The Lighthouses of Cuba

This page shows the documentation about the Lighthouses of Cuba. Most of the lights are on the north side of Cuba, they are indexed clockwise. In addition, the pictures below are linked to the relevant photo on the web (thus making available to you a higher resolution picture.) I am very grateful to Russ Rowlett at the University of North Carolina for his excellentLighthouse Directory from which I built the outline. Each lighthouse is linked to (in our editorial opinion) the best reference site for that light. LHdirectory
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CU 1 Cabo Corrientes
latitude 21° 45' 42.1" N longitude 84° 30' 57.2" W

Located on the cape, a southwestward prong of Pinar del Río about 50 km southeast of Cabo San Antonio.

CU 2 Cabo San Antonio (Faro de Roncali)

The lighthouse is accessible by 4WD via a dirt road running the 80 km length of the narrow Guanahacabibes peninsula. Located at the extreme western tip of the island, overlooking the Yucatán Strait. ARLHS # CUB-017

Photo courtesy Belén Menendez Solar [panoramio]

Cabo San Antonio
CU 3 Cayo de Buena Vista
latitude 22° 24' 5.7" N longitude 84° 26' 41.1" W

Located at the east end of Cayo Buenavista, an island off Mantua. ARLHS # CUB-003

CU 4 Cayo Jutias
latitude 22° 42' 55.4" N longitude 84° 1' 22" W

The cay is located northwest of the Bahía de Santa Lucia in Pinar del Río. Accessible by bridge from the nearby port of Santa Lucia. ARLHS # CUB-022

Photo courtesy Davide Arioli [Flickr]

Cayo Jutias
CU 5 Punta Gobernadora (Bahia Honda)
latitude 22° 59' 40" N longitude 83° 12' 57.2" W

Punta Gobernadora is about 3 km northwest of the entrance to Bahía Honda in northwestern Pinar del Río. photo ARLHS # CUB-029

CU 6 Puerto del Mariel
latitude 23° 1' 20.7" N longitude 82° 45' 37.8" W

The present lighthouse marks the west side of the entrance, about 40 km west of Havana. The first Mariel lighhouse (1902) was established on the east side of the harbor entrance. ARLHS # CUB-036

CU 7 Rio Santa Ana
latitude 23° 3' 20.1" N longitude 82° 32' 29.8" W

Located about 20 km west of Havana and a similar distance east of Mariel.

CU 8 Darsena de Barlovento (Marina Hemingway)
latitude 23° 5' 34.1" N longitude 82° 29' 35.5" W

Marina Hemingway is a large resort development and marina, located about 15 km west of downtown Havana.

Photo courtesy Dmitry Rostopshin [rostoblog]

Darsena de Barlovento
CU 9 Castillo del Morro Castillo del Morro
latitude 23° 9' 0.4" N longitude 82° 21' 25.8" W

The original lighthouse was replaced in 1818 by a round cylindrical masonry tower. Located on the east side of the very narrow entrance to Havana harbor. ARLHS # CUB-009

Photo courtesy Niklas Gustavsson [Flickr]

CU 10 Havana Inner Harbor Range No. 2 Rear
latitude 23° 7' 47.3" N longitude 82° 19' 40.2" W

Located in an industrial area at the southeastern end of Havana harbor.

CU 11 Havana Inner Harbor Range No. 1 Rear
latitude 23° 7' 47.8" N longitude 82° 19' 21" W

Located in an industrial area at the southeastern end of Havana harbor.

CU 12 Canasi (Arcos de Canasí)
latitude 23° 8' 46.6" N longitude 81° 48' 1.6" W

Cuba's highest light stands on a high bluff above the beach north of Arcos de Canasí in the northwest corner of La Habana province. ARLHS # CUB-018

CU 13 Punta Seboruco
latitude 23° 9' 11.9" N longitude 81° 36' 24.8" W

The original lighthouse was a 66 ft skeletal tower. Located about 8 km north of Matanzas. ARLHS # CUB-034

CU 14 Punta Maya
latitude 23° 5' 39.8" N longitude 81° 28' 28.4" W

Located on Punta Maya at the east side of the entrance to the Bahía Matanzas. The new lighthouse commemorates the 30th anniversary of the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power. ARLHS # CUB-032

CU 15 Cayo Piedras del Norte (Cardenas)
latitude 23° 14' 34.2" N longitude 81° 7' 14" W

Located on a small cay about 8 km northwest of the entrance to the Bahía de Cárdenas. The original lighthouse, a 82 ft wood tower, was destroyed by a hurricane in August 1856. ARLHS # CUB-013

Photo courtesy Chantal Penet [phares]

Cayo Piedras del Norte
CU 16 Cayo Diana
latitude 23° 9' 52.6" N longitude 81° 6' 10" W

Located on a small cay in the center of the entrance to the Bahía de Cárdenas. The present light replaced a 31 ft skeletal tower built in 1931 along with the keeper's house.

