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Lighthouses of Romania

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RO1 Mangalia Southeast Breakwater Head
RO2 Mangalia Northeast Breakwater Spur
RO3 Mangalia Northeast Breakwater
RO4 Mangalia
RO5 Capul Tuzla
RO6 Constanta Outer Harbour East Breakwater Head
RO7 Constantsa South Breakwater
RO8 Constanta Outer Harbour East Breakwater Traverse Arm
RO9 Constanta Outer Harbour South Breakwater Head
RO10 Constantsa East Pier
RO11 Constanta Old Tower
RO12 Constanta
RO13 Genovez
RO14 Tomis Southeast Breakwater
RO15 Tomis Northeast Breakwater
RO16 Constantsa Marina East
RO17 Constantsa Marina Northeast
RO18 Midia West Breakwater
RO19 Midia East Breakwater Spur
RO20 Midia Entrance
RO21 Midia Main
RO22 Sfintu Gheorghe
RO23 Sulina (1856)
RO24 Sulina (1983)
RO25 Sulina South Pier
RO26 Sulina North Pier
RO27 Gura Portita Fairway South Side