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Lighthouses of Lake Michigan (South)

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MI59 Little Sable
MI58 White River
MI56 Muskegon S. Pierhead
MI57 Muskegon S. Breakwater
MI56A Muskegon N. Breakwater
MI54 Grand Haven S. Pierhead Entrance
MI55 Grand Haven S. Pierhead Inner
MI53 Holland Harbor S. Pierhead
MI51 South Haven S. Pierhead
MI49 St. Joseph N. Pier Inner
MI50 St. Joseph N. Pierhead
MI49A St. Joseph Lighthouse Depot
MI49W I-94 Welcome Center
IN4 Michigan City Old Light
IN5 Michigan City Breakwater
IN6 Michigan City Outer Breakwater
IN7 Burns Waterway East Jetty Lights
IN3 Gary Breakwater
IN3A Gary Harbor Bulkhead
IN2 Buffington Breakwater
IN1 Indiana Harbor E. Breakwater
IL3 Chicago Harbor
IL4 Chicago Harbor SE Guide Wall
IL5 Calumet Harbor
IL6 Calumet Harbor Breakwater
IL7 Hope Light
IL2 Grosse Point
IL1 Waukegan Harbor
WI45 Southport
WI44 Kenosha N. Pierhead
WI43 Racine N. Breakwater
WI43B Old Racine Harbor Light
WI42 Wind Point
WI40 Milwaukee Pierhead
WI41 Milwaukee Breakwater
WI39 North Point