The Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island

This page currently shows my understanding of Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island. Copies of these pictures are stored on the web if you want to download them. Click on [most] any photo and that will take you to that photo.

Orange italicized numbers in parentheses are reference numbers used by the

    Canadian Coast Guard List of Lights (Atlantic Lights) p4

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PE 0 North Cape
latitude 47° 3' 27.6" N longitude 63° 59' 47.9" W

A long, rocky reef, purported to be the longest in North America, extends seaward from the northeast tip of Prince Edward Island for roughly 1.5 miles and marks the dividing point between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Northumberland Strait.

Take Highway 2 to Tignish near the northwest tip of Prince Edward Island and then take Dalton Avenue towards the shore. When Dalton Avenue ends, turn left onto Route 12 and follow this road to the northern tip of the island, where you will find the North Cape Lighthouse just past the North Cape Interpretive Center. (1036) ARLHS # CAN-345

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

North Cape
PE 1 Judes Point Judes Point (Big Tignish)
latitude 46° 57' 3.6" N longitude 63° 59' 37.6" W
access: car

The lighthouse is on Judes Point Road in the village of Tignish Shore (1083) ARLHS # CAN-036

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

PE 2 Northport Rear Range

The front range tower is skeletal.

Located at the entrance to Northport Harbour off PE 12 in Alberton. (1081) ARLHS # CAN-354

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

Northport Rear Range
PE 3 Alberton

On Sand dunes (1077) ARLHS # CAN-008

PE 4 Cascumpec

There is no regular transportation to the island, but the lights can be seen from Northport Harbour. (1076) ARLHS # CAN-122

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

PE 5 Darnley Basin

2 lights at center of bridge (1071.2) ARLHS # CAN-156

PE 6 Malpeque Harbour Front Range

On Blue Heron Drive, Route 20, turn off at Darnley towards Profitts Point. This lighthouse is on private property among cottage lots near the shore. (1068) ARLHS # CAN-297

Photo courtesy sodoff104 [webshots]

Malpeque Harbour Front Range
PE 7 Malpeque Harbour Rear Range Malpeque Harbour Rear Range

This light is best viewed from Cabot Beach Provincial Park. Follow Blue Heron Drive, Route 20 to Malpeque. From here follow the signs to the park. (1066) ARLHS # CAN -298

Photo courtesy noklugh [webshots]

PE 8 Malpeque Outer Range

The main entrance to Malpeque Harbour (Richmond Bay) lies between Billhook (Fish) Island and Cape Aylesbury. To reach the entrance, mariners first follow the Darnley Point Range Lights (Malpeque Outer Range Lights), located just over a kilometer east of Cape Aylesbury, until this range line intersects that of the Fish Island Range Lights (Malpeque Harbour Approach Range Lights). This second pair of range lights then guides the mariner into the harbour.

From Kensington, take Route 20 north for 9.7 miles then turn left onto Lower Darnley Road. After 1.7 miles, turn right onto Lighthouse Road and you will see the Malpeque Outer Range Rear Lighthouse in a field on your left. Note that Lighthouse Road is private. cottages (1062) ARLHS # CAN-299

PE 9 Cape Tryon
latitude 46° 32' 2.4" N longitude 63° 30' 21.6" W

No public access, and the rocks below the light are treacherous (1061) ARLHS # CAN-113

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

Cape Tryon
PE 10 New London Front Range

A steel skeleton structure (1059) ARLHS # CAN-340

PE 11 New London Rear Range
latitude 46° 30' 37.4" N longitude 63° 29' 13.2" W

The New London Lighthouse is in an interesting location, across the mouth of the harbour from one of the most popular, and beautiful, beaches in Canada at Cavendish.

From Highway 6 in New London at the Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace, go north on Highway 20 for 4.3 miles and then turn right on River Road (Route 263). Follow River Road until it ends, then turn right onto Cape Road and drive to its end where you can park your car and walk down a dirt road to the New London Range Rear Lighthouse. (1060) ARLHS # CAN-341

Photo courtesy tvordlj [webshots]

New London Rear Range
PE 12 North Rustico Harbour North Rustico Harbour
latitude 46° 27' 19.1" N longitude 63° 17' 31.2" W

North Rustico, situated on the northern shore of Prince Edward Island facing the Gulf of St. Lawrence, was founded around 1790 by Acadians. Before the erection of the lighthouse, a pair of range lights had been used to guide mariners into the harbour at North Rustico. This light is at risk. Groups are attempting to save the light from the ravages of the Lighthouse Heritage Protection Act. preservation

From Route 6 in North Rustico, turn east on Harbourview Drive and follow it around the harbor for 1.1 miles to the North Rustico Lighthouse. (1056) ARLHS # CAN-350

Photo courtesy © M. Sigurdson [webshots]

PE 13 Covehead Harbour

From Stanhope on Highway #6, take Road #25. The lighthouse is right by the roadside about a mile away. (1051) ARLHS # CAN-151

Photo courtesy ERS99 [Flickr]