CU 17 Cayo Bahía de Cádiz
latitude 23° 12' 19.7" N longitude 80° 28' 54.9" W

Located in the Archipiélago de Sabana off northwestern Villa Clara. Cuba's second tallest lighthouse, this light appears to be a sibling of the Faro Paredón (see below). ARLHS # CUB-015

CU 18 Cayo Fragoso

Cayo Fragoso is the largest barrier island of the Sabana-Camaguëy Archipelago north of Caibarién. Located at the northwestern end of the cay

CU 19 Cayo Jaula
latitude 22° 34' 10.7" N longitude 78° 30' 52.4" W

Located on an islet on the reef about 4 km off the northwest coast of Cayo Coco, a large island off the north coast of Ciego de Ávila province.

CU 20 Cayo Paredón Grande (Faro Diego Velázquez, Faro Paredón)
latitude 22° 28' 56.1" N longitude 78° 9' 58.1" W

The lighthouse has been named for Diego Velázquez, who first explored the islands off Cuba's north coast in 1514. Located on a small island off the north side of Cayo Romano. Bridges and causeways connect the cay to Cayo Romano, Cayo Coco, and the mainland. (J 4918) ARLHS # CUB-010

Photo courtesy Charmaine McInnis Eastbourne UK [webshots]

Cayo Paredón Grande
CU 21 Cayo Confites Cayo Confites
latitude 22° 11' 10.8" N longitude 77° 39' 40.5" W

Located on an islet on the reef about 12 km north of Cayo Guajaba, a large island northeast of Esmeralda in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago. (J 4922)

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

CU 22 Punta Piedra del Mangle

Located on a promontory of the mainland about 30 km northwest of Gibara.

CU 23 Punta Rasa
latitude 21° 9' 0.5" N longitude 76° 7' 50.3" W

The lighthouse marks the entrance to Gibara in Holguín province. Located on a cape about 4 km north of Gibara. photo ARLHS # CUB-033

CU 24 Puerto de Vita
latitude 21° 6' 51.1" N longitude 75° 52' 42.9" W

Puerto de Vita is a port about 30 km west of Cabo Lucrecia in Holguín province; it is a common port of entry for yachts arriving in Cuba from the east. Located on a headland on the east side of the entrance. ARLHS # CUB-027

CU 25 Cabo Lucrecia (Faro Serrano)
latitude 21° 4' 18.4" N longitude 75° 37' 13.9" W

Located on the cape, northwest of Banes in Holguín province. It is a well-known tourist attraction, and the keeper's house contains a small museum. ARLHS # CUB-014

Photo courtesy Jesús Martínez Salcedo [panoramio]

Cabo Lucrecia
CU 26 Punta Mayari (Bahía de Nipe)
latitude 20° 47' 31.1" N longitude 75° 31' 28.9" W

Located on the east side of the entrance to the Bahía de Nipe ARLHS # CUB-038

CU 27 Cayo Moa Grande
latitude 20° 41' 40.3" N longitude 74° 54' 24.7" W

Located on a barrier island about 4 km north of Moa. The previous light (before 1940) was on a 108 ft skeletal tower.

CU 28 Baracoa
latitude 20° 21' 10.7" N longitude 74° 29' 58" W

Located on the waterfront at the southern entrance to the harbor of Baracoa. The light is actually mounted on the small mast at the top of a 4 story building, thus almost invisble. photo

CU 29 Punta Maisi
latitude 20° 14' 37.4" N longitude 74° 8' 34.6" W

Located at the extreme eastern tip of the island commanding a view of the Windward Passage. Accessible by road from Baracoa. photo (J 5018) ARLHS # CUB-030

Photo courtesy Captain Theo [ListOfLights]

Punta Maisi
CU 30 Punta Maternillos (Faro de Colón)

The lighthouse, named for Columbus, guards the entrance to Nuevitas, the second most important port of Cuba's north coast, after Havana. Located on the beach at the end of a long spit on the north side of Cayo Sabinal, about 20 km north of Nuevitas. photo ARLHS # CUB-031

CU 31 Nuevitas (Punta Practicos)

Located on the east side of the entrance to the narrow passage at the eastern end of Cayo Sabinal, leading to Nuevitas.

