The Lighthouses of New Jersey

This page shows the Lighthouses of the New Jersey. Reference numbers are from the Shanklin's list p2

Downloadable copies of this pictures are stored on the web (typically Flickr). The pictures below are active, if you press on one, you'll be directly connected to the site with that picture (or one very similar) at a much higher resolution.

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NJ 1 Robbins Reef
latitude 40° 39' 26.6" N longitude 74° 3' 56.2" W

The lighthouse can be seen for free from the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry departs form the Whitehall Terminal at Whitehall Street and South Street in Lower Manhattan and from the St. George Ferry Terminal at Richmond Terrace on Staten Island. (J 1156) ARLHS # USA-695

Photo courtesy Tom Anderson [Flickr]

Robbins Reef
NJ 2 Great Beds Great Beds
latitude 40° 29' 12.1" N longitude 74° 15' 10.8" W
October 21, 2014

A good viewing point on land is from below the grounds of the Conference House.

Located at the end of Hylan Boulevard (cross street Satterly) on the southwestern tip of Staten Island. (J 1058) ARLHS # USA-344

NJ 3 Romer Shoal

One can take a charter aboard the Castaway out of South Amboy, New Jersey castaway (J 1090) ARLHS # USA-701

Photo courtesy Alex Trabas [ListOfLights]

Romer Shoal
NJ 4 Conover Beacon Conover Beacon (Chapel Hill Front Range)
latitude 40° 25' 17" N longitude 74° 3' 20.2" W
October 21, 2014

From Highway 36 in Leonardo, exit onto Leonard Avenue and go north about eight blocks to the shoreline. ARLHS # USA-191

NJ 5 Chapel Hill
latitude 40° 23' 53.7" N longitude 74° 3' 31.5" W

The light is now a private residence and located at the end of a long driveway making it very difficult to see. Please respect the owner's privacy.

We were unable to find this light (October 2014). Other data on location should be searched. ARLHS # USA-153

Photo courtesy manytoes [Webshots]

Chapel Hill
NJ 6 Navesink Navesink
latitude 40° 23' 47.4" N longitude 73° 59' 8.9" W
October 21, 2014

From Highway 36 in Highlands, take the first exit on the west side of (or last exit if traveling south before) Highlands Bridge, and go south on Portland Road for just a very short distance before turning right onto Highland Drive. After passing the condominiums on your left, turn left onto Lighthouse Road and follow it up the steep hill to the parking lot ARLHS # USA-530

NJ 7 Sandy Hook
latitude 40° 27' 41.9" N longitude 74° 7.2" W
October 21, 2014

From Highway 36 near Highlands, travel to the east side of the Highlands Bridge and then go north to enter the Gateway National Recreation Area. The lighthouses is five miles up the hook from Highway 36. At the north end of Sandy Hook, you enter Fort Hancock Historic District. Take the Magruder road to the right of the sign to the Fort Hancock Parking Lot and the Sandy Hook Lighthouse. (J 1036) ARLHS # USA-731

Sandy Hook
NJ 8 Sea Girt Sea Girt
latitude 40° 8' 11.8" N longitude 74° 1' 38.8" W
October 21, 2014

From Highway 71 in Sea Girt, take Beacon Boulevard east to Ocean Avenue. Follow route 36/Joline Ave to the intersection of route 35 and follow it south. Sea Girt ave is 12 miles, turn left there. ARLHS # USA-744

NJ 9 Barnegat
latitude 39° 45' 51.6" N longitude 74° 6' 22.3" W
October 21, 2014

From the Garden State Expressway, take exit 63 and travel east on Highway 72 seven miles to Long Beach Island. When Highway 72 ends, turn left onto Long Beach Boulevard and drive 8.5 miles to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park at the northern end of the island. njParks (J 1223) ARLHS # USA 039

NJ 9T Tucker Tucker's Island (replica)
latitude 39° 36' 7" N longitude 74° 20' 33.5" W
October 22, 2014

Eight years after the original lighthouse was lost, the Coast Guard station was claimed by the sea. The entire island had disappeared by 1952. In the 1980s, a group of southern Ocean County sportsmen expressed concern that the old ways of bay life were in danger of extinction. This group’s vision led to the eventual creation of Tuckerton Seaport. One of the many buildings at the seaport is a re-creation of Tucker’s Island Lighthouse. Located some six miles west of its original location, the lighthouse should be quite safe from the sea. details ARLHS # USA-911

NJ 10 Absecon
latitude 39° 21' 58.8" N longitude 74° 24' 50.8" W
October 22, 2014