Covehead Harbour
PE 14 St. Peter St. Peter's Harbour

Turn off the King's Byway (Route 2) between Bristol and Morell. Follow a lane going down to the shore to some cottages. If the road is dry, drive around the body of water to the end of the road and the turning area. Otherwise, enjoy the walk. (1045) ARLHS # CAN-479

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

PE 15 Shipwreck Point (Naufrage)
latitude 46° 28' 11.1" N longitude 62° 25' 15.8" W

Located off the King's Byway, Route 16 at Naufrage Harbour. Watch for a sign pointing to Shipwreck Point at Naufrage Harbour. The lighthouse is on private property but may be viewed from a distance. (1042) ARLHS # CAN-459

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

Shipwreck Point
PE 16 North Lake Harbour

A pair of Range Lights (1039) ARLHS # CAN-346

PE 18 East Point

Turn off Route 16 (King's Byway) onto a road marked "East Point Light". From East Point Road, turn east on Lighthouse road and follow to the end. (943) ARLHS # CAN-165

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

East Point
PE 19 Souris East Souris East (Knight Point)

This lighthouse can be seen from the ferry between Prince Edward Island and Quebec's Magdalene Islands. It can also be seen from any point on the waterfront. The lighthouse is fenced off but you can get fairly close to it. (947) ARLHS # CAN-465

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

PE 20 Annandale Front Range (Banks Point)

From Route 310 on the King's Byway, look for the signs directing you to Annandale Harbour. (949) ARLHS # CAN-011

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

Annandale Front Range
PE 21 Annandale Rear Range Annandale Rear Range (Juniper Point)

This is the second-tallest lighthouse on the island. It stands nearly a mile northwest of the front range tower. Located off PE 310 on Juniper Point at Annandale Harbour (950) ARLHS # CAN-012

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

PE 22 Panmure Island

Follow Rte.17 east, out of Montague, until you reach Rte.347, turn right and travel 2 Km. to reach this jewel of a island. (953) ARLHS # CAN-363

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

Panmure Island
PE 23 Georgetown Front Range 1969

Located at Lower Montague, near Georgetown.

From Route 17, 2.6 miles east of Montague, turn north onto Lower Montague Road. When you reach the shore, go right on St. Andrews Point Road for 1.8 miles and you will see the Lighthouse on your left. (955) ARLHS # CAN-195

PE 24 Georgetown Front Range (old) (St. Andrews Point)

After deactivation, the lighthouse was relocated as a private residence. It has been altered somewhat from its original appearance. (1868) ARLHS # CAN-195

PE 25 Georgetown Rear Range

On Wightman's Point Road in Lower Montague. (956) ARLHS # CAN-196

Photo courtesy []

Georgetown Rear Range
PE 26 Cape Bear Cape Bear

Follow Route 18, the King's Byway, to Cape Bear and the museum. To reach the lighthouse: at a sharp bend in the paved road, turn off onto a dirt road, then go down the second lane on the right. You'll find the lighthouse in the woods. (971) ARLHS # CAN-092

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

PE 27 Wood Islands

At Wood Island, instead of going through the toll booth for the ferry to Caribou, NS, turn onto the bypass road which will take you to Wood Islands Provincial Park. The lighthouse is at the end of the road. (976) ARLHS # CAN-536

Photo courtesy Kiki G [Flickr]

Wood Islands
PE 27A Wood Islands Harbour Range Wood Islands Harbour Range
latitude N longitude E

Located on the east breakwater of the harbor within sight of the Wood Islands Light. ARLHS # CAN-57

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

PE 28 Point Prim
latitude 46° 3' 0.5" N longitude 63° 2' 20.4" W

On the Trans Canada Highway, look for the turn-off to Point Prim between Belfast and Pinette. At the end of the road turn left and drive through the woods to the lighthouse. The stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse are steep.

(Not to be confused with Prim Point in Nova Scotia) NS 8 ARLHS # CAN-809

Photo courtesy sarbo [Flickr]

Point Prim
PE 29 Warren Cove Front Range Warren Cove Front Range (Fort Amherst)
latitude 46° 12' 26.1" N longitude 63° 8' 34.3" W

From Charlottetown drive west on the Trans Canada Route 1 to Cornwall. Turn onto Route 19 (Blue Heron Drive) and follow past Rocky Point. Turn towards Fort Amherst/Port La Joye National Historic Site. The lighthouse is in the park. ARLHS # CAN-130

Photo courtesy bigsister861 [webshots]

PE 29A Warren Cove Rear Range (Fort Amherst)

This is an outbound range for vessels leaving Charlottetown. Located on the west side of Charlottetown harbor. ARLHS # CAN-131

Photo courtesy bigsister861 [webshots]

Warren Cove Rear Range
PE 30 Haszard Point Front Range Haszard Point Front Range (Tea Hill)
latitude 46° 11' 39.8" N longitude 63° 4' 26.4" W

On Route 1A between Cross Roads and Tea Hill look for a paved side road on the south side. At the end of this road you are close to the lighthouse. It is in a pasture just beyond, located on private property. (991) ARLHS # CAN-128

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

PE 30A Hazard Point Rear Range

Two pairs of range lights were established in 1889 to guide vessels into Charlottetown Harbour along a channel clear of all obstructions. The outer set of range lights, known as the Haszard Range Lights, was established southeast of the entrance to the harbour. ARLHS # CAN-129

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

Hazard Point Rear Range
PE 32 Blockhouse Point Blockhouse Point (Rocky Point)
latitude 46° 11' 26.1" N longitude 63° 7' 46.2" W

Blockhouse Point Lighthouse is located on the west side of the entrance to Charlottetown Harbour, overlooking Northumberland Strait on the south shore of Prince Edward Island.