CU 32 Cabo Cruz

This lighthouse marks the southwestern tip of Granma province and the western end of the Sierra Maestra range, about 70 miles north of Jamaica. It was in this area that Fidel Castro and his guerrillas landed in 1956. The photos indicate this lighthouse is very close to the beach; it may be endangered by beach erosion. ARLHS # CUB-016

CU 33 Cayo Santa Maria ARLHS # CUB-025
CU 34 Cayo Cachiboca

The lighthouse is located on a cay near the southeastern end of the Jardines de la Reina off the southwestern coast of Camagüey province. ARLHS # CUB-040

CU 35 Cayo Caimán Grande de Santa Maria

This lighthouse is located on a tiny cay about 65 km west of Cayo Coco, north of Bahía Buena Vista. ARLHS # CUB-020

CU 36 Cayo Cinco Balas ARLHS # CUB-002
CU 37 Cayo Frances ARLHS # CUB-021
CU 38 Cayo Breton

This lighthouse is about 150 km northwest of Cayo Cachiboca, marking the western end of the Jardines de la Reina in Ciego de Ávila province. ARLHS # CUB-041

CU 39 Cayo Juan Clarito ARLHS # CUB-007
CU 40 Cayo Cruz del Padre (Faro Hernan Cortés)

The light marks the northernmost point of Cuba and warns mariners from the numerous cays off the north coast of Matanzas. ARLHS # CUB-037

Photo courtesy Matanzas Province

Cayo Cruz del Padre
CU 41 Cayo Guano del Este

Located at the eastern end of the Banco Jardines reef complex, about 60 miles southwest of Cienfuegos. photo ARLHS # CUB-001

CU 42 De Dios ARLHS # CUB-004
CU 43 Cayo Piedras del Sur (Bahia Cochinos) ARLHS # CUB-024
CU 44 Pasa de Diego Perez ARLHS # CUB-005
CU 45 Cayo Largo ARLHS # CUB-008
CU 46 Rio Yaguanabo

This lighthouse is on the coast at the entrance to the Río Yaguanabo, about 40 km southeast of Cienfuegos. The keepers maintain a small maritime museum and conduct tours of the tower. photo ARLHS # CUB-035

CU 47 Batabanó (Surgidero de Batabanó)

The anchorage (surgidero) of Batabanó is connected to Havana by a railway and serves as a port for the capital on the south side of the island.

CU 48 Los Tres Reves ARLHS # CUB-012
CU 49 Punta Caleta
latitude 20° 3' 59.3" N longitude 74° 17' 46.7" W

Located on a prominent cape about 25 km southwest of Punta Maisí. ARLHS # CUB-039

CU 50 Windward Point (Punta Barlovento)
latitude 19° 53' 33.2" N longitude 75° 9' 47.7" W

Located at the eastern entrance to Guantánamo Bay. ARLHS # GTM-001

Photo courtesy Michael J. Ortiz [Flickr]

Windward Point
CU 51 Morro Santiago de Cuba Morro Santiago de Cuba
latitude 19° 58' 3.6" N longitude 75° 52' 7.3" W

Located on a headland about 1 km east of the Santiago de Cuba harbor entrance. ARLHS # CUB-026

Photo courtesy Veit Stollberg [Flickr]

CU 52 Aserradero
latitude 19° 59' 8.4" N longitude 76° 10' 9" W

Located on a high bluff about 13 km west of the entrance to Santiago de Cuba

CU 53 Punta de los Colorados
latitude 22° 2' 1.4" N longitude 80° 26' 36.6" W

Located at the eastern entrance to the inner harbor of Cienfuegos, just south of the city. photo ARLHS # CUB-028

CU 54 Carapachibey (Isla de la Juventud)
latitude 21° 28' 7.9" N longitude 83° 4' 26.3" W

Located on the southeastern coast of the island of Juventud. At the height of 197 ft, this is very tall, but larger lighthouses exist in Argentina and Brazil. ARLHS # CUB-019