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Lighthouses of Georgian Bay of Lake Huron

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ON46 Strawberry Island
ON47 Manitowaning
ON48 Providence Bay
ON49 Killarney East
ON50 Gereaux Island
ON50B Bustard Rocks
ON50K Key Harbor
ON51 Byng Inlet Front
ON51R Byng Inlet Rear
ON52 Pointe au Baril
ON52R Pointe au Baril Rear Range
ON53 Red Rock
ON54 Snug Harbour
ON54F Snug Harbour Rear Range
ON54K Killbear Point
ON54T Three Mile Point
ON54S Cape Robert
ON54X Chippewa III
ON55C Spruce Rock
ON55F Jones Island Front Range
ON55 Jones Island Rear Range
ON56 Western Island
ON57 Brebeuf Island
ON57A Brebeuf Island Rear Range
ON57F Midland Front Range
ON57R Midland Rear Range
ON58 Beausoleil Island
ON58F Port McNicols Front Range
ON58R Port McNicols Rear Range
ON58V Victoria Harbour
ON59 Hope Island
ON60 Christian Island
ON60N Nancy Island
ON61 Nottawasaga Island
ON61n Nottawasaga Island (now)
ON61R Collingwood Harbor
ON62 Griffith Island
ON63 Cape Crocker
ON64 Lion's Head
ON65 Cabot Head
ON66 Flowerpot Island
ON67 Lonely Island
ON68 South Baymouth Front Range
ON69 South Baymouth Rear Range
ON70 Cove Island
ON71 Big Tub