di Scilla, more properly called the Castello Ruffo di Calabria. Located on a steep promontory on the east side of the northern entrance to the Strait of Messina. ARLHS # ITA-050

Photo courtesy Jo Schmaltz [Flickr]

IT 146 Punta Pezzo Punta Pezzo
latitude 38° 13' 52.1" N longitude 15° 38' 16" E
access: boat

Located on a promontory at the narrowest point of the Strait, on the Via Faro in Villa San Giovanni. (E 1770) ARLHS # ITA-139

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 147 Villa San Giovanni
latitude 38° 13' 7.7" N longitude 15° 37' 47.3" E
access: car

Located on the end of the breakwater at Villa San Giovanni. (E 1772) ARLHS # ITA-260

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

Villa San Giovanni
IT 148 Reggio Calabria Reggio Calabria (Molo de Ponente)
latitude 38° 7' 41.5" N longitude 15° 38' 57.5" E
access: walk

Essentially a twin of the light above, it is located on the end of the breakwater at Reggio Calabria.

Photo courtesy Nadia Lucisano [Flickr]

IT 149 Capo dell'Armi
latitude 37° 57' 9.5" N longitude 15° 40' 58.1" E
access: car

This lighthouse serves as a landfall light for ships approaching the Strait from the south. Located off the E90 coastal highway at the extreme southwestern tip of the Calabrian peninsula. Note: there is also a Faro di Capo dell'Arma, located near the French border in Liguria. IT 1 (E 1780) ARLHS # ITA-013

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Capo dell