The Lighthouses of Italy (Northwest)

This page shows the documentation of the Lighthouses of Northwestern Italy. Some of the photos below are available on webshots, some of the are on Flickr (and are reproduced with permission) and you can almost always click on the light to go to its specific (larger resolution) copy. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. I would like to include directions on how to get to these lights. If you know such data, could you eMail me and I'll post it here (with your choice of attribution.) mailme

There has been significant usage of the Lighthouse Directory prepared by Russ Rowlett (UNC). My thanks to him for providing this basis for understanding. lhDirectory

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Western Liguria (Riviera di Ponente)

IT 1 Capo dell'Arma (Punta Verde)

Not far east of San Remo, this lighthouse marks a prominent cape. Located on the point of the cape about 3 km southwest of Arma di Taggia. Not to be confused with Capo dell'Armi on the Strait of Messina. IT 149 (E 1152) ARLHS # ITA-013

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Capo dell
IT 2 Imperia Imperia (Porto Maurizio)

Located about 150 m from the end of the breakwater (south) mole of Porto Maurizio in the town of Imperia. (E 1156) ARLHS # ITA-118

Photo courtesy Henry [henry-photo]

IT 2R Imperia Molo di Ponete

A new light on the west Breakwater Mole. Can be seen behind the light above. (E 1157)

Photo courtesy Henry [henry-photo]

Imperia Molo di Ponete
IT 3 Imperia Molo di Levante Imperia Molo di Levante

Located at the end of the short east mole of Porto Maurizio in the town of Imperia. (E 1158)

Photo courtesy Giovanni [Flickr]

IT 4 Oneglia Molo di Ponente
latitude 43° 53' 6" N longitude 8° 2' 27.8" E

Located at the end of the short west mole at Oneglia on the east side of Imperia. You can see the light below in the background. (E 1164)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Oneglia Molo di Ponente
IT 5 Oneglia Molo di Levante Oneglia Molo di Levante
latitude 43° 53' 0.2" N longitude 8° 2' 25.8" E

Located at the end of the Oneglia breakwater on the east side of Imperia. It's pretty invisible at this resolution, but the Imperia light is visible just in front of the spectator's feet. IT 2 (E 1162)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [l]

IT 6 Capo Mele
latitude 43° 57' 19.4" N longitude 8° 10' 21" E

This handsome and historic lighthouse is built at the western entrance to the Golfo di Genova. Located above the point of the cape, on the northeast side of Andora.

Photo courtesy nouadhibou [webshots]

Capo Mele
IT 7 Capo di Vado Capo di Vado (Vado Ligure)
latitude 44° 15' 28.8" N longitude 8° 27' 9.4" E

Capo di Vado is an prominent cape about 40 km west of Genova. Located on the SP1 coastal highway about 1.5 km south of Vado Ligure. (E 1172) ARLHS # ITA-017

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

Genova (Genoa)

IT 8 Voltri Breakwater
latitude 44° 24' 57.2" N longitude 8° 46' 11.6" E

Voltri is a modern commercial harbor developed about 11 km west of Genova. Located at the west end of the detached breakwater at Voltri. Accessible only by boat. (E 1202)

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

Voltri Breakwater
IT 9 Genova Genova , La Lanterna di ... (1543)

Located on the Via al Largo della Lanterna, within walking distance of the ferry terminal in downtown Genoa. ARLHS # ITA-177

Photo courtesy Paolo C [Flickr]

IT 10 Molo Duca di Galliera

Located at the end of the breakwater on the south side of the entrance to the old harbor of Genova. The pier is not walkable, but there is a boat service that carries fishermen to the end of the pier. (E 1219)

Photo courtesy Egidio Ferrighi [ListOfLights]

Molo Duca di Galliera
IT 11 Molo Vecchio Molo Vecchio

The original lighthouse was much taller, with a focal plane height of 69 ft, it was replaced by a short tower in 1909, but it's not clear if that is also the present tower. Located on the Molo Vecchio (Old Mole), a major commercial pier on the east side of Genova's old harbor. (E 1226)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 12 Punta Vagno

Standing on the mainland, this lighthouse guides ships approaching the eastern entrance to the harbor of Genova. Located near the foot of the Via Piave on the east side of downtown Genoa. (E 1230) ARLHS # ITA-151

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Punta Vagno

Portofino Area (Riviera di Levante)

IT 13 Camogli Camogli
latitude 44° 21' 33.1" N longitude 9° 8' 30.3" E

Located at the end of the breakwater at Camogli; accessible by walking the pier.

Photo courtesy confusedvision [Flickr]

IT 14 Portofino
latitude 44° 18' 6.9" N longitude 9° 12' 50.6" E

The famous resort town of Portofino is located behind the shelter of a steep promontory, with this lighthouse on the point. The light station is accessible by a popular walk of about 1200 m from the town.