From Charlottetown travel west on the Trans Canada Route 1 to Cornwall. Turn onto Route 19, Blue Heron Drive and follow it around past Rocky Point. Turn off towards Fort Amherst/Port La Joye National Historic Site and follow the road right to the end, where you will end up in the lighthouse yard. (993) ARLHS # CAN-046

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

PE 32 Brighton Beach Front Range
latitude 46° 13' 50.4" N longitude 63° 8' 51.2" W

Near Victoria Park in Charlottetown, look for Queen Elizabeth Drive and Brighton Road, and find the lane which goes to the shore opposite York Lane. (994) ARLHS # CAN-126

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

Brighton Beach Front Range
PE 33 Brighton Beach Rear Range Brighton Beach Rear Range
latitude 46° 13' 51" N longitude 63° 8' 47.6" W

The light is on private property on Queen Elizabeth Drive. (995) ARLHS # CAN-127

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

PE 34 St. Peter's Island

St. Peter’s Island is located on the western side of Hillsborough Bay near the entrance to Charlottetown Harbour.

It is rumored you can access the island at low tide. (1007) ARLHS # CAN-481

PE 35 Victoria Harbour Front Range (Leards)

Turn off the Trans Canada Route 1 at Crapaud or Hampton and head to Victoria. This lighthouse is easily found near the wharf not far from Victoria Provincial Park. (1008) ARLHS # CAN-512

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [Webshots]

Victoria Harbour Front Range
PE 35R Victoria Harbor Rear Range Victoria Harbor Rear Range ARLHS # CAN-1042

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [Webshots]

PE 36 Port Borden Rear Range Light

This lighthouse was deactivated after the opening of the Confederation Bridge from Borden-Carleton to New Brunswick. It is now part of the Borden-Carleton Marine/Rail Historical Park. (1015) ARLHS # CAN-054

Photo courtesy jb18t [Flickr]

Port Borden Rear Range Light
PE 37 Port Borden Pier Light
latitude 46° 14' 42.5" N longitude 63° 41' 58" W

The lighthouse is on private property at the end of a pier; it is best viewed from the Borden-Carleton waterfront. (1017.5) ARLHS # CAN-052

PE 38 Seacow Head

The walrus was resident here in the late 19th century, thus the name.

Follow Blue Heron Drive between Bedeque and Borden-Carleton. Turn off on Route 119 to Fernwood. Continue to a "T" in the road. Form here you should be able to see the lighthouse. Follow the road down to it. (1018) ARLHS # CAN-453

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

Seacow Head
PE 39 Summerside Rear Range Summerside Rear Range

The range lights are at the western end of Water Street, Route 11. (1018.1) ARLHS # CAN-487

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

PE 39A Summerside Front Range (Wharf)

The wooden front range tower remained in use until 1961, when it was replaced by a skeleton tower. ARLHS # CAN-488

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

Summerside Front Range
PE 40 Indian Head Indian Head

A somewhat better view can be obtained from McCallum's Point, across Summerside Harbour.

From Summerside, follow Highway 1A to Central Bedeque; take Route 171 to Bedeque, then Route 112 all the way to the end (the old Summerside Range Front Light can be seen along the way). (1020) ARLHS # CAN-248

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

PE 41 Summerside Inner Range

From Summerside, follow Highway 1A to Central Bedeque; take Route 171 to Bedeque, then Route 112 to MacCallum's Point. The old Summerside Front Light will be visible through the trees on the left, about 5 miles from Bedeque (the pavement ends about 3.5 miles out of Bedeque). A narrow road leads to the property. Permission should be obtained before walking to the light. (1021) ARLHS # CAN-489

Photo courtesy Phil Maynard [webshots]

Summerside Inner Range
PE 42 Cape Egmont Cape Egmont

The lighthouse is on Cape Egmont Point, off Route 11. Turn at a curve in the road where the paved road goes to Fishing Cove Harbour, then follow the gravel road through the woods to the lighthouse. (1024) ARLHS # CAN-114

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

PE 43 West Point
latitude 46° 37' 13.1" N longitude 64° 23' 11.9" W

The West Point Lighthouse is a comfortable Inn, located in beautiful Prince Edward Island.

Take Route 2 to the western side of Prince Edward Island, and then turn left onto Route 14. After 14.6 miles turn left onto Cedar Dunes Park Road which leads to the light. (1029) ARLHS # CAN-527

Photo courtesy djbjr [webshots]

West Point

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