The Lighthouses of Crete

The lighthouses on the island of Crete. Now part of Greece, that hasn't always been so. The lights are numbered around the island in a clockwise fashion, starting in the south.
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CR 1 Akra Lithinon ARLHS # CRE-015
CR 2 Ayios Galinis ARLHS # CRE-016
CR 3 Gávdhos (1880)

The lighthouse was largely destroyed by an air raid during World War II.

CR 4 Gávdhos (2003)
latitude 34° 50' 56.8" N longitude 24° 7' 4.4" E

This replica was built during 2002-03 and is open to the public; the rebuilt keeper's house is a museum. Located above the harbor of Vine, on the north coast of the island.

CR 5 Nisos Gavdos (Ákra Tripití)
latitude 34° 48' 4.2" N longitude 24° 7' 18.4" E

Ákra Tripití is the southernmost tip of the island, and thus has some fame as the southernmost point of Europe. Accessible by a hiking trail. ARLHS # CRE-007

CR 6 Elafonisos (Kriti)
latitude 35° 16' 7" N longitude 23° 31' 28.2" E

The light was built after the Austrian liner Imperatrice wrecked on nearby reefs in 1907 or 1908 (both dates appear). The original lighthouse was a tall stone tower. The new light is a steel tower built on a wall. Located on an island just off the southwestern tip of Crete. ARLHS # CRE-006

Photo courtesy Emmanuel Vakakis [panoramio]

CR 7 Nisis Agria Gramvousa
latitude 35° 38' 50.7" N longitude 23° 34' 37.5" E

The original masonry tower shown in Savas's photo does not survive, but it appears that the 1-story square masonry keeper's house is standing. Gramvoúsa is an island off the northwestern tip of Crete. Located at the northwestern tip of Gramvoúsa. ARLHS # CRE-013

CR 8 Chania Pier (Khaniá, Khanion)
latitude 35° 31' 9.8" N longitude 24° 59.7" E

Located at the end of the breakwater mole on the east side of the entrance to Chania harbor, near the northwestern corner of Crete. The port of Chania was built by Venice on the site of the ancient town of Kydonia, and the stone base of this lighthouse is part of the 15th century Venetian lighthouse. ARLHS # CRE-004

Photo courtesy Robin and Bazylek [Flickr]

Chania Pier
CR 9 Nisis Soudhas ARLHS # CRE-011
CR 10 Akra Dhrapanon
latitude 35° 27' 59.3" N longitude 24° 14' 1.9" E
CR 11 Rethimnon
latitude 35° 22' 12.9" N longitude 24° 28' 39.6" E

Rethymno is a ferry port on the west central north coast of Crete. Located on the north mole of the old inner harbor of Rethymno, now used as a small boat harbor. Accessible by walking the mole. ARLHS # CRE-009

Photo courtesy Alistair Young [Flickr]

CR 12 Khondros Kavos Khondros Kavos
latitude 35° 25' 37" N longitude 24° 41' 59.6" E

Located on a headland about 18 km east of Rethymno. (E 4792)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

CR 13 Heraklion Pier 6 (South Breakwater)
latitude 35° 20' 54.7" N longitude 25° 9' 10" E

Located at the end of the easternmost pier at Iráklion. (E 4800)

Photo courtesy Rainer Arndt [ListOfLights]

Heraklion Pier 6
CR 14 Heraklion Outer Breakwater Heraklion Outer Breakwater (North)
latitude 35° 21' 7.4" N longitude 25° 9' 21.7" E

Located at the end of the long breakwater mole at Heraklion. Accessible by walking the mole. (E 4798)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [liteslist]

CR 16 Iraklion (Heraklion)

The fortress, known as Koules or Rocca al Mare, dominates the harbor of the city, which became the first Venetian outpost in Crete in 1204. Heraklion (also spelled Iráklion and Herakleion) is the capital and largest city of Crete. Located on the north breakwater mole of Heraklion. ARLHS # CRE-008

Photo courtesy Robin and Bazylek [Flickr]

CR 17 Akra Ayios Ioannis
latitude 35° 20' 27.3" N longitude 25° 46' 19.8" E

Ákra Ágios Ioánnis is a prominent cape at the northern entrance to the Gulf of Mirambéllou in northeastern Crete. The lighthouse is at the end of knife-edged ridge and is difficult to access by land. Located on the point of the cape, about 25 km north of Ágios Nikólaos. photo ARLHS # CRE-003

CR 18 Ágioi Pandes (Ágios Nikólaos)
latitude 35° 12' 12.3" N longitude 25° 43' 53.9" E

Located on the northern tip of the island of Ágioi Pandes ('All Saints'), marking the entrance to the harbor of Ágios Nikólaos. (E 4816)

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Ágioi Pandes
CR 19 Drepano Drepano
latitude 35° 28' 23.6" N longitude 24° 14' 28.6" E

The original lighthouse was destroyed by German troops during World War II, but the present lighthouse is a copy. Ákra Drépano is on the south side of the entrance to Soúda Bay, an important NATO naval base. Savas claims the site takes three hours to reach, but the lighthouse is only 2.5 km northeast of Kokkino and is accessible by a primitive road. (E 4784) ARLHS # CRE-005

Photo courtesy Arno Siering [ListOfLights]

CR 21 Akra Plaka ARLHS # CRE-012
CR 22 Akra Sidheros
latitude 35° 18' 57" N longitude 26° 18' 39.3" E

This lighthouse marks Ákra Sídhero, the northeastern tip of Crete. The cape is on an island connected tenuously to a second island, which in turn is connected tenuously to the mainland. There is a road snaking out to the lighthouse, and apparently this road is open to the public. photo

Note: there is another Faros Sídhero on Kérkyra (Corfu) off the west coast of Greece. GR 7 ARLHS # CRE-010

CR 23 Koufonisi ARLHS # CRE-017
CR 24 Akra Krios ARLHS # CRE-001
CR 25 Akra Vouxa ARLHS # CRE-002