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Lighthouses of Belgium

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BE1 Westhinder
BE2 Nieuwpoort West Mole
BE3 Nieuwpoort East Mole
BE4 Nieuwpoort
BE5 Oostende West Pier
BE6 Oostende East Pier
BE7 Oostende
BE8 Blankenberge West Pier
BE9 Blankenberge East Pier
BE10 Blankenberge
BE11 Zeebrugge West Breakwater
BE12 Zeebrugge East Breakwater
BE13 Zeebrugge Old Mole
BE14 Zeebrugge Range Front (1983)
BE15 Zeebrugge Range Rear (1983)
BE16 Zeebrugge Range Front (1912)
BE17 Zeebrugge Range Rear (1907)