From the Garden State Parkway, take Exit 38 and go east on the Atlantic City Expressway 7.5 miles to Atlantic City. Once in Atlantic City, turn left on Pacific Avenue and follow it for 1.3 miles to Rhode Island Avenue. ARLHS # USA 001

NJ 11 Hereford Inlet Hereford Inlet
latitude 39° 21.9" N longitude 74° 47' 26.3" W
October 22, 2014

From the Garden State Parkway, take Exit 6 and follow Highway 147 (North Wildwood Boulevard) southeast 3.9 miles. The main road will become Spruce Avenue and then New Jersey Avenue along the way. In Wildwood, turn left onto Chestnut and drive two blocks to the light. (J 1244) ARLHS # USA-370

NJ 12 Cape May
latitude 38° 55' 58.6" N longitude 74° 57' 37.3" W
October 22, 2014

Take the Garden State Parkway to its southern terminus, and proceed west on Highway 109 North to Route 9. Turn left on Seashore Road, which will take you over the intracoastal waterway. Seashore Road will become Broadway, and from Broadway you need to turn right onto Sunset Boulevard. After about 1.7 miles, turn left on Lighthouse Avenue, and the entrance to the park will be on your left. (J 1256) ARLHS # USA-127

Cape May
NJ 13 Brandywine Shoal Brandywine Shoal

Cape May Whale Watcher and Delaware Bay Lighthouse Keepers & Friends both offer cruises during the summer that pass by the Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse. (J 1264) ARLHS # USA-076

Photo courtesy Diane Ham [Flickr]

NJ 14 East Point
latitude 39° 11' 45.6" N longitude 75° 1' 38.4" W
October 22, 2014

From Highway 47 just east of Delmot, take Glade Road (Highway 616) west towards Heislerville. Near Heislerville Glade Road will become East Point Road. Follow East Point Road to its end at the mouth of the Maurice River. ARLHS # USA-262

East Point
NJ 15 Miah Maull Shoal Miah Maull Shoal

Cape May Whale Watcher and Delaware Bay Lighthouse Keepers & Friends both offer cruises during the summer that pass by the Miah Maull Shoal Lighthouse. (J 1268) ARLHS # USA-492

Photo courtesy Diane Ham [Flickr]

NJ 16 Cross Ledge

The remains of this lighthouse are best seen from the water. Cape May Whale Watcher and Delaware Bay Lighthouse Keepers & Friends both offer cruises during the summer that pass by the Cross Ledge Lighthouse. ARLHS # USA-931

Photo courtesy djbjr243 [Webshots]

Cross Ledge
NJ 17 Ship John Shoal Ship John Shoal
latitude 39° 18' 18.8" N longitude 75° 22' 35.8" W

Cape May Whale Watcher and Delaware Bay Lighthouse Keepers & Friends both offer cruises during the summer that pass by the Ship John Shoal Lighthouse ARLHS # USA-758

Photo courtesy Diane Ham [Flickr]

NJ 18 Finns Point Rear Range (Fort Mott)
latitude 39° 37' 1.6" N longitude 75° 32' 2" W
May 5, 2010

From Highway 49 south of Pennsville, take Fort Mott Road south for 1.7 miles to Lighthouse Road. (J 1315.9) ARLHS # USA 285

Finns Point Rear Range
NJ 19 Tinicum Rear Range Tinicum Rear Range
latitude 39° 50' 51" N longitude 75° 14' 23.1" W
July 15, 2008

This light actually serviced 2 front ranges. Tinicum front range was 5/8 mile southwest. The other is Billingsport front light. Neither still exists.

From Interstate 295 near Paulsboro, take Exit 18 and travel north on Delaware Street. Your first right should be Commerce Street. Follow Commerce Street to Broad Street, where you will need to jog right to remain on Commerce Street. Commerce Street will become Mantau Avenue, which will lead to Billingsport. Continue on Commerce Street to 3rd Street. (J 1315.9) ARLHS # USA-852

NJ 20 Tinicum Front Range
latitude 39° 50' 52.2" N longitude 75° 15' 9.9" W

Delaware River (J 1315.8)

Photo courtesy Mike Boucher [ListOfLights]

Tinicum Front Range
PA 4 Turtle Rock (PA) Turtle Rock (PA)
latitude 39° 58' 11.9" N longitude 75° 11' 23.4" W
May 5, 2005

This light is on the Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park, below the rowing marina. It's the last boathouse on Philadelphia's Boathouse Row. (note: the other Pennsylvania lights are listed under Lake Erie.) Erie