Photo courtesy newpn2000 [Flickr]

IT 15 Portofino Entrance Portofino Entrance

The light is mounted on a bracket on the side of a 3-story waterfront building. Located on the Calata Marconi in Portofino. (E 1246)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 16 Rapallo
latitude 44° 20' 35.2" N longitude 9° 14' 4.7" E

Located at a right-angle bend in the main breakwater of Rapallo, the Calata Andrea Doria. (E 1255)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]


La Spezia

IT 17 Isola del Tino (1840) Isola del Tino (1840) (Faro San Venerio)
latitude 44° 1' 35.3" N longitude 9° 50' 58.2" E

The Isola del Tino is a wedge-shaped island off the western entrance to the Golfo della Spezia, the harbor of La Spezia. The light station is perched high atop the wedge facing the Ligurian Sea. Accessible only by boat. The site is a military reservation and is generally closed, but it is open each year on September 10, the festival of San Venerio. (E 1262) ARLHS # ITA-058

Photo courtesy Egidio Ferrighi [ListOfLights]

IT 18 Isola del Tino (1884) (Faro San Venerio)

Located adjacent to the original lighthouse. ARLHS # ITA-282

Photo courtesy Massi Dex [Flickr]

Isola del Tino (1884)
IT 19 Punta Santa Maria della Spezia Punta Santa Maria della Spezia

Located on a mole on the west side of the entrance to La Spezia. (E 1268) ARLHS # ITA-251

Photo courtesy Egidio Ferrighi [ListOfLights]

IT 20 Pegazzano (La Spezia Entrance Range Rear)

Located on a slope above the inner harbor of La Spezia. ARLHS # ITA-287

Photo courtesy PhotoEgido Ferrighi [fari]

IT 21 La Spezia Molo Italia La Spezia Molo Italia

Located at the end of the Molo Italia on the waterfront of downtown La Spezia, marking the entrance to the traditional inner harbor.

Photo courtesy Pinco Pallo [Flickr]

IT 22 La Spezia Diga Foranea Estremità Est (Rada di La Spezia)

Located at the east end of the outer breakwater (diga foranea) of La Spezia just off Punta Santa Teresa south of Muggiano, marking the gap between the breakwater and the shore. Accessible only by boat. (E 1270)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

La Spezia Diga Foranea Estremità Est
IT 23 Punta Santa Teresa Punta Santa Teresa

Located on the point 800 m south of Muggiano, opposite the end of the outer breakwater of La Spezia.

Photo courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

Northern Tuscano

IT 24 Marina di Carrara

Marina di Carrara is the port serving the famous Carrara quarries, which produce some of the world's finest marble. The docks and breakwater are crowded with marble waiting to be shipped. Located on the west side of the waterfront in Marina di Carrara. ARLHS # ITA-100

Photo courtesy Egido Ferrighi [cyberlites]

Marina di Carrara
IT 25 Viareggio Viareggio
latitude 43° 51' 51.1" N longitude 10° 14' 35.5" E

Viareggio is a small port about 20 km northwest of Pisa. Located near the foot of the south mole on the waterfront of Viareggio, at the north corner of the harbor adjacent to the Burlamacca canal. ARLHS # ITA-173

Photo courtesy Egido Ferrighi [cyberlites]

IT 26 Viareggio Nuova Diga (New Breakwater)
latitude 43° 51' 28.1" N longitude 10° 14' 13.6" E

Located near the foot of the breakwater enclosing the harbor of Viareggio, about 600 m southwest of the older lighthouse. ARLHS # ITA-292

Photo courtesy Daniela Giannecchini [Flickr]

Viareggio Nuova Diga
IT 27 Secche della Meloria North End Secche della Meloria North End

This lighthouse is located 9 km northwest of the Torre della Meloria (next entry) and 14 km northwest of Livorno. Accessible only by boat. (E 1347) ARLHS # ITA-258

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 28 Secche della Meloria (1709) (Torre della Meloria)

The Secche della Meloria is a large and very dangerous shoal extending to the northwest of Livorno. The first tower was built by Genoa, which controlled this coast until a decisive naval battle in 1284, within sight of the shoal, established Pisa's independence. A second tower was built in 1598, and the third was ordered in 1709 by Cosimo III de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. However, it is not clear whether any of these towers actually carried a light. Located on the shoal about 6 km west of Livorno. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # ITA-290

IT 29 Secche della Meloria (194?) (South End)

Located on the shoal a short distance southeast of the Torre della Meloria. Accessible only by boat. (E 1348)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Secche della Meloria (194?)
IT 30 Livorno Diga Marzocco Livorno Diga Marzocco

Located at the end of the Marzocco breakwater on the north side of Livorno's traditional harbor. (E 1360) ARLHS # ITA-284

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

IT 31 Livorno Diga Curvilinea North

Located at the north end of the Diga Curvilinea, where the breakwater joins the straight Diga Meloria. The active light is the little one, the large one is turned off. Accessible only by boat (the breakwater does not connect to shore). ARLHS # ITA-283

Photo courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

Livorno Diga Curvilinea North
IT 31S Livorno Diga Curvilinea South Livorno Diga Curvilinea South

Located at the south end of the Diga Curvilinea, the curved breakwater protecting the harbor of Livorno.

Photo courtesy TR Bennet [webshots]

IT 32 Livorno

This lighthouse is a copy of a famous tower built in 1304 and tragically destroyed during World War II. Located on the Livorno waterfront opposite the harbor entrance. ARLHS # ITA-097

Photo courtesy paolofal [webshots]

IT 33 Vada (Torre del Faro di Vada)

Built in 1279, this tower served both defensive and navigational purposes. It's history as a lighthouse is poorly known, but a modern light was installed on the tower in 1867. Located in Vada, a town about 25 km south of Livorno.

IT 34 Secche di Vada
latitude 43° 19' 12.4" N longitude 10° 21' 51" E

This waveswept light is located on a shoal about 8 km west southwest of Vada. The original light was a pile lighthouse similar to the one built around the same time on Secche della Meloria (see above). Accessible only by boat. original (E 1384) ARLHS # ITA-164

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Secche di Vada

Southern Tuscana

IT 35 Piombino Piombino (La Rocchetta)

Piombino, located at the end of a blunt peninsula jutting out of the Tuscan coast, is the ferry port for Elba.

Photo courtesy anares67 [Flickr]

IT 36 Marina di Scarlino (Estrusca Marina) Port Office

Located at the end of the north mole at the Marina di Scarlino (formerly the Etrusca Marina), a recreational boat harbor at Portiglioni. (E 1462)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Marina di Scarlino
IT 37 Punta Ala Punta Ala
latitude 42° 48' 27.4" N longitude 10° 44' 9.6" E

The lighthouse (probably the marina office) is at the end of the short north mole of the marina. (E 1466)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

IT 38 Castiglione della Pescaia Molo del Nord
latitude 42° 45' 38.6" N longitude 10° 52' 38.3" E

Located at the end of the north breakwater at the entrance to the Bruna River in Castiglione della Pescaia. ARLHS # ITA-194

Castiglione della Pescaia Molo del Nord
IT 39 Castiglione della Pescaia Molo del Sud
latitude 42° 45' 37.4" N longitude 10° 52' 39" E

South breakwater (on the right). ARLHS # ITA-195

Photo courtesy Geo8 [Flickr]

IT 40 Talamone
latitude 42° 33' 5" N longitude 11° 8' 1" E

The present lighthouse is a copy of the original, which was heavily damaged in World War II. Located at the end of the Via dei Mille, at the tip of a sharp promontory sheltering the harbor of Talamone. ARLHS # ITA-166

Photo courtesy Paolo Cardoni [Flickr]

IT 41 Punta Lividonia Punta Lividonia

This lighthouse marks the northwestern tip of Monte Argentario, a mountainous almost-island connected tenuously to the mainland by sandbars and a causeway. Located on the spectacular coastal road, the Via Panoramica, about 2.5 km northwest of the town of Monte Argentario. ARLHS # ITA-134

Photo courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

IT 42 Porto Ercole (Forte della Rocca)

This lighthouse stands on the southeastern tip of Monte Argentario. Located at the end of the Via della Rocca in Porto Ercole. (E 1500)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Porto Ercole

Arcipelago Toscano (Tuscan Islands)

IT 43 Punta del Ferraione Punta del Ferraione

The original light was on a mast rising from the keeper's house. Located at the end of a peninsula sheltering the harbor of Porto di Capraia. ARLHS # ITA-127

Photo courtesy Sergio Thor [webshots]

IT 45 Scoglietto
latitude 42° 49' 43.1" N longitude 10° 19' 51.4" E

This little lighthouse stands atop a small islet about 1 km north of Portoferraio. Accessible only by boat, but passengers arriving on ferries to Portoferraio have an excellent view.

Photo courtesy Stefano [Flickr]

IT 46 Forte Stella Forte Stella
latitude 42° 48' 58.7" N longitude 10° 20' 2" E

The lighthouse is built on a northern rampart of Forte Falcone, a fortress built in the 16th century by Cosimo I de' Medici; the star-shaped fort is known locally as Forte Stella. ARLHS # ITA-083

Photo courtesy Martin Hapl [Flickr]

IT 47 Palmaiola

Palmaiola is a small, very steep island in the Piombino Channel about 4 km east of Cavo, Elba, and 8 km southwest of Piombino on the mainland. Located at the highest point of the island. Accessible only by boat; there are distant views from the northeastern coast of Elba and from ferries crossing the strait.

Photo courtesy Daniel Witting [Flickr]

IT 48 Capo Focardo Capo Focardo

The lighthouse is built just inside the high walls of the fort, making it difficult to get a good photo. Located on a promontory at the south side of the entrance to the harbor of Porto Azzurro (Longone) near the southeastern corner of Elba. ARLHS # ITA-022

Photo courtesy Konstantin Milenkovic [Flickr]

IT 49 Marina di Campo

Located on the hillside above the foot of the breakwater at Campo on the south coast of Elba. ARLHS # ITA-285

Photo courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

Marina di Campo
IT 50 Monte Porro
latitude 42° 43' 40" N longitude 10° 14' 14.4" E

Located atop a steep promontory at the western entrance to the Golfo di Campo, about 2.5 km south of Campo. ARLHS # ITA-295

IT 51 Punta Polveraia
latitude 42° 47' 39.5" N longitude 10° 6' 37.1" E

This lighthouse marks the northwestern tip of Elba in a rather wild natural area. Located at the end of Via del Faro about 2 km west of Patresi. Accessible by a twisting mountain road. ARLHS # ITA-140

Photo courtesy Egido Ferrighi [fari]

Punta Polveraia
IT 52 Pianosa Pianosa

For many decades it has been the site of Italy's most secure prison, where the dons of the Mafia and other high-risk inmates are imprisoned. Special permission is required to visit the island, although once there the lighthouse appears to be accessible. Located on the east side of the island.

Photo courtesy Francesca (persaperstrada74) [Flickr]

IT 53 Scoglio d'Africa

The original light was a pile lighthouse, presumably similar to the Secche della Meloria and Secche di Vada lights. Scoglio d'Africa is a notoriously dangerous rock about 30 km due south of Pianosa. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # ITA-160

IT 54 Formiche di Grosseto

Formiche (ants) is a term Mediterranean sailors like to use for isolated rocks in the sea. Located on a small rocky islet about 20 km due south of Castiglione della Pescaia and a similar distance north of Giglio. Accessible only by boat. ARLHS # ITA-203

Photo courtesy BluMania [Flickr]

Formiche di Grosseto
IT 55 Giglio Porto Molo di Levante Giglio Porto Molo di Levante (East Mole)
latitude 42° 21' 39.5" N longitude 10° 55' 16.4" E

The first mole light at Giglio Porto was built in 1865; by the 1930s there were lights on both moles. Located on the east mole of Giglio Porto. Accessible by walking the mole; there are also excellent views from ferries arriving at the harbor. ARLHS # ITA-204

IT 56 Giglio Porto Molo di Ponente (West Mole)
latitude 42° 21' 39.4" N longitude 10° 55' 13.4" E

Photo courtesy Fatabugiarda [Flickr]

IT 57 Punta Fenaio
latitude 42° 23' 17.9" N longitude 10° 52' 51.9" E

Located on the northern tip of Giglio. It is not clear whether there is land access to the station. ARLHS # ITA-246

Photo courtesy Paolo Cardoni [Luoghi]

Punta Fenaio
IT 58 Giglio Giglio (Faro Antico)
latitude 42° 22' 33" N longitude 10° 53' 51.6" E

This lighthouse was built as the sole light for the island, but its focal plane of 1017 ft was much too high; the light was often obscured by low clouds or fog. The condition of this historic building is described as ottime (optimal). Privately owned, it is currently for sale. Located on the heights somewhere in the north central part of Giglio. ARLHS # ITA-281

Photo courtesy Cecilia [Flickr]

IT 59 Capel Rosso (Punta di Capel Rosso)
latitude 42° 19' 15.4" N longitude 10° 55' 10.6" E

Located on the southern tip of Giglio; accessible by a hiking trail from the end of a national park road. ARLHS # ITA-126

Photo courtesy Federicochi [Flickr]

Capel Rosso
IT 60 Giannutri Giannutri (Punta Rosso)

Giannutri is a small island about 10 km south of the Monte Argentario peninsula and the same distance southeast of Giglio. The island is accessible by ferries from Porto Santo Stefano on Monte Argentario. The lighthouse is said to have been built in 1861, but it stood empty for many years. Located on Punta Rosso, the south point of the island, apparently accessible by road and perhaps a short hike.

Photo courtesy Bizio [Flickr]