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A Lighthouse of PrinceEdwardIsland

PE 32 Blockhouse Point (Rocky Point)
latitude 46° 11' 26.1" N
longitude 63° 7' 46.2" W

Blockhouse Point Lighthouse is located on the west side of the entrance to Charlottetown Harbour, overlooking Northumberland Strait on the south shore of Prince Edward Island.

From Charlottetown travel west on the Trans Canada Route 1 to Cornwall. Turn onto Route 19, Blue Heron Drive and follow it around past Rocky Point. Turn off towards Fort Amherst/Port La Joye National Historic Site and follow the road right to the end, where you will end up in the lighthouse yard. ARLHS # CAN-046 (993)

Blockhouse Point

PE 32 Brighton Beach Front Range
latitude 46° 13' 50.4" N
longitude 63° 8' 51.2" W

Near Victoria Park in Charlottetown, look for Queen Elizabeth Drive and Brighton Road, and find the lane which goes to the shore opposite York Lane. ARLHS # CAN-126 (994)

Brighton Beach Front Range

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