Lighthouses R us

A Lighthouse of MichiganNorth

5 Squaw Island (MI 41)
latitude 45° 50' 21.5" N
longitude 85° 35' 16.8" W

May 7, 2005

This picture is from a GLLKA tour that Marnie and I took the Saturday before Mother's day. The morning was foggy, the entire day was cold, but we had a fun tour. This picture is taken with "the long lens",; and then digitally zoomed to get me close enough that you can see it The water is very shallow, and this was as close as we could get the boat. gllka

Building started in 1892 and the light was lit October 10, 1892. The light was deemed obsolete in 1928. Private owners are responsible for most of the renovations to date. ARLHS # USA-786

Squaw Island